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42 Gender Neutral Names and Their Meanings

Baby NamesUpdated October 6, 2021


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Picking the name for your baby isn’t an easy task. It’s a decision that has lifelong consequences! Looking to name trends is an excellent way for many moms and dads to get inspired and find the right name for their babies. Lately, the biggest trend has been giving little girls traditionally male names. Thanks to celebrities like Blake Lively, who has a historically male name herself, naming her daughter James or Haylie Duff who’s two-year-old has the sweet name, Ryan.

The trend has gotten so strong that parents have also looked at things the opposite way, giving their sons names that may traditionally sway towards females. Below are 42 gender-neutral names for both boys and girls that we love. And bonus! You can interchange these as you like, as they all work for both genders. Happy naming!

Gender Neutral Names:



Honestly, when it comes to girl names, Atlas should be topping the charts. The meaning behind it is “carrying the weight of the earth on his shoulders,” and I think as moms, we know they MUST be talking about a woman! There is no doubt your girl will be tough and resilient with a name like that!


August has gained traction as a baby name lately when Mandy Moore gave this name to her newborn son in early 2021. The name August comes from a Latin background meaning “magnificent.” That doesn’t sound very gender-neutral to us! Showing off your little lady’s magnificent side will be easy with this cute gender-neutral name.


I knew a female Blake in elementary school and thought the name was so unique for a girl. But once Blake Lively entered the scene, it seemed less so. The name Blake has been used so often for girls that it has almost taken on an utterly female tone. Blake is an English name meaning pale, which is adorable for your sweet little newborn.


Calling all 90’s Mommas! Think about how different our favorite teen sitcom would have been if our main character, Dawson, was a girl. This name is dreamy and fun, stemming from the classic name David, Dawson means “loved.” Who knows? Maybe your girl will have a love for water (and filmmaking) too!


The name Dylan has been a strong name for boys since 1960, thanks to Bob Dylan. But as celebrities like Robin Wright, Sean Penn, and Alyssa Milano chose the name for their little girls, others have caught on. Dylan means “sea,” which is lovely no matter the gender.


Elliot began as a last name, so its entrance into first-name land has always been marked as gender-neutral. It comes from the Hebrew name Elijah and formally means “Lord is my God.” The best part about the name, though? It has so many adorable nicknames for both boys and girls.


Derived from Hebrew and meaning “helper,” Ezra is a sweet and unexpected name for a girl! For a nickname, you could play off of the classic Izzy and shorten this gender-neutral name to Ezzy, giving it a feminine flair. It could also be cute to swap out the Z for an S, creating Esra, making this a similar name to Isla!


This shortened surname, originally Grayson, doesn’t have a clear meaning – aside from the obvious color description. It’s gained popularity recently, probably thanks to a certain book-turned-movie phenomenon. It’s such an edgy and cool (no pun intended) name choice for your little rockstar girl.


James first came from the more traditional name Jacob, gaining popularity after kings began ruling with the name James. It is still pretty far down on the list for 2019, but it increased by a whopping 681 since 2017, so it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing a lot of girls named James in your child’s future classes.


I think this could arguably be a more feminine name in the first place. Jonah is of Hebrew roots and means “dove.” When I hear Dove (another fabulous girl name choice!) I think of a soft and feminine animal, making Jonah an excellent girl name pick! Plus, what little girl wouldn’t want the nickname JoJo!? I’ll get her oversized bows ready!


One more point for our warrior women! Killian is a traditional Irish title and is another name on the warrior list, specifically standing for “little fiery warrior.” Killian is a good choice for a brave girl.


It is important to talk to girls about getting into trade work, so why not start at birth? Giving your little girl the name Mason, meaning “one who works with stone,” will show her from the beginning that she is strong and capable. Plus, Mae is always an adorable nickname!


Often shortened to Max, Maxwell has become a strong contender for girls in recent years. Meaning “great” can be interchanged easily between the two genders. If you love the name but aren’t sold on it completely, it can be used as a great middle name as well!


