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What to Watch in July for Kids and Adults

We've got a list of movies and TV shows to help you and your children decide what to watch this month.

Updated June 28, 2024

Summer is in full swing, and it’s looking to be a hot one! Keeping the kiddos entertained during their school break can feel like a difficult task when it’s humid outside. Not to worry! We’ve put together a list of new titles for everyone to enjoy in July, from streaming options (so you can lounge on your couch) to theatrical releases (so you can relax in the air conditioning). There are plenty of movies and TV shows for adults and the whole family to enjoy. Here’s what to watch this July!

What to Watch Kids

Below are a few new movies and series to enjoy with your kids during this month:

What Movies to Watch in the Theater

Despicable Me 4 — July 3, 2024

A promotional poster for "Despicable Me 4" features a large Minion with a pumpkin-like body and wide open mouth, and a smaller Minion sitting inside the mouth. If you're wondering what to watch, mark your calendar for July 3. The background is bright yellow.
Image via Illumination / Chris Meledandri

Gru and his family return for a fourth installment in this family-favorite movie franchise. This time, his family has grown, and an old rival returns to shake up their new, quiet lives.

What to Watch on Streaming

Sit back and relax as a family to stream these options, or set your little ones up in the living room with popcorn!

What to Watch on Netflix

Star Trek: Prodigy, Season 2 — July 1, 2024

Promotional poster for the animated series 'Star Trek: Prodigy.' The image features five characters and a robot in futuristic gear standing on a rocky surface with a colorful planet and spaceships in the background. The text reads, 'Star Trek Prodigy Premiering July 1 on Netflix.' Discover what to watch next!
Image via Netflix

This is the second season of the animated “Star Wars” series that follows the journey of young aliens training to be Starfleet officers.

What to Watch on Disney Plus

Descendants: The Rise of Red — July 12, 2024

Poster for the Disney Original Movie "Descendants: The Rise of Red". It features characters with vibrant red and blue hair, surrounded by playing cards. In the background, various characters are set against a fantastical landscape. Release date: July 12 on Disney+. This is what to watch!
Image via Disney+

The daughters of Cinderella and the Queen of Hearts come together to travel back in time to stop a coup in their city of Auradon.

What to Watch on Apple TV Plus

Me, Season 1 — July 12, 2024

A young person with short dark hair is looking intently at their raised, clenched fist, as if deciding what to watch next. The background is blurred, focusing attention on the person’s serious expression. Soft and warm lighting highlights their facial features.
Image via Apple TV+ Press

This new series follows a 12-year-old boy trying to survive middle school and adjust to his new blended family, all while finding out he has superpowers.

Time Bandits, Season 1 — July 24, 2024

A group of six people dressed in distinct, elaborate outfits stand in a row against a mountainous landscape with a lake in the distance, evoking scenes straight out of what to watch for an epic adventure. They appear to be in a rugged, natural setting, possibly engaged in a fantastical or adventurous scenario.
Image via Apple TV+

After he finds a time portal in his bedroom, a young boy joins a journey to save the world with a group of thieves.

What to Watch Adults

Whether you’re looking to get out of the house or relax, there are plenty of theatrical and streaming titles just for adults releasing this July:

What Movies to Watch in the Theater

MaXXXine — July 5, 2024

A movie poster for "Maxxxine" showcases a woman with long blond hair in a backless black dress, smiling as she faces away from the camera in a glamorous setting with bright lights. The tagline "Hollywood is a Killer" tops the image, enticing viewers on what to watch come July 5.
Image via A24

An adult film star and actress finally makes it big in Hollywood in the 1980s, but a mysterious serial killer threatens her path to stardom.

Boneyard — July 5, 2024

Movie poster for "Boneyard" featuring three characters. On the left, a bearded man in a brown jacket points a gun. In the center, a man in a suit looks stern. On the right, a uniformed police officer stares forward. If you're wondering what to watch next, these actors' names above promise suspense and intrigue.
Image via Lionsgate Films

When skeletal remains are found in a desert in New Mexico, a police chief and detective must work together with the FBI to solve the case.

