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108 Viking Names For Your Little Warrior

Discover over 100 Viking names for boys and Viking names for girls that can help you pay homage to your Scandinavian lineage.

Updated April 14, 2024

When you hear the phrase “Viking names,” images of fierce warriors and brave explorers probably come to mind. That’s because the mighty Vikings were known to fear nothing and run head-first into battle. However, Vikings weren’t just fighters — they were also farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, and traders. Vikings are primarily known for their history in the Scandinavian countries, but they did explore as far as the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North Africa, and even North America. The Vikings spread their influence and cultural norms throughout the world and allowed their own culture to change as they learned about how other people lived.1

This included allowing Christianity to infiltrate Viking culture, which replaced the old Norse religious ways. This is evident as we look at famous Viking names — many of which pay homage to the Norse gods. Later Viking names, however, are more in line with Christianity’s influence. If you come from Viking lineage, you might focus on their courage in battle, or you might feel a connection to their farming culture. Old Norse names might be more your style, or maybe you’re more intrigued by newer names that are still common in Scandinavia today. But one thing holds true for anyone claiming to be a true Viking — and that is pride and honor. Here are more than 100 Viking baby names for your new little Viking who might someday rule the world.1,2

14 Female Viking Names

When choosing a Viking baby name, you’ll notice quickly that, like other cultures, names are distinguished by being either male or female. Lots of female Viking names mean “goddess,” like Åse. Others are more connected to nature, including Embla, which means “elm.” Here are some popular Viking baby names for girls we think you’ll love.

1. Åse — Goddess

2. Astrid — Beautiful, loved

3. Embla — Elm

4. Frida — Peace

5. Fulla — Fullness or foal. Fulla was handmaiden to Frigg, queen of the Aesir gods.

6. Ingrid — Fair

7. Katla — Kettle, cauldron, or helmet

8. Liv — Of life

9. Maja — Splendid

10. Randi — Shield or shrine

11. Revna — Raven

12. Thurid — Thor, or beautiful

13. Tove — Beautiful

14. Ulfhild — Wolf or battle

16 Male Viking Names

Male Viking names often reflect the qualities that were important to Viking culture — including bravery or a connection to the Christian God or the Norse gods. Names like Anders, which means “strong and many,” and Ødger, which means “wealth” and “spear,” are great choices. You might also consider a simple choice like Sune, which literally means “son.”

1. Anders — Strong and brave

2. Andor — Manly

3. Asmund — God is protector

4. Axel — Father of peace

5. Elof — Lone descendent

6. Dag — Daylight

7. Flóki — Tuft of hair, flock of wool, outspoken or enterprising man

8. Gustav — Staff of the Goths

9. Lars — Crowned with laurel

10. Ødger — Wealth and spear

11. Osmond — Divine protection

12. Rune — Secret

13. Sune — Son

14. Torsten — Thor and stone

15. Trygve — Trustworthy

16. Troels — Thor’s arrow

Old Norse Names

Parents interested in Viking names might want to consider old Norse names that have been around for over 1,000 years. Plus, they are unique, so your child will likely be the only one in school with such a distinct name.

11 Old Norse Names for Boys

The list of old Norse names for boys is endless and full of bold choices that will help your baby stand out. We love Einar, which means ‘bold warrior,” or Frode, which means “clever and wise.”

1. Arne — Eagle

2. Birger — Keeper

3. Bo — The resident

4. Einar — Bold warrior

5. Frode — Clever, wise

6. Gorm — He who worships god

7. Kåre — Curly hair

8. Magni — Great

9. Olaf — Ancestor’s relic

10. Skarde — With a cleft chin

11. Ulf — Wolf

10 Old Norse Names for Girls

The list of Old Norse names for girls is just as unique and full of beautiful names that reflect ancient Viking culture. Choosing a name like Bothhild might mean your little one will be a future doctor or nurse, as this one means “healer in battle.”

