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102 Rare Boy Names and Their Meanings

From mythical to nature-inspired names, explore our list of rare, unique names for a baby boy, along with their origins and meanings.

Updated July 2, 2024

Picking a name for your little boy on the way may seem overwhelming. There are so many choices out there, and you want to choose the right one. Do you want something more traditional, or do you prefer a modern name? Maybe you have your heart set on something short and sweet. Or perhaps you want a rare boy name that others won’t have. The list goes on, and there are so many good ones. Names are a big decision, so we understand that finding the perfect name can take some time.

102 Rare Baby Boy Names

If you want something unique for him, we have some fun categories from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for nature-inspired, mythological, or Biblical boy names or twists on common names, we have you covered with this list of rare boy names. While these names are cool, it’s nice to know that you will most likely not find another little guy with the same name. Here are our favorites!

Nature Inspired Rare Boy Names

If you and your family love nature and the call of the wild, these names might be the perfect fit. We have many names, from Latin to Scottish, even Greek. While some are more obvious nature names, others are not, which we love. There’s a great range for every family!

1. Amell – This name has German roots and means the “strength or power of an eagle.”

2. Amo – This name means “little eagle” in French.

3. Anders – This Scandinavian name means “strong and manly.”

4. Arbor – This unique Latin name means “tree.”

5. Arlo – This mysterious name of unknown origin is suspected to be from the Irish town Aherlowe, which means “between two hills.”

6. Aslan – This one is of Turkish origin and means “lion.”

7. Aspen – Aspen is of Old English origin and means “shaking tree.”

8. Atwood – According to Old English, Atwood means “someone who lived by a wood.”

9. Axford – A name of English origin meaning “ash tree.”

10. Bannard – For a firm name, consider this one of English origin, which means “strong as a bear.”

11. Barrett – This one is of Old English origin and means “mighty as a bear.”

12. Bear – If you want to go the direct route, you could use this German name, meaning “strong, brave bear.”

13. Beckett – This one is of English origin and means “dweller by the brook.”

14. Bentley – For something different, check out this English-origin name, which means “meadow with coarse grass.”

15. Blayden – This Irish name means “little fire.”

16. Blaze – Check out this English-origin one for another fire name.

17. Branch – This name sounds like it connects to nature and means path or paw.

18. Brax or Braxton – This name is of English origin and means “badger.”

19. Brinley – For another connected to fire, this English-origin option means “burnt meadow.”

20. Brock – This one is of English origin and means “badger.”

21. Calder – This Scottish origin name means “rough waters or stream.”

22. Callum – If you like birds, this Scottish Gaelic name means “dove.”

23. Camden – This Scottish name means “winding valley.”

24. Cannon – This British name means “wolf cub.”

25. Carver – This name is fun and means “one who carves wood.”

26. Clooney – Although often thought of as a last name, it’s also a unique first name of Irish origin, which means “from the meadow.”

27. Colter – For another animal connection, this one means “one who looks after horses.”

28. Elio – Elio has Italian, Latin, and Spanish origins and means “sun.”

29. Everett – The name Everett is of German origin and means “strong boar” or “brave.”

30. Evren – For a more abstract nature name, check out this one of Turkish origin, meaning “universe or cosmos.”

31. Falcon – This one is after the bird and is of English origin.

32. Feeney – 1990s kids may see this one and remember Boy Meets World fondly, but it is also an Irish name meaning “little raven.”

33. Fenton – This English name means “marsh town.”

34. Finnick – This Anglo-Saxon name means “marshland farm.”

35. Flint – This English name means “stream.”

36. Fox – This is an old or Middle English name that refers to the animal or someone with red hair.

37. Fyco – This is an Italian name meaning “fig.”

38. Gavin – The name Gavin is of Scottish origin and means “white hawk.”

39. Henley – This British name means “high meadow.”

40. Holden – The English name Holden means “from the hollow in the valley.”

41. Kai – Kai is a Hawaiian name meaning “sea.”

42. Lake – As a tribute to the water, this name comes from the Latin word lacus.

43. Landon – This is a British-origin name meaning “long hill.”

44. Lennox – This Scottish name means “with many elm trees.”

45. Remington – The English name Remington means “ridge town.”

46. River – This English name means “a body of flowing water.”

47. Treyton – Treyton is usually shortened to Trey and means “trees.”

48. Waylen – This one means “land by the road” and is of Old English origin.

49. Zale – This name has Greek origins and means “sea strength.”

Mythology or Religious Rare Boy Names

Some of us love a name rich with history. Many of those are religious or mythological names. So many beautiful stories and powerful lessons can be learned from these names. Below is a short list, but we chose a few names that may have been overlooked that we think should be reconsidered.

