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200 Baby Boy Names That Start With B

We've got an awesome list of B names for boys and their meanings. From popular and modern to old-fashioned, cute, unique, and rare!

Updated January 18, 2024

by Rebecca Jacobs

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Are you having a baby boy? Congratulations! Or, maybe you’re pregnant and holding out to see if your team is pink or blue come the big day. No matter your situation, picking out a baby’s name is often one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy! It can be challenging to find the right name for your little one! There are so many great options. The good news is that we have compiled a list of baby boy names that start with B, which may spark some inspiration.

We rounded up 200 awesome B names for boys and their meanings, from popular and modern to old-fashioned, cute, unique, and rare, to help you choose the perfect name for your baby! Read on — your top name pick may be on this list.

10 Popular Boy Names That Start With B

1. Barrett — This name means “warlike” or “mighty as a bear” in English and Irish.

2. Beau — A French name meaning “handsome.”

3. Beckham — This English name means “homestead by the stream.”

4. Benjamin — This popular name means “son of the right hand” in Hebrew.

5. Bennett — Latin for “blessed.”

6. Bentley — An English name meaning “meadow with coarse grass.”

7. Braxton — This old English name means “badger.”

8. Brayden — Irish Gaelic for “salmon.”

9. Brooks — This name means “water” in German and “small stream” in English.

10. Bryson — An English name meaning “son of a nobleman.”

10 Common Boy Names That Start With B

These common B names may not be the most popular, but they are still very common and heard often. Names like Blake and Bryce will never go out of style!

1. Beckett — This name is Old English for “beehive.”

2. Blake — Old English for “dark.”

3. Bobby — A German name meaning “bright fame.”

4. Brady — This name means “broad meadow” or “large chested” in Irish.

5. Bradley — This name means “broad clearing” in Old English.

6. Brandon — A Celtic name meaning “prince” or “chieftain.”

7. Brian — Irish for “high” or “noble.”

8. Brody — This name means “ditch” in Gaelic.

9. Bryan — The meaning of this name is “strong” in Irish.

10. Bryce — A Scottish name meaning “speckled.”

17 Modern Boy Names That Start With B

Are you looking for a B name that is more trendy? These modern boy names are a great place to look!

1. Baker — An English occupational name for someone who bakes.

2. Banks — This name means “edge of the river” in English.

3. Bard — Irish for “poet.”

4. Baylor — An English name meaning “one who delivers goods.”

5. Benji — This name means “son of the right hand” in Hebrew.

6. Benz — This name is of Latin origin and means “blessed.”

7. Birch — English for “dweller in a birch wood.”

8. Blaze — A Latin name meaning “flame.”

9. Boden — This Scandinavian name means “shelter.”

10. Bodhi — Sanskrit for “awakening” or “enlightenment.”

11. Brae — This name means “hill” or “borderland” in French.

12. Branch — This name is Latin for “extension.”

13. Brayan — Celtic for “high” or “noble.”

14. Bridges — An English name meaning “bridge keeper.”

15. Brixton — This name means “stone of Brixti” in English.

16. Bronson — The meaning of this name in English is “son of brown.”

17. Bronx — English for “Bronck’s land.”

21 Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With B

These classic boy names that start with B are well on their way to becoming popular again. A timeless, old-fashioned name is a great fit for any beautiful baby boy.

1. Balfour — A Scottish name meaning “village near the pasture.”

2. Balthazar — This name means “protect the king” in Hebrew and Arabic.

3. Barnaby — English for “son of consolation.”

4. Barney — This name means “strong as a bear” in English.

5. Barry — An Irish name meaning “fair-haired.”

6. Bartholomew — English and Hebrew for “son of Talmai.”

7. Bartleby — This name means “son of the furrow” in English.

8. Barton — This is an English name used for families living on a farm.

9. Basil — In Greek, this name means “royal” and “brave.”

10. Bastian — German and Latin for “venerable.”

11. Baxter — An English occupational name for a baker.

12. Beaumont — This Old French name means “beautiful mountain.”

13. Beauregard — This name means “beautiful gaze” in French.

14. Benedict — A Latin name meaning “blessed.”

15. Bernard — German for “brave as a bear.”

16. Bert — This name means “bright” in French.

17. Bertrand — This name means “glorious raven” in French.

18. Booker — This English name means “scribe.”

19. Boris — A Slavic name meaning “battle glory.”

20. Bradford — This “B” name for boys means “wide river crossing” in Old English.

21. Byron — The meaning of this name in English is “barn for cows.”

19 Powerful Boy Names That Start With B

You can’t go wrong with a strong and powerful baby name. We have provided several powerful name choices, starting with B.

