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298 Baby Girl Names That Start With S

This list of girl names starting with S has everything from exotic and mystical names to beautiful, unique, and rare ones.

Updated June 30, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Ever since seeing those double lines appear on that pregnancy test, a million things are running through your mind. One of these things is your baby’s name. There are so many names out there that it can be hard to hone in on a favorite! Whether you’re just starting your search or are set on girl names that start with S, you’ll surely find something that speaks to you in the list below.

Baby Girl Names That Start With S

From popular and cool to rare and exotic, there are so many amazing girl names starting with S to choose from! We’ve chosen 298 of our favorites and provided origins and meanings so you find the perfect match:

S is one of the most popular letters in the alphabet, so it makes sense that many names on the Social Security Association’s (SSA) most popular list of names would also start with this letter.1,2 Names like Samantha and Sarah have topped the list for a long time, but newcomers like Skylar and Stella are just as sweet.

1. Sadie — Hebrew for “princess.”

2. Samantha — This name means “told by God” in Hebrew.

3. Sarah — This name is also Hebrew for “princess.”

4. Savannah — Spanish for “flat tropical grassland.”

5. Scarlett — An English name meaning “red.”

6. Sienna — This name means “orange-red” in Italian.

7. Skylar — A Dutch name meaning “scholar.”

8. Sofia, Sophia — Greek for “wisdom.”

9. Sophie — This name means “wisdom” in French.

10. Stella — Latin for “star.”

10 Common Girl Names That Start With S

Even though these names aren’t the most popular, there’s no surprise why they’re common among parents. They’re still so very special!

1. Sage — Latin for “wise.”

2. Samara — This name means “under God’s rule” in Hebrew and “companion in night conversation” in Arabic.

3. Sara — A Hebrew name meaning “princess.”

4. Saylor — This name means “boatman” in German and “tailor” in French.

5. Selena — Latin for “moon goddess.”

6. Sloane — An Irish name meaning “raider.”

7. Stephanie — In Greek, this name means “garland” or “crown.”

8. Summer — An English name for the warmest season of the year.

9. Sutton — This name means “from the southern homestead” in English.

10. Sydney — A French name meaning “Saint-Denis.”

9 Biblical Girl Names That Start With S

These girl names that start with S can be found in the Bible. If you’re looking for the perfect biblical girl name, this is the best place to start.

1. Salome — This name means “peace” in Hebrew.

2. Sapphira — A Greek and Hebrew name for the dark blue jewel.

3. Sarai — Hebrew for “princess.”

4. Selah — This name means “praise” or “pause” in Hebrew.

5. Sherah — In Hebrew, this name means “kinswoman.”

6. Shifra — This Hebrew name means “good” or “handsome.”

7. Shulammite — Hebrew for “peace.”

8. Susannah — This name means “lily” in Hebrew.

9. Syntyche — This name means “common fate” in Greek.

13 Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With S

A name being a little old-fashioned isn’t a bad thing. There’s a reason these girl names are still around — they’re such classics!

1. Sally — This name means “princess” in Hebrew.

2. Selma — A German name meaning “godly helmet.”

3. Shannon — This Irish name means “old and wise.”

4. Sharon — Hebrew for “a plain.”

5. Sheena — An Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”

6. Sheryl — In French, this name means “darling.”

7. Sherry — This name also means “darling” in French.

8. Shirley — English for “bright meadow.”

9. Stacy — This name means “resurrection” in Greek.

10. Susan — This name means “lily” in English.

11. Suzanne — French for “lily.”

12. Sybil — A Greek name meaning “prophetess.”

13. Sylvie — This name means “from the forest” in French.

11 Vintage Girl Names That Start With S

If you’re looking for a timeless name with vintage flair, you’re in the right place. I highly recommend one of these names for a baby girl — they’re overdue for a comeback!

