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200 Baby Boy Names That Start With N

N Boy names and their meanings, including cool, unique, rare, cute, popular, biblical, and more!

Updated June 30, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Start the Pinterest board and get your online shopping pants on because you’ve got a baby to get ready for! Lots of things go into making pregnancy as seamless as possible, which can lead to a lot of thinking and decision-making. One of the hardest decisions to make is your baby’s name. You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for that perfect name. Our lists of baby names are a great place to start your search, whether you have a few in mind or are starting from scratch. If you’re interested in boy names that start with N, we’ve got a great list for you here!

Baby Boy Names That Start With N

There are a multitude of names for your baby boy that start with the letter N. Whether you want an N boy name you’ve never heard before or are leaning more toward traditional names, you may find precisely what you’re looking for here:

Sometimes, even the most popular names are some of the best choices. Start your name search here for trending boy names starting with N.

1. Nash — This name means “by the ash tree” in English.

2. Nasir — Arabic for “helper.”

3. Nathan — A Hebrew name meaning “given.”

4. Neil — This Irish name means “cloud.”

5. Nicholas — Greek for “people of victory.”

6. Nico — This name means “people of victory” in Italian.

7. Noah — Hebrew for “rest” or “repose.”

8. Noel — This name means “Christmas” in French.

9. Nolan — This Irish name means “champion.”

10. Nova — In Latin, this name means “new.”

9 Common Boy Names That Start With N

You’ve probably heard of all these names, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing a familiar baby name! Take a look at these common but wonderful N names for boys.

1. Nathaniel — Hebrew for “gift of God.”

2. Nelson — An English name meaning “son of Neil.”

3. Nicolas — This name means “people of victory” in Greek.

4. Nigel — An Irish name meaning “dark or black-haired.”

5. Niko — This Finnish name means “people of victory.”

6. Nikolai — Russian for “people of victory.”

7. Nixon — In English, this name means “son of Nicholas.”

8. Noe — Greek and Latin for “rest.”

9. Norman — This name means “northerner” or “Norseman” in English.

11 Biblical Boy Names That Start With N

If you want a biblical boy name, this is the category for you. All these N boy names can be found in the Bible.

1. Naaman — Hebrew for “sweet herbs.”

2. Nahash — In Hebrew, this name means “serpent.”

3. Nahum — This name means “comfort” in Hebrew.

4. Naphtali — A Hebrew name meaning “wrestling” or “struggling.”

5. Nazareth — This is the name of the town where Jesus lived. It means “sanctified” in Hebrew.

6. Nebo — Hebrew for “prophet.”

7. Nehelamite — A Hebrew name meaning “dreamer.”

8. Nehemiah — This name means “comforted by God” in Hebrew.

9. Neriah — In Hebrew, this name means “light of Jehovah.”

10. Nicanor — Greek for “victory.”

11. Nicodemus — This name means “victory of the people” in Greek.

15 Cute Boy Names That Start With N

Your adorable baby boy should have a cute name, too. Each of these boy names that start with N are both cute and sweet!

1. Nate — English for “gift of God.”

2. Neely — In English, this name means “champion.”

3. Nelly — This name means “horn” in English.

4. Nemo — A Greek name meaning “nobody.”

5. Neville — This name means “new town” in French.

6. Niall — An Irish name meaning “cloud.”

7. Niamh — Irish Gaelic for “bright.”

8. Nick — Latin for “belonging to the Lord.”

9. Nitzan — A Hebrew name meaning “flower bud.”

10. Nizar — Arabic for “little.”

11. Nkosana — This name means “prince” in Xhosa.

12. Noa — This name means “rest” or “repose” in Hebrew.

13. Norbert — A German name meaning “bright or renowned north.”

14. Nori — Japanese for “seaweed” and Norse for “north.”

15. Norton — This name means “northern town” in English.

30 Cool Boy Names That Start With N

If you have an image in your head of your baby boy sporting a pair of Nike sneakers, aviators, and a backward hat, you may want to give him a cool boy name to match his style. The letter N has several cool name options for boys, from more popular options like Nathan to something fresh like Navy.