1. Baldric — Old German for “brave ruler.”

2. Baldwin — This German name means “brave, bold friend.”

3. Ballard — German for “strong.”

4. Bandit — An English name meaning “thief.”

5. Barak — This name means “lightning” in Hebrew.

6. Baron — The meaning of this name is “nobleman” in English.

7. Bear — This name means “strong” in German and “bear-like” in English.

8. Benhail — A Hindi name meaning “son of strength.”

9. Bernardo — Portuguese for “strong as a bear.”

10. Bidzil — This Native American name means “he is strong” in Navajo.

11. Blade — An English name meaning “knife” or “sword.”

12. Boaz — In Hebrew, this name means “in strength.”

13. Bosco — This is an Italian name for someone living or working in a wood.

14. Brant — Old Norse for “torch” or “sword.”

15. Brendan — This name means “prince” in Irish.

16. Brennan — This Irish name means “sorrow” or “teardrop.”

17. Brutus — A Latin name meaning “heavy.”

18. Bryant — English for “honorable” or “virtuous.”

19. Burke — This name means “from the fortress” in French.

18 Country Boy Names That Start With B

Saddle up because you are in for a real treat with these baby boy country names. Any of them would be fit for a little cowboy.

1. Banjo — This is an English name referring to the musical instrument.

2. Barley — A name of English origin for someone who grows or sells barley.

3. Barnes — This name is used in English for someone who works in or lives near a barn.

4. Benson — This name means “son of Benjamin” in Hebrew.

5. Billy — German for “resolute protector.”

6. Blaine — Gaelic for “yellow” and Irish for “slender.”

7. Bo — A Scandinavian name meaning “to live.”

8. Boone — This name means “good” in French and “blessing” in English.

9. Brad — English for “broad meadow.”

10. Branson — This English name means “son of Brand.”

11. Brecken — In Irish, this name means “little freckled one.”

12. Brett — A Celtic name meaning “of Briton.”

13. Briggs — This name means “bridge” or “hill” in English.

14. Bronco — This name means “wild horse” in Spanish.

15. Bubba — English for “brother.”

16. Buck — An English name meaning “deer” or “cowboy.”

17. Buddy — This name means “friend” in English.

18. Butch — This name is English for “manly.”

15 Cute Boy Names That Start With B

Few things are more adorable than a newborn, so why not choose a cute B name to match? Take a look at some of the cutest names for boys here.

1. Bailey — Old English for “bailiff.”

2. Bellamy — This name means “handsome friend” in French and Irish.

3. Ben — Hebrew for “son.”

4. Benito — This Latin name means “blessed.”

5. Bennie — In Hebrew, this name means “son of my right hand.”

6. Bernie — This name means “strong as a bear” in German.

7. Bertie — A French name meaning “noble” and “famous.”

8. Bix — This is a short form of the German name “Bismarck,” meaning “iron.”

9. Bodie — Scandinavian for “shelter.”

10. Boomer — This name means “gatekeeper” or “loud” in English.

11. Bowie — A Scottish name meaning “yellow-haired” or “blond.”

12. Briar — This name means “thorny patch” in English.

13. Brogan — This is an Irish name that means “sturdy shoe.”

14. Bucky — An American name that means “little buck” in English.

15. Buster — English for “tough guy.”

22 Cool Boy Names That Start With B

Looking for a fun name for your super cool baby boy? The B names for boys in this category are refreshing and captivating.

1. Bach — This is a German name for someone who lived by a stream.

2. Baird — A Scottish name meaning “minstrel” or “poet.”

3. Barrington — This name is English for “fair-haired.”

4. Batista — This name means “to dip” in Greek and Latin.

5. Bauer — This German name can mean “neighbor” or “farmer.”

6. Beck — English and German for “stream.”

7. Bishop — An English name meaning “overseer.”

8. Bond — This name is English for “farmer.”

9. Boothe — English and Scandinavian for “dwelling place.”

10. Bosley — This English name means “meadow near the woods.”

11. Boston — An English place name that means “town by the woods.”

12. Bowen — Welsh for “son of Owen.”

13. Bradshaw — This Old English name means “broad thicket.”

14. Brawley — Irish for “descendant of Brolach” and English for “meadow at the slope of a hill.”

15. Bridger — An English name for someone who lives near a bridge.

16. Brigham — This name means “bridge settlement” in English.

17. Brock — This English name means “to badger.”

18. Broderick — Welsh for “son of Rhydderch.”

19. Bruce — This English and Scottish name means “the willowlands.”

20. Bruno — A German name meaning “brown.”

21. Buchanan — This name is Gaelic, meaning “from the seat of the canon.”

22. Buzzy — Scottish for “village in the woods.”

35 Unique Boy Names That Start With B

We love unique baby names! Each of these B boy names is different and creative, just like your son will be.

