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200 One-Syllable Girl Names

Are you looking for a beautiful but simple name for your baby girl? Check out our list of one syllable girl names!

Updated March 19, 2024

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is selecting a name for your baby! You’ve come to the right place if you’re expecting a daughter and looking for short and sweet girl names for either a first or middle name. We’ve compiled a list of the best one-syllable names for girls.

These one-syllable girl names are American, African, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Latin, Persian, Scandinavian, Scottish, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Welsh in origin. The list includes my oldest daughter’s one-syllable middle name, Lynn, which means “lake, waterfall, pool, or pond.”

One-Syllable Girl Names

Nature fan?

You might like Beck, which means “small stream;” Brooke, which means “stream;” Brynn, which means “hill;” Cloud, which means “visible vapor, nebula;” Dawn, which means “daybreak;” the word names Dew or Gem; Jade, which means “stone of the loins;” Jewel, which means “priceless gem;” the word name Lake; Rain, which means “abundant blessings from above;” Storm, which means “windswept and dramatic;” or Vale, which means “lives in the valley.” Space enthusiast? Try Mars, which means “God of War,” Moon, which means “from the moon,” or Star or Starr, which both mean “a luminous astronomical object in the sky.”

Ocean or beach lover?

Consider the word name Dune; Gwen, which means “white wave;” Kai, which means “ocean or fire;” Mar, which means “the sea;” or Pearl, which means “jewel.”

Plant enthusiast?

Try Ash, which means “ash tree or happy;” Bloom, Fleur, and Flor, which both mean “flower;” Clove, which means “spice;” Dale, which means “valley;” Fern, which means “leafy plant;” Rose, which means “a flower;” Rue, which means “regret;” Sage, which means “wise one;” or Sue, which means “lily.”

Animal lover?

You might like the horse descriptor Bay, which means “reddish-brown,” Cat, or Fawn, which means “young deer.” Bird enthusiast? Consider Dove, which means “bear;” Lark, which means “a bird;” the word name Swan; or Wren, which means “chief.” Honey lover? Try Bee, which means “blessed,” or Pam, which means “honey.”

Are you expecting a summer baby?

You might consider June, which means “young,” or Sol, which means “sun.” Winter baby? You might like Frost, which means “born at the time of frost,” Neve, which means “snow,” or Snow, which means “fair complexion.” Spring baby? Try Spring, which means “to burst forth.”


You might like Anne, which means “gift of God’s favor;” Beth, a shortened form of Elizabeth, which means “God’s oath;” Dot, a shortened form of Dorothy, which means “gift of God;” Eve, which means “life;” Faith, which means “trust;” Grace, which means “blessing;” Hope, which means “faith;” Jane, Jeanne, Jo, or Joan, which all mean “God is gracious;” Jude, which means “praise;” Kit, which means “bearer of Christ;” the word name Love; Pax, which means “peace;” Peace, which means “tranquility;” Ruth, which means “compassionate friend;” or Skye, which means “eternal life.”

Literary enthusiast?

Try Leigh, which means “poet,” or Poe, of American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe fame, which means “peacock.”

Want to give your daughter a name befitting a warrior?

Try Bree, which means “resolute or strong;” Drew, which means “courageous;” Jai, which means “victorious;” Kim, which means “chief;” Lou, which means “warrior maiden;” Maude, which means “strength in battle;” Sloane, which means “raider;” Tai, which means “great extreme;” or True, which means “adored warrior.”

Prefer an elegant name more appropriate for royalty?

Try Maeve, which means “queen or joyous,” or the word name Reign. Want something simple and sweet? You might like Belle, which means “beautiful,” or Elle, which means “woman or girl.”

Or you might like Bea, which is an abbreviated form of Beatrice or Beatrix and means “happy;” Cat, Cate, Kat, or Kate, which all mean “pure;” Cher or Kay, which both mean “beloved;” Claire, which means “bright;” Jules, which means “youthful;” Reese, which means “enthusiastic;” or Wynn, which means “fair.”

Want to give your daughter the name of your favorite color?

Consider Blake or Noir, which both mean “black,” or the word names Blue, Gray, or Pink.

The Best One Syllable Girl Names

These are some of the best one-syllable girl names:

1. Al

2. Ann or Anne

3. Ash

4. Ayn

5. Bao

6. Bay

7. Bea

8. Beck

9. Bee

10. Belle

11. Bess

12. Beth

13. Bette

14. Bex

15. Blaine

16. Blaise

17. Blake

18. Bliss

19. Bloom

20. Blue

21. Blythe

22. Bree

23. Britt

24. Brooke

25. Brynn

26. Cam

27. Cat, Cate, Kat, or Kate

28. Charm

29. Cher

30. Cho

31. Chris

32. Claire

33. Clarke

34. Cloud

35. Clove

36. Dale

37. Dan

38. Dawn

39. Dea

40. Deb

41. Dew

42. Dot

43. Dove

44. Dream

45. Dree

46. Drew

47. Dru

48. Dune

49. Elle

50. Em

51. Eve

52. Faith

53. Fawn

54. Faye

55. Fern

56. Firth

57. Fleur

58. Flo

59. Flor

60. Flynn

61. Fran

62. Frost

63. Gail

64. Gem

65. Grace

66. Gray

67. Greer

68. Gwen

69. Hope

70. Izz

71. Jade

72. Jai

73. Jan

74. Jane

75. Jeanne / Jean

76. Jenn

77. Jess

78. Jewel

79. Jill

80. Jinx

81. Jo

82. Joan

83. Joie or Joy

84. Joyce

85. Jude

86. Jules

87. June

88. Kay

89. Khole

90. Kim

91. Kit

92. Koi

93. Kyle

94. Lake

95. Lane

96. Lark

97. Leaf

98. Lei

99. Leigh

100. Leith

101. Light

102. Lile

103. Lis

104. Liv

105. Lou

106. Love

107. Lux

108. Luz

109. Lynn or Lynne

110. Lyre

111. Mae

112. Maeve

113. Mai

114. Mar

115. Mars

116. Maude

117. Max

118. Maze

119. Meg

120. Mehr

121. Mel

122. Midge

123. Minh

124. Moon

125. Myr

126. Nash

127. Nell

128. Neve

129. New

130. Niamh

131. Nic

132. Noir

133. Noor

134. North

135. Nur

136. Nyx

137. Paige

138. Pam

139. Pao

140. Pax

141. Paz

142. Peace

143. Pearl

144. Peg

145. Penn

146. Pink

147. Poe

148. Prim

149. Prue

150. Quinn

151. Rae

152. Rain

153. Ree

154. Reese

155. Reet

156. Reeve

157. Reign

158. Rex

159. Rhys

160. Rose

161. Rue

162. Ruth

163. Rye

164. Sage

165. Sai

166. Sam

167. Scout

168. Shawn

169. Shea

170. Skai

171. Skye

172. Sloane

173. Snow

174. Sol

175. Spring

176. Sri

177. Star or Starr

178. Storm

179. Sue

180. Swan

181. Tai

182. Tam

183. Tate

184. Tea

185. Tess

186. Tex

187. Thuy

188. Tink

189. Tor

190. Trill

191. Trix

192. True

193. Val

194. Vale

195. Vi

196. Viv

197. Wan

198. Ward

199. West

200. Wren

201. Wynn

202. Xun

203. Yaz

204. Zen

205. Zo

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) one-syllable girl name from this list? Have you or your friends and family chosen any of these one-syllable names for your daughters?

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