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80+ Popular Twin Names for Boys, Girls, or Both!

Expecting a double bundle of joy? Twins are exciting, but picking their names can be overwhelming. Here are some great twin names ideas!

Updated March 27, 2024

Are you expecting two bundles of joy and trying to pick twin names? Some parents opt to choose names with similar origins or meanings. Others simply opt for alliteration. Whether you are looking for twin boy names, twin girl names, or twin boy and girl names, there are endless pairs of baby names to choose from. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite twin name options below, from the most popular to some fun literary name pairings. (Side note: The name Thomas means “twin.”)

Names for Twins

Twin Girl Names

Religious? You might like Isabella, meaning “God is my oath,” paired with Sophia, meaning “wisdom.” Or you might consider the alliterative pair Elizabeth, which also means “God is my oath,” and Emma, which means “whole or universal,” or Eden, which means “delight,” and Eve, which means “living.” Or you could try the obvious Latin name pairing of Faith, which means “to trust,” and Grace, which means “God’s grace.”

Do you or your partner have Irish roots? You might consider the Irish names Tara, which means “star,” paired with Teagan, which means “beautiful.” Greek roots? Try Penelope, which means “weaver,” paired with Phoebe, which means “bright, shining.”

Do you have English roots and love the woods? You might like Ashley, which means “meadow where ash trees are found,” paired with Avery, which means “ruler of elves.”

Or you might like the English name Taylor, which means “tailor,” paired with the Greek name Tessa, which means “harvester.”

Literary enthusiast? You might consider Charlotte, which means “petite, feminine,” paired with Emily, which means “rival,” of English poet and novelist Brontë sister’s fame.

Twin Names for Girls

1. Ashley and Avery

2. Ava and Ella

3. Catherine and Cambrie

4. Chloe and Charlotte

5. Charlotte and Emily

6. Eden and Eve

7. Elizabeth and Emma

8. Faith and Grace

9. Hailey and Hannah

10. Hannah and Hazel

11. Heaven and Nevaeh

12. Hope and Grace

13. Isabella and Sophia

14. Julia and Jade

15. Lily and Lola

16. Luna and Lucille

17. Makayla and Mackenzie

18. Madison and Morgan

19. Mary and Martha

20. Mia and Maya

21. Olivia and Ophelia

22. Penelope and Phoebe

23. Tara and Teagan

24. Tessa and Taylor

Twin Boy Names

Religious? You might like the Old Testament Hebrew namesJacob, meaning “supplanter,” and Joshua, meaning “God is deliverance.” Or you might prefer the Hebrew name pairing of Elijah, which means “Yahweh is my God,” and Isaiah, which means “God is salvation.”

You might also like the Old Testament Hebrew pairing of John, which means “graced by God,” and Joseph, which means “he will add,” or Benjamin, which means “son of the right hand,” and Samuel, which means “God has heard.”

Or you could opt for the New Testament pairing of the Hebrew name Matthew, which means “gift of God,” and the Latin name Mark, which means “consecrated to the god Mars.”

History buff? You might like Travis, which means “to cross,” as in Alamo hero William Barret Travis, paired with Tyler, which means “owner of a tavern,” as in tenth U.S. President John Tyler.

Proud Texan? You might consider Austin, which means “great,” paired with Houston, which means “settlement, village.”

Like alliteration? You could opt for Eli, which means “high and elevated,” paired with Emmitt, which means “universal, powerful, or truth;” Hunter, which means “one who hunts,” paired with Hudson, which means “son of Hudde;” or Zachary, which means “God remembers,” paired with Zander, which means “defender of men.”

Twin Names for Boys

1. Adam and Aiden

2. Austin and Houston

3. Benjamin and Samuel

4. Caleb and Jacob

5. Daniel and David

6. Dominic and Dylan

7. Eli and Emmitt

8. Elijah and Isaiah

9. Elliott and Ethan

10. Ethan and Nathan

11. Hunter and Hudson

12. Isaac and Isaiah

13. Jacob and Joshua

14. John and Joseph

15. Liam and Luca

16. Matthew and Mark

17. Michael and Mitchell

18. Nathaniel and Nicholas

19. Oscar and Oliver

20. Owen and Otis

21. Timothy and Titus

22. Travis and Tyler

23. William and Wyatt

24. Zachary and Zander

Twin Boy and Girl Names

Expecting one baby of each gender? You might consider the alliterative pair Olivia, of Latin origin, which means “olive tree,” and Owen, of Greek origin, which means “noble, youthful, and well-born.” Or you might like the Old English name Addison, which means “son of Adam,” paired with the Irish Gaelic name Aiden, which means “little fire.”

Or you might prefer the alliterative pair Emily, which means “rival,” and Ethan, which means “strong, safe, solid, and firm.”

Literary enthusiast? You might like Lucy, which means “light,” paired with Edmund, which means “prosperity, fortune, and protection,” or Susan, which means “above, higher,” paired with Peter, which means “rock, stone,” of Chronicles of Narnia fame. Or you might like Ginevra (Ginny), which means “white, blessed, or fair,” paired with Ronald (Ron), which means “rules with counsel,” of Harry Potter fame.

Are you a Charlotte’s Web fan? You might consider Charlotte, which means “petite, feminine,” paired with Wilbur, which means “resolute, brilliant.”

Boy and Girl Twin Names

1. Abigail and Benjamin

2. Addison and Aiden

3. Alexander and Sophia

4. Bella and Brandon

5. Bonnie and Beckett

6. Cameron and Matthew

7. Charlotte and Caleb

8. Charlotte and Wilbur

9. Chloe and Christian

10. Emily and Ethan

11. Emma and Evan

12. Gemma and Jett

13. Georgia and Jordan

14. Ginevra and Ronald

15. Kristen and Tristan

16. Kylie and Riley

17. Lily and Liam

18. Lucy and Edmund

19. Madison and Matthew

20. Mari and Marcos

21. Mila and Liam

22. Molly and Oliver

23. Morgan and Mason

24. Natalie and Nathan

25. Nina and Ian

26. Olivia and Owen

27. Paige and Paul

28. Quinn and Finn

29. Samantha and Sawyer

30. Sophia and Noah

31. Susan and Peter

32. Tara and Thomas

33. Tess and Tripp

34. Winifred and William

35. Zoey and Zachary

I hope you found a few twin names to add to your list! Or, got some inspiration to create your perfect twin name combination.

If you are looking for more baby names, try elegant baby names, preppy baby names, coolest baby girl names, and coolest baby boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby!

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