Longlegs — July 12, 2024

A person with long hair in a ponytail sits at a table facing another individual in a dimly lit room. The text reads "Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage LONGLEGS Written and Directed by Osgood Perkins." Other text: "RESTRICTED R." and production credits. It’s definitely what to watch this season.
Image via Neon

This horror mystery follows an FBI agent as she works on a serial killer case that reveals ties to the occult, and she must stop him before he kills again.

Fly Me to the Moon — July 12, 2024

A movie poster for "Fly Me to the Moon" featuring Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum against a large moon backdrop. Johansson is adjusting Tatum's tie. Below, a lunar module and astronaut stand on the moon's surface. The tagline reads, "Will they make it or fake it?" It's what to watch next!
Image via Columbia Pictures / Apple Original Films

A NASA official who’s preparing for the Apollo 11 moon landing strikes up a romance with a marketing executive.

Twisters — July 19, 2024

Movie poster for "Twisters" depicts three people standing in a field beside a vehicle, with a tornado lifting debris into the sky. Featuring actors' names and producers from "Jurassic World," it teases with the tagline, "Nature's Darkest Side." A thrilling pick if you're wondering what to watch next.
Image via Universal Studios / Warner Bros. Entertainment / Amblin Entertainment / The Kennedy/Marshall Company

When a young woman and her friend decide to test a new tracking system, they find themselves in the path of multiple storm systems.

Deadpool & Wolverine — July 26, 2024

An illustrated image features a costumed man with claws and another in a red-and-black suit battling each other. Text at the top reads "Only in Theaters July 26." At the bottom, the Marvel Studios logo, "Deadpool 3," and "Wolverine" are visible. This is definitely what to watch!
Image via Marvel Studios / 20th Century Studios

While Wolverine is recovering, he crosses paths with Deadpool. They team up when they discover they have a common enemy.

The Fabulous Four — July 26, 2024

A movie poster for "The Fabulous Four" featuring four smiling women: one holding a bouquet, one waving in a wedding dress, one with curly hair and glasses, and one in a red outfit. Below them is a sunny beach scene with palm trees and a sunset. Definitely what to watch this season!
Image via IMDb

When one of their college friends gets engaged, a group of lifelong friends travels to Florida to be her bridesmaids and reminisce about the old days.

What to Watch on Streaming

Any of the titles streaming this month would make a great watch for a date night at home!

What to Watch on Netflix

Beverly Hills Cop 4: Axel F — July 3, 2024

Movie poster for "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" featuring a man sitting on a red car holding a gun. The background shows a sunset with palm trees and a helicopter. Text includes the movie's title, release date of July 3, and availability exclusively on Netflix. It's the ultimate pick for what to watch!
Image via Netflix

When he discovers his daughter’s life has been threatened, Detective Axel Foley returns and teams up with a new partner.

The Man With 1000 Kids — July 3, 2024

A grid of 30 uniform cradles, each containing a baby dressed in a white onesie, offers quite the sight—definitely what to watch. The cradles are arranged in neat rows and columns, with babies in various positions: some lying down while others sit or move.
Image via Netflix

This docuseries follows a man who was a serial sperm donor and fathered hundreds, if not thousands, of children.

Barbecue Showdown, Season 3 — July 4, 2024

A person wearing a black glove holds a skewer piercing several slices of barbecued meat, with the sun shining through them. Another piece of meat is visible in the background, placed on a cutting board. It's an outdoor scene with blurred greenery—truly what to watch when craving barbecue perfection.
Image via IMDb

Nine barbecuers from across the country will show off their skills as they compete for a $50,000 prize.

Hannah Berner: We Ride at Dawn — July 9, 2024

A woman stands on stage holding a microphone, wearing a sleeveless, copper-colored jumpsuit. She has long, dark hair and is smiling. The background features blue curtains and a row of orange stage lights, with a black stool behind her—a perfect scene for what to watch tonight.
Image via Rachel Rosenstein

Up-and-coming comedian Hanna Berner will have her debut Netflix stand-up special premiere this July.

