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249 Baby Girl Names That Start With B

You'll love this list of girl names that start with B and their meanings, from popular, common, and cute to vintage, rare, and unique!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Kristen v.H. Middleton

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Girl names that start with B are all the rage right now. Instead of classic names like Barbara or Betty, newer B girl names are trending, with origins worldwide. In numerology, the letter B is equivalent to the number two. People with this numerical are polite, tactful, and like to work behind the scenes. So, if you are searching for a baby girl’s name that starts with B, this is the list for you!

Baby Girl Names That Start With B

Here are 249 baby girl names starting with the letter B, from Victorian and old-fashioned names to cute and unique names:

10 Popular Girl Names That Start With B

These 10 girl names are super popular. If a B name for girls is what you are after, I recommend this as the best starting point.

1. Bailey — This English name means “bailiff” or “steward.”

2. Bella — Italian, Latin, and Spanish for “beautiful.”

3. Blair — A Scottish name meaning “dweller on the plain.”

4. Blakely — This name means “dark clearing” in English.

5. Bonnie — Scottish for “pretty.”

6. Brianna — An Irish name meaning “noble” or “strong.”

7. Brie — This name is French and Latin for “marshland.”

8. Brielle — The meaning of this B name for girls is “God is my strength” in French.

9. Brooklyn — This name is English for “broken land” or “one who lives near a brook.”

10. Brynlee — Old English and Welsh for “burned clearing.”

9 Common Girl Names That Start With B

Here are some common baby names that are fun and stylish. Look at these names and see if you find the perfect match.

1. Bethany — A Hebrew name meaning “house of figs.”

2. Bianca — This name means “white” or “fair” in Italian.

3. Braelynn — Welsh for “primrose.”

4. Briella — This Italian name means “God is my strength.”

5. Bristol — Old English for “site of the bridge.”

6. Britney — An English name meaning “from Great Britain.”

7. Brittany — This name means “from Great Britain” in Latin.

8. Brooke — English for “small stream.”

9. Brynn — This is a Welsh name for “hill.”

29 Cute Girl Names That Start With B

Are you looking for a sweet name for your baby girl? These adorable B girl names are as cute as your little princess.

1. Bambi — This is an Italian name that means “child.”

2. Barb — Latin for “foreign woman.”

3. Bat — This name means “son of Tolmai” in English.

4. Bay — A Latin name meaning “berry.”

5. Beanie — This cute B name for girls means “catlike” in English.

6. Beare — German for “strong as a bear.”

7. Becca — This name of Hebrew origin means “to bind” or “to tie.”

8. Bee — This name means “bringer of joy” in Latin.

9. Belle — A French name meaning “beautiful.”

10. Benni — This Latin name means “blessed.”

11. Beri — This name means “fruit” in Japanese and “my son” in Hebrew.

12. Bernie — Old High German for “brave as a bear.”

13. Bibi — A Persian name meaning “lady of the house.”

14. Bijou — French for “jewels.”

15. Billie — This name means “protector” in English.

16. Birdie — An Old English name meaning “bright” or “bird.”

17. Bizzy — This Hebrew name means “pledged to God.”

18. Blake — The meaning of this name is “dark” in English.

19. Bliss/Blyss — In English, this girl’s name means “joy” or “cheer.”

20. Blossom — English for “flower-like” or “to bloom.”

21. Blue — This name is of English origin and refers to the color blue.

22. Bluebell — This name means “spring flower” in English.

23. Boo — A term of endearment for “sweetheart” in English.

24. Bradie — Irish Gaelic for “spirited.”

25. Breezy — This name means “windy” in English and “from the Iliad” in Spanish.

26. Britain — This is a Latin name for someone from Great Britain.

27. Britty — A Latin name meaning “from Brittany.”

28. Buffie/Buffy — English for “God is my oath.”

29. Brynnan — This name means “exalted” or “hill” in Welsh.

18 Victorian Girl Names That Start With B

From Blodwen to Brunhilda, these Victorian-era baby names are timeless classics that are here to stay.

