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250 Baby Girl Names That Start With I

Here is a list of I girl names and their meanings, from unique, popular, and rare to vintage, biblical, pretty, and cute names.

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


You’re pregnant and have found out you’re having a girl! Or maybe you anticipate having a girl and want to research baby girl names. You’ve got so many fun decisions ahead of you, like deciding what crib your baby will sleep in, what nursery theme to choose, choosing an infant car seat, buying baby clothes, and more! And not to mention, the most crucial decision of all: what name will you choose? If you’re looking for something unique, here are 250 baby girl names that start with I.

Baby Girl Names That Start With I

From cute to rare names, there are plenty of girl name options here if you have your heart set on girl names starting with I! We hope these categories make it easier for you to find the perfect match for your daughter:

10 Popular Girl Names That Start With I

These I girl names are some of the most popular. They are fun and stylish — no wonder many parents love them!

1. Ila — A French name meaning “from the island.”

2. Imani — Arabic and Swahili for “faith.”

3. Irene — This name means “peace” in Greek.

4. Iris — A Greek name meaning “rainbow.” It is also a type of flower.

5. Isabel — This name means “pledged to God” in Spanish.

6. Isabella — This name means “pledged to God” in Spanish and Italian.

7. Isla — Scottish and Spanish for “island.”

8. Ivanna — This name means “God is gracious” in Russian.

9. Ivory – The English word for the white material from elephant tusks.

10. Ivy – An English word for the climbing plant with yellow flowers.

8 Common Girl Names That Start With I

These common I names for girls can still hold their own among the more popular names. The names included here are favorites for good reason, so check them out!

1. Iliana — This Greek name means “from Ilium or Troy.”

2. Inaya — An Arabic name meaning “care” or “concern.”

3. India – The country of India inspires this name choice. It is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “body of trembling water.”

4. Indigo — Greek for “Indian dye.”

5. Isabela — Spanish and Portuguese for “pledged to God.”

6. Itzayana — This name means “rainbow lady” in Spanish.

7. Iyla — A Hindi name meaning “moonlight.”

8. Izabella — This name means “pledged to God” in Hungarian and Polish.

9 Biblical Girl Names That Start With I

You have come to the right place if you are interested in a biblical girl name. These girl names starting with I are lovely options and can be found in the Bible.

1. Ilana — A Hebrew name meaning “tree.”

2. Ioanna — Greek for “God is gracious.”

3. Irit — This name means “asphodel” in Hebrew. It is a type of flower.

4. Isabelle — French for “pledged to God.”

5. Isannah — This name is derived from “Hannah.” It means “grace” or “favor” in Hebrew.

6. Iscah — This name means “to behold” in Hebrew.

7. Isra — Arabic for “nocturnal journey.”

8. Israella — A Hebrew name meaning “God contends.”

9. Ivah — This Hebrew name is the name of one of the districts of Babylon in the Old Testament. It means “overturning.”

31 Cute Girl Names That Start With I

Your sweet baby girl deserves a cute girl name that will do her justice. This list of adorable I girl names is full of precious gems!

1. Ibbie — English for “God is my oath.”

2. Idalene — A Danish name meaning “work” or “labor.”

3. Idelisa — This Welsh name means “bountiful.”

4. Idgie — This name means “maiden” in English.

5. Idunn — Old Norse for “ever young.”

6. Ifeoma — An African name meaning “good thing” in Igbo.

7. Ifetayo — This name means “love means happiness” in Yoruba.

8. Ilesha — A Hindi name meaning “earth lord.”

9. Ilse — German and Dutch for “God is my oath.”

10. Immy — Celtic for “maiden.”

11. Imogene — This Celtic name also means “maiden.”

12. Imri — This name means “to say” or “my statement” in Hebrew.

13. Inda — English for “of India.”

14. Indie — This American name is a nickname short for “independence” in English.

15. Indira — Sanskrit for “beauty.”

16. Inga — This Norse name means “guarded by Ing.”

17. Insha — An Arabic name meaning “construction” or “creation.”

18. Io — This name means “flower” in Greek.

19. Irelee — Latin for “golden.”

20. Iriana — A Greek name meaning “peace.”

21. Irie — This Jamaican name means “positive and powerful.”

22. Irine — Georgian for “peace.”

23. Irsa — This name means “rainbow” in Arabic.

24. Isa — This name means “strong-willed” in German.

25. Isadora — A Greek name meaning “gift of Isis.”

26. Isaline — French for “island.”

27. Island — An English name for a piece of land surrounded by water smaller than a continent.

28. Issie — English for “gift of Isis.”

29. Ivee – A cute alternate spelling for “ivy.”

30. Ivyanne — Old English and Hebrew for “ivy plant” and “grace.”

31. Izzy — Hebrew for “God’s promise.”

30 Pretty Girl Names That Start With I

A pretty princess deserves a name that will fit her wonderful personality and pretty smile. Take a look at these fantastic choices for I names for girls.

