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208 Classic Baby Names

Are you looking for beautiful and meaningful classic baby names for your baby boy or girl? We've got 200+ of the best classic names for you!

Updated March 26, 2024

Are you expecting a bundle of joy and looking for classic baby names for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! There are many vintage baby names to choose from for your child. The classic boy names and classic girl names we compiled below are primarily British, French, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, and Welsh in origin. You might recognize a few of them from your family tree. (For example, my paternal grandmother’s name, Louise, and her mother’s name, Stella, both made the list. My mother-in-law’s name, Barbara, and her mother’s name, Catherine, also made the cut.)

Classic Baby Names

Classic Boy Names

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? You might like these nature-inspired names, like Irving, which means “green river or sea friend;” Dale, which means “valley;” Glenn, which means “glen;” Lee, which means “pasture or meadow;” Oliver, which means “olive tree;” Peter, which means “rock;” Silas, which means “forest, woods;” Stanley, which means “stony meadow;” or Vernon, which means “alder grove.”

Animal lover? You might consider Arnold, which means “eagle ruler;” Arthur, which means “bear or Thor, the eagle;” Everett, which means “brave as a wild boar;” Jonas, which means “dove;” Leo or Leon, which both mean “lion;” Orson, which means “bear;” or Randall, which means “wolf shield.”

Religious? Try Benedict, which means “blessed;” Caleb, which means “devotion to God;” Elliot, which means “Jehovah is God;” Jack or John, which both mean “God is gracious;” Michael, which means “who resembles God?;” Nathaniel, which means “God has given;” Oswald, which means “God’s power; or Theo or Theodore, which means “gift of God.”

Want to give your son a name befitting a warrior? Consider Earl, which means “nobleman, warrior, prince;” Ernest, which means “serious; a battle to the death;” Frederic, which means “peaceful ruler;” Gerald, which means “spear ruler;” Harold, which means “army ruler;” Harvey, which means “eager for battle; strong, warrior;” Herbert, which means “illustrious warrior;” Luther, which means “soldier of the people;” Oscar, which means “spear of the gods;” William, which means “will-helmet or protection;” or Walter, which means “commander of the army.”

Popular Classic Boy Names

These are the most popular classic boy names in alphabetical order.

1. Albert

2. Alfred

3. Allen

4. Alvin

5. Arnold

6. Arthur

7. Asher

8. Atticus

9. August

10. Basil

11. Benedict

12. Benjamin

13. Bernard

14. Caleb

15. Caspian

16. Cassius

17. Cecil

18. Charles

19. Clarence

20. Clifford

21. Clyd

22. Dale

23. Dennis

24. Donald

25. Earl

26. Edison

27. Edwin

28. Elliot

29. Elmer

30. Ernest

31. Eugene

32. Everett

33. Ezra

34. Felix

35. Finn

36. Floyd

37. Frances or Francis

38. Frederic

39. Gerald

40. Glenn

41. Harold

42. Harvey

43. Henry

44. Herbert

45. Howard

46. Hugo

47. Irving

48. Jack

49. James

50. Jasper

51. Jeffrey

52. John

53. Jonas

54. Jude

55. Kenneth

56. Lawrence

57. Lee

58. Leo or Leon

59. Leonard

60. Lewis or Louis

61. Lloyd

62. Luther

63. Martin

64. Marvin

65. Max

66. Michael

67. Miles

68. Milo

69. Murphy

70. Nathaniel

71. Neil

72. Noah

73. Norman

74. Oliver

75. Orson

76. Oscar

77. Oswald

78. Otis

79. Otto

80. Owen

81. Paul

82. Peter

83. Pierce

84. Quentin

85. Quincy

86. Quinn

87. Ralph

88. Randall

89. Ray or Raymond

90. Robert

91. Roger

92. Ronald

93. Roy

94. Russell

95. Samuel

96. Sebastian

97. Silas

98. Stanley

99. Terrence

100. Theo or Theodore

101. Vernon

102. Victor

103. Vincent

104. Wallace

105. Walter

106. Warren

107. Watson

108. Wayne

109. Wilbur

110. William

111. Winston

Classic Girl Names

These are the most popular classic girl names in alphabetical order.