1. Banshee — This Irish name means “a woman who calls out.”

2. Baptista — Latin for “baptized one.”

3. Bathsheba — This name means “daughter of the oath” in Hebrew.

4. Batsheva — This is a variation of Bathsheba. It is also Hebrew for “daughter of the oath.”

5. Bell — This name is English and French for “beautiful.”

6. Bellamira — A Portuguese name meaning “beautiful woman.”

7. Bellicent — Gaelic for “brilliant.”

8. Bethania — This is the Spanish form of the Hebrew name Bethany, which means “house of figs.”

9. Belvidera — This Italian name means “a fair sight.”

10. Beryl — Greek for “sea-green jewel.”

11. Bethan — A Hebrew and Welsh name meaning “God is my oath.”

12. Blodwen — This name means “white flower” in Welsh.

13. Briar — English for “thorny patch.”

14. Brighid — This Irish name means “strength.”

15. Brilliana — An English name meaning “God is my strength.”

16. Bronte — This name means “thunder” in Greek.

17. Brunhild/Brunhilda — Scandinavian for “ready for battle.”

18. Bryghid — This name means “strength” in Irish and Scandinavian.

18 Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With B

If you aren’t ready to try something new, an old-fashioned name might be a fantastic fit. These baby girl names are waiting to make a comeback.

1. Barbara — This name means “foreign” or “stranger” in Greek.

2. Bartine — Italian for “son of Talmai.”

3. Belen — A Spanish name meaning “house of bread.”

4. Belinda — Spanish for “beautiful” and German for “serpent.”

5. Bernadette — This name means “brave as a bear” in German and French.

6. Bernadine — French for “strong.”

7. Bernice — A Greek name meaning “bringer of victory.”

8. Bertie — This French name means “famous” or “noble.”

9. Bette — This name means “God is my oath” in Hebrew.

10. Bettie/Betty — Hebrew for “pledged to God.”

11. Beulah — This Hebrew name means “married.”

12. Beverly — An English name meaning “from the beaver stream.”

13. Bidelia — This name is of Irish origin and means “exalted.”

14. Bobbie — English for “bright fame.”

15. Brandyce — This name means “of Brandy” in English.

16. Brett — A Middle English name meaning “of Briton.”

17. Bunny — This name means “little rabbit” or “bringer of victory” in English.

18. Burnett — Old French for “brown.”

27 Pretty Girl Names That Start With B

A beautiful girl deserves a beautiful name. Try a name like Bellarose or Blessing if you want a pretty name that starts with B.

1. Babie/Baby — This is typically a loving nickname for a partner in English but also makes a good girl B name.

2. Ballina — An Aboriginal name meaning “place of plenty.”

3. Barbie — Latin for “foreign woman.”

4. Basila — This name means “brave” in Arabic.

5. Beebee — A Persian name meaning “lady of the house.”

6. Beenie — This name is of Latin origin and means “catlike.”

7. Belia — Spanish for “God’s promise.”

8. Bellarose — This name means “beautiful flower” in Latin.

9. Benedita — This Portuguese name means “blessed.”

10. Benita — Italian for “blessed.”

11. Beyla — This name is Spanish for “dance.”

12. Beyonce — A Creole French name meaning “beyond others.”

13. Bia — Arabic for “blessed” and Portuguese for “joy.”

14. Bibiana — This name means “lively” in Latin and Spanish.

15. Bindi — This name means “butterfly” or “little spear” in Noongar language.

16. Blessing — Hebrew for “consecration.”

17. Bodhi — This name means “awakening” or “enlightenment” in Sanskrit.

18. Bonita — This is a Spanish name for “pretty.”

19. Breena — An Irish name meaning “fair palace.”

20. Briann — In Irish, this name means “high” or “exalted.”

21. Bridget/BrydgetCeltic for “strength” or “exalted one.”

22. Brienna — This name means “strong” in Celtic and “noble” in English.

23. Brightyn — This is an Old English name that means “radiant” or “shining.”

24. Brita — A Scandinavian name meaning “exalted.”

25. Brydjette — Gaelic for “exalted one.”

26. Bryona — This pretty name means “strong” in Irish.

27. Byla — A Spanish name meaning “dance.”

17 Vintage Girl Names That Start With B

These vintage names contain a lot of variety! Why not try something retro for your new baby girl?

1. Babette — French for “God is my oath.”

2. Bea — This name means “bringer of joy” in Latin.

3. Beatrice — A Latin name meaning “blessed one.”

4. Beatrix — Hungarian and Latin for “voyager.”

5. Belladonna — This vintage name means “beautiful lady” in Italian.

6. Bernardina — This name is of French and Old German origins. It means “strong, brave bear.”

7. Bertha — An Old High German name meaning “bright one.”

8. Bessie — The meaning of this B name for girls is “pledged to God” in Hebrew.

9. Betsy — Hebrew for “worshipper of God.”

10. Blanche — This French name means “white.”

11. Blythe — In Old English, Blythe means “happy” or “cheerful.”

12. Bohemia — This is the name of a former country that is currently part of the Czech Republic, and the meaning is unknown.

