Netflix-Inspired Baby Names

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Netflix-Inspired Baby Names

Among the dozens of choices you’ll make for your baby, arguably one of the toughest to decide on is their name: for months, we mulled over baby names for a boy that I was just certain I was carrying, only to discover our little gentleman was a feisty baby girl: we were elated, but had zillions of boy names with no CLUE what we’d name a girl. We went back to the drawing board for a monumental decision, because it’s often said a person “fits” their name and vice versa. No pressure, right?!

We drew so much inspiration from history, family names, music, and more, but looking back we neglected a HUGE portion of baby naming gold: pop culture and movie names. Being huge fans of Netflix, (and who isn’t?) it was kind of bizarre that we never thought to pay closer attention to character names when choosing a moniker for our girl. Despite some of the sinister or inappropriately hilarious characters listed, the names they hold are quickly becoming some of our favorites for baby names. Here are a few Netflix-inspired baby names that might make the cut when it comes time for round 2 (or 3, or 4!) of tiny-person-naming.

Netflix-Inspired Baby Names

Netflix-Inspired Boy Baby Names

Colt – This adorable and western-sounding name is apt for its character on The Ranch, and could be just the baby boy name you’re hankering for.

Holden – A classic and sophisticated name, this baby name gem comes from the Netflix show Mindhunter. Don’t put too much stock into baby having the same traits as this character, but instead focus on how stinking CUTE this option is for your little boy.

Joel – A name as sweet as this one comes from one of our less-than-sweet favorites; Santa Clarita Diet is a hilarious movie about a mombie in true form, and Joel is the name of her doting, but doubtful, husband.

Jude – This name invokes something beautiful and sensitive, and the character Jude from The Fosters is a wonderful representation of this. Consider this melodic and strong name for your baby boy’s name!

Lucas – This amazingly underrated baby boy’s name was also featured in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Yes, I am a grown woman who’s obsessed with both this name and that movie–they’re just that good.

Wilson – This clever and cool boy name comes to us from the show Daredevil, and is a classically fun boy name we’d love to see coming back for multiple seasons to come.

Netflix-Inspired Girl Baby Names

Beatrice – Despite this being a common name of yesteryear, it’s not one you hear much anymore. Cue the incredible British drama Call the Midwife, and a charming nurse and midwife gives this classic baby girl name a breath of fresh air. Bonus points for the adorable nickname “Trixie” that accompanies this one!

Lydia – If you’ve never seen One Day at a Time, you are seriously missing out. This show is about the love of a Cuban-American family and all that comes with loving on people–the show’s firecracker of an abuelita played by Rita Moreno is named Lydia, and she’s honestly the cutest/best/fiercest lady around. Solid baby girl name choice, comin’ at you!

Margot – This gorgeous and timeless name was heard in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on the fiercely independent big sister. Here’s to a lovely and strong baby girl name!

Marisol – Fun fact: this is the real name of “Flaca” on Orange is the New Black. The name is as beautiful and quirky as the chica who wears it, and it’s sure to be a good one for your baby girl.

Piper – Another adorable OITNB name makes the list. Combine spunk with smarts and you’ve got a little girl name fit for a leader . . . hopefully of a company or something, though.

Ruth – Are you interested in raising a strong little lady with a historic-yet-modernized name? Ruth from Glow has a lot of struggle and strife that she always persists through, and we’re here for this sweet but strong baby name.

Samantha – This classic and elegant baby girl name is tied to an equally elegant character in many shows, most notably perhaps Samantha from Dear White People. The social justice warrior in the show is not a bad character for your little girl to emulate!

Hope these ideas give you some extra-unique inspiration! Let us know your Netflix or movie-inspired baby names in the comments!

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