1. Ianthia — Greek for “violet flower.”

2. Idalie — This French and Swedish name means “behold the sun.”

3. Idalina — This name means “hardworking” in Greek.

4. Idolina — A Spanish and Latin name meaning “idol.”

5. Idony — A Norse name meaning “love again.”

6. Ignacia — Spanish for “ardent” or “burning.”

7. Ignatia — This name means “ardent” or “burning” in Latin.

8. Ihanelma — Finnish for “lovely” or “sweet.”

9. Ilaria — This name means “cheerful” in Latin.

10. Illyria — An Albanian name meaning “of the stars.”

11. Ilona — Hungarian for “torch” or “shining light.”

12. Ina — This Latin name means “lover of horses.”

13. Indiana — One of the states in the United States. It means “land of the Indians” in English.

14. Indra — A Sanskrit name meaning “possessing drops of rain.”

15. Ines — Italian and Portuguese for “pure” or “virginal.”

16. Inesita — This name means “pure” in Spanish.

17. Iolani — A Hawaiian name meaning “hawk of royalty.”

18. Ira — Hebrew for “watchful one” and Greek for “peace.”

19. Irati — This name means “fern field” in Basque.

20. Ireland — An Old Irish name meaning “abundant land.”

21. Irina — Russian for “peace.”

22. Isabetta — This Italian name means “pledged to God.”

23. Isela — Spanish for “alone” or “unique.”

24. Isley — This is an English occupational name for a blacksmith.

25. Iulia — Slavic for “youthful.”

26. Ivanya — Hebrew for “God is gracious.”

27. Ivara — A German name meaning “yew tree” or “archer.”

28. Ivette — This name means “yew tree” in French.

29. Ivie — This is a pretty spelling for “Ivy,” an English plant name.

30. Ixchel — This name means “lady rainbow” in Mayan.

30 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With I

These girl names, starting with I, sound gorgeous, and many of them have beautiful meanings.

1. Idette — A French name meaning “work” or “labor.”

2. Idina — English for “delicate.”

3. Illiana — This name means “from Ilium or Troy” in Greek.

4. Ilyssa — A French name meaning “noble.”

5. Ilythia — Greek for “the readycomer.”

6. Imara — This name means “strong” or “firm” in Swahili.

7. Imelda — Italian and Spanish for “all-consuming fight.”

8. Imogenia — This Celtic name means “maiden.”

9. Imperia — In Latin, this name means “command” or “power.”

10. Inara — This name means “ray of light” in Portuguese.

11. Inessa — Russian for “pure” or “chaste.”

12. Ingrid — An Old Norse name meaning “Ing is beautiful.”

13. Iolanda — Italian and Portuguese for “violet.”

14. Iona — This name means “island” in Scottish.

15. Inayat — This Sikh name means “kindness” and “blessing of God” in Punjabi.

16. Iphigenia — A Greek name meaning “of royal birth.”

17. Ipo — Hawaiian for “sweetheart.”

18. Irayna — This name means “peace” in Greek.

19. Iridianna — A Greek name meaning “rainbow.”

20. Irvetta — This English name means “friend of the sea.”

21. Isabeau — This name means “pledged to God” in French.

22. Isabelita — Spanish for “God is my oath.”

23. Isaura — This name means “from Isauria” in Latin. Isauria is a region in Asia Minor.

24. Isha — A Sanskrit name meaning “one who protects.”

25. Ismene — Greek for “knowledgeable.”

26. Isobel — Scottish for “pledged to God.”

27. Isolde – This name means “ice ruler” in German and Welsh.

28. Italia — This name means “Italy” in Italian.

29. Ivanka — A Russian name meaning “God is gracious.”

30. Izana — Arabic for “powerful woman.”

9 Vintage Girl Names That Start With I

These timeless classics will never go out of style! You won’t be disappointed if you choose one of these I names for girls.