1. Sandy — Italian and Greek for “defending men.”

2. Seraphina — This name means “ardent” or “fiery” in Hebrew.

3. Serena — A Latin name meaning “tranquil.”

4. Sheila — This Irish name means “blind.”

5. Shenandoah — This name means “beautiful daughter of the stars” in Algonquin.

6. Shoshana — Hebrew for “lily.”

7. Silvana — This name means “of the forest” in Italian.

8. Siobhan — Gaelic for “God is gracious.”

9. Sonnet — In English, this name means “little song.”

10. Sonya — A Greek name meaning “wisdom.”

11. Sylvia — Latin for “from the forest.”

11 Southern Girl Names That Start With S

These southern girl S names are fitting for all cowgirls. They’re brimming with charm!

1. Sawyer — This is an English occupational name for a woodcutter.

2. Scout — Old French for “listen” or “discover.”

3. Shania — This name means “I’m on my way” in Ojibwe.

4. Sharlene — French for “free man.”

5. Shelby — An English name meaning “estate on the ledge.”

6. Shiloh — Hebrew for “tranquil.”

7. Sissy — In English, this is another name for sister.

8. Sky — This name means “cloud” in Old Norse and “atmosphere seen from earth” in English.

9. Stevie — Greek for “garland” or “crown.”

10. Sunny — An English name meaning “sunshine” or “happy.”

11. Susie — English for “lily.”

19 Cute Girl Names That Start With S

Looking for an adorable name to match your little cutie? These cute names are lovely for any baby girl.

1. Saby — Latin for “Sabine.”

2. Saffron — An Arabic name meaning “yellow flower.”

3. Sal — This name means “princess” in Hebrew.

4. Satu — Finnish for “fairy tale.”

5. Scottie — A Scottish name meaning “Scot.”

6. Seeley — English for “blessed” or “happy.”

7. Shantay — In English, this name means “stone” or “boulder.”

8. Shar — This name means “free man” in French.

9. Shay — Irish for “stately” and Hebrew for “gift.”

10. Shelly — This name means “who is like God” in French.

11. Sid — French for “Saint-Denis.”

12. Sosie — An English name meaning “lily.”

13. Spring — This season’s name is of Old English origin.

14. Steffie — In Greek, this name means “garland” or “crown.”

15. Stormi — Old English for fierce temperament or weather.

16. Story — This English word name means “an account of incidents or events.”

17. Sue — This name means “lily” in English.

18. Suki — Japanese for “loved one.”

19. Sweetie — This is an English term of endearment.

12 Pretty Girl Names That Start With S

Each of these girl names starting with S is pretty enough for any princess. You may recognize some of them!

1. Sachie — English for “roebuck leap.”

2. Sac-Nicte — This Mayan name means “white flower.”

3. Sakina — An Arabic name meaning “peace.”

4. Seline — Latin for “moon goddess.”

5. Shaniqua — This name means “God is gracious” in English.

6. Sharissa — An English name meaning “to cherish.”

7. Sharlan — Old German for “free man.”

8. Shaya — Arabic for “worthy” and Hebrew for “gift.”

9. Shekinah — This name means “God’s manifested glory” in Hebrew.

10. Sherika — An Arabic name meaning “easterner.”

11. Soraya — A Persian name meaning “Pleiades constellation.”

12. Stelle — French for “star.”

14 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With S

These beautiful names are suitable for any gorgeous baby girl. Take a look to see if any of these names speak to you.

1. Sabiha — An Arabic name meaning “beautiful.”

2. Sachiko — Japanese for “child of joy.”

3. Satin — French for “smooth” or “shiny.”

4. Shanella — This name means “canal” in French.

5. Shantel — This name means “stone” or “boulder” in French.

6. Sharice — French for “cherry” and Greek for “grace.”

7. Shawna — Irish and Hebrew for “God is gracious.”

8. Shayna — Hebrew for “beautiful.”

9. Sicilia — This name means “blind” or “sixth” in Latin.

10. Sierra — A Spanish name meaning “saw.”

11. Simone — This name means “hearkening” in French.

12. Starla — In Old English, this name means “star.”

13. Suri — This name means “princess” in Hebrew.

14. Suzette — French for “lily.”

13 Good Girl Names That Start With S

What’s a “good girl name?” I believe it’s entirely up to interpretation! But these S names for girls belong in their category because they’re good contenders and have down-to-earth meanings.