1. Bodil — Battle

2. Bothild — Healer in battle

3. Drifa — Snowfall, snowdrift

4. Helga — Divine, holy

5. Ida — Tough, hard worker

6. Inga — Daughter of night, hero’s daughter

7. Olga — Blessed, successful

8. Signe or Signy — New victory

9. Solveig — Woman of the house and daughter of the sun

10. Tora — Goddess

Badass Viking Names

Vikings were badass — there’s no mistaking that. So, you might be in the market for a badass name for your baby Viking. Here are our fave Viking names and meanings that we think truly reflect how tough these warriors really were.

9 Badass Viking Names for Girls

Viking girls were fierce warriors, just like their male counterparts, and these names reflect the pride Vikings took in being courageous in battle. Names like Hilda or Ursa are badass girls’ names that are also beautiful and timeless — showcasing that girls can be fighters and also kind and loving at the same time.

1. Brynhild — Armed for battle

2. Godrun — God, rune

3. Gertrud — Spear, strength

4. Gunhild — War, battle

5. Hilda — Fighter

6. Hjordis — Sword goddess

7. Tora — Of the god Thor

8. Tyra — God of battle

9. Ursa — Female bear, wild

8 Badass Viking Names for Boys

Not to be excluded, a list of badass Viking names for boys is also necessary, of course! You can’t go wrong with a name like Magnus, which means “greatest,” or Roar, which means “fame and spear.” Or how about Sven, which means youth?

1. Asger — God, spear

2. Egil — Edge of a sword

3. Gunnar — Warrior

4. Magnus — Great

5. Njal — Champion

6. Roar — Fame, spear

7. Sven — Young warrior

8. Toke — Mad, raging

Famous Viking Names

Some parents love Viking names but want one that’s well-known. Here are some famous Viking names to choose from. From historical kings to brave explorers, choosing one of these options means naming your child after someone who changed the world.

8 Famous Viking Names for Girls

Women held lots of leadership roles in Viking culture and often ran straight into battle alongside their husbands, brothers, and fathers. Here are some famous Viking names for girls we love — like Lagertha, which means “warrior woman.”

1. Aud — This name means “wealthy.” A famous Aud from history was Aud the Deep-Minded, a famous Viking warrior credited with bringing Christianity to Iceland.

2. Freydis — Freydis means “protector.” Freydis was the daughter of famous explorer Erik the Red and a known explorer and brave warrior herself.

3. Gudrid — Gudrid means “divinely inspired wisdom.” Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir was a famous Viking explorer and the wife of Thorstein, brother of Leif Erikson.

4. Gunnborga — This name derives from the Old Norse “gunnr,” which means war, and ‘bjǫrg,” which means “to help, save, rescue.” Gunnborg is the name of the only known female Viking runemaster.

5. Lagertha — Lagertha means “warrior woman” or “she who guards with a spear.” Lagertha was a famous shieldmaiden who fought with Ragnar Lodbrok and ruled in Norway.

6. Sigrid — This lovely name means “beautiful victory.” Sigrid the Haughty was a well-known Viking queen and wife of Eric the Victorious.

7. Thyra — Thyra means “thunder warrior” and “follower of Thor.” Queen Thyra was a famous Danish queen of the 10th century.

8. Unn — It is believed that Unn means “loved.” Unn the Deep-Minded was another name for the Viking warrior Aud the Deep-Minded.

8 Famous Viking Names for Boys

You’ve probably heard of names like Harald, which means “lord and ruler,” or Erik, which means “forever ruler.” But names like Ragnar or Björn sure would stand out in kindergarten, wouldn’t they?

1. Alvis — In Norse mythology, Alvis married Thor’s daughter.

2. Björn — Björn Ironsides was the first-born son of Ragnar Lodbrok and a famous and brave king who pillaged lands in what is modern-day England, France, and Italy.

3. Erik — Erik the Red was a famous explorer said to have founded the first European settlement in Greenland. He was known for his famous red hair and beard.

4. Halfdan — Halfdan means “half Danish.” Halfdan was a Danish king who invaded England in the 9th century and captured York.