13. Brenda — A Scandinavian name meaning “sword.”

14. Brendolyn — Irish for “beacon on the hill.”

15. Brenna — This name means “little raven” in Gaelic.

16. Brigitta — This vintage girl’s name means “strong” in Latin and “exalted” in German.

17. Byrdene — An English name meaning “little bird.”

30 Country Girl Names That Start With B

A country girl’s name may be in the cards if you enjoy rodeos and horseback riding. Any of these names would be great for your little cowgirl.

1. Baelynn — An English name meaning “bailiff.”

2. Barley — Old English for a grower and seller of barley.

3. Basil — This name is of Greek origin and means “royal.”

4. Baylor — This name means “one who delivers goods.”

5. Bebe — A French name meaning “baby.”

6. Beccalynn — This name is a combination of two names. Becca means “to bind” in Hebrew, and Lynn means “lake” in Welsh.

7. Beckett — Old English for “little brook.”

8. Becki/Becky — An English and Hebrew name that means “to bind.”

9. Bentley — This name means “meadow with coarse grass” in English.

10. Berrie/Berry — This is an English name meaning “small fruit.”

11. Berrit — Scandinavian for “exalted one.”

12. Bert — This name means “bright” in English and German.

13. Bess — English and Hebrew for “God is my oath.”

14. Beth — A Hebrew name meaning “my God is abundance.”

15. Bethann — This country girl’s name means “house of figs” in Hebrew.

16. Bethel — This name is Hebrew for “house of God.”

17. Bettina — Italian for “God is my oath.”

18. Blenda — A Latin name meaning “dazzling.”

19. Bo — This Scandinavian name means “to live.”

20. Bowen — This name is of Welsh origin and means “son of Owen.”

21. Bradly — Old English for “broad meadow.”

22. Braedyn — This English name means “broad hill.”

23. Braeleigh — This name also means “broad hill” in English.

24. Brandi/Brandy — A Dutch name meaning “burnt wine.”

25. Bree — Irish for “noble” or “power.”

26. Brinley — This name means “burnt meadow” or “burnt clearing” in English.

27. Briony/Bryony — A Greek name meaning “climbing plant.”

28. Brogan — This name means “little shoe” in Irish.

29. Bryleigh — English for “gracious and strong.”

30. Brytt — This name means “high goddess” in Celtic and Swedish.

45 Unique Girl Names That Start With B

We all want our kids to be themselves, and what better way than to give your daughter an exciting, unique name? Don’t sleep on these uncommon options!