1. Ida — This name means “industrious one” in German.

2. Ilene — A Greek name meaning “torch” or “shining light.”

3. Imogen — This Celtic name means “maiden.”

4. Inez — Spanish for “pure” or “virginal.”

5. Iolanthe — This name means “violet flower” in Greek.

6. Ione — This is also a Greek name meaning “violet flower.”

7. Iva — This name means “God is gracious” in Russian.

8. Ilyse — This name means “from Elysium” in Latin.

9. Irma — German for “universal” or “complete.”

59 Unique Girl Names That Start With I

These I girl names are different and unique, but allow your little one’s individuality to shine!

1. Iana — Latin and Slavic for “God is gracious.”

2. Ianthe — This name means “purple flower” in Greek.

3. Ibha — This name means “hope” in Hindi.

4. Ibiza — A Latin name meaning “land.”

5. Idalia — This name means “behold the sun” in Greek.

6. Idanelly — An English name meaning “pioneer.”

7. Idelle — German for “industrious one.”

8. Idona — This Norse name means “love again” or “renewal.”

9. Idonia — This name also means “love again” or “renewal” in Norse.

10. Iesha — Arabic and Swahili for “living” or “prosperous.”

11. Ife — This African name means “love” in Yoruba.

12. Ige — This name means “born feet first” in Yoruba.

13. Ihab — Arabic for “gift.”

14. Ilda — Italian for “battle woman.”

15. Ileane — This name means “from Ilium or Troy” in Greek.

16. Ilia — This Greek name also means “from Ilium or Troy.”

17. Iljana — Hebrew for “my God has answered me.”

18. Ilma — A Finnish name meaning “air” or “starlight.”

19. Iluminada — Spanish for “illuminated.”

20. Immacolata – This name means “immaculate” in Spanish.

21. Immaculate – This name is inspired by the English word that means “perfect.”

22. Immokalee — A Native American name meaning “tumbling water” in Cherokee.

23. Imogine — The meaning of this name is “maiden” in Celtic.

24. Inah — Greek for “pure.”

25. Indeera — A Sanskrit name meaning “beauty.”

26. Indica — This name means “of India” in Latin.

27. Indya — Sanskrit for “body of trembling water.”

28. Inna — This name means “strong water” in Slavic.

29. Invicta — A Latin name meaning “invincible.”

30. Invidia — Latin for “envy.”

31. Iole — Greek for “violet” and Welsh for “beautiful lady.”

32. Ionia — This name means “land of the Ionians” in Greek.

33. Iqra — Arabic for “read.”

34. Ireene — A Greek name meaning “peace.”

35. Irem — This Turkish name means “garden in heaven.”

36. Irlene — An English name meaning “noblewoman.”

37. Irmack — A Turkish name meaning “river.”

38. Irmina — Polish for “great.”

39. Irvina — Old English for “green or fresh water.”

40. Irys — A Greek name meaning “rainbow.”

41. Ishana — Hindi for “desire.”

42. Isidora — This name means “gift of Isis” in Spanish and Portuguese.

43. Issa — German for “strong-willed.”

44. Isle — This name means “small island” in English.

45. Isleen — An Irish name meaning “dream.”

46. Isobelle — This name means “pledged to God” in Spanish.

47. Issoria – This is a type of butterfly found in Africa. The name is of Greek origin and is typically associated with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology.

48. Ita — Irish for “thirst.”

49. Ivalo — This name means “sinew” in Greenlandic. Sinew is a tendon, and it is often used to represent strength or resilience.

50. Ivania — Slavic for “God is gracious.”

51. Ivanie — This name also means “God is gracious” in Slavic.

52. Ivelisse — A French name meaning “life.”

53. Iverna — Latin for “from Ireland.”

54. Ivoreen — Latin for “creamy white color.” It is derived from “Ivory.”

55. Ivye — A unique spelling of “Ivy.”

56. Ixia — This name means “pine thistle” in Greek.

57. Izara — Arabic for “shawl” and Basque for “star.”

58. Izcalli — An Aztec name meaning “stone house.”

59. Izzie — This name means “pledged to God” in Spanish.

64 Rare Girl Names That Start With I

Looking for a name you haven’t heard of? These I girl names may be rare, but they are creative and make great choices.

