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21 Greek Goddess Names of Power, Beauty and Nature

Are you looking for Greek goddess names for your baby? Our list of powerhouse names will give your child strength and success.

Updated July 2, 2024

Have you considered turning to Greek mythology for inspiration when thinking of baby names? Endless goddess names could be perfect for your new little princess. Of course, you might want to research before picking one because some sound beautiful, but the back story is questionable — like Lyssa, the goddess of rage. Or Eris, the goddess of strife and discord. But don’t worry, if choosing a Greek goddess name is your mission, we have a list of choices with good vibes and positive characteristics you’d want your child to embody.

4 Greek Goddess Names That Mean Leadership, Power, and Strength

Parents often envision bright futures full of success for their children, and those ambitions lead them to choose names associated with power and strength. Here are four Greek goddess names that fit perfectly for a future queen who will conquer the world.

1. Athena

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, poetry, art, and war. As the daughter and favorite child of Zeus, Athena had great power and influence and is known for her courage in battle. She became the goddess of good counsel, prudent restraint and practical insight, and war, making Athena the perfect name for a baby girl who would grow up to be a leader.1

2. Hera

Said to be the “Queen of the Gods,” Hera is also the goddess of marriage, women, the sky, and the stars of heaven. She was famously married to Zeus and aided in the persecution of many of his mistresses, proving she was a true queen not to be trifled with. Hera is an excellent name that signifies leadership, royalty, and strength.

3. Tyche

Tyche is called “the goddess of chance” and “a capricious dispenser of good and ill fortune.” While sometimes generous, she was also said to be unpredictable with her goodwill, making her quite the mighty goddess of Greek lore. Spelled Tyche or Tykhe, this unique name is a great choice meaning “luck.” 2

4. Nike

Nike means “triumph,” as she is the goddess of victory, so this name is an excellent choice for a kid who will win in life. Whether you put your little one in baby Nikes, that’s up to you.

3 Greek Goddess Names That Signify Beauty

All babies are beautiful, but if you’re looking for a name that literally means beauty and comes from Greek mythology, we have some suitable choices.

1. Helen

With the variations of Helene and Helena, Helen is a famous Greek woman name that originated with Helen of Troy — the most beautiful woman in Greece who is often blamed for the Trojan War. Helen (or a variation thereof) is a strong, classic name with a sense of timeless beauty.

2. Aphrodite

This one carries a bit of lustful connotation, but Aphrodite also signifies love and beauty. Alternatively known as Cypris, this Greek goddess was said to be born out of sea foam, so if you’re looking for a name related to beauty that also has a connection to the ocean, this could be it.

3. Charis

Charis is one of several gods associated with fertility and the name means “grace” and refers to the “pleasing” or “charming” look of a field or garden. There were multiple “graces” by the most often referred to three: brightness, joyfulness, and bloom, and were said to be the daughters of Zeus and Hera.3

4 Earthly Greek Goddess Names

Do you love animals or nature? Passionate about protecting this beautiful planet? Then you might want to consider one of these unique Greek goddess names from “earthly” origins.

1. Persephone

Persephone is the goddess of death and the Underworld, but also the goddess of spring, reincarnation, and growth. After being captured by Hades and brought to the Underworld, Persephone’s mother, Demeter, demanded her return, which happens every spring when new meadows flower and new crops sprout. This name signifies regrowth and the promise of springtime, and a mother’s love and determination to always fight for her child.

2. Gaia

This Greek goddess name means the personification of Earth as Gaia was said to be the ancestral Mother Earth herself. All life is said to have come from Gaia — and some say her great-granddaughters were the four seasons.

3. Artemis

Often depicted with a bow and arrow, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, the wilderness, vegetation, and nature, making this name an excellent choice for an animal and nature lover.

4. Demeter

The goddess of the harvest and agriculture, Demeter is also a suitable name if you’re looking for something earthly. The Greek myth explains that while her daughter Persephone was with her, Demeter would fill the Earth with a bountiful harvest, but when her daughter returned every year to the Underworld, the lands would turn barren once again.4

Whether you’re raising your child by the water, want to instill a deep appreciation for all things ocean, or want a name inspired by nature, here are some names from Greek mythology linked to rivers, lakes, oceans, and all the water bodies in between.

1. Daphne

Daphne is associated with freshwater bodies like lakes, rivers, streams, brooks, fountains, wells, and springs. This goddess was a tree spirit and the son of Peneus, the river god, making this name a great fit for someone who appreciates natural, fresh waters.5

2. Iris

Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and was thought to be responsible for replenishing the rain clouds with water from the sea.

3. Thalassa

The goddess of the sea, Thalassa is said to have created fish and all the other sea creatures. So, if you’re an ocean lover, this name might be the perfect choice for your new baby girl.

4 Greek Goddess Names That Mean Peace and Light

In a world of negativity and division, maybe you’re looking for a name that signifies peace and light. Here are some lovely names from Greek mythology that relate to light and harmony.

1. Harmonia

Harmonia, the goddess of harmony, had the power to end all conflicts, battles, and wars. Imagine that power in your household, especially if your little Harmony has siblings!

2. Phoebe

Although later myths connect Phoebe with the moon, her name also signifies brightness, just as the name Phoebus does, which is Apollo’s forename. Some connect Phoebe to “brightness” concerning intellect and prophecy. So, whether your Phoebe makes the world better with her light or intelligence (or both), this name is definitely a winner.

3. Hemera

The daughter of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night), Hemera is the personification of Day, making this a unique and fitting baby name if you’re looking for inspiration from Greek mythology that equates to modern-day symbolic names like Father Time and Lady Luck.

4. Theia

The Greek goddess of light, Theia is the daughter of Gaia and the mother of Selene (Moon), Helios (Sun), and Eos (Dawn). Theia is a powerful and meaningful choice if you’re searching for something with a mythological origin that means “light.”

3 Celestial Greek Goddess Names

People seem to like lunar and celestial names derived from Greek mythology. If you’re one of those people, here are three goddess names associated with the moon or stars to consider.

1. Selene

Selene, the goddess of the moon, has always been worshipped at new and full moons. It was believed that Selene could pull the moon with her chariot to light up a dark sky. This makes this name have not only lunar significance but also be a name synonymous with power and strength.

2. Aega

Because Aega came from the pre-Hellenic period, there are a variety of theories out there about what she was the goddess of and what powers she has. For example, she may have been a moon goddess or daughter of the sun. Yet another theory says Zeus sent Aega to the sky to live among the stars. No matter what story you believe, Aega is a unique name with various connections to the objects in the sky.

3. Astraea

With alternative spellings like Astria and Astrea, Astraea is the goddess of the stars who Hera gave powers over astronomical space. She was also the last of the gods to withdraw into the sky, where she shines as the constellation of the virgin with her scales and starry crown.6

Greek goddess names are always popular, so you can’t go wrong with these choices. They are classic while on trend and signify characteristics you want your daughter to have, like strength, beauty, courage, and a love for the planet. Check out 148 Badass Girl Names, rare girl names, and 150 Most Popular Spanish Names if you want to see other strong and beautiful names for your little girl. And see all of our baby name lists for even more inspiration!

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