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245 Baby Girl Names That Start With N

You'll love this list of N girl names and their meanings, from pretty and vintage names to rare and popular ones!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Those two little lines have popped up on that test, and what’s next on your mind is what to prepare before you pop with your newest little one! This can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for you and your partner. We’re here to make one thing on your list a bit easier — picking that perfect baby name! Starting with a letter of the alphabet you like is a great place to start. This list is all about baby girl names that start with N!

Baby Girl Names That Start With N

Here are our top girl names starting with an N, including pretty names, common names, vintage names, and more:

11 Popular Girl Names That Start With N

Let’s face it — the most popular names aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. These names are stylish, fun, and special for a reason! Take a look at the most popular N girl names.

1. Naomi — Hebrew for “pleasantness.”

2. Natalie — This name means “birthday of the Lord” in French.

3. Nayeli — This name means “I love you” in Zapotec.

4. Nevaeh — An American name meaning “heaven.”

5. Noa — Hebrew for “motion.”

6. Noelani — A Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly mist.”

7. Noelle — This name means “Christmas” in French.

8. Nora — This Irish name means “light.”

9. Nova — Latin for “new.”

10. Novalee — This American name means “new field.”

11. Nyla — An Arabic name meaning “one who achieves” or “winner.”

10 Common Girl Names That Start With N

Here are some common girl names starting with N. You’ve probably seen these names in magazines or literature and have wanted to jot them down at one time or another. Well, now’s your chance!

1. Nadia — Russian for “hope” and Arabic for “delicate.”

2. Nadine — This name means “hope” in French.

3. Nancy — An English name meaning “grace.”

4. Natalia — Latin for “birthday of the Lord.”

5. Natasha — Russian for “birthday of the Lord.”

6. Nia — This name means “resolve” in Swahili and “brilliance” in Welsh.

7. Nicole — A French name meaning “people of victory.”

8. Nicolette — This name also means “people of victory” in French.

9. Nina — In Spanish, this name means “little girl.”

10. Norah — English for “woman of honor” and Arabic for “light.”

9 Biblical Girl Names That Start With N

Each of these girl names can be found in the Bible. There are great choices here if you want a fantastic biblical girl name.

1. Naamah — Hebrew for “sweetness, grace, and beauty.”

2. Naarah — This name means “girl” or “maiden” in Hebrew.

3. Nasia — Hebrew for “God’s miracle.”

4. Nehushta — This name means “made of brass” in Hebrew.

5. Neriah — A Hebrew name meaning “light of Jehovah.”

6. Noadiah — This name means “meeting with the Lord” in Hebrew.

7. Noah — Hebrew for “motion.”

8. Noemi — Italian and Spanish for “my delight.”

9. Nogah — A Hebrew name meaning “brightness.”

12 Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With N

A timeless name is fitting for any sweet baby. This is a great place to start if you’re drawn to old-timey names.

1. Naida — Greek for “water nymph.”

2. Nan — This name means “grace” in English.

3. Nanny — This name also means “grace” in English.

4. Nara — A Japanese name meaning “happy.”

5. Nelda — English for “one who lives by the alder tree.”

6. Nellie — This name means “shining light” in Greek.

7. Nessie — The meaning of this name is “pure” in Greek.

8. Neve — Italian and Portuguese for “snow.”

9. Nita — This name means “friendly” in Hindi and “to plant” in Hebrew. It also means “bear” in Choctaw.

10. Nona — In Latin, this name means “ninth.”

11. Noreen — English for “light.”

12. Norma — This name means “from the north” in English and “the pattern” in Latin.

10 Vintage Girl Names That Start With N

If you fancy a little vintage flair, we have you covered! These girl names starting with N are classic and deserve to make a comeback.

1. Nanette — French for “grace.”

2. Nedra — A Slavic name meaning “born on Sunday.”

3. Nell — This name means “bright shining one” in English.

4. Nettie — English for “plant.”

5. Niamh — This name means “bright” in Gaelic.

6. Nicola — In Greek, this name means “people of victory.”

7. Ninan — Arabic for “God is gracious.”

8. Ninette — A French name meaning “grace.”

9. Nola — Gaelic for “white shoulder.”

10. Novella — Latin and Italian for “young.”

29 Cute Girl Names That Start With N

Your cute-as-a-button little girl would thrive with one of these adorable names. Some of my favorites are in this category, such as “Nala.”