Are you a gardener? You might like Daisy, which means “day’s eye;” Daphne, which means “laurel tree, bay tree;” Florence, which means “flowering or in bloom;” Hazel, which means “the hazelnut tree;” Ivy, which means “ivy plant;” Lillian, which means “lily;” Loretta, which means “laurel;” Marilyn, which means “star of the sea;” Olive, or “olive tree;” Polly, which means “star of the sea;” Rose, which means “rose;” Shirley, which means “bright meadow;” Sylvia, which means “wood or forest;” Sue or Susan, which both mean “lily;” or Violet, which means “purple.”

Or you might like Elaine, Eleanor, or Helen, which all mean “sun ray or shining light;” Lucy, which means “light;” Iris, which means “rainbow;” Phoebe, which means “bright or radiant;” or Stella, which means “star.”

Animal lover? You might like Bernadette, which means “strong, brave bear;” Beverly, which means “beaver stream or meadow;” Tabitha, which means “gazelle;” or Ursula, which means “little she-bear.”

Religious? You might consider Betsy, which means “worshipper of God;” Betty, which means “oath of God;” Elsie, which means “God of plenty;” Joan, which means “God is gracious;” Josephine or Posey, which both mean “Jehovah increases;” Phyllis, which means “greenery;” or Winifred, which means “holy, blessed reconciliation, or joy and peace.”

Want to give your daughter a name befitting a warrior? You might like Geraldine, which means “spear ruler;” Gertrude, which means “strong spear;” Eloise or Louise, which both mean “famous warrior;” or Willa, which means “will-helmet or protection.”

Are you due in the summer? Try these summer names, like June, which means “young,” or Theresa, which means “late summer.”

Popular Classic Girl Names

These are the most popular classic girl names in alphabetical order.

1. Adelaide

2. Adeline

3. Alice

4. Amelia

5. Arlene

6. Aurelia

7. Aurora

8. Barbara or Barbie

9. Beatrice

10. Betsy

11. Betty

12. Beverly

13. Billie

14. Bonnie

15. Carol

16. Catherine, Kate, Katherine, or Kitty

17. Charlotte

18. Clara

19. Constance

20. Cora

21. Daisy

22. Daphne

23. Darlene

24. Dolores

25. Doris, Dorothy, or Dot

26. Edith

27. Edna

28. Elaine, Eleanor, or Helen

29. Eloise or Louise

30. Elsie

31. Esme

32. Esther

33. Evelyn

34. Florence

35. Frances or Francis

36. Freya

37. Gail

38. Genevieve

39. Gloria

40. Grace

41. Hazel

42. Hedy

43. Ida

44. Irene

45. Iris

46. Ivy

47. Joan

48. Josephine or Posey

49. Joyce

50. Judith

51. June

52. Lillian

53. Lois

54. Loretta

55. Lorraine

56. Lucille or Lucy

57. Mabel

58. Margaret

59. Marilyn

60. Marjorie

61. Nanette

62. Nora

63. Norma

64. Octavia

65. Olive

66. Opal

67. Ophelia

68. Patsy

69. Pegg

70. Penelope

71. Phoebe

72. Phyllis

73. Polly

74. Priscilla

75. Prudence

76. Queenie

77. Rhea

78. Rose

79. Rosemary

80. Ruby

81. Ruth

82. Scarlet

83. Shirley

84. Sophia

85. Stella

86. Sue or Susan

87. Sylvia

88. Tabitha

89. Theresa

90. Tilly

91. Ursula

92. Violet

93. Virginia

94. Wanda

95. Willa

96. Wilma

97. Winifred

I hope these ideas give you some vintage inspiration as you choose a name for your child! Tell us your favorite classic baby names in the comments!

Be sure to look at our other baby name lists, like our old-fashioned names, elegant baby names, and Italian baby names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby!

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