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100 Popular Baby Names With Great Nicknames

Nicknames happen, whether you plan it or not! In case you're a planner, here's our list of baby names with great nicknames that you’ll love.

Updated March 26, 2024

We all have nicknames that our loved ones may call us, terms of endearment, or simply an inside joke that only each other knows. Growing up, there were always those classmates in school with longer, sophisticated names who could easily say, “Oh, but you can call me this instead.” I thought it was the coolest thing to have your name and a shorter form of it. With one name, you can have not just one but two or multiple names.

Fast forward to when I was expecting my first child, I sincerely longed to name her a beautiful name with great nickname potential. Often, parents long to give their little ones a name with wonderful nicknames for short. Certain names can allow for some great nicknames to be created organically.

Baby Names With Great Nicknames

50 Nicknames for Boys (He/Him, Fellows, Dudes, Gentlemen)

Here are a few charming baby names for boys you can surely find yourself equally loving their shorter nicknames.

1. Abraham: Abe, Abie, or Brahm

2. Alexander: Al, Lex, Alex, Ander, or Xander

3. Arthur: Art or Artie

4. Asher: Ash

5. Augustus: Auggie, August, or Gus

6. Bennett: Ben or Benny

7. Benjamin: Benji, Ben, Benny

8. Broderick: Brody, Rod, Rick, or Derick

9. Cameron: Cam, Cammy, or Ron

10. Christopher: Chris or Topher

11. Colton: Cole or Colt

12. Donovan: Don or Donny

13. Dustin: Dusty

14. Edward: Ed or Eddie

15. Ezekiel: Ez or Zeke

16. Finley: Finn

17. Frederick: Fred, Freddy, Rick, or Ricky

18. Gregory: Greg, Grego, Greggy, or Rory

19. Henderson: Henry or Ender

20. Jacob: Jake or Coby

21. Jackson: Jack or Jax

22. Jameson: James or Jamie

23. Jeremiah: Jer or Jeremy

24. Jonathon: Jon or Jonny

25. Lawrence: Lor or Larry

26. Lincoln: Linc or Linx

27. Logan: Lo or Logy

28. Lucas: Luke or Luca

29. Malcolm: Mac or Cole

30. Matthew: Matt or Matty

31. Michael: Mike or Mikey

32. Nathaniel: Nat, Nate, Nathan, or Neil

33. Oliver: Ollie or Levi

34. Peter: Pete, Petey

35. Preston: Pres or Ron

36. Quentin: Quinn or just simply, “Q”

37. Robert: Rob, Bob, Robby, or Bobby

38. Samuel: Sam or Sammy

39. Sebastian: Sebs, Sebby, Ash, Ashton, or Bastian

40. Spencer: Spen, Spenny, or Spence

41. Steven: Steve or Stevie

42. Terrence: Ter or Terry

43. Theodore: Theo or Teddy

44. Thomas: Tom or Tommy

45. Timothy: Tim or Timmy

46. Tristan: Tris or Stan

47. Vincent: Vin, Vinny, or Vince

48. Wesley: Wes or Lee

49. William: Will, Liam, or Billy

50. Zachary: Zach or Zachy

Sporting cute nicknames while growing up into their given, longer names is a great option for boys and girls. As time goes on, parents can feel proud that they have given their child a beautiful name that they can grow into in the future as well. This can be handy for numerous reasons in their professional career or adulthood. For example, “Teddy” grows into “Theodore” and uses his full given name in his future profession.

50 Nicknames for Girls (She/Her, Madams, Chicas, Ladies)

Here are a few adorable baby names for girls you can surely find yourself equally loving their shorter nicknames.

1. Adelaide: Addy, Dela, or Lady

2. Alessandra: Al, Alessi, Les, Sandra, or Sandy/Sandie

3. Amelia: Amy, Milly, Mila, or Lia

4. Angelina: Angie, Angel, Annie, Lin, or Lina

5. Annabelle: Anne, Anna, Annie, Belle, Bella

6. Brinnleigh: Brin, Brinnie, Lee, or Leigh

7. Brooklyn: Brooke, Brookie, or Lyn

8. Cadence: Cade or Cadie

9. Camilla: Cam, Cammie, or Milla

10. Cassandra: Cass, Cassie, Sandy, or Sandra

11. Charlotte: Char, Charlie, Lottie, or Lola

12. Clementine: Clem, Tina, or Tiny

13. Danielle: Dani or Elle

14. Delilah: De, Ly, or Lila

15. Elizabeth: El, Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Betsy, or Beth

16. Ellison: Elle or Ellie

17. Emmalyn: Em, Emmy, Emma, or Lyn

18. Evangeline: Angel, Eva, Eve, Lina

19. Evelyn:  Eve, Evie, or Lyn

20. Fiona: Fifi or Fio

21. Florence: Flo, Flor, Flora, or Florie

22. Gabriella: Gab, Gabbi/Gabby, Bri, Elle, or Ella

23. Gwendolyn: Gwen, Gwennie, Lyn, or Wendy

24. Hannah: Han or Hanni

25. Isabella: Izzy, Bella, Ella, or Belle

26. Jacqueline: Jackie or Jack

27. Jasmine: Jas, Jazz, Jazzy, Minnie, or Mina

28. Josephine: Jo, Josie, or Fifi

29. Lillian: Lil or Lilli/Lilly

30. Lorelei: Lo, Lor, Lori, or Rory

31. Mackenzie: Kenzie or Mac

32. Madison: Maddie

33. Nalani: Nal, Lan, or Lani

34. Neveah: Nev, Neve, or Nevvie

35. Olivia: Liv, Livvy, Olive, or Via

36. Penelope:  Penny or Lo

37. Rebecca: Becca or Becky

38. Roxanne: Rox, Roxy, or Anne

39. Sabrina: Sab, Sabi, Bri, or Brina

40. Samantha: Sam or Sammy/Sammie

41. Seraphina: Ser, Sera, Seri, Fifi, or Phina

42. Serenity: Ser, Seri, Sera, or Rennie

43. Sophia: Sophie, Soph, or Fifi

44. Tatiana: Tat, Tati, or Tiana

45. Tiffany: Tiff, Tiffy, or Fannie

46. Victoria: Vic, Vicks, Vicky, Tori, or Toria

47. Vivian: Vi, Viv or Vivi

48. Veronica: Ron, Ronnie, Vera, or Nicki

49. Willow: Will, Willa, or Lo

50. Winona: Win or Winnie

I found the naming process long and incredibly difficult when naming my child. I have to admit that there were a lot of late nights, often asking my husband in the middle of the night, “How about this name?” In the end, we decided to name our little one Charlotte. We often call her C or Char, which I think is a cute nickname for girls. And it suits her just the same as Charlotte. Remember, you can take months to decide your precious child’s perfect name, but when they’re born, you could suddenly decide that they’re not suited to the name you have planned for them—and that’s okay too. One thing is for sure, it is nice to have options when it comes to your name, and that is precisely why nicknames can be important for many.

Check out our other baby name lists if you want even more ideas. Try short boy names, rare boy names, short girl names, and one-syllable girl names for more ideas on what to name your precious little one. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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