1. Nadelle — This name means “something that raises a hope within” in French.

2. Nadja — Russian for “hope” and Arabic for “delicate.”

3. Nala — In Swahili, this name means “lion” or “queen.”

4. Nariko — This name means “gentle child” in Japanese.

5. Navi — Hebrew for “prophet.”

6. Navy — An English name meaning “fleet of ships” or “dark blue.”

7. Naya — This name means “fresh” in Arabic.

8. Naz — A Turkish name meaning “coy.”

9. Nazanin — This Persian name means “sweetheart.”

10. Nebula — Latin for “mist.”

11. Nekesa — This name means “born during harvest” in Bantu.

12. Nelida — Spanish for “shining light.”

13. Nellwyn — An English name meaning “bright friend.”

14. Nessa — A Scandinavian name meaning “headlands.”

15. Nico — Italian for “people of victory.”

16. Nike — This name is Greek for “victory” and is also the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

17. Nikia — This name means “victory” in Greek.

18. Nikki — Greek for “people of victory” and Punjabi for “little one.”

19. Nim — The meaning of this name is “bright” or “pleasant” in Hebrew.

20. Nisha — This name means “night” in Sanskrit.

21. Nixie — German for “water nymph.”

22. Noel — A French name meaning “Christmas.”

23. Nolan — This Irish name means “champion.”

24. Noor — Arabic for “light.”

25. Norarose — This combination name means “light” in Hebrew and “flower” in Latin.

26. Nori — This name means “doctrine” or “seaweed” in Japanese.

27. North — English for the cardinal direction of north.

28. Novie — This name means “new” in Latin.

29. Nyx — Greek for “night.”

21 Pretty Girl Names That Start With N

I love pretty names, and these N names for girls are perfect for any princess! Take a look to see if you find the best match for your daughter.

1. Naazneen — A Persian name meaning “precious.”

2. Nabina — This name means “new” in Hindi.

3. Nadette — French for “hope.”

4. Nairobi — This is the capital of Kenya, and it means “place of cool waters” in Swahili.

5. Nakira — Hebrew for “one who will bring justice.”

6. Narangarel — A Mongolian name for “sunlight.”

7. Narcissa — This name means “daffodil” in Greek.

8. Nasrin — A Persian name meaning “wild rose.”

9. Nessarose — This Scandinavian name means “rose of the peninsula.”

10. Nevada — Spanish for “covered in snow.”

11. Nidhi — This name means “treasure” in Hindi and Sanskrit.

12. Nigella — This name means “black” in French.

13. Nikita — Russian for “victor” and Sanskrit for “house.”

14. Nirvana — In Sanskrit, this name means “place of great bliss.”

15. Nissa — This Hebrew name means “to test.”

16. Noella — A French name meaning “Christmas.”

17. Norberta — German for “bright heroine.”

18. Normani — This name was created as a feminine form of “Norman.” It means “Northman” in English.

19. Novia — Latin for “new.”

20. Nubia — An Egyptian name meaning “gold.”

21. Nutsa — Georgian for “sky princess.”

18 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With N

Every gorgeous girl deserves the most beautiful name. These names were handpicked for their beauty and will suit any baby girl.

1. Na — Chinese for “elegant.”

2. Naadhira — An Arabic name meaning “blooming” or “flourishing.”

3. Naavah — Hebrew for “beautiful.”

4. Nabela — This name means “noble” or “excellent” in Arabic.

5. Nadelyn — Arabic for “fruitful gift.”

6. Nadra — This name means “radiance” in Arabic.

7. Nastia — Greek for “resurrection.”

8. Nefertiti — An Egyptian name meaning “the beautiful one has arrived.”

9. Nephele — This name means “cloudy” in Greek.

10. Nightingale — German for “night singer.”

11. Nilam — This name means “sapphire” in Sanskrit.

12. Nitzan — Hebrew for “flower bud.”

13. Nizhoni — This name means “beautiful” in Navajo.

14. Nolita — Latin for “unwilling.”

15. Nonhle — This name means “beautiful” in Xhosa.

16. Noy — Hebrew for “beauty.”

17. Nyesha — Arabic for “alive.”

18. Nyra — This name means “beauty of Saraswati” in Sanskrit.

67 Unique Girl Names That Start With N

The following N girl names are original and unique — ones you may have never heard before. Time to grab your paper and pen and start choosing the ones you love! Check them out!