1. Bacchus — This is the name of the Greek god of wine in Greek mythology.

2. Baen — A Scottish name meaning “fair-skinned.”

3. Bahir — Arabic for “luminous” or “sparkling.”

4. Bale — This name means “valley” in English and French.

5. Banner — Old French for “flag or ensign bearer.”

6. Banning — An Irish name meaning “small, fair one.”

7. Barker — This name means “tanner of leather” in English.

8. Barnabas — Hebrew for “son of consolation” or “son of encouragment.”

9. Beaux — A French name meaning “handsome.”

10. Becker — This is a German name for someone who bakes bread.

11. Benaiah — This name means “God builds” in Hebrew.

12. Benton — English for “town in the bent grass.”

13. Bilbo — J.R.R. Tolkien created this name for his novel “The Hobbit.”

14. Bjorn — A Scandinavian name meaning “bear.”

15. Blair — This name is Scottish for “field” or “plain.”

16. Bode — German for “command” or “messenger.”

17. Boswell — This is an English habitational name from Beuzeville-la-Giffard in Seine-Maritime, France.

18. Bosworth — An English name meaning “fenced farm near the woods.”

19. Bowman — This is a Middle English occupational name for an archer or hunter with a bow.

20. Boyd — Gaelic for “yellow” or “blond.”

21. Boyden — This name means “blond” in Scottish.

22. Braddock — An English name meaning “broad spreading oak.”

23. Bram — This name means “father of multitudes” in Hebrew.

24. Brantlee — Old Norse for “fiery torch.”

25. Braylen — An English name meaning “broad valley.”

26. Brewster — This is an English and Scottish occupational name for someone who brews beer.

27. Brick — This name means “good guy” or “mason” in English.

28. Brighton — English for “bright town.”

29. Bristol — An Old English name meaning “site at the bridge.”

30. Brockton — This name of English origin means “badger settlement.”

31. Brooke — English for “small stream” and German for “water.”

32. Buford — This unique name means “ford near the aviary” in English.

33. Buckley — This name means “deer meadow” in English and “large mountains” in Irish.

34. Burton — An English name meaning “fortified settlement.”

35. Byrne — Gaelic for “descendant of Bran.”

33 Rare Boy Names That Start With B

These B names for boys are not seen as often, which makes them special! Why not take a closer look at names like Bertram or Bogart?

1. Babar — This Persian name means “tiger.”

2. Bahjat — This name means “happiness” in Arabic.

3. Bain — A Scottish Gaelic name that means “white” or “fair.”

4. Bakari — Swahili for “noble oath.”

5. Baloo — This name means “bear” in Hindi.

6. Banjeet — This Indian name means “victory of the forest” in Punjabi.

7. Barlett — A French name meaning “bright” or “famous.”

8. Bashir — Arabic for “bringer of good news.”

9. Bassett — This English name means “of low stature.”

10. Beale — This name means “handsome” in French.

11. Beecher — A Middle English name for someone who lives near a beech tree.

12. Benoit — This name means “blessed” in French and Latin.

13. Bergeron — French for “shepherd.”

14. Berklee — This Old English name means “birch tree meadow.”

15. Berlyn — A German name meaning “son of Berl.”

16. Bertram — This name means “bright raven” in German.

17. Bharat — This name means “to bear” or “to carry” in Sanskrit.

18. Biff — This name comes from an English slang word that means “to strike.”

19. Bingham  — English for “hollow homestead.”

20. Birk — German for “strong protector” and Scottish for “birch tree.”

21. Blakeman — An English name meaning “black,” “pale,” or “white.”

22. Blitz — This name means “lightning” in German.

23. Bogart — Gaelic for “orchard” and French for “bow strength.”

24. Bolivar — This name means “river bank” in Spanish.

25. Borislav — This Slavic name means “battle glory.”

26. Boromir — This name means “faithful jewel” in the language created by J.R.R. Tolkien called Sindarin.

27. Boudoin — A French name meaning “bold friend.”

28. Bouvier — This is an Old French occupational name for a herdsman.

29. Bowser — English and French for “good sir.”

30. Brando — This name means “sword” in Italian.

31. Brinley — An English name meaning “burnt meadow.”

32. Britton — This name means “from Britain” in English and French.

33. Burgess — This name means “inhabitant of a borough” in Middle English.

With so many unique and popular options, there are plenty to choose from if you’re interested in boy names that start with B! Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try our rare boy namescool boy names, classic names, and powerful boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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