1. Abel – This Hebrew name means “breath” or “vapor.”

2. Amadeus – Amadeus is of Greek origin, meaning “lover of god” or “loved by god.”

3. Ambrose – This Latin name means “immortal.”

4. Amios – This Hebrew name means “carried by God.”

5. Amus – This Hebrew name means “borne by God” or “bearer.”

6. Ansaldo – This German name means “he who represents God.”

7. Anson – This English name means “son of God.”

8. Ashish – This is a name of Indian origin, which means “blessing from god.”

9. Atlas – This Greek origin name means “enduring.”

10. Boaz – Boaz was the second husband of Ruth in the Bible and is of Hebrew origin.

11. Conway – The Gaelic name Conway means “holy river.”

12. Eason – This Scottish name means “son of Adam.”

13. Elias – The Hebrew name Elias means “the Lord is my god.”

14. Ellis – Ellis is a Hebrew name that means “my god is Jehovah.”

15. Elon – Elon was one of the Old Testament judges. The Hebrew name means “oak tree.”

16. Ezra – This Hebrew name means “help” and was the name of a prophet in the Old Testament.

17. Griffin – This mythological creature can also be a name meaning “lord” or “prince.”

18. Kit – This Greek name means “bearing Christ.”

19. Kyrie – This Greek name means “the Lord.”

20. Malachi – This Hebrew name means “messenger of God.”

21. Marcellus – Marcellus is Latin and means “dedicated to the god Mars.”

22. Mars – This Latin name refers to the god of war in Roman mythology.

23. Micah – Micah is a Hebrew name meaning “who is like God.”

24. Moses – Moses is one of the most important Jewish prophets and is credited with writing the Torah and leading the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.

25. Osiris – Osiris was the name of the Egyptian god of the underworld, meaning “powerful.”

26. Phoenix – The phoenix is a mythological bird that rises from the ashes.

27. Silas – In the New Testament, Silas was a leader of the early Christian community. The name also means “of the forest.”

28. Thor – Thor is the well-known Norse god whose name means “thunder.”

29. Zane – Zane is a Hebrew name meaning “gift from God.”

Twists on Traditional Names/Words

We love a good, strong, traditional name. But if you want your child’s name to be a little different from the crowd — unique just like them — then one of these names might be the right one for your little guy!

1. Amadeo – This name is a variant of the Italian Amedeo, which means “love of God.”

2. Ashby – This name is like the name Ashley, which also means “ash tree.”

3. Berry – This name means small fruit and can be a variant of Barry.

4. Blade – This name is the same as the sword but is a fun twist.

5. Brylon – This name combines the names Jalen and Braden. Why choose?

6. Dante – The name Dante means enduring and is the short form of Durante.

7. Dario – This name means possessor of good and is the Latin version of Darius.

8. Daxel – This name means father of peace and comes from the name Axel.

9. Domonic – This name is an alternative to Dominic, which means belonging to god.

10. Enzo – This name is the shorter form of Lorenzo or Vincenzo.

11. Gabe – This Hebrew name means “God is my strength” and is a variation of Gabriel.

12. Hernan – This name means daring and brave and comes from Hernando.

13. Jaylen – This name is a variant of Jalen.

14. Kazimir – This name is a form of Casimir, meaning bringer of peace.

15. Kendric – This name means royal ruler or champion and is traditionally spelled Kendrick.

16. Luca – This one is a variant of Lucas and means “light, sacred wood.”

17. Maddox – This name comes from Madoc.

18. Mitchell – This name comes from Michael and means “who is like God.”

19. Mykel – This one comes from the traditional name Michael, which means “Who is God?”

20. Osvaldo – The name Osvaldo comes from the Old German name Oswald and means “God’s power.”

21. Reggie – This name means council power and is a cute version of Reginald.

22. Ryker – This name comes from the traditional Richard.

23. Wolf – This one is a shortened form of Wolfgang.

24. Xandros – This name is a variant of Xandro and Alexandro.

If you are looking for some great alternative and unique names for your baby boy, the list above will help. We love how you can look at a beautiful, traditional name and make little changes to be beautifully unique, just like your baby boy.

This is a good list of rare boy names to inspire you. We hope this helped and wish you good luck finding the right one for your baby!

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try the coolest boy names, unique and trendy boy names, gender-neutral names, or strong boy names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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