1. Saba — Italian for “grandfather.”

2. Saint — A Latin name meaning “holy.”

3. Sanaz — This Arabic name means “full of grace.”

4. Sansa — This name means “praise” or “charm” in Sanskrit.

5. Sasheen — Russian for “defender of mankind.”

6. Sedona — This English name is a city in Arizona.

7. Selda — A German name meaning “gray battle.”

8. Serene — Latin for “tranquil.”

9. Shea — An Irish name meaning “the stately, dauntless one.”

10. Sol — This name means “sun” in Spanish and Portuguese.

11. Song — In Chinese, this name means “strong” and “powerful.”

12. Souline — French for “sunshine” and Latin for “solemn.”

13. Steele — This name means “steel” in English.

11 Cool Girl Names That Start With S

You can’t predict your baby’s personality before they’re born, but you can still give them a cool-sounding name. We love a trendy name that feels timeless, and these S options are just that.

1. Sabra — Hebrew for “prickly pear.”

2. Saga — A Swedish name meaning “story.”

3. Selby — This name means “from the willow farm” in English.

4. Shabina — An Arabic name meaning “beautiful young woman.”

5. Sia — Old Norse for “victory.”

6. Signe — A Scandinavian name meaning “new victory.”

7. Sigrid — This Norse name means “fair victory.”

8. Skyla — Dutch for “scholar.”

9. Solveig — A Scandinavian name meaning “the strong house” or “daughter of the sun.”

10. Sufa — In Hebrew, this name means “storm.”

11. Sula — This name means “little she-bear” in Hebrew.

13 Badass Girl Names That Start With S

These names are edgy and perfect for a badass little girl. Don’t sleep on these if you want a girl name that starts with S!

1. Sade — Finnish for “rain” and Yoruba for “honor bestows a crown.”

2. Sandra — This name means “defending men” in Italian and Greek.

3. Seven — This is an English name for the number seven, meaning “to love” in Turkish.

4. Shadow — English for “shade.”

5. Shakti — This name means “power” in Sanskrit.

6. Shardea — In Punjabi, this name means “runaway.”

7. Sharla — French for “free man.”

8. Shawn — An Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”

9. Shuri — This name means “village” in Japanese.

10. Sinead — An Irish name meaning “God’s gracious gift.”

11. Siren — Greek for “severe” or Swedish for “fair victory.”

12. Sparrow — In English, this name means “small” or “chirpy.”

13. Storm — This name means “tempest” in English and “gale” in Old Norse.

18 Exotic Girl Names That Start With S

If you look up what an exotic name is, it technically means “foreign.” These exotic baby girl names are inspired by girl names chosen around the world.

1. Sabela — A Galician name meaning “pledged to God.”

2. Sadira — This Persian name means “lotus tree.”

3. Safari — In Swahili, this name means “journey.”

4. Safiyah — Greek for “wisdom.”

5. Sahara — An Arabic name meaning “desert.”

6. Sarabi — This name means “mirage” in Swahili.

7. Sasha — Russian for “defending men.”

8. Selvaggia — This name means “wild” in Italian.

9. Sema — A Turkish name meaning “sky.”

10. Senegal — This is the name of a West African country.

11. Serilda — German for “armed warrior.”

12. Shani — Hebrew for “scarlet” and Swahili for “marvelous.”

13. Shenzi — In Swahili, this name means “savage.”

14. Sigalit — This name means “violet flower” in Hebrew.

15. Sitara — This name means “star” in Urdu.

16. Solange — French for “solemn.”

17. Soleil — A French name meaning “sun.”

18. Sunniva — This Scandinavian name means “sun gift.”

12 Mystical Girl Names That Start With S

These mystical girl names starting with S are charming and magical. This is a great category if you’re looking for a totally different name.

1. Sabre — In Hebrew, this name means “prickly pear.”

2. Sabrina — This Arabic name means “from the river Severn.”

3. Salem — An Arabic name meaning “safe.”

4. Sanya — Russian for “defending men.”

5. Seda — Portuguese for “silk.”

6. Sereia — This name means “mermaid” in Portuguese.

7. Selkie — A Scottish name meaning “sea folk.”

8. Sen — This name refers to a sage in Japanese mythology.

9. Sharvani — In Sanskrit, this name means “goddess Parvati.”

10. Sif — Norse for “bride.”

11. Siofra — An Irish name meaning “sprite” or “changeling.”

12. Spirit — This is an English word for a supernatural being or essence.

52 Long Girl Names That Start With S

Long names just mean there’s more to love! Plus, they provide more opportunities for fun nicknames. Here are some great options that start with S.