1. Nakoa — Hawaiian for “the warriors.”

2. Napolean — This name means “lion of the new city” in Greek.

3. Naruto — Japanese for “maelstrom” or “roaring gate.”

4. Nature — This is an English word for the physical world of the Earth.

5. Navarro — Spanish for “plains.”

6. Navigator — This name means “sailor” in Latin.

7. Navy — English for “fleet of ships” or “dark blue.”

8. Neander — A Greek name meaning “new man.”

9. Neeson — This Irish name means “son of Naois.”

10. Neo — Latin for “new” and Tswana for “gift.”

11. Neon — This name means “new” in Greek.

12. Neptune — A Latin name meaning “god of water.”

13. Nero — Latin for “stern.”

14. Nestor — A Greek name meaning “traveler” or “voyager.”

15. Nevada — This name means “place covered in snow” in Spanish.

16. Newman — English for “newcomer.”

17. Newton — This name means “new town” in English.

18. Nicholson — English for “son of Nicol.”

19. Nike — In Greek, this name means “victory.”

20. Niles — A Scandinavian name meaning “son of Neil.”

21. Nilesh — This name means “dark blue” and “ruler” in Sanskrit.

22. Nino — This Italian name means “from Antium.”

23. Njord — Old Norse for “strong.”

24. Noble — This name means “aristocratic” in Latin.

25. Norris — French for “northerner.”

26. North — This is the English word for the cardinal direction of North.

27. Norwood — An English name meaning “woods in the north” in English.

28. Novak — Serbian for “new.”

29. Nox — Latin for “night.”

30. Nye — This name means “honor” in Welsh.

54 Unique Boy Names That Start With N

If your biggest fear is getting your Kindergarten class list and seeing that your child shares his name with another kid, consider choosing a unique name. This list is full of unique options, from the Indian name Neel, which means “blue,” to Nace, which means “fiery.”

1. Naaji — An Arabic name meaning “saved.”

2. Nabil — Arabic for “highborn.”

3. Nabor — Hebrew for “prophet.”

4. Nace — This Slovene name means “fiery.”

5. Nader — This name means “precious” or “scarce” in Arabic.

6. Naeem — An Arabic name meaning “benevolent.”

7. Nahmir — Arabic for “leopard” or “panther.”

8. Naiche — This name means “mischief-maker” in Apache.

9. Najib — The meaning of this name is “noble” in Arabic.

10. Nakia — Arabic for “pure.”

11. Nam — Vietnamese for “south.”

12. Napier — This name means “linen keeper” in Middle English.

13. Narek — This is an Armenian name, and it’s the name of a village in western Armenia.

14. Naruhito — Japanese for “virtue” and “compassionate.”

15. Naushad — Arabic for “happy.”

16. Naveen — This name means “new” in Hindi.

17. Navid — A Persian name meaning “good news.”

18. Nayden — A Bulgarian name meaning “found.”

19. Naylor — This is an English occupational name for a carpenter.

20. Nazir — This name means “similar” in Urdu.

21. Neel — Hindi for “sapphire blue.”

22. Neilos — Greek for “river.”

23. Nereus — This name means “good of the sea” in Greek.

24. Neta — Hebrew for “plant.”

25. Nevan — An Irish name meaning “holy.”

26. Newlyn — Welsh for “new pond.”

27. Neymar — A combination of “Neptune” and “Mars” in Portuguese.

28. Ngoc — Vietnamese for “jade.”

29. Nguyen — This name means “original” in Vietnamese.

30. Nikan — This Persian name means “good deed.”

31. Niklaus — Swiss for “people of victory.”

32. Nikola — Serbian for “victory of the people.”

33. Nima  —  This name means “blessing” in Arabic.

34. Nimrod — Hebrew for “rebel.”

35. Ning — Chinese for “serene.”

36. Nir — This name means “plowed field” in Hebrew.

37. Nirmal — The meaning of this name is “pure” in Sanskrit.

38. Nnamdi — This name means “my father is alive” in Igbo.

39. Noam — A Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness.”

40. Nobel — English for “good character.”

41. Nobu — Japanese for “prolong” or “stretch.”

42. Nodens — This name means “mist” in Celtic.

43. Nonus — A Latin name meaning “ninth.”

44. Noodin — This name means “wind” in Ojibwe.

45. Noor — This name means “light” in Arabic.

46. Norberto — A German name meaning “bright or renowned north.”

47. Norville — This Scottish name means “northern town.”

48. Norwell — Old English for “northern well.”

49. Notah — This name means “almost there” in Navajo.

50. Notus — Greek for “south wind.”

51. Nuallan — An Irish name meaning “famous.”

52. Nunzio — An Italian name meaning “messenger.”

53. Nuri — Arabic for “light” and Hebrew for “my fire.”

54. Nurzhan — This name means “light” and “soul” in Kazakh.

71 Rare Boy Names That Start With N

Still didn’t find an N boy name that speaks to you? There are even more names below to discover! Try something different and pick a rare name.

