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160 Popular and Meaningful Portuguese Names

Looking for the perfect baby name to honor your or your partner's Portuguese heritage? Check out our list of popular Portuguese names.

Updated July 5, 2024

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is choosing your baby’s name! If you are expecting or adopting a child and looking for a Portuguese baby name, you’re in the right place! Many parents choose to honor their family heritage with their baby’s name. Do you or your partner have Portuguese roots? There are countless beautiful Portuguese names with equally beautiful meanings to choose from. Below we are sharing Portuguese girl names and Portuguese boy names.

Portuguese Names for Your Baby

Portuguese Girl Names

Do you love nature and the outdoors? You might consider Cloe, which means “little green sprout;” Estela, which means “star;” Iolanda, which means “violet flower;” Kiania, which means “the dawn;” Leonor, which means “sun ray;” Margarida, which means “pearl;” Mariana, which means “star of the sea;” Palmira, which means “palm tree;” Rosana, which means “star of magnificence;” Uiara, which means “the water lady;” or Veedonia, Vidonia, or Vidonya, which mean “vine branch.”

Maybe you want to choose a religious name for your daughter? You might like Belinha, which means “promise of God;” Camila, which means “helper to the priest;” Deolinda, which means “beautiful God;” Doroteia, which means “gift of God;” Elisabete, which means “promise of God;” Izabel, which means “God of plenty; God’s promise;” Joaninha, which means “God is gracious;” Judite, which means “from Judea; Jewish;” Miciela, which means “a blessed gift from God;” Nelinha, which means “God accompanies us;” Rafaela, which means “God has healed;” or Renata, which means “reborn.”

Want to give your daughter a strong name befitting a female warrior? You might consider Andreia, which means “daring;” Beatriz or Bia, which mean “voyager;” Brites, which means “power;” Ermenjart, which means “warrior who was extremely powerful;” Gertrudes, which means “the strongest spear;” Ilda, which means “heroine in battle;” or Mafalda, which means “mighty in battle.”

Want something a little more elegant for your little girl? Try Agueda, which means “good-hearted;” Belmira, which means “beautiful woman;” Benedita, which means “blessed;” Brigida, which means “exalted one;” Caterina, Catia, or Catrina, which means “pure;” Diana, which means “divine;” Enia, which means “jewel or fiery;” Filomena, which means “beloved;” Graca, which means “elegant and graceful woman;” Gylda, which means “value, sacrifice, knowing true;” Lara, which means “protection;” or Sofia, which means “wisdom.”

Here are a few of the most popular Portuguese girl names in alphabetical order:

1. Agueda

2. Aline

3. Andreia

4. Beatriz or Bea

5. Belinha

6. Belmira

7. Benedita

8. Bibiana

9. Branca

10. Brigida

11. Brites

12. Camila

13. Candelaria

14. Caterina, Catia, or Catrina

15. Cesaria

16. Cloe

17. Creola, Creole, Creolla, or Criolla

18. Deolinda

19. Diana

20. Doroteia

21. Dylla

22. Edite

23. Elisabete

24. Enia

25. Ermenjart

26. Estela

27. Evora

28. Felisberta

29. Filomena

30. Gertrudes

31. Gilma

32. Glaucia

33. Graca

34. Gylda

35. Ilda

36. Inez

37. Iolanda

38. Iria

39. Izabel

40. Joaninha

41. Judite

42. Julinha

43. Kiania

44. Lara

45. Lecia

46. Leonor

47. Lia

48. Luzia

49. Madalena

50. Mafalda

51. Margarida

52. Mariana

56. Mariazinha

57. Miciela

58. Nelinha

59. Neves

60. Nuria

61. Ofelia

62. Palmira

63. Rafaela

64. Renata

65. Rosana

66. Rui

67. Rute

68. Seda

69. Sofia

70. Telma

71. Teresinha

72. Tereza

73. Uiara

74. Veedonia, Vidonia, or Vidonya

Portuguese Boy Names for Boys

Do you love nature? You might like Adao, which means “earth,” Bernardo, which means “strong as a bear,” Dimas, which means “sunset,” Luciano, which means “light,” or Silverio, which means “woods.”

Maybe you want to choose a religious name for your son? You might like Angelino, which means “messenger of God;” Benedito or Bento, which mean “the blessed one;” Celio, which means “heaven;” Cristovao, which means “bearing Christ;” Cruz, which means “cross;” Danilo, which means “God is my judge;” Joao, which means “Jehovah has been gracious;” Josue, which means “Jehovah increases or Jehovah is salvation;” Mateus, which means “gift of God;” Teodoro, which means “God’s gift;” or Zacarias, which means “the Lord recalled.”

Want to give your son a name worthy of a warrior? Consider Agosto, which means “great and magnificent;” Alexo, which means “defender of man;” Aloisio, which means “well-known fighter;” Arsenio, which means “masculine;” Artur, which means “noble, courageous;” Balduino, which means “bold friend;” Goncalo, which means “a man who is a genius in battles;” Guilherme, which means “determined protector;” Leopoldo, which means “a bold man;” or Valente, which means “valiant.”

Here are a few of the most popular Portuguese boy names in alphabetical order:

1. Abilio

2. Adao

3. Adriano

4. Afonso

5. Agostinho

6. Agosto

7. Alexo

8. Aloisio

9. Anacleto

10. Angelino

11. Anxo

12. Arsenio

13. Artur

14. Atilio

15. Aurelio

16. Balduino

17. Benedito or Bento

18. Bernardo

19. Bonifacio

20. Caetano

21. Carlinhos

22. Celio

23. Celso

24. Cristovao

25. Cruz

26. Dado

27. Danilo

28. Davi

29. Dimas

30. Dinis

31. Duante

32. Duarte

33. Estevao

34. Felipinho

35. Fernao

36. Gaspar

37. Goncalo

38. Gualter

39. Guilherme

40. Heitor

41. Jaco

42. Joao

43. Joãozinho

44. Jonatas

45. Jordao

46. Jorginho

47. Josue

48. Justino

49. Leopoldo

50. Lcio

51. Lidio or Lydio

52. Lourenco

53. Luciano or Lucio

54. Luisinho

55. Manoel

56. Marcos or Marques

57. Martim

58. Mateus

59. Maureo or Mauricio

60. Miguel

61. Nelio

62. Olavo

63. Pascoal

64. Patricio

65. Paulo

66. Pires

67. Quim

68. Renato

69. Rodrigo

70. Salomao

71. Severino

72. Silverio

73. Simao

74. Tavares or Tavaris

75. Teodoro

76. Teotonio

77. Thiago

78. Tiago

79. Tristao

80. Ulisses

81. Valente

82. Valentinus

83. Vicente

84. Vidal or Videl

85. Zacarias

Want more baby names? Check out Spanish baby names, Italian baby names, elegant baby names, and powerful boy names for inspiration. Good luck finding a beautiful name for your baby!

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