1. Naana — Ghanaian for “queen.”

2. Nabiya — This name means “high status” in Hindi.

3. Nachele — English for “powerful woman.”

4. Nadzieja — Polish for “hope.”

5. Naia — A Hawaiian name meaning “dolphin.”

6. Naima — This Arabic and Scandinavian name means “tranquil” and “pleasantness.”

7. Najla — Arabic for “wide-eyed.”

8. Najwa — This name means “secret” in Arabic.

9. Nalani — Hawaiian for “calm skies.”

10. Naledi — This name means “star” in Sesotho.

11. Nalina — This name means “lotus” in Sanskrit.

12. Namia — An Arabic name meaning “increasing.”

13. Nandag — Gaelic for “grace.”

14. Narelle — A Scandinavian name meaning “from the north.”

15. Naressa — Greek for “sea nymph.”

16. Naria — Japanese for “formation.”

17. Narida — An Australian Aboriginal name that means “water lily.” It also means “mermaid” in Greek.

18. Narina — A Persian name meaning “fresh” or “pomegranate flower.”

19. Narinder — This name means “lord of people” in Sanskrit.

20. Narine — This Armenian name means “pomegranate.”

21. Narmada — Hindi for “she who gives pleasure.”

22. Nashya — A Persian name meaning “judge.”

23. Nata — Russian for “hope” and Arabic for “tender.”

24. Natia — Polish for “hope.”

25. Navidad — Spanish for “Christmas.”

26. Nayla — An Arabic name meaning “gracious.”

27. Neeka — This Arabic name means “thoughtful.”

28. Neelie — Hebrew for “locking” or “closing.”

29. Neena — This name means “pretty eyes” in Sanskrit.

30. Neeta — This name means “friendly” in Hindi.

31. Neida — Hebrew for “grace.”

32. Nella — English for “bright.”

33. Nemi — This name means “sweet” in Mende.

34. Neoma — Greek for “new moon” and Hebrew for “pleasantness.”

35. Nereida — Greek for “sea nymph.”

36. Nevena — This Slavic name means “marigold.”

37. Niamara — This name means “a sweet and sugary girl” in Arabic.

38. Nicolene — English for “people of victory.” Irish and Scottish for “pup.”

39. Nicte — This Mayan name means “plumeria flower.”

40. Nidia — A Greek name meaning “she possesses sweetness and grace.”

41. Niema — Arabic for “blessing.”

42. Niesha — Arabic for “alive.”

43. Nieva — Spanish for “snows.”

44. Niga — This name means “gaze” in Kurdish.

45. Niharika — This name means “admired for her looks” in Hindi.

46. Nichole — French for “people of victory.”

47. Nika — A Russian name meaning “she who brings victory.”

48. Nikeisha — English for “cinnamon tree.”

49. Nikola — A Serbian name meaning “victory of the people.”

50. Nilsa — Swedish for “victor.”

51. Nindaanis — This name means “my daughter” in Ojibwe.

52. Ninella — Sumerian for “lady of the earth.”

53. Nini — This name means “melody” in Swahili.

54. Nipisiy — This name means “willow” in Cree.

55. Niusha — A Persian name meaning “good listener.”

56. Nolene — An Irish name meaning “noble.”

57. Nomsa — This name means “kindness” in Zulu.

58. Nonie — English for “God is gracious.”

59. Noreena — An Irish name meaning “light.”

60. Norene — English for “light.”

61. Novaleigh — This name means “new field” in English.

62. Novara — Italian for “new.”

63. Nuna — This Native American name means “land.”

64. Nura — An Arabic name meaning “light.”

65. Nurit — Hebrew for “fire of the Lord.”

66. Nya — This name means “tenacity” in Swahili.

67. Nyssa — Greek for “goal.”

58 Rare Girl Names That Start With N

These names are different and creative, making them great contenders for a baby girl’s name. If you want a rare name that another child is unlikely to have, one of these N girl names would be wonderful.