1. Bailee — This name means “bailiff” or “fortification” in English.

2. Banks — An English name meaning “edge of the river.”

3. Banan — This Arabic name means “fingertips.”

4. Bao — This name means “treasure” in Chinese and Vietnamese.

5. Barsa — Arabic for “rain.”

6. Basilie — A Greek name meaning “royal.”

7. Basma — This name means “smile” in Arabic.

8. Beau — Old French for “handsome” or ‘beautiful.”

9. Beena — This Arabic name means “musical instrument.”

10. Behati — This name means “blessed” or “one who brings happiness” in Afrikaans.

11. Bellamy — French and Irish for “good friend.”

12. Belva — A Latin name meaning “beautiful view.”

13. Benicia — This name is of Spanish origin and means “blessed one.”

14. Berkeley — This name means “birch tree meadow” in English.

15. Betania — Hebrew for “house of figs.”

16. Bevin — An Irish name meaning “fair lady.”

17. Bian — In Vietnamese, this unique name means “secretive.”

18. Biata — This name means “blessed” in French.

19. Bijaya — This name is Hindu for “victory.”

20. Bimini — In the Lucayan language, Bimini means “two islands.”

21. Bjork — Scandinavian for “birch.”

22. Blakemore — An English name meaning “from the dark moor.”

23. Blayre — Scottish for “plain” or “field.”

24. Blaze — This is a Latin name that means “fire” or “flame.”

25. Bodie — This name means “messenger” or “shelter” in Scandinavian.

26. Bohdana — A Slavic name meaning “God’s gift.”

27. Bojana — This name is Slavic for “battle.”

28. Bong-Cha — This name in Korean means “superior daughter.”

29. Bowie — This Scottish name means “blond” or “yellow-haired.”

30. Bradlea — An English name meaning “broad meadow.”

31. Brandin — Old English for “beacon on the hill.”

32. Bren  — This name means “flame” in Irish.

33. Briahna  — The meaning of this name is “noble” in Irish.

34. Brielli — Dutch for “God is my strength.”

35. Briona/Brionah — An Irish name meaning “a woman of many virtues.”

36. Brioni — Greek and Italian for “climbing plant.”

37. Bristyl — This name means “place by the bridge” in English.

38. Brityne/Brittyne — This name means “from Brittany” in Latin.

39. Brixley — An English name meaning “bright meadow.”

40. Bronya — This Polish name means “protection.”

41. Buhjah — Arabic for “joy” or “delight.”

42. Buj — This name means “a person like a lotus flower” in Arabic.

43. Bumma — An English name meaning “of free and creative spirit.”

44. Busaina — The meaning of this name in Arabic is “beautiful woman.”

45. Byna — This Latin name means “of the Sabine people,” an ancient Italian tribe.

46 Rare Girl Names That Start With B

Rare names are fabulous and different — just like your baby girl! Look at this category for inspiration if you don’t want a popular name.

1. Baani — In Hindi, this name means “earth.”

2. Baba — This Latin name means “foreign woman.”

3. Babar — A Persian name meaning “tiger.”

4. Babeth — This name means “God who provides satisfaction” in English.

5. Badr — Arabic for “full moon.”

6. Baelei/Baeli — An Old English name meaning “steward of the king’s castle.”

7. Baethan — This name means “foolish” in Irish.

8. Baleen — French for “whale.”

9. Beda — This name means “warrior maiden” in German.

10. Bedika — A Hindu name meaning “platform.”

11. Bellona — This Latin name means “fighter.”

12. Belya — This name means “off the beaten path” in English.

13. Bevlyn — Old English for “beaver stream.”

14. Bidya — A Hindu name meaning “knowledge.”

15. Bienna — This name is derived from the Spanish word “bien,” which means “good.”

16. Blaine — A Scottish name meaning “yellow.”

17. Blaithin — This rare name means “little flower” in Irish.

18. Blerta — Albanian for “green.”

19. Bobette — French and German for “bright fame.”

20. Bobinette — This name means “bright fame” in Old English and German.

21. Bo-Katan — This English name was created for the TV series “The Mandalorian,” but the meaning is unknown.

22. Boglarka — This name means “buttercup” in Hungarian.

23. Bokil — An Arabic name meaning “one who excels in every field.”

24. Bora — Turkish for “storm” and Korean for “purple.”

25. Boun — This name means “to prepare” in Old Norse.

26. Bracken — The meaning of this name is “speckled” in Gaelic.

27. Branca — A Portuguese name meaning “the white one.”

28. Brand — This is a word in English that a manufacturer uses for a product or service.

29. Breanda — Old Norse for “sword.”

30. Breean — An English name meaning “high, noble, and exalted.”

31. Breeta — This name means “powerful” in Scandinavian.

32. Brianni — Irish Gaelic for “noble” or “exalted.”

33. Bridey — This Gaelic name means “strength” or “exalted one.”

34. Brinessa — This name combines Brianna and Vanessa. So, it is both Irish and English. It means “noble” and “butterfly.”

35. Brish — An Irish name meaning “to break.”

36. Brisha — This name means “beloved” in Hindu.

37. Brittan — This name can mean “from Brittany” or “from Britain” in English.

38. Brittknee — In Latin, this name means “from Brittany.”

39. Brittnaye — This is another alternate spelling of Brittany. It is also of Latin origin and used for someone from Brittany.

40. Brodie — Irish and Scottish for “little ridge.”

41. Bronach — An Irish name meaning “sorrowful.”

42. Bronta — This name means “thunder” in Greek.

43. Brylee — This English name means “briar clearing.”

44. Bua — Vietnamese for “amulet.”

45. Busara — The meaning of this name is “wisdom” in Swahili.

46. Busayna — An Arabic name meaning “gorgeous lady.”

Looking for the perfect baby name can feel like a daunting task. Many unique, empowering, and fun baby girl names start with B. But which one will be perfect for your daughter? Consider what you will want to call her day after day, and ultimately, opt for a name that feels right and can imagine yourself calling your child as a baby, adolescent, and adult.

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our cool girl namesone-syllable girl names, flower names for girls, cute girl names, and rare girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful girl name you love for your baby girl!

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