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The Top Baby Names of 2024

Find out which names topped the charts in 2023 and what we predict will be the most popular in 2024!

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134 Great Gaelic Baby Names and Their Meanings

Explore Gaelic names rooted in Celtic culture and explore the Gaelic language for something that stands out for your bundle of joy.

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130 Emo Names for Your Baby

Browse the best options for emo names you can use for a new baby while reminiscing about your thick eyeliner and punk music days.

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124 Ukrainian Names For Your Baby

From common choices to unique ones, find name inspiration with over 100 Ukrainian names for boys and girls that reflect Ukrainian culture.

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142 German Baby Names For Your Little One

Check out our list of popular and meaningful German names for girls and boys to honor your family's German heritage.

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108 Viking Names For Your Little Warrior

Discover over 100 Viking names for boys and Viking names for girls that can help you pay homage to your Scandinavian lineage.

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78 Witchy Names for Your Halloween Baby

Discover many wonderful witchy girl names and witchy boy names meanings for you to choose from for a Halloween-inspired moniker.

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95 Korean Names (And Their Meanings) for Your Baby

Find inspiration to honor your heritage by choosing a Korean name. We have plenty of Korean boy names and Korean girl names on our list.

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120 Popular Middle Names for Your Unique Baby

Discover some history behind middle names, and get some middle name ideas for boys and girls, as well as gender-neutral ones.

Baby girl dressed in purple and black and a witch hat on a headband crawls through a pumpkin patch on Halloween.

70 Spooky Halloween Names For Your October Baby

Enjoy this list of cute Halloween names, spooky names, creepy names, and horror names for both boys and girls.

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194 Welsh Names for Your Baby

Find inspiration for honoring your Welsh heritage or to make your baby stand out among our list of Welsh names for boys and girls.

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132 Country Boy Names For Your Little Cowboy

Discover more than 100 country boy names, from famous singers and TV celebrities to popular and common Southern names.

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177 Mexican Names for Your Baby

Find unique, common, cool, and indigenous Mexican names among our list to help you name your new little one.

Baby girl holding an apple dressed in Snow White costume

100 Disney Princess Names For Your New Leading Lady

Find some name inspiration for your new little girl with our list of Disney princess names, including unique and unusual Disney names.

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201 Names That Mean Love For Your Little Love Bug

Find the perfect name that captures the love for your newest addition! Browse over 200 names that mean love.

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116 Hawaiian Names for Tropical Inspiration

Learn how Hawaiian baby names for boys and girls blend tradition and individuality and get tropical name inspiration.

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308 Old-Fashioned Names For Your Timeless Baby

Explore the meanings and origins of over 300 old-fashioned names, including girl, boy, and gender-neutral options.

A beautiful, newborn baby girl wears a small golden crown. She is draped with lace and pearls ~ a princess!

21 Greek Goddess Names of Power, Beauty and Nature

Are you looking for Greek goddess names for your baby? Our list of powerhouse names will give your child strength and success.

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300 Stunning Names That End With A

From common and pretty to cute and unique, check out our list of girl and boy names that end with A to inspire you.

Four week old newborn baby girl sleeping on a pink towel. She is wearing a crocheted pink and white bikini and pink sunglasses. Shot in the studio with props made to look as if she's at a beach.

202 Summer Names for Girls and Boys

Looking for the perfect summer name for your baby? Check out our list of ocean-inspired, beach-related, and sun-inspired baby names!

A happy little girl in national Belarusian or Ukrainian clothes lies on the grass and laughs. Beautiful Slavic child. A little baby in an embroidered shirt up to a year old on a summer meadow.

147 Slavic Names Perfect for Your Boy or Girl

Discover an exquisite collection of 147 Slavic names. Explore the fascinating history of these names and honor your heritage.

Baby boy dressed in leather jacket and bandana with lightning bolt background.

109 Badass Boy Names From History and Popular Fiction

Are you expecting a baby boy? Pick from our selection of badass names from history and fiction for your baby, with full backstory info.

Child with family on walk on Braies Lake. Cute baby girl sits on lake shore of Lago di Braies in Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy, Europe.

152 Nature Names for Your Baby

Discover nature-inspired baby names: 152 of the best names inspired by plants, land, water, and rocks. Perfect for outdoorsy types!

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210 Modern Baby Boy Names That are Sophisticated and Cool

If you're looking for inspiration for modern baby boy names, our list has examples of unique, classic, short names, and more!

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166 Arabic Names for Your Baby

Discover 166 of the most popular Arabic names for boys, from standard to strong and beautiful. Learn their origin stories and get inspired!

Cute little newborn child girl wake up wear bow headband and pajamas with pacifier in bed top view.

218 Modern Baby Girl Names

From unique names to pretty names and beyond, you will find a few modern baby girl names to narrow your search.

newborn baby boy sleeping on a gray background wearing a light blue vest and bowtie.

225 Short Boy Names We Love

Welcoming a new little one? We've got you covered with 225 short boy names! Check out our list of classic and modern options.

Baby boy sitting up after having a bath and is wrapped up in a towel.

180 Persian Names for Your Baby

Enrich your baby's life with the culture and history of Persian names. Explore the unique choices of Muslim, Arab, and Christian origin.

Shot of an adorable baby girl at home

The Hottest Baby Names for 2023

Curious about what the most popular names that are gaining traction are? This list shares the hottest baby names that are trending in 2023.

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215 Cute Boy Names You’ll Fall in Love With

Cuddle up to these adorable names! Explore our list of over 200 cute boy names, including one-syllable and popular picks.