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249 Baby Boy Names That Start With O

You'll love this list of O boy names and their meanings, including unique, popular, common, rare, and cute names!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Some might call it the most exciting time in your life — you’re expecting a baby! Your feelings are probably all over the place right now, which is normal. Excited for what’s to come but nervous at the same time — it can be hard to keep all those emotions in check when making big decisions throughout your pregnancy. One of those big decisions you’ll have to make is what name you’ll choose for your baby, and how exciting is that?! If you’re looking for baby boy names that start with O, you’ve come to the right place.

Baby Boy Names That Start With O

There are so many names that it can quickly become overwhelming when pinpointing which one you want to go with. Google searches can be redundant, and it might feel like you’ll never find “the one,” but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of boy names starting with O:

19 Celebrity Boy Names That Start With O

Celebrities seem to love O names for their babies, which gives you a lot of celeb inspiration to choose from. Big names like Nick Carter, Isla Fischer, and Olivia Wilde have chosen O names for their little ones. And even a few royals have taken to O, with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden naming their baby Olaf (not to be confused with the character from Frozen). See the names they chose and more celebrity baby names below:

1. Ode – child of Jena Malone and Ethan DeLorenzo

2. Odie – child of Ashley Williams

3. Odin – child of Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt Carter

4. Olaf – child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden

5. Olive – child of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen

6. Oliver – child of Fred Savage

7. Olympia – child of Kasi Bennett and Usain Bolt

8. Onyx – child of Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti

9. Oonagh – child of Amber Heard

10. Orion – child of Chris Noth

11. Orrin – child of Josh Homme and Brody Dalle

12. Orson – child of Lauren Ambrose

13. Oscar – child of Gordon Ramsey

14. Osian – child of Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson

15. Oskar – child of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

16. Otis – child of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

17. Otto – child of Rachael Harris

18. Owen-Lee – child of Shiri Appleby and Jon Shook

19. Ozzie – child of Max Greenfield

10 Popular Boy Names That Start With O

The letter O yields several super unique names, like Oberon and Obi, but if you want a name that’s a bit more popular, here are some great O names for boys to choose from.

1. Oakley — English for “oak wood or clearing.”

2. Odin — An Old Norse name meaning “god of frenzy” or “poetic fury.”

3. Oliver — This name means “olive tree” or “elf army” in Latin.

4. Omar — Arabic for “flourishing” and Hebrew for “eloquent.”

5. Onyx — This name means “nail” in Greek and “black gemstone” in English.

6. Orion — Greek for “boundary” or “limit.”

7. Oscar — This name means “God spear” in English and “champion warrior” in Irish.

8. Otis — A German name meaning “wealthy.”

9. Otto — This name also means “wealthy” in German.

10. Owen — Welsh for “young warrior” or “wellborn.”

10 Common Boy Names That Start with O

When looking at O boy names, you’ll notice that these pop up quite often. These more common names have a lot of charm. Take a look to see if any of them speak to you.

1. Obadiah — Hebrew for “servant of God.”

2. Ocean — Greek for “sea.”

3. Octavius — This name means “eighth” in Latin.

4. Omari — Swahili for “populous” and Arabic for “flourishing.”

5. Orlando — An Italian name meaning “famous throughout the land.”

6. Orwin — Old German for “army friend” or “boar friend.”

7. Osiris — An Egyptian name meaning “with strong eyesight.”

8. Osman — This name means “baby bustard” in Arabic. A bustard is a type of bird.

9. Oswald — English for “divine power.”

10. Ozzy — An English name meaning “divine bear.”

41 Cute Boy Names That Start With O

Your adorable little boy deserves a cute name starting with O to match. Try one of these cute boy names, like “Ofer” or “Ollie,” and see if they fit your son.