1. Ianna — An Arabic name meaning “large eyes.”

2. Iantha — Greek for “purple flower.”

3. Iaso — This name means “cure” or “remedy” in Greek.

4. Ibadat — Arabic for “prayer.”

5. Ibeeria — The meaning of this name is “from the Iberian Peninsula” in Spanish and Portuguese.

6. Iben — German and Scandinavian for “yew wood.”

7. Ibtihaj — Arabic for “joy.”

8. Ibolya — This name means “violet” in Hungarian.

9. Icelyn — An English name inspired by Iceland.

10. Idaa — German for “industrious” or “hardworking.”

11. Idai — This name means “love them” in Shona.

12. Idania — German for “industrious one.”

13. Idell — An English name meaning “work” or “labor.”

14. Idony — This name means “suitable” in English.

15. Idowu — This African name means “born after twins” in Yoruba.

16. Ieasha — Arabic and Swahili for “living” or “prosperous.”

17. Iemanja — A Portuguese name meaning “mother of fish children.”

18. Ifama — This African name means “all is well” in Igbo.

19. Ihsan — Arabic for “charity.”

20. Ildiko — This name means “battle” or “warrior” in Hungarian.

21. Ilean — Greek for “torch.”

22. Iley — This is an English occupational name for a blacksmith.

23. Ilham — Arabic for “inspiration.”

24. Illene — This is a Greek name meaning “torch.”

25. Ilta — Finnish for “evening.”

26. Iluka — An Australian Aboriginal name meaning “by the sea.”

27. Imagery —  This name comes from the English word that means using words or pictures to create mental images.

28. Imagine – This American name means “to think or believe” in English.

29. Imojean — A Celtic name meaning “maiden.”

30. Intiaz — This Arabic name means “distinction.”

31. Inbal — This name means “tongue of a bell” in Hebrew.

32. Indee — An English name meaning “India.”

33. Indrani — This name means “the wife of Indra” in Sanskrit.

34. Indu — Sanskrit for “bright drop.”

35. Infinity — English for “endlessness” or “boundlessness.”

36. Injibjorg — An Icelandic name meaning “the help of Ing.”

37. Integrity — This name means “soundness” in English.

38. Ionna — This Ukranian name means “God’s gift.”

39. Iram — An Arabic name meaning “to toss or throw off.”

40. Ireen — Dutch for “peace.”

41. Irenka — This name is Polish and Czech for “peace.”

42. Irita — Greek for “rainbow.”

43. Irja — Finnish for “peace.”

44. Irmelin — This name means “universal complete” in German.

45. Irmgard — A German name meaning “great enclosure.”

46. Irwina — English and Scottish for “boar friend.”

47. Iselda — This name means “ice battle” in Italian.

48. Iselin — A Norwegian name meaning “iron.”

49. Ishani – This name means “ruling” or “possessing” in Sanskrit.

50. Ishbel — Scottish for “God is my oath.”

51. Islay — This is the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland.

52. Ismenia — A Portuguese name meaning “knowledge.”

53. Ismeria — In European folklore, “Ismeria” is also known as “The Black Madonna.” It is of medieval English origin.

54. Isola — Italian for “island.”

55. Issabella — An English name meaning “God is my oath.”

56. Ithaca — A Phoenician name meaning “island” in Greek.

57. Itidal — Arabic for “moderation.”

58. Itzel — This name means “resin” or “nectar” in Mayan.

59. Ivey — An alternate Old English spelling for the ivy plant.

60. Ivrit — This Hebrew name is the word for “Hebrew language.”

61. Ivonette — A Portuguese name meaning “yew tree.”

62. Iyabo — An African name meaning “mother has returned” in Yoruba.

63. Izola — An English name for “island.”

64. Izusa — This Native American name means “white stone.”

With the everyday stresses of parenthood, picking a name shouldn’t be part of that. Having an ongoing list from the beginning is crucial so you and your partner can go through it every so often and “veto” a few here and there. We hope some (or most) of these girl names that start with I made the cut and the name-picking process a bit easier! Congratulations!

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our beautiful girl namesone-syllable girl namescountry girl names, and rare girl names. Have fun choosing a name you love for your baby girl!

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