reasts are celebrated on red carpets, screens, billboards, in magazines, and even on beaches -- but ironically, something as natural as breastfeeding can become a tough sell when you are trying to do it in a public place. While public nursing is becoming a more acceptable
ou lie down to take a rest after a long day of growing a baby, and as soon as you recline UGH. Heartburn again! Although it’s common and is generally harmless, heartburn during pregnancy can be super uncomfortable! Heartburn is a burning sensation that tends to
When was the last time you and your spouse sat down to talk finances? Not just about bills, but about your financial situation as a whole. Most couples do not set aside time for a "money date" to have a regular conversation with one another
regnancy is one of those things that you truly do not understand until you experience it. There are ups and downs, easy days and hard days, and moments when you aren’t sure if you can wait one more day to meet your little baby. As a
Do you have a financial expert in your corner? Would you even know where to start when trying to hire a financial planner? ost families feel that they don’t make enough income or have too much debt to hire a financial planner. That’s a mindset that

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