This biblical moniker has consistently topped the charts for the boys, but its sweet and cozy demeanor is the perfect fit for your little angel. Noah means “rest and comfort,” which sets a lovely tone for you and your newborn girl to enjoy time together. She will always find comfort in you… and you will hopefully find some rest!


The name Reed is becoming a true staple in the classrooms these days, as it’s grown in popularity lately. Reed is one of the last-name-turned-first-name phenomena that stuck. This is an easy name to incorporate into your family, as it is a great match to almost any other pick! It holds strong next to boy names and can be a standout amongst other girls.


From rushing to calm, a river is constantly changing, much like our little ones! Though its meaning is not too clever (it literally means a river), the feelings it brings are perfect for your daughter. It’s poetic and beautiful, making it feminine by nature. You’re bound to get compliments and questions when you give your girl this gender-neutral name!


Ryan means “descendent of the king” or “little king,” making this name classically male. But it’s 2021, and who says girls can’t be kings? Others seem to agree as the name has grown in popularity for girls (up 76 spots on the popularity list!). For boys, however, the name has gone down in popularity since 2017.


One of my overall favorite names, I think Ryder swings between girl and boy so easily. My oldest is named Ryder, which gained even more traction when Paw Patrol hit the airwaves. It is now on the rise for girls, thanks to Cheyenne Floyds, daughter from Teen Mom. Ryder comes from the English word for “mounted warrior.” Just like Wyatt, we know boys aren’t the only soldiers we’re raising!


This one is a true gender-bender! Sonny, though it sounds like the sun in the sky, is a nickname for “son.” It is a nickname for a baby boy in a family, so what better swap to make than use it for your baby girl! I love how it is strong but still cute to say. It hit peak popularity for boys in the 70s due to half of the musical duo Sonny and Cher but has come back into play recently, with over 100 girls grabbing this name in 2015. “Come on, Sonny, let’s go, girl!”


Short and sweet, this name reminds me of sunshine. That may have something to do with the fact that it means “cheerful.” Tate is like the modern approach to Kate, making a small switch to add some funk to the classic name. Tate started hitting the girl charts in 2015, with just over 30 girls being given this name.


The perfect name for your little warrior. Wyatt, coming from English origin, means just that! It sits around number 60 for popularity for boys in the United States, but I think it’s a perfect name for a girl. Snuggle up with your little miss and listen to “Lullaby for Wyatt,” and rock your little warrior to sleep!



Addison is an absolute when it comes to gender-neutral names. This name didn’t hit the girl name charts until the early ’90s when it became a popular feminine tag out of nowhere. But Addison literally means “son of Adam.” If anyone were to question your choice to name your son with what they assume is a girl name, all you need to do is translate it for them! Dads named Adam – your son’s future name awaits!


Names ending in –ley have been known to lean towards females, but lately, this has taken a turn. Take Ainsley, for example. Meaning “my meadow,” this Scottish name has risen in the ranks by 1,914 for boys!


Wow, a truly gorgeous title for your little angel. In both Latin and Greek, it means “messenger of God,” which is pretty self-explanatory at its face. Angel’s most interesting gender-related fact is that it’s widely used for girls in English-speaking areas and generally used for males in Spanish-speaking regions.


It’s kind of funny that this comes off as a girl name because historically, Aubrey was for males. It has a male meaning since Aubrey translates to “king of the elves.” But in the early 2000s, it topped the female charts. You are guaranteed cool points if you name your son Aubrey because it’s the given name of popular music artist Drake!


A strong leader awaits in your son if you choose this gender-neutral name. Avery, known as the “ruler of the forest people” or “protector of the innocent,” has reversed from girl to boy in popularity over the years. It currently sits higher on the girl list, but maybe we can change that!


Similar to Ainsley, the –ley in Bailey meant it was for girls. But growing 425 spots since 2017 has proven that this trend is changing. Meaning “able,” Bailey is an adorable name for a baby and a strong, proud name once he grows into a man.