1. Sacagawea — A Native American name meaning “bird woman.”

2. Sadhana — This name means “accomplishment” in Hindi.

3. Salvadora — Spanish for “savior.”

4. Samadhi — A Sanskrit name meaning “placing together.”

5. Sandrine — In French, this name means “defender of men.”

6. Santana — Spanish and Portuguese for “holy” or “follower of Saint Anna.”

7. Saoirse — An Irish name meaning “liberty.”

8. Sapphire — This name means “blue” in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.

9. Saralee — Hebrew for “princess” and English for “meadow.”

10. Sashenka — In German, this name means “defending warrior.”

11. Scarlette — English for “scarlet” or “red.”

12. Scheherazade — A Persian name meaning “noble lineage.”

13. Schuyler — This Dutch name means “scholar.”

14. Scotland — This is a country in the United Kingdom. It means “land of the Gaels” in Scottish Gaelic.

15. Searlaite — Old German for “free man.”

16. Sebastienne — This name means “person from Sebastia” in Greek and Latin.

17. Sempronia — In Latin, this name means “constant” or “everlasting.”

18. Sephora — French for “bird.”

19. September — This name is Latin for “seventh month” because September was the seventh month on the Roman calendar.

20. Sequoia — This name means “sparrow” in Cherokee.

21. Seraphim — Hebrew for “fiery.”

22. Serenade — A Latin name meaning “one who sings songs of love.”

23. Serendipity — This name means “unexpected good fortune” in English.

24. Serenella — In Italian, this name means “serene.”

25. Serenity — Latin for “peaceful.”

26. Severine — This name means “stern” in French.

27. Shakira — An Arabic name meaning “thankful” or “full of grace.”

28. Shantelle — French for “candle.”

29. Shareese — Old French for “cherry.”

30. Sharmayne — This name means “free man” in French.

31. Sharpay — Chinese for “sand skin.”

32. Sheridan — An Irish name meaning “searcher.”

33. Sigourney — In French, this name means “daring king.”

34. Silhouette — French for “shadow outline.”

35. Simonetta — This name means “harkening” in Italian.

36. Sincerity — This is an English word name that means truth.

37. Snapdragon — English for “dragon’s mouth.”

38. Socorro — A Spanish and Portuguese name that means “help” and “relief.”

39. Sojourner — This name means “to stay while” in English and French.

40. Solaris — In Latin, this name means “of the sun.”

41. Stanislawa — This Slavic name means “achieves glory.”

42. Starling — Old English for “bird.”

43. Stefanie — Greek for “garland” or “crown.”

44. Stellamaris — This name means “star of the sea” in Latin.

45. Stockard — English for “tree stump.”

46. Strawberry — Latin for a berry embedded in straw.

47. Sullivan — An Irish name meaning “dark eyes.”

48. Sunflower — This English name is for the flower of the same name.

49. Sunshine — English for “cheerful temperament.”

50. Svetlana — This name means “star” in Russian.

51. Sylvestra — English and Latin for “of the forest.”

52. Symphony — This name means “musical piece” in Greek.

36 Unique Girl Names That Start With S

Unique names are perfect to let your little one’s individuality shine through. These uncommon S names for girls feature a wonderful variety.