Vikings: Valhalla, Season 3 — July 11, 2024

Promotional poster for the TV show "Vikings: Valhalla." It features three characters brandishing weapons against a fiery, dramatic backdrop. The text at the top reads "Fight to the End" and at the bottom states the show's name, Netflix, and release date July 11. Your ultimate guide on what to watch!
Image via Netflix

The third and final season of this series will take place seven years after the events of season two.

Exploding Kittens, Season 1 — July 12, 2024

An animated scene depicts a large, bearded cat-like creature in the center with its mouth open. It is surrounded by various characters, including humans and animals, all appearing to be in mid-air against a fiery explosive background. Definitely one for the 'what to watch' list!
Image via Netflix

In this new animated series, the spawns of Satan are sent to the Earth to live with humans as talking cats. It’s based on the popular card game of the same name.

Chad Daniels: Empty Nester — July 16, 2024

A man with a beard and tattoos on his arms is standing on stage holding a microphone. He is wearing a light blue t-shirt and appears to be speaking or performing, making it clear he's someone to keep an eye on if you're wondering what to watch. The background is blue and purple with a blurred effect.
Image via Netflix

An all-new stand-up comedy special by comedian Chad Daniels is premiering in July.

Cobra Kai, Season 6 Part 1 — July 18, 2024

Three men are in a backyard standing in martial arts stances. The man on the left wears a red gi with patches, the man in the middle is wearing casual clothes, and the man on the right is in a brown gi. If you're looking for what to watch, these fighters are gearing up for an intense training session.
Image via Tudum by Netflix

The first part of the final season of this series, which takes place after “The Karate Kid” films, is coming to Netflix in July.

Find Me Falling — July 19, 2024

A man with curly hair and a beard is standing outdoors near a wooden post, wearing a dark-colored shirt and jacket. With a contemplative expression on his face, he seems lost in thought about what to watch next. The background includes a building with wooden elements and a glass window.
Image via Netflix

When a rockstar decides to move to Greece after his comeback attempt fails, his new life is turned upside down by an old romance.

Simone Biles Rising — July 17, 2024

Poster for the Netflix sports series "Simone Biles: Rising." It shows a close-up of Simone Biles with her eyes closed and hair in a bun. The text reads "Simone Biles Rising," "Icon. Champion. Human," and "Only on Netflix July 17." Wondering what to watch? This is it.
Image via Netflix / IMDb

This four-part docuseries follows Olympic gymnast Simone Biles on her journey to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Too Hot To Handle, Season 6 — July 19, 2024

A group of young adults in swimwear posing by the beach. Caption reads: "What to watch? A Netflix Original Series Too Hot to Handle, now streaming | Netflix.
Image via IMDb

This is the sixth season of the popular reality competition that takes place on a tropical island. It follows single people who must remain celibate to form real connections and fight for the grand prize of $100,000.

Dirty Pop: The Boy Band Scam — July 24, 2024

A group of five suited men stand shoulder to shoulder, smiling, with an older man in a yellow blazer who stands in front of them. The dimly lit background suggests an indoor setting. Their coordinated light-colored suits could be straight out of a classic "what to watch" recommendation.
Image via Netflix

A new docuseries that follows the rise and fall of talent manager and scam artist Lou Pearlman, who discovered many successful boy bands.

The Decameron, Season 1 — July 25, 2024

A woman in an elaborate red medieval dress and a large headdress stands with her arms crossed, while a young girl in drab clothing beside her bites her nails. The background is an intricately decorated interior, reminiscent of scenes from what to watch lists of period dramas.
Image via Giulia Parmigiani / Netflix

This is a medieval black comedy that takes place during the Black Death.

Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 4 — July 31, 2024

A black background features the title "Unsolved Mysteries" with "unsolved" in white uppercase letters and "mysteries" in red lowercase script. A red light shines from the left side of the text, making it a captivating option for what to watch next.
Image via Netflix

Another season of real cases that included disappearances, murders, and even supernatural encounters premieres this July.

