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200 Baby Boy Names That Start With D

Check out our list of the best D names for boys and their meanings if you want a unique, old-fashioned, or just plain cute name!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


One of the most stressful and important decisions when becoming a parent is picking that perfect name. You come up with a list, your partner comes up with one, too, and you soon realize you don’t agree on any of the names. Do you go with a family name? Something original? Or name them after your role model? The decision is tough — so we’re here to try and make it a bit easier on you. Here are our picks for the best boy names that start with D!

Baby Boy Names That Start With D

Check out these baby boy names starting with a D, from biblical and old-fashioned names to cute and popular options:

15 Popular Boy Names That Start With D

Are you searching for traditional and popular boy names starting with D? Look at these great options!

1. Damon — This Greek name means “to tame.”

2. Dante — Meaning “enduring,” this D boy’s name is of Italian and Latin origin.

3. Dash — This English name means “to run quickly.”

4. Dax — French for “leader.”

5. Dean — This popular boy’s name means “valley” in English.

6. Declan — An Irish name meaning “full of goodness.”

7. Denzel — This English and Cornish name means “from the high stronghold.”

8. Derek — English for “gifted rule” derived from an Old German name that means “power of the tribe.”

9. Devin — This name means “poet” in Irish and “divine” in Latin.

10. Diego — A Spanish name meaning “supplanter.”

11. Dominic — This boy’s name starting with D, means “belonging to the Lord” in Latin.

12. Donovan — In Irish, this name means “brown-haired chieftain.”

13. Draco — Italian for “dragon.”

14. Drew — This popular name means “wise” in Irish and “strong and manly” in Greek.

15. Dustin — The meaning of this name can be either Old German for “brave warrior” or Scandinavian for “Thor’s stone.”

15 Common Boy Names That Start With D

Are you looking for something a little more common? We love all these names! They make great first or even middle D names for boys.

1. Dakota — Native American Sioux for “friend” or “ally.”

2. Dallas — A Scottish name meaning “from the meadows.”

3. Dalton — This name is of English origin and means “settlement in the valley.”

4. Danny — This D name for boys means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.

5. Darren — Irish and English for “great.”

6. Davis — A Welsh name meaning “beloved” or “son of David.”

7. Dawson — Meaning “son of David,” this boy’s name that starts with D is English.

8. Daxton — French for “from the town of Dax.”

9. Delaney — This name means “dark challenger” in Irish.

10. Denver — In French and English, this name means “from Anvers.”

11. Desmond — This common name means “from South Munster” in Irish.

12. Diesel — Derived from the German name “Dietrich.” It means “ruler of the people.”

13. Drake — Old English for “male duck” and Old Norse for “dragon.”

14. Dwayne — An English and Irish name meaning “black” or “dark.”

15. Dylan — This name means “son of the sea” in Welsh.

22 Biblical Boy Names That Start With D

If you know your religion, why not choose a biblical-inspired name? Each of these boy names has Christian-like meanings.

1. Daan — A Scandinavian name meaning “God is my judge.”

2. Dabney — Old French for “from Aubigny.”

3. Dacey — This French name means “born in nobility.”

4. Dado — This D boy’s name means “wealthy guard” in English.

5. Daewon — This Old Hebrew name means “Yahweh is gracious.”

6. Daichi — Japanese for “great wisdom.”

7. Daire — An Irish name that means “fertile” or “fruitful.”

8. Daley — This is an Irish name that means “assembly” or “gathering.”

9. Damien — Derived from a Greek word meaning “to tame” or “to conquer.”

10. Dand — The meaning of this name is “manly” in Scottish.

11. Daniel — A Hebrew name that means “God is my judge.”

12. Daniilu — This is the Slavic spelling for “Daniel.” It also means “God is my judge.”

13. Dara — Hebrew and Irish for “pearl of wisdom.”

14. Darius — This name means “possessing goodness” in Greek and Persian.

15. Dathan — This Hebrew name means “fountain.”

16. David — This biblical name means “beloved” in Hebrew.

17. Deacon — This name means “messenger” or “helper” in Greek.

18. Decimus — This is the Latin word for “tenth.”

19. Delman — In English, this name means “man from the valley.”

20. Demarcus — English for “son of Marcus.”

21. Demetrius — A Greek name meaning “follower of Demeter.”

22. Diklah — Arabic for “palm tree” and Hebrew for “His diminishing.”

27 Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With D

These classic names are overdue for a comeback! Take a look at our favorite old-fashioned boy names with D.

