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114 Celebrity Baby Names You Will Love

Baby NamesUpdated October 7, 2022


Apple Martin was the celebrity baby name that started it all! The world was shocked when Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose the name Apple for their first-born daughter. Even before Apple Martin, celebrities have long-inspired baby name trends. Celebrities might choose a classic name, a trendy name, or a unique name for their baby. Here are some of our favorites!

Celebrity Baby Names

Classic Celebrity Baby Names

First, we have our classic names. Some celebrities embrace traditional names, but they are more uncommon in that circle. They may uniquely use a classic name or pair a classic first name with a trendy or unique middle name. For example, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James, traditionally used for a little boy. Have you ever considered any of these classic names?

1. James

2. Archie

3. Olive

4. Silas

5. Isla

6. Mia

7. Mabel

8. Jack

9. Ella

10. Grace

11. Etta

12. Emelia

13. Owen

14. Mae

15. Iris

16. Pearl

17. Violet

18. Caleb

19. Vivienne

20. Joshua

21. Agnes

22. Maxwell

23. Beatrice

24. Rosalind

25. Buddy

26. Frankie

27. Beau

28. Hattie

29. Hank

30. Lillian

31. Calvin

Trendy Celebrity Baby Names 

A trendy name is a name that is popular for a certain period of time. Just because your baby has a trendy name does not automatically make the name common. These trendy names are still so unique. Do any of the trendy names on the list below call to you? 

32. Grey

33. Everly

34. Aidan

35. Emerson

36. Charlie

37. Knox

38. Arlo

39. Jude

40. Cyrus

41. Bronx

42. August

43. Birdie

44. Milo

45. Otis

46. Miles

47. Harper

48. Liam

49. Finn

50. Saylor

51. Wyatt

52. Sloane

53. Brooks

54. Zoë 

Unique Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities are well-known for their unique baby names! The creativity in the celebrity baby community is amazing – so many creative names that I would never even think of. I wonder where they draw their inspiration? From Banks to Bodhi to Briar. Have you ever considered a unique baby name?

55. Atlas

56. Banks

57. Journey

58. Blue

59. Onyx

60. Raddix

61. River

62. Bodhi

63. Callum

64. Crew

65. Lula

66. Luna

67. Maple

68. Delta

69. Slash

70. Story

71. Arrow

72. Echo

73. Lyric

74. Navy

75. Gravity

76. Ode

77. Cricket

78. Sparrow

79. Kulture

80. Jupiter

81. Kaori

82. Lyra

83. Rumi

84. Josey

85. Haven

86. Briar

87. Jovan

88. Wilder

Reality TV Baby Names

There has been a reality TV baby boom recently. Between the cast of E!’s Keeping up with the Kardashians, MTV’s Teen Mom, and Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules – they have a whole new cast for their shows. Each of their children has a unique and beautiful name. Reality TV stars have been setting baby name trends for years now. Have any of these reality TV baby names made your list?

89. Summer

90. Hartford

91. Chicago

92. North

93. Stormi

94. Chicago

95. True

96. Cruz

97. Ocean

98. Reign

99. Psalm

100. Saint

101. Lux

102. Lincoln

103. Romello

104. Isaac

105. Layne

106. Watson

107. Nova

108. Aubree

109. Jayde

110. Ensley

111. Jace

112. Bentley

113. Maverick

114. Kaiser

If you are overwhelmed with baby name choices for your little one, I hope this list of 100 celebrity baby names will give you some great ideas! Which category did you prefer? Do you lean towards the classic, trendy, or unique names category? Or did the list of reality TV baby names inspire you? There are so many classic, cool, unique, and trendy choices that you will surely find some inspiration.

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try our top baby names for 2022cool boy names and cool girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby!

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