1. Oakes — This name means “near the oaks” in English.

2. Oates — A German name meaning “wealth” and “prosperity.”

3. Obert — German for “wealthy” and French for “noble.”

4. Obi — This name means “heart” in Igbo.

5. Obinna — This name means “father’s heart” in Igbo.

6. Ochieng — Luo for “born when the sun shines.”

7. October — A Latin name meaning “eighth month.”

8. Odie — English for “of the valley” and German for “wealthy.”

9. Ofer — Hebrew for “fawn.”

10. Ohio — This name means “the great river” in Iroquois.

11. Oisin — An Irish name meaning “little deer.”

12. Oiva — This Finnish name means “splendid.”

13. Oklahoma — This name means “red people” in Choctaw.

14. Ola — Swedish for “ancestor’s relic.”

15. Olaf — This name is Norse for “ancestor’s relic.”

16. Olavi — This name is also Norse for “ancestor’s relic.”

17. Olbert — German for “noble and bright.”

18. Oleander — In Greek, this name means “evergreen tree.”

19. Olin — A Swedish name meaning “to inherit.”

20. Ollie — Latin for “olive tree.”

21. Om — This name means “sacred syllable” in Sanskrit.

22. Omri — This name means “my sheaf” in Hebrew.

23. Onfroi — German for “peaceful warrior.”

24. Onni — This name means “happiness” or “luck” in Finnish.

25. Ontario — Iroquois for “sparkling water.”

26. Opie — A Cornish name meaning “one who is like God almighty.”

27. Oren — Hebrew for “laurel tree.”

28. Orev — A Hebrew name meaning “raven.”

29. Ori — This name means “my light” in Hebrew.

30. Orley — Hebrew for “God is my light.”

31. Ornette — This name means “little eagle” in French.

32. Orphie — A Hebrew name meaning “a fawn.”

33. Osgood — Teutonic for “divine creator.”

34. O’Shea — This Irish name means “hawklike.”

35. Oslo — Old Norse for “meadow at the foot of a hill.”

36. Ossie — An English name meaning “deer lover” or “divine spear.”

37. Otter — This is an English occupational name for an otter hunter or a nickname for someone who resembles an otter.

38. Ovie — Old English for “riverside settlement.”

39. Owl — An English name for the nocturnal bird of prey.

40. Owynn — Welsh for “noble” or “young warrior.”

41. Oxley — English for “ox clearing.”

55 Cool Boy Names That Start With O

These names are cool and feel powerful! Look at these options if you want a great O name for your super cool little dude.

