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100 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Baby NamesUpdated August 2, 2023


Are you having a baby boy? Congratulations! Or, maybe you’re pregnant and holding out to see if you’re team pink or team blue come the big day. No matter your situation, picking out a baby’s name is often one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy! With that being said, it can be challenging to find the right name for your little one! There are so many great options. The good news is that we have put together a list of baby boy names that start with B, which may spark some inspiration.

We rounded up 100 popular and unique B names for boys climbing up the popular name ladder! Read on — your top name pick may be on this list.

100 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Popular B Boy Names

1. Benjamin

2. Ben

3. Benji

4. Bronson

5. Brody

6. Bodhi

7. Bodie

8. Boden

9. Boone

10. Bowen

11. Bowie

12. Baylor

13. Braylen

14. Bentley

15. Bennett

16. Bradley

17. Bryson

18. Bryce

19. Brayden

20. Brandon

21. Beau

22. Bo

23. Blake

24. Braxton

25. Brooks

26. Beckett

27. Beckham

28. Barrett

29. Brantley

30. Bryan

31. Brady

32. Bruce

33. Brock

34. Brendan

35. Boston

36. Bruno

37. Briggs

38. Branson

39. Bobby

40. Brett

41. Billy

42. Benton

43. Broderick

44. Bernardo

45. Brad

46. Barry

47. Barak

48. Banner

49. Burke

50. Baxter

51. Brighton

52. Bernie

53. Brawley

54. Benny

55. Bertrand

56. Boyden

57. Berlyn

Unique B Names

1. Barnaby

2. Beck

3. Birch

4. Buck

5. Booker

6. Baker

7. Brecken

8. Brixton

9. Briar

10. Blaze

11. Bjorn

12. Blaine

13. Bode

14. Bridger

15. Bishop

16. Byron

17. Brinley

18. Brock

19. Bellamy

20. Berklee

21. Bastian

22. Boaz

23. Bridger

24. Bear

25. Bacchus

26. Baen

27. Baird

28. Bale

29. Barrington

30. Bartholomew

31. Barlett

32. Banks

33. Brock

34. Bain

35. Boyd

36. Brogan

37. Benicio

38. Brantlee

39. Beaux

40. Bronx

41. Boswell

42. Bond

43. Blitz

Happy Naming!

With so many unique and popular options, there are plenty to choose from if you’re interested in boy names that start with B!

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try our rare boy namescool boy names, and powerful boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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