5. Harald — Harald Bluetooth was a well-known Viking king who conquered Denmark and Norway and converted Denmark to Christianity in the 10th century.

6. Ivar — Ivar is a well-known Viking name meaning “archer” or “bow warrior.” Ivar the Boneless was a son of Ragnar Lodbrok and a ruthless king who was said to be one of the most feared rulers of this time period. He was born with a genetic skeletal condition and could not walk.

7. Leif — Leif means “beloved” or “descendant.” Leif Ericcson was the son of the famous explorer Erik the Red and went on to become a famous explorer himself. Ericcson is known to have set foot on American soil long before Columbus.

8. Ragnar — Ragnar means “warrior” and “judgment.” Ragnar Lodbrok was a famous 9th-century king known for his fierce heroism and courageous death as he was thrown into a pit of snakes.

9. Sigurd — Sigurd means “guardian of victory.” Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye is a legendary warrior who, according to Norse mythology, killed a dragon.

14 Viking God Names

If you’re going to name your kid after their Viking heritage, why not choose one that’s in honor of a god the Vikings honored before Christianity arrived in Scandinavian lands?

1. Balder — Balder was the son of Odin and Frigg and was the god of light and purity.

2. Borr — Borr was the father of Odin.

3. Bragi — Bragi was the god of poetry in Norse mythology.

4. Forseti — Forseti was the god of justice, truth, and law.

5. Frey — Frey was the Norse god of fertility.

6. Hermod — Hermod was the fastest of all the gods.

7. Loki — Loki was the Norse god of mischief.

8. Njord — Njord was father of Freya and Freyr and the god of the wind, seafarers, coasts, and inland waters.

9. Odin — Odin was the most famous god of Norse mythology. He was the god of war and death, and it was believed that warriors who died honorably in battle joined him in Valhalla.

10. Thor — Thor was the son of Odin and the Norse god of thunder. But Thor was also god of agriculture and fertility.

11. Tyr — Tyr was the original god of war and said to be the bravest of all the gods.

12. Ullr — Ullr was the Norse god of archery and hunting and also the god of winter. He is often associated with modern-day skiing and snowboarding.

13. Vale — Vale was one of the sons of Odin; he was an archer, and it was believed that his arrows echoed the sunbeams that grow in strength as winter turns into spring.

14. Vidar — Vidar was the son of Odin and the giantess Grid and was said to have avenged Odin’s death after Ragnarok.

10 Viking Goddess Names

Looking for a girls’ name in honor of one of the powerful Viking goddesses? Freyja was the Norse goddess of love and fertility, or maybe your baby might have a future in the medical field, so how about Eir, which means “protection, help, mercy”?

1. Eir — Eir was the Norse goddess of medicine.

2. Eostre — Eostre was a goddess of spring.

3. Freyja — Freyja was the goddess of love and fertility.

4. Frigg — Frigg was the wife of Odin and the goddess of foresight and motherhood.

5. Hel — Hel was the daughter of Loki and the goddess of the underworld.

6. Idunn — Idunn was the goddess of youth and spring and the guard of the golden apples.

7. Saga — Saga was the goddess of prophecy and wisdom.

8. Sif — Sif was the goddess of Earth, home, and crops.

9. Sigyn — Sigyn was the wife of Loki.

10. Skadi — Skadi was the Norse goddess of winter and hunting.

Viking names are going to stand out in today’s modern world when names like Aidan, Noah, Emma, and Ava dominate the lists. A Viking name conveys a sense of pride and honor as well as courage and a willingness to fight for what you believe in. But all the Viking names on this list have one thing in common — they reflect the rich and vibrant history of the Viking people. From farming to fighting, from their old Norse ways to the later Christian Viking era, the Vikings were strong and valiant, just like your child will grow up to be.

Check out our other baby name lists for more ideas. Try badass girl names, badass boy names, beautiful girl names, and powerful boy names for more ideas on what to name your precious little one. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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