1. D’Artagnan — This Old French name means “from Artagnan,” a city in France.

2. Daggett — Scandinavian for “daylight” and a French nickname for someone carrying a dagger.

3. Dallben — A Welsh name meaning “blind chief.”

4. Dallin — This English name means “from the valley.”

5. Danforth — Old English for “ford in the valley.”

6. Darnell — An Old English name meaning “hidden nook.”

7. Daryl — This name means “darling” or “loved” in English and French.

8. Delbert — The meaning of this name is “noble” in English and German.

9. Dempsey — This D name for boys is Irish for “proud.”

10. Dennis — Greek for “follower of Dionysius.”

11. Deuce — This name can mean “two” or “devil” in English.

12. Dewitt — This name is Dutch for “blond one.”

13. Dexter — A Latin name for someone who is right-handed.

14. Digby — This name means “town by the ditch” in Scandinavian.

15. Dillard — This name’s exact meaning and origin is uncertain, but many say it means “proud” in English.

16. Dirk — German for “gifted ruler.”

17. Dixon — A Scottish name meaning “son of Richard.”

18. Donald — This name means “ruler of the world” in English and Scottish.

19. Dorian — Greek for “of Doris” or “gift.”

20. Dorsey — A French and English name meaning “dark.”

21. Dougal — This Scottish name means “dark stranger.”

22. Douglas — Irish for “black river” or “dark stream.”

23. Doyle — In Celtic, this name means “dark stranger.”

24. Dudley — An English name meaning “from the people’s meadow.”

25. Duke — This Latin name means “leader.”

26. Duncan — Scottish for “dark-skinned warrior.”

27. Dwight — This German name means “white” or “blond.”

30 Cute Boy Names That Start With D

These sweet names are wonderful for any baby boy. You might find the perfect match among these cute boy names for your little one.

1. Dacre — This name means “trickling stream” in English.

2. Dai — A Welsh name meaning “beloved.”

3. Dana — Arabic for “perfect” and Persian for “wise.”

4. Dane — This name means “from Denmark” in Old English.

5. Darwin — An English name meaning “dear friend.”

6. Davian — Hebrew for “beloved.”

7. Davy — A Hebrew name meaning “beloved” or “son of David.”

8. Deandre — In Latin, this name means “of Andrew.”

9. Deangelo — This is an Italian name that means “son of Angelo.”

10. Delfino — Greek for “dolphin.”

11. Dell — An English name meaning “small valley or glen.”

12. Delmar — Spanish for “of the sea.”

13. Delroy — This French name means “of the king.”

14. Denny — A Greek name meaning “follower of Dionysius.”

15. Denton — This name means “valley town” in Old English.

16. Dermot — Irish for “free from envy.”

17. Derry — This D name for boys means “oak grove” in Irish.

18. Desi — A Spanish name meaning “desired.”

19. Dewey — This name means “beloved” in Welsh.

20. Dex — Latin for “right-handed” or “fortunate.”

21. Dickie — The meaning of this name is “powerful ruler” in German.

22. DimitriRussian for “follower of Demeter” and Greek for “earth lover.”

23. Dino — This cute name means “little sword” in Italian.

24. Dion — This is the short form of “Dionysius,” the god of wine and revelry in Greek mythology.

25. Dodge — An English word meaning “to avoid.”

26. Donnie — English for “world ruler.”

27. Dre — A short form of “Andre.” It means “man” in French.

28. Duff — This name means “dark” and “swarthy” in Irish.

29. Dule — An African name that means “patience” in the Zulu language.

30. Dwyer — Irish for “dark wise one.”

47 Unique Boy Names Starting With D

Perhaps you would like something more unique and less commonly heard? Have a look at these D boy names.