1. Sabana — This name means “from the open plain” in Spanish.

2. Sabelina — Latin for “sable.”

3. Sable — A Slavic name meaning “black.”

4. Sabria, Sabrya — Hebrew for “prickly pear.”

5. Sacha — In French, this name means “defending warrior.”

6. Sadaf — An Arabic name meaning “pearl” or “seashell.”

7. Safa — An Arabic name meaning “pure.”

8. Sahra — This Arabic name means “desert.”

9. Sakura — Japanese for “cherry blossom.”

10. Salene — In English, this name means “heaven.”

11. Salma — This name means “safe” in Arabic.

12. Sandia — A Spanish name meaning “watermelon.”

13. Sandrina — Italian for “defending men.”

14. Sanem — Turkish for “idol.”

15. Sanita — This name means “healthy girl” in Latin.

16. Sanja — A Slavic name meaning “dream.”

17. Saray — In Hebrew, this name means “princess.”

18. Saskia — Dutch for “Saxon.”

19. Scotia — This name means “Scotland” in Latin.

20. Seneca — This name of Latin and Native American origin means “people of the standing rock.”

21. Sevgi — A Turkish name meaning “love.”

22. Shaila — This Irish name means “blind.”

23. Shameka — English for “beautiful creation of God.”

24. Sheba — Hebrew for “daughter of an oath.”

25. Shonna — In Gaelic, this name means “God is gracious.”

26. Sian — Welsh for “God’s gracious gift.”

27. Sibilla — A Greek name meaning “seer” or “oracle.”

28. Sidney — This name means “Saint Denis” in French.

29. Sidra — Latin for “like a star,” Hebrew for “sequence,” and Arabic for “lotus tree.”

30. Sinclair — A Scottish name meaning “from the town of St. Clair.”

31. Snow — This is an English nickname given to someone with light hair.

32. Solana — Spanish for “sunshine.”

33. Sonora — In Spanish, this name means “pleasant sounding.”

34. Sorcha — An Irish name meaning “bright” or “shining.”

35. Suze — English for “lily.”

36. Syndy — This name means “moon goddess” or “woman from Kynthos” in Greek.

34 Rare Girl Names That Start With S

I highly recommend taking a look at this list of rare girl S names. There are so many names here that are great if you want your daughter to stand out!

1. Saada — Arabic and Swahili for “happiness.”

2. Saanvi — This name means “follower of Lakshmi” in Sanskrit.

3. Saber — French for “sword.”

4. Sabinus — In Latin, this name means “sabine.”

5. Sadhbh — An Irish name meaning “sweet” or “goodness.”

6. Sadia — Arabic for “lucky” or “fortunate.”

7. Sagraria — This name means “church” in Spanish.

8. Saioa — This is a Basque name of a mountain in Navarre, Spain.

9. Salinas — Latin for “salt works” or “salt mines.”

10. Salna — This name means “frost” in Latvian.

11. Samar — An Arabic name meaning “evening conversation.”

12. Samnang — This name means “luck” or “fortune” in Khmer.

13. Sanchia — In Spanish, this name means “sacred” or “holy.”

14. Saori — Japanese for “sand” or “red-flowing silk.”

15. Savitri — This name means “ray of light” in Sanskrit.

16. Senalda — This name means “a sign” in Spanish.

17. Sennett — In English, this name means “bold in victory.”

18. Servane — French for “service of God.”

19. Shaba — This name means “young lady” in Urdu.

20. Shaw — English for “lives by the thicket.”

21. Shere — In Punjabi and Urdu, this name means “tiger” or “lion.”

22. Sheza — This name means “light” in Arabic.

23. Shirin — A Persian name meaning “charming” or “sweet.”

24. Shruti — This name means “that which is heard” in Sanskrit.

25. Sidonie — The meaning of this name is “from Sidon” in Latin.

26. Sixta — Latin for “sixth.”

27. Solace — An Old French name meaning “comfort” or “consolation.”

28. Somayeh — This Persian name means “high above.”

29. Sonali — This name means “gold” or “beautiful color” in Sanskrit.

30. Sorrel — French for “reddish brown.”

31. Sundari — In Sanskrit, this name means “beauty.”

32. Sushah — This name means “early morning” or “dawn” in Chinese.

33. Suzu — Japanese for “little bell.”

34. Sway — This name comes from the English word that means “have influence over others.”

I hope you found a few girl names that start with S to add to your list. So many names, so little time! It might seem like you need to rush to pick that perfect name before the deadline of baby’s arrival, but it’s important to take your time. Sort through lists like these to create a more concise list. Practice saying those names out loud, write them down on paper, and talk with your partner. The right name will come to you!

Be sure to also peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our coolest baby girl names, rare girl names, southern girl names, cute girl names, and flower names for girls. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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