What to Watch on Hulu

The Bachelorette, Season 21 — July 9, 2024

Promotional poster for "The Bachelorette" showing a woman in a red dress sitting in a claw machine surrounded by plush toys. Text at the top reads "The Power is in Her Hands." Wondering what to watch? The show's premiere date, "Mon July 8", and streaming availability on Hulu are noted.
Image via Disney

The brand-new season of the popular reality series follows a new young woman trying to find love. It premieres on ABC on July 8 and the next day on Hulu.

Marvel’s Hit Monkey, Season 2 — July 15, 2024

Promotional image for Marvel’s "Hit-Monkey" on Hulu Originals, a must-see if you're deciding what to watch. It features an animated white monkey wearing sunglasses, looking serious. A blood-stained katana sword is in the foreground, reflecting various characters from the show.
Image via Hulu

In the second season, Monkey attempts to find a way to escape his life of killing in New York City.

Futurama, Season 12 — July 29, 2024

The image shows the promotional poster for the animated TV show Futurama, perfect for what to watch. It features characters Fry holding a hairdryer, Bender, and Leela with a gun. The background includes futuristic elements like buildings and a tube transportation system.
Image via Disney Plus

A brand-new season of the hit animated series is set to premiere exclusively on Hulu this July.

What to Watch on Amazon Prime

Space Cadet — July 4, 2024

Promotional poster for "Space Cadet" showing six characters. A woman in colorful clothes stands front and center with five others in astronaut suits and business attire. A rocket is launching in the background. Text reads, “Houston has a new problem. SPACE CADET.” What to watch next!
Image via Amazon MGM Studios / IMDb

When a Florida party girl accidentally ends up in the NASA space program, she becomes their biggest hope.

Sausage Party: Foodtopia — July 11, 2024

Promotional poster for "Sausage Party: Foodtopia." The top half features the title in bold red letters on an orange background. Below, animated food characters, including a hot dog and sausage, have expressive faces. “What to watch” and “Prime Video July 11 New Series” text appears.
Image via Amazon Prime Video

An animated TV miniseries that follows the events of the film as the main characters try to build a food community.

My Spy: The Eternal City — July 18, 2024

Poster for the movie "My Spy: The Eternal City." It features characters in various poses in front of landmarks like the Colosseum and St. Peter's Basilica. Two characters ride a motorcycle and a red scooter on an Italian flag background. Premiering July 18 on Prime Video—it’s what to watch this summer!
Image via Amazon MGM Studios

This sequel comedy spy film sees JJ and Sophie reunited to prevent a nuclear plot against the Vatican.

What to Watch on Peacock

Those About To Die — July 18, 2024

Promotional poster for "Those About to Die," a new series premiering on Peacock on July 18. A central figure sits on a throne, surrounded by people in Roman-era attire, gesturing dramatically. The tagline reads, "Rise or Die." Add this epic show to your list of what to watch this summer.
Image via Peacock / IMDb

A fictional drama series that takes place in ancient Rome and shows the corrupt side of gladiatorial competitions.

What to Watch on Apple TV Plus

Sunny, Season 1 — July 10, 2024

A person wearing a dark jacket and white boots is interacting with a small white robot on a wooden bridge near a pond. It's the perfect scene if you're looking for what to watch in nature, with trees, people walking, and a building with a triangular rooftop in the background.
Image via Apple

A woman’s husband and her son disappear in a plane crash while living in Kyoto, Japan.

Lady in the Lake — July 19, 2024

Poster for "Lady in the Lake" on Apple TV+. Wondering what to watch? It features side profiles of two women, one with leafy hair blending into the scenery on the left and the other with natural hair on the right. The names Natalie Portman and Moses Ingram are displayed above the title.
Image via Apple / IMDb

This limited series is based on Laura Lippman’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of a young girl who disappeared in 1966 in Baltimore.

From thrillers to dramas, there’s something for every taste releasing this July. We hope you find something interesting to watch at home or in the theaters!

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