1. Oakland — English for “oak land.”

2. Obatala — This name means “king of the white cloth” in Yoruba.

3. O’Brien — An Irish name meaning “descendant of Brian.”

4. Obsidian — This name means “of Obsidius” in Latin.

5. Oceanus — In Greek, this name means “of the ocean.”

6. Octavian — Latin for “eighth.”

7. Octavio — This name means “eighth” in Spanish.

8. Oddbjorn — Old Norse for “sharp point” and “bear.”

9. Ode — English for “wealthy.”

10. Odom — An English name meaning “son-in-law.”

11. O’Donnell — This Irish name means “son of the brave one.”

12. Odysseus — The meaning of this name is “wrathful” in Greek.

13. Ogden — This name means “from the oak valley” in English.

14. O’Grady — An Irish name meaning “son of the noble one.”

15. O’Keefe — This Irish name means “son of the kind one.”

16. Okuninushi — This is the name of the god of healing and sorcery in Japanese mythology.

17. Olamide — The meaning of this name is “my wealth has arrived” in Yoruba.

18. Olawale — This name is also Yoruba for “my wealth has arrived.”

19. Ole — A Norse name meaning “ancestor’s relic.”

20. Olek — In Greek, this name means “defending men.”

21. Olias — This name means “the sun” in Greek.

22. Olivier — French for “olive tree.”

23. Ollivander — This is an English name meaning “olive wand.” It’s also the name of a fictional wand maker and seller.

24. Olympus — Greek for “celestial” or “heavenly.”

25. Olsen — A Scandinavian name meaning “Olaf’s son.”

26. Omarion — Swahili for “populous” and Arabic for “flourishing.”

27. Omega — This name means “last” in Greek.

28. Oneal, Oneil — An Irish name meaning “from the chief’s line.”

29. Optimus — This name means “best” in Latin.

30. Ora — Latin for “prayer.”

31. Ordell — Old English for “little knife.”

32. O’Reilly — This Irish name means “son of the courageous one.”

33. Orpheus — A Greek name meaning “the darkness of the night.”

34. Orsen — Latin and English for “bear cub.”

35. Ortega — This name means “dweller of the sign of the grouse” in Spanish.

36. Ortiz — Spanish for “strong” and “brave.”

37. Orville — French for “gold town.”

38. Osborne, Osbourne — This name means “divine bear” in English.

39. Osian — Welsh for “little deer.”

40. Osmond — In English, this name means “divine protection.”

41. Osten, Ostin — French for “great” or “magnificent.”

42. O’Sullivan — An Irish name meaning “son of the black-eyed one.”

43. Osvaldo — Spanish for “divine power.”

44. Oswell — This name means “divine power” in English.

45. Otha — German for “wealth” or “elevated.”

46. Othello — A Hebrew name meaning “he has the sound of God.”

47. Othniel — Hebrew for “lion of God” or “strength of God.”

48. Ottavio — This name means “eighth” in Italian.

49. Ouroboros — A Greek name meaning “tail-devourer.”

50. Overton — English for “riverside settlement” or “high farmstead.”

51. Owain — This name means “wellborn” in Old Welsh.

52. Owens — Welsh for “son of Owen.”

53. Oxford — This name means “from the oxen crossing” in English.

54. Oz — Hebrew for “strength, powerful, and courageous.”

55. Ozias — This name means “salvation” in Greek.

65 Unique Boy Names That Start With O

Choosing a unique O boy name is a great way to let your creativity AND his personality shine! There are so many great choices to look through here.

1. Oak — Old English for “meadow of oak trees.”

2. Oaklee, Oakleigh — English for “oak clearing.”

3. Obafemi — This name means “the king loves me” in Yoruba.

4. Obalesh — Hindi for “Lord Shiva.”

5. Obama — This name means “bending” in Luo and “little beach” in Japanese.

6. Obediah — Hebrew for “servant of God.”

7. Ocelotl — This name means “jaguar warrior” in Nahuatl.

8. Ocia — A Polish name meaning “wealth” and “fortune.”

9. Octavus — Latin for “eighth.”

10. Odell — An English name meaning “of the valley.”

11. Oden — Old Norse for “god of frenzy” or “poetic fury.”

12. Odhran — This Irish name means “little pale green one.”

13. Ofir — Hebrew for “gold” or “place of wealth.”

14. Ofydd — A Welsh name meaning “poet” or “bard.”

15. Ognian — This Bulgarian name means “fiery.”

16. Okeke — This name means “man born on Eke Day” in Igbo.

17. Oldrich — A Czech name meaning “noble ruler.”

18. Oleg — Russian for “holy.”

19. Olegario — In Spanish, this name means “old spear.”

20. Okasaki — This name means “hill cape” in Japanese.

21. Okello — A Ugandan name meaning “born after twins.”

22. Okropir — This Georgian name means “golden mouth.”

23. Oleksandr — A Ukrainian name meaning “defender of mankind.”

24. Olexa — A Polish name meaning “defending men.”

25. Olindo — Greek for “wild fig.”

26. Olivio — This name means “olive tree” in Latin.

27. Omario — A Jamaican name that means “eloquent” in Hebrew.

28. Omen — English for “foreshadowing.”

29. Omer — This name means “sheaf of corn” in Hebrew.

30. Omero — A Spanish name meaning “security” or “pledge.”

31. Omiros — Greek for “captive.”

32. Ondre — This name means “man” or “warrior” in Greek.

33. Onesimo — Greek for “one who brings luck” and Spanish for “firstborn son.”

34. Onorio — In Italian, this name means “honored.”

35. Onslow — This name means “from the zealous one’s hill” in English.

36. Ophir — A Hebrew name meaning “land of gold.”

37. Or — Hebrew for “light.”

38. Orazio — A Latin name meaning “timekeeper.”

39. Origen — This name means “born” in Greek.

40. Orlondo — Italian for “famous throughout the land.”

41. Ormand — This name means “soldier” in French.

42. Ormando — Spanish for “army man.”

43. Orran — Hebrew for “laurel or pine tree.”

44. Orrie, Orry — This name means “God’s peace” in Manx Gaelic.

45. Ortensio — A Latin name meaning “he who tends gardens.”

46. Orton — English for “gray settlement.”

47. Orvell — This name means “gold town” in French.

48. Orvin — An English name meaning “spear friend.”

49. Oryon — Greek for “boundary.”

50. Osama — This Arabic name means “lion.”

51. Osher — Hebrew for “fortunate” or “blessed.”

52. Osip — A Russian name meaning “God shall add.”

53. Osmar — This name means “divinely glorious” in German.

54. Osment — English for “divine protection.”

55. Osmin — This name also means “divine protection” in English.

56. Osvin — In Old English, this name means “God’s friend.”

57. Oswaldo — Spanish for “divine power.”

58. Otello — A German name meaning “wealthy.”

59. Othmane — This Arabic name means “wise.”

60. Otho — This name also means “wealthy” in German.

61. Otso — A Finnish name meaning “bear.”

62. Oved — Hebrew for “servant of God.”

63. Ozell — This name means “strength of God” in English.

64. Ozuru — Japanese for “big stork.”

65. Ozymandias — A Greek name meaning “begotten by Ra, the sun god.”

68 Rare Boy Names That Start With O

These O names are pretty rare, but that’s a good thing! If you want a fantastic, fun, but rare name, you have come to the right place.

