Baby Names with Great Nicknames

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Baby Names with Great Nicknames

When I was growing up, I was given a handful of nicknames: my maiden name was “Raby,” (pronounced like baby) and I secretly loved my sorority sisters and soccer teammates calling me “Raby baby.” My godmother called me “pookie,” and that was always a term of endearment I loved as well.

But, I always longed for a name that was easily shortened or otherwise made into another nickname. My friends Elizabeth and Stephanie were Lizzie and Steph. Katie and Joseph were Kate and Joe. Certain names allow for great nickname potential—and while others just come about organically, here are a few adorable baby names you’ll find yourself shortening to an equally cute version.

Boys (Fellows, Dudes, Gentlemen)

Abraham:  Abe or Abie

Augustus (featured on another one of our baby name lists!):  August, Auggie or Gus

Charles:  Charlie or Chuck

Henry:  Hank

Jedediah:  Jed

Leonel:  Leo

Lucas:  Luke or Luca

Oliver:  Ollie

Quentin:  Quinn or simply, “Q”

Theodore:  Theo or Teddy

Nicknames are common for both boys and girls, and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to stand up on the first day of school during role call to hear the long-form of your name, and to announce to everyone that “you can call me this, instead.” I’ve always imagined how a lot of babies that sport these cute nicknames grow up and into their longer names—giving them quite a bit of agency over their own names as time moves on. (And realizing you’ve given them not just one, but TWO solid name options—way to go, parents!)

Girls (Madames, Chicas, Ladies)

Adelaide:  Addie or Lady

Amelia:  Amy or Milly

Camilla:  Cammie or Mila

Ellison:  Ellie

Evelyn:  Eve or Evie

Isabel:  Izzy or Bel

Margaret:  Meg, Margie, Maggie, Meggie, Daisy (so many!!)

Olivia:  Liv, Livvy or Via

Penenlope:  Penny

Susanna:  Susie

Our daughter was almost given an incredibly long name for the simple intention of shortening it into a nickname. Later we realized, though, that spelling out “Evangeline” in Kindergarten might not be as fun as her current three-letter name. As with any parenting decision as substantial as naming a baby, you just have to go with what feels right. And, who knows—you might meet this new little one and decide they’re less “Olivia” and more “Calliope” instead.

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