1. Nabith — This name means “fearless” in Sanskrit.

2. Nadav — Hebrew for “generous.”

3. Nael — A French name meaning “gift of God.”

4. Naftali — This name means “struggling” or “wrestling” in Hebrew.

5. Nahma — This Native American name means “sturgeon.”

6. Nahom — An Amharic name meaning “comfort.”

7. Nahuel — This name means “jaguar” in Mapuche.

8. Naim — Scottish for “river with alder trees” and Arabic for “happy.”

9. Najee — The meaning of this name is “safe” in Arabic.

10. Nakai — An Arabic name meaning “pure.”

11. Naksh — This name means “moon” in Hindi.

12. Nalin — This name means “lotus” in Hindi.

13. Namir — Hebrew for “leopard.”

14. Napona — This Chamorro name means “his wave.”

15. Narsi — This name means “poet” or “saint” in Hindi.

16. Nartana — This name means “makes others dance” in Hindi.

17. Narve — Dutch for “healthy” and “strong.”

18. Naseef — An Arabic name meaning “just” or “half.”

19. Nasmith — This name means “nail maker” in English.

20. Nassir — An Arabic name meaning “the winner.”

21. Natal — Portuguese for “Christmas.”

22. Natanael — The meaning of this name is “given” in Hebrew.

23. Nathyn — This name also means “given” in Hebrew.

24. Natiq — Arabic for “spokesman.”

25. Natividad — This name means “nativity” in Spanish.

26. Navi — Hebrew for “prophet.”

27. Navin — This name means “new” or “novel” in Hindi.

28. Navneet — The meaning of this name is “eternally new” in Sanskrit.

29. Nawaz — An Arabic name meaning “beloved.”

30. Nayel — This Arabic name means “brave.”

31. Nayland — English for “island dweller.”

32. Naz — Arabic for “similar.”

33. Neah — Hebrew for “moving.”

34. Neal — An Irish name meaning “champion” or “cloud.”

35. Neddie — English for “wealthy guardian.”

36. Neev — This name means “foundation” in Hindi.

37. Nehru — This name means “canal” in Hindi.

38. Neithan — Sindarin for “one who is deprived.”

39. Nelo — Spanish for “God is my judge.”

40. Nels — Swedish for “people of victory.”

41. Nessim — Arabic for “the floret which blooms in the forest.”

42. Newbold — This name means “new building” in English.

43. Newel — English for “new town.”

44. Neyland — An Irish name meaning “descendant of Niallan.”

45. Nicabar — Romani for “stealthy.”

46. Nicol — Scottish and English for “people of victory.”

47. Nicolay — Greek and French for “people of victory.”

48. Nicolo — This Italian name also means “people of victory.”

49. Nien — This name means “little saint” in Gaelic.

50. Nihal — Arabic for “happy” and Persian for “successful.”

51. Nikhil — This name means “complete” in Sanskrit.

52. Nile — This Irish name means “champion.”

53. Ninad — This name means “the sound of flowing water” in Sanskrit.

54. Niran — This name means “eternal” in Thai.

55. Niranjan — The meaning of this name is “one who is spotless and pure” in Sanskrit.

56. Nirav — Sanskrit for “calm.”

57. Nirvana — This name means “bliss” in Sanskrit.

58. Nishanth — The meaning of this name is “end of night” in Sanskrit.

59. Niv — Hebrew for “figure of speech.”

60. Nivaan — An Irish name meaning “holy.”

61. Noctis — Latin for “night.”

62. Noelani — Hawaiian for “heavenly mist.”

63. Nolyn — An Irish name meaning “champion.”

64. Noma — A Norse name meaning “fate.”

65. Noori — Arabic for “light” and Hebrew for “my fire.”

66. Nor — This name means “born during the day” in Swahili.

67. Norbu — Chinese for “jewel.”

68. Noriel — An Arabic name meaning “light of God.”

69. Norio — Japanese for “beginning.”

70. Nuno — Portuguese for “grandfather” or “ninth.”

71. Nyle — This Irish name means “cloud.”

We hope you’ve found the perfect boy name that starts with N or have added some to your list. You’ll probably have to go through quite a few different names before you find the one, and sometimes it can take a while — and that’s okay! Once you land on that perfect name, you’ll know it’s the right one for your baby boy.

Be sure also to look at our other baby names lists, like our rare boy namesstrong boy names, and trendy boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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