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Holiday-Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love

Baby NamesUpdated August 8, 2023


Babies born around the holidays are the most special gifts new parents will ever receive. As we celebrate family and friends amidst a backdrop of light, love, and joy, welcoming newborns may inspire new parents to think about some unique names associated with the winter holidays. So, whether you celebrate Christmas, the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Bodhi Day, we have some holiday-inspired baby names that might be perfect for a brand-new bundle of holiday joy.

Holiday-Inspired Baby Names

Christmas-Inspired Baby Names

Christmas offers some of the most classic holiday-inspired names that continue to be popular generation after generation. Here are some of our favorites:

Christmas Girl Names

Angelica/Angela/Angelina – Angels

Avery – Christmas elf

Carol/Carole – Christmas songs

Faith – Faith in God

Gloria – Glory of God

Grace – Grace of the Holy Spirit

Joy – Spirit of the season

Mary/Marie/Maria – Mother of God

Natalie/Natalia – Born on Christmas

Natividad – Nativity

Noelle – Feminized French word for Christmas

Paloma – Dove of Peace / Symbol of the Holy Spirit

Star/Stella – Christmas star

Christmas Boys Names

Casper/Jasper – One of the three wise men

Christian – Follower of Christ

Christopher – Bearer of Christ

Gabriel – Archangel

Jack – God is merciful/Jack Frost

Joshua – God is salvation

Joseph – St. Joseph

Michael – Archangel

Nicholas – St. Nicholas/Santa Claus

Noel – the French word for Christmas

Winter Solstice (Yule) Inspired Baby Names

There’s a bit of a blurry line between classic Christmas baby names and names inspired by the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule. Yuletide and Christmas traditions and phrases often overlap. For those who love the spirit of Yule, names that celebrate nature and the stars are particularly beautiful.

Winter Solstice Girl Names

Astra – Star

Aurora – Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights

Celeste – Celestial bodies

Crystal – Ice/Earth mineral

Holly – Winter garland

Ivy – Winter garland

Laurel – Laurel tree

Luna – Moon

Neve – Bright/Snowy

Sage – Herb

Skye – Sky

Winter Solstice Boy Names

Aiden – Little fire

Ash – Ash tree/ash of the yule log

Birch – Winter plant

Blaze – Fire

Forest/ Forrest – Natural world

Garnet – Earth mineral

Hollis – Holly plant

Orion – Constellation

Robin – Winter bird/bright, flame

Whittaker – White field

Yule – Yuletide season

Hanukkah-Inspired Baby Names

Hanukkah commemorates the Second Temple’s rededication in Jerusalem after the Maccabees’ victory over the Syrian army during the Seleucid Empire. It’s also referred to as the Festival of Lights. Jewish families light a menorah for eight nights. It’s also a time to rejoice and give traditional gelt (Yiddish for money) gifts or other small tokens.

Hanukkah Girl Names

Golda/ Goldie – Gold

Keren – Ray of light

Leila – Night (menorahs are lit at night)

Matana – Gift

Ziva – Light

Hanukkah Boy Names

Judah – To thank or praise

Jesse – Gift

Neri – Oil lamp

Nissim – Miracles

Paz – Golden

The Season of Light

Millions of African-American families observe Kwanzaa, which takes place from December 26 to January 1. Starting in 1966, Kwanzaa celebrates the African-American community’s shared cultural heritage and values. Numerous baby names with Swahili origins are beautiful and rich with meaning, including girls’ names like Asha, Maj, Nia, and Taraji. My favorite boy names include Amri, Kibwe, Miti, and Zuberi.

There are approximately four million Buddhists in the United States. Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day on December 8 to commemorate the day Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. Similar to other December holidays, Buddhists celebrate with a tree, lights, and cookies. The name, Bodhi, has become a popular unisex name during the last few years. It means “awakening” or “enlightenment.”

The holidays are a joyful time to start or expand a family. And naming your little one is one of the first and most exciting new parent experiences. What are some of your favorite holiday-inspired baby names?

Check out our other baby name lists if you want even more ideas. Try fall-inspired baby names, nature baby names, and summer baby names for more ideas on what to name your precious rainbow baby. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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