1. Naleigh — Hebrew for “a graceful meadow.”

2. Naoise — This Irish name means “warrior” or “champion.”

3. Naoko — Japanese for “obedient child.”

4. Nardos — An Ethiopian name meaning “perfume.”

5. Nargiz — A Persian name meaning “narcissus flower” or “daffodil.”

6. Narice — This name means “from the sea” in Greek.

7. Narie — Japanese for “blessed.”

8. Nariyah — This name means “bright light” in Hindi.

9. Natalija — A Slovenian name meaning “Christmas.”

10. Naturelle — French for “natural.”

11. Naushita — An Arabic name meaning “lively woman.”

12. Nautica — This name means “pertaining to ships or sailors” in Latin.

13. Nayce — Hebrew for “miracle of God.”

14. Ndidi — This name means “patience” in Igbo.

15. Neea — A Finnish name meaning “lime tree.”

16. Neera — Hebrew for “light.”

17. Neesha — This name means “night” in Hindi.

18. Negar — A Persian name meaning “beloved.”

19. Negin — This Persian name means “gemstone.”

20. Neha — This name means “love” in Hindi and Sanskrit.

21. Neighland — This Dutch name means “newly cultivated land.”

22. Neith — An Egyptian name meaning “divine mother.”

23. Nemaine — This Irish name means “spirited woman.”

24. Nene — Japanese for “peace.”

25. Neri — Hebrew for “my candle” and Greek for “ocean spirit.”

26. Neshama — This name means “soul” or “spirit” in Hebrew.

27. Nesta — Welsh for “pure.”

28. Nettle — This is an English name inspired by a perennial shrub called the “nettle plant.”

29. Nezuko — This name means “red bean child” in Japanese.

30. Ngozi — This name means “blessing” in Igbo.

31. Nguyet — A Vietnamese name meaning “moon.”

32. Nhung — This name means “velvet” in Vietnamese.

33. Niabi — A Native American name meaning “fawn.”

34. Niah — This name means “resolve” in Swahili and “brilliance” in Welsh.

35. Nida — An Arabic name meaning “proclaim.”

36. Nieves — Spanish for “snows.”

37. Nikhazia — This name means “triumphant woman” in Greek.”

38. Nikira — In Greek, this name means “victorious human.”

39. Niles — A Scandinavian name meaning “son of Neil.”

40. Niloufar — This Persian name means “lotus” or “waterlily.”

41. Nimarata — This name means “humility” in Punjabi.

42. Nimble — English for “agile.”

43. Ninfa — This name means “sea nymph” in Spanish.

44. Nobuko — This name means “trust” and “child” in Japanese.

45. Nolwenn — Welsh for “shining” or “holy.”

46. Noomie — This Finnish name means “gentle” or “graceful.”

47. Noora — An Irish name meaning “light.”

48. Novalie — Latin for “new.”

49. November — This name means “nine” in Latin.

50. Nox — Latin for “night.”

51. Nthanda — This name means “star” in Tumbuka.

52. Ntombi — This name means “girl” in Zulu.

53. Nuala — An Irish name meaning “white shoulders.”

54. Nurcan — This name means “bright soul” in Turkish.

55. Nyarai — This name means “be shy, be quiet, be humble” in Shona.

56. Nymphodora — Greek for “bride or nymph” and “gift.”

57. Nyneve — This name means “lady of the lake” in Arthurian legend.

58. Nyomi — Hebrew for “pleasantness.”

Did any of these girl names that start with N pop out at you at first glance? Choosing a name may seem like one of the most challenging decisions regarding your newborn baby. But you and your partner can also have a lot of fun with it! There are so many stresses when it comes to thinking about your life as a parent, so try not to worry too much about choosing your baby’s name! It will find you, and you’ll know it’s the right one for your little one and your family. Happy baby naming!

Be sure to also peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our modern girl names, rare girl namesbiblical girl names, and coolest girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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