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175 Most Popular Italian Baby Names

Do you want to pass on a bit of your family's Italian heritage? Here are 175 of the most popular Italian baby names for boys and girls.

Updated April 14, 2024

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is choosing a name for your baby! If you are expecting and looking for Italian baby names, you’ve come to the right place!

Many parents choose to honor their family heritage with their baby’s name. Do you or your partner have any Italian roots? (I have an ancestor from Sardinia on my mother’s side.) There are endless beautiful Italian names with equally beautiful meanings to choose from.

Popular Italian Baby Names

Italian Girl Names

Are you a Shakespeare fan? You might like Verona, the setting of Romeo & Juliet, or Viola, of Twelfth Night fame, which means “purple” for your baby girl.

Do you love nature and the outdoors? You might like Gaia, which means “earth;” Gelsomina, which means “jasmine;” Giorgia, which means “farmer or agriculturist;” Laura or Loretta, which both mean “laurel;” Margherita, which means “daisy;” Ortensia, which means “farmer;” or Silvana, which means “woodland or forest.”

Love Disney? You might like Aurora, of Sleeping Beauty fame, which means “dawn, luminous, or dazzling.”

Maybe you want to choose a religious name for your daughter. You might like Gianna, Gia, Giovanna, Giana, Gianella, Ciana, Ginetta, or Jovanne. These Italian names are of Hebrew origin and mean “God is gracious.” Gabriella is also of Hebrew origin and means “strength of God.” Isabella is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my oath.” Elisa is of Greek origin and means “my God is a vow.”

Madonna, of course, means “the Virgin Mary,” and Angelica means “angelic.” Arianna means “most holy.” Blancha, Bianca, and Bianka all mean “white or pure.” Caterina also means “pure,” Elena means “torch or light,” and Lucia means “light.” Eleonora means “shining light.”

Want to give your daughter a strong name befitting a female warrior? You might consider Alessandra, which means “defender of mankind;” Brandy, which means “sword;” Amelda, which means “universal battle;” Emilia, which means “rival or excel; Valentina, which means “strong or healthy;” Vedette, which means “sentry or scout;” Veronica, which means “she who brings victory or true image;” and Vittoria, which means “victory or triumphant.”

Want something a little more elegant for your little girl? Try Belenda, which means “beautiful,” Benedetta, which means “blessed,” or Filomena, which means “beloved.” Mia means “my, mine, dear, darling, or loved one.”

87 Popular Italian Names for Girls

Here are some of the most popular Italian girl names in alphabetical order:

1. Adele

2. Alessandra

3. Alice

4. Allegra

5. Amelda

6. Andrea

7. Anita

8. Angela

9. Angelica

10. Anna

11. Annunciata or Annunziata

12. Arianna

13. Asia

14. Aurora

15. Barbara

16. Beatrice

17. Benedetta

18. Bianca

19. Blancha

20. Camilla

21. Carla

22. Carlota or Carlotta

23. Carmen

24. Caterina

25. Chiara

26. Cianna

27. Claudia

28. Chloe

29. Consuelo

30. Donna

31. Elena

32. Eleonora

33. Elisa

34. Emilia

35. Emma

36. Fabrizia

37. Federica

38. Filomena

39. Flavia

40. Franca

41. Francesca

42. Gabriella

43. Gaia

44. Giovanna

45. Giada

46. Ginevra

47. Gioia

48. Giorgia

49. Giulia

50. Giuseppa

51. Guida

52. Ilaria

53. Ines

54. Isabella

55. Lara

56. Laura or Loretta

57. Lelia

58. Livia

59. Lucia or Luciana

60. Ludovica

61. Luisa

62. Margherita

63. Maria

64. Martina

65. Mia

66. Paola

67. Priscilla

68. Roberta

69. Rochelle

70. Roma

71. Romalda or Romilda

72. Romina

73. Sandra

74. Sara

75. Selene

76. Serena

77. Silvana

78. Silvia

79. Simona

80. Sofia

81. Stefania

82. Stella

83. Teresa

84. Valentina

85. Veronica

86. Viola

87. Vittoria

Italian Boy Names

Are you a Shakespeare fan? You might like Romeo, which means “a Roman,” or Stefano, of  The Tempest and The Merchant of Venice fame, which means “crown or victorious” for your baby boy.

