Whether planned or unexpected, C-section recovery can be a bit harder than having a vaginal birth because after all, a cesarean is a major surgery! However, with a handful of simple tips, recovery can be smooth sailing. Here are 7 tips for a smooth C-section
here is a ton of research on babies and sleep, but one thing for sure is that sleep looks very different from family to family and that’s okay. While it is crucial for your baby to get the appropriate amount of sleep in a comfortable
reastfeeding may look like something that's easy and natural to do, but for a lot of women it can be harder than they ever imagined. Even if we've seen friends, sisters and even strangers breastfeed their babies, all of us have different nursing experiences and
t’s not uncommon for parents to consider their darling little one as their prince or princess, and we’ve got some royal baby names for those looking to name their newest baby boy or girl something regal and majestic. Her Royal Highness Amalia -- This gorgeous name belongs to
or many, the term “rainbow baby” needs no explanation: it is, simply put, the promise of hope and joy fulfilled. It’s the unimaginable gift of having a healthy baby and pregnancy after the loss of a child--and though it is not something we hope anyone

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