1. Obasi — This name means “in honor of the Supreme God” in Igbo.

2. Obed — Hebrew for “servant of God.”

3. Oberon — This name means “noble” or “bearlike” in English.

4. Ochre — Greek and English for “pale yellow.”

5. Octave — A French name meaning “eighth.”

6. Odhiambo — This name means “born in the evening” in Luo.

7. Odile — This name means “prospers in battle” in French.

8. Odilio — German for “possessor of enormous wealth.”

9. Odilon — This name means “wealth” in French.

10. Odis — German for “wealth.”

11. Odonata — This is a Greek name referring to an order of flying insects, including dragonflies.

12. Oengus — An Irish name meaning “one choice.”

13. Oghenero — This name means “God exists” in Urhobo.

14. Ohad — Hebrew for “praising.”

15. Ohene — A Ghanaian name meaning “king.”

16. Ojore — Teso for “warrior.”

17. Okafor — This name means “born on Afor Day” in Igbo.

18. Okechukwu — The meaning of this name is “gift of God” in Igbo.

19. Okpara — This name means “firstborn son” in Igbo.

20. Olatokunbo — In Yoruba, this name means “wealth brought from a foreign land.”

21. Olatunde — This name means “salvation has returned” in Yoruba.

22. Oleksiy — A Ukrainian name meaning “guard” or “protect.”

23. Oliverio — Spanish for “olive tree.”

24. Olorun — This name means “owner” or “lord of heaven” in Yoruba.

25. Olufemi — Yoruba for “God loves me.”

26. Olujimi — This name means “given by God” in Yoruba.

27. Olukayode — In Yoruba, this name means “God brings me happiness.”

28. Olumide — The meaning of this name is “my Lord has come” in Yoruba.

29. Olusegun — A Yoruba name meaning “God is victorious.”

30. Olusola — This name means “God creates wealth” in Yoruba.

31. Olutosin — In Yoruba, this name means “God is worthy to be praised.”

32. Oluwatobi — This name means “God is great” in Yoruba.

33. Oluyemi — This name means “God has given me satisfaction” in Yoruba.

34. Omid — A Persian name meaning “hope.”

35. Omondi — This name means “born early in the morning” in Luo.

36. Omotunde — The meaning of this name is “the child has returned” in Yoruba.

37. Onacona — This name means “white owl” in Cherokee.

38. Ona’je — Swahili for “sensitive one.”

39. Ondray — A Greek name meaning “warrior.”

40. Ondrej — This name means “warrior” in Czech.

41. Ondria — Greek for “strong and manly.”

42. Onofre — A German name meaning “peaceful warrior.”

43. Onofrio — Italian for “defender of peace.”

44. Onyebuchi — This name means “no man is God” in Igbo.

45. Opeyemi — The meaning of this name is “I should give praise” in Yoruba.

46. Ophrah — Hebrew for “fawn.”

47. Orcus — This name means “oath” in Latin.

48. Orenthal — This Irish name means “pine tree.”

49. Oreste — A Greek name meaning “from the mountain.”

50. Orland — Italian for “famous throughout the land.”

51. Oroitz — Basque for “memory.”

52. Orrel — Hebrew for “light of God.”

53. Ortwin — This name means “point friend” in German.

54. Ortzi — Basque for “sky.”

55. Osburn — English for “divine bear.”

56. Osei — This name means “noble” in Akan and Ghanaian.

57. Oshin — Manx Gaelic for “little deer.”

58. Osker — A German name meaning “God spear.”

59. Osric — This name means “divine ruler” in English.

60. Otgonbayar — Mongolian for “youngest joy.”

61. Othman — This Arabic name means “young bird.”

62. Othmar — Arabic for “flourishing” and Hebrew for “eloquent.”

63. Otobong — In Ibibio, this name means “from God.”

64. Oyibo — This name means “white” in Urhobo.

65. Ozanne — Latin for “Palm Sunday.”

66. Ozgur — A Turkish name meaning “free” or “independent.”

67. Ozturk — Turkish for “pure Turk.”

68. Ozwald — This name means “divine power” in Old English.

What do you think about these boy names that start with O? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) name from this list? Maybe you found “the one,” or you need to keep searching.

If you want more inspiration, take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our short boy names, rare boy names, modern boy names, unique and trendy boy names, and the coolest boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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