Do you love nature? You might like Carmelo, which means “orchard or garden,” or Carmine, which means “poem, song, or garden.” Arnald means “eagle ruler,” Filippo means “friend of horses,” Leonardo means “brave lion,” and Ursel means “bear.” Giorgio means “earth-worker or farmer.”

Do you like math or astronomy? You might consider Cosimo or Cosmo, meaning “order, organization, or beauty,” or Galileo, like the famous early Italian astronomer, philosopher, and mathematician.

Maybe you want to choose a religious name for your son. There are quite a few Italian baby boy names of Hebrew origin. You might like Giovanni, Gianni, Giovani, Gian, Geovanni, Giovanny, or Giovonni. All of these names mean “God is gracious.” Gabriele and Gabriel mean “God is my strength or God’s warrior;” David means “beloved;” Daniele means “God is my judge;” Emanuele means “God is with us;” Gioele means “Jehovah is his God;” Giuseppe means “God will add;” Mattia and Matteo mean “gift of God;” and Samuel and Samuele mean “name of God.”

Domenico means “of the Lord.” Jacopo means “follower of God or God has protected.” Luca means “bringer of light.” Michelangelo’s meaning combines “who resembles God?” and “messenger.” Angelo means “angel or messenger from God;” Elia means “God has answered;” Geronimo means “sacred name,” Pasquale means “relating to Easter,” and Salvatore means “Savior.” Christian is another obvious choice, meaning “follower of Christ.”

Hoping your baby boy is a good sleeper? You might name him Rocco, Rochus, and Roque, meaning “rest.”

Want to give your son a name worthy of a warrior? Consider Alessandro, which means “defender of humankind;” Alessio, which means “defender;” Andrea, which means “force, courage, or bravery;” Emiliano, which means “rival;” Luigi, which means “famous warrior;” Valentino, which means “strong or healthy;” and Vincenzo, which means “to conquer or win.” Federico, on the other hand, means “peaceful ruler.”

88 Popular Italian Names for Boys

Here are some of the most popular Italian boy names in alphabetical order:

1. Abramo

2. Achille

3. Alberto

4. Aldo

5. Alessandro

6. Alessio

7. Alfio

8. Amerigo

9. Amilcare

10. Andrea

11. Angelo

12. Antonio

13. Arnaldo

14. Brando

15. Carlo

16. Carmelo

17. Carmine

18. Carlo

19. Christian

20. Claudio

21. Cosimo

22. Dante

23. Dario

24. Davide

25. Diego

26. Domenico

27. Edoardo

28. Elia

29. Emanuele

30. Emiliano

31. Enzo

32. Ercole

33. Ettore

34. Federico

35. Filippo

36. Francesco

37. Gabriele or Gabriel

38. Gaetano

39. Galileo

40. Giacomo

41. Giovanni

42. Geronimo

43. Giacomo

44. Gian

45. Gianni

46. Gino

47. Gioele

48. Giorgio

49. Giuliano

50. Giulio

51. Giovanni

52. Giuseppe

53. Graziano

54. Jacopo

55. Jeronimo

56. Carmello

57. Leonardo

58. Lorenzo

59. Luca

60. Luigi

61. Marco

62. Mario

63. Mattia

64. Matteo

65. Michelangelo

66. Michele

67. Nathan

68. Nicola or Nicolo

69. Nuncio

70. Onofrio

71. Paolo

72. Pasquale

73. Pietro

74. Renzo

75. Riccardo

76. Rocco

77. Rodolfo

78. Romeo

79. Salvatore

80. Samuel or Samuele

81. Secondo

82. Simone

83. Stefano

84. Tommaso or Thomas

85. Valentino

86. Valerius

87. Vincenzo

88. Zeno

Did you find a few Italian baby names to add to your list? Be sure to also look at our other baby names lists, like our beautiful girl nameselegant baby names, the coolest baby boy names, and coolest baby girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby!

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