1. Dabir — An Arabic name meaning “teacher.”

2. Dagger — This is an English personal name for someone who used and carried around a dagger.

3. Daisuke — Japanese for “great helper.”

4. Dakari — An African name that means “rejoice.”

5. Daler — This name means “brave” and “valiant” in Hindu.

6. Damarion — A Greek name meaning “calf.”

7. Damir — This Slavic name means “to give peace.”

8. Danek — This name means “God is my judge” in Polish.

9. Danilo — Spanish for “God is my judge.”

10. Danveer — A Hindu name meaning “benevolent.”

11. Darby — The meaning of this unique name is “deer park” in Old English.

12. Darcell — This name is French for “dark.”

13. Dariel — A French name meaning “open.”

14. Dario — This name means “possessing goodness” in Greek and Italian.

15. Darragh — An Irish name meaning “oak.”

16. Darrow — This name means “oak” in Scottish.

17. Dawes — This English name means “son of David.”

18. Dayton — English for “bright and sunny town.”

19. Decker — A German occupational name for a roofer.

20. Dedric — Old German for “people’s ruler.”

21. Delani — This name means “from the alder grove” in French.

22. Delano — This name has French and Irish origins. It can mean “nighttime” or “from the marsh.”

23. Delios — Greek for “from Delos.”

24. Delray — This name means “of the king” in French.

25. Denham — Old English for “village in a valley.”

26. Deriq — An alternate spelling of the German name “Derek.” It means “people’s ruler.”

27. Deshaun — Hebrew for “God is gracious.”

28. Destin — A French and English name for “destiny.”

29. Destry — This name means “war horse” in English.

30. Devlin — In Irish, this unique name means “unlucky.”

31. Devonte — A Spanish name meaning “to fight for justice.”

32. Devraj — This name means “ruler of the Gods” in Hindi.

33. Dhan — Sanskrit for “wealth.”

34. Dietrich — This name means “ruler of the people” in German.

35. Din — Sanskrit for “humble” and Vietnamese for “calm.”

36. Domhnall — A Gaelic name meaning “world ruler.”

37. Donal — This name is Scottish for “great chief.”

38. Donatello — An Italian name meaning “gift from God.”

39. Dov — This unique name means “bear” in Hebrew.

40. Dream — A name for “joyous music” in English.

41. Dunbar — This is a Scottish and Irish name for “castle headland.”

42. Dupree — A French name meaning “from the meadow.”

43. Duran — This name means “firm” or “enduring” in Latin.

44. Dusty — German for “brave warrior.”

45. Dutch — An English name meaning “from the Netherlands.”

46. Dutton — This is an English habitational name for a settlement or town on a hill.

47. Duval — This name means “from the valley” in French.

44 Rare Boy Names That Start With D

Try one of these rare names for your baby boy. They will allow your son’s individuality to shine!

1. Dafydd — A Welsh name meaning “beloved.”

2. Daigo — Japanese for “big” or “great.”

3. Damascus — This is the world’s oldest capital city located in Syria.

4. Damocles — This name means “glory” in Greek.

5. Danji — Japanese for “boy.”

6. Danner — A German topographic name for someone who lives in or near a forest.

7. Danya — This Hebrew name means “judgment of God.”

8. Darko — This name means “gift” in Slavic.

9. Darshan — Sanskrit for “vision.”

10. Daru — This name means “pine” or “cedar” in Hindi.

11. Dashiell — In French, this name means “from heaven” or “sky.”

12. Daveed — Hebrew for “beloved.”

13. Daxel — While the meaning of this name is unknown, it is a rare name of English origin.

14. Dayman — A Middle English name for someone who works in the daytime.

15. Deegan — Irish for “dark-haired.”

16. Dekel — This name means “palm tree” in Hebrew.

17. Delorean – The DeLorean Motor Company inspires this name. It’s of French origin and means “from the laurels.”

18. Dembe — An African name meaning “peace.”

19. Denim — Meaning “strong cloth,” Denim is a D boy name of French origin.

20. Devereaux — A French name meaning “riverbank.”

21. Devrim — Turkish for “revolution.”

22. Dezi — This Spanish name means “desired.”

23. Dhruv — This is a Sanskrit name meaning “constant” or “faithful.”

24. Dhvani — This is an Indian word for a sound used in Hindi to create an ambiance.

25. Dhyan — Hindi for “reflection” or “meditation.”

26. Didier — A French name meaning “desired.”

27. Django — This Romani name means “I awake.”

28. Donaciano — Latin for “gift of God.”

29. Donato — This name means “gift from God” in Italian and Spanish.

30. Doone — A Scottish name for “hill” or “mountain.”

31. Doutzen — This name means “little dove” in Dutch.

32. Douwe — Dutch and German for “dove.”

33. Dozier — A German name meaning “from the willows.”

34. Drago — Hungarian for “dragon” and Slavic for “precious.”

35. Drayton — This name means “portage settlement” in Old English.

36. Dreavyn — An Old English name meaning “hunter.”

37. Dryas — This Greek name means “oak tree.”

38. Dryden — English for “dry valley.”

39. Dubois — This is an Old French name meaning “of the woods.”

40. Dumas — A French topographic name for someone who lived in an isolated dwelling in the country.

41. Dunstan — English for “hill of stones.”

42. Dvij — Meaning “bird” or “born twice,” this rare name is of Hindu origin.

43. Dweezil — Frank Zappa invented this name for his son.

44. Dyson — English for “son of Denise.”

We hope this list of boy names that start with D made one of life’s most challenging decisions a bit easier on you and your significant other — it’s one thing coming up with the first letter you’d like to go with; it’s another trying to find that perfect name! Whether you choose something original, classic, or something a little bit more out of the ordinary — it’s important to know that whatever choice you make is a perfect one nonetheless.

Be sure also to look at our other baby names lists, like short boy namesstrong boy names, coolest boy names, and unique and trendy boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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