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20 Signs You’re a Good Parent

Do you wonder if you're doing a good job with your kids Check out these 20 signs you're a good parent, worthy of an A+.

Updated July 14, 2024

Being a parent is a big responsibility. It’s one of the most critical titles a person can hold. And if you’re anything like me, you might wonder if you’re doing the job well enough and look for signs that you’re a good parent.

If you’ve ever questioned whether you’re a good parent, it’s likely that yes, you certainly are one. After all, you probably wouldn’t be thinking about it if you weren’t. But if you need more convincing, look at these signs that you’re a good parent, worthy of an A+.

20 Signs You’re a Good Parent

Here are 20 signs that show you’re a good parent.

1. Your Child Turns to You

Maybe they’re a few months old and rely on you to survive. Perhaps they’re 16 going on 30 and have no shame in asking for $20 to grab their favorite after-school goodies at Starbucks. Either way, if your child looks to you for whatever they need, they know you can provide for them better than anyone else.

2. You Set Boundaries

As much as your child turning to you says you’re a good parent, setting boundaries (and even saying “no” sometimes) says the same. Children need boundaries and consistency, and maintaining them as a parent is something to be proud of.

3. You Welcome All the Feelings

You don’t have to be an expert in handling big emotions. If you’re trying your best to hold space for your child at their best and worst and everything in between, you’re an amazing parent.

4. You Mess Up Sometimes

The fact that you’re aware that you’ve messed up means you know there’s room for growth in your parenting journey. That alone makes you a good one.

5. You Apologize When an Apology is Due

Being good parents requires us to be good humans . . . not perfect humans. Even if you mess up (and we all do), if you’re willing to apologize to your kids, it’s a sign you’re a good parent.

6. You’re Willing to Grow

The best parents realize being a mom or dad isn’t just about growing our children; it’s about growing ourselves. If you’re willing to work through generational trauma, break cycles, and heal parts of yourself to serve your children better, you have much to be proud of.

7. You Practice What You Preach

Children learn by watching. And from 0-18, parents are the ones on the big screen. You’re doing great if you’re mindful of setting the examples you want your child to follow.

8. You Show Acceptance

If you accept your child for who they are, you give them a gift that will seep into their self-esteem and self-love for years to come.

9. You Encourage Your Child to Be Themself

The purpose of raising humans isn’t to keep them forever. Instead, it’s to guide them to be the best possible version of themselves so they can go out into the world and live their own unique, fulfilling life. Encouraging your child’s independence and celebrating their individuality is an admirable habit and a sign you’re a good parent.

10. You Allow Your Child to Try New Things

Even if your kiddo’s requested extracurricular activity isn’t something you would otherwise be interested in, being willing to say “yes” to what sparks joy in their life is a fantastic trait.

11. You Celebrate Your Child Through the Highs and Lows

In a world so focused on achievement, scoring high grades, and “winning,” being your child’s biggest cheerleader through their successes and hardships is something to clap for.

12. You Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough

Being a parent isn’t for the faint of heart. There are bound to be moments that test your grit and dedication. What matters is that you work through the hard times together – and never give up on your child.

13. You Let Your Kid Be a Kid

Childhood is a short moment in time. If you let your little one play in the dirt, eat ice cream in the bathtub, and wake up at 5 a.m. on their favorite holiday, you’re ensuring theirs will be magical.

14. You Enjoy Seeing the World Through Your Child’s Eyes

Our children can teach us a lot about life. When you open your eyes to see the world through your kiddo’s perspective, you’re making space to appreciate the lessons they have