In the United States, there is almost no argument that Blair sits much higher on the female name list. But, elsewhere, it still reigns predominately male. This Scottish name means “dweller on the plain,” giving it a very natural feel! Blair is a trendy boy’s name in the UK, but maybe we can spark its male popularity in the US again.


Cassidy is a cool kid name, no matter which gender it’s assigned to. It just IS. Cassidy means “curly-headed,” so if you are anticipating a little one with coiled hair, this may be the perfect gender-neutral name for you to use! Cass is an undeniably awesome nickname, and your little one is sure to rock it.


This name has been flip-flopping between gender charts for ages! Dana started as a predominately male moniker, coming from the Hebrew sector meaning “judge.” Your little one may have an affinity for fairness – so a gender-neutral name is a must!


Despite its floral implication, Leslie is a strong and masculine name! Leslie means “garden” or “garden of hollies” in its Gaelic roots, and despite that feminine connotation, it was mostly given to men. The iconic entertainer Bob Hope has the given name of Leslie. Even though we tend to think of it as a girl’s name, Leslie is a great choice if you want a classic name for your new little boy!


Originating as an old Hebrew name, Jody has bounced between the genders over the years. As of now, it stands more favored for girls, but it hit a peak of popularity for boys in the 1960s and 70s, but it hasn’t hit the top charts for girls since the 90s either. It is a religious name meaning “praised” and stands the test of time as an excellent name for your son!


What a name for your best adventure yet: a son! Journey is a very trendy and bohemian style name that is super popular for girls right now. We all know this trend comes from the music group by the same name, but it is originally a Latin name. Journey has never hit the top 1000 list for boys, so you’re guaranteed it’s a unique choice!


Since 1989, Kelsey is still a strong contender for a modern male name despite not hitting the top list for boys! It’s a victorious name, meaning “from the fierce islands,” and has Gaelic roots. It’s a retro choice – first used heavily in the 1970s – but a beautiful choice for a baby boy.


Mackenzie began as a popular last name for the Scottish, rising to popularity due to its meaning “child of the wise leader” or “born in fire.” The name has always been used for both boys and girls, although lately, it is has taken a more female tone. Sitting at #684 in 2018, it’s been rising steadily for boys for years!


If you hear this name on a whim, most of us think it belongs to a girl. But Morgan has topped both the male and female charts for over 100 years! It is Welsh and translates to someone who travels the sea, so it fits well for a little explorer. Morgan was one of the top girls’ names in 1997, but I think it deserves a spot back on the boys’ list!


The ultimate cool boy name! “Sturdy,” “strong,” and “from where the oak trees grow” is the meaning behind this adventurist name. Since 2013, Oakley has been being assigned to girls more rapidly than boys, but I think 2021 is a great time for that to change!


I’m all shook up! Of course, we can’t help but think of the iconic male musician Elvis Presley, but this name has been more popular amongst females recently. It hit the top of the girls’ charts in 2015, 112 years after it hit the top charts for boys! If you’re looking for a 100+-year-old name for your little boy, go for Presley!


Actress Reese Witherspoon put this name on the map—for the girls. But the name Reese is traditionally male in origin, coming from the Welsh and meaning “ardor.”


For girls, Sage refers to the spice or can mean “prophet,” but for boys, the name takes on a completely different meaning, “wise.” This is reason enough to choose the name for your little boy!


Skylar is a Dutch name that means “scholar,” so it makes sense that it would work well for both genders. A modern take includes Skylar as an inspired name for space, a popular trend with parents-to-be. Plus, how adorable is Sky for a nickname?


The literal meaning is obvious, “born in the winter months,” but the beautiful nature is hidden. I like to picture a pretty snowfall outside, snuggled up with a new baby boy cozy inside. The cold outside signifies the strength and hard exterior, but the warmth of the fire inside brings out the feminine aspects. Winter is a wonderful choice for your little bundle of boy joy!

Naming your baby is such a big decision while you prepare for baby. Names and their meanings are important! Hopefully, these gender-neutral baby names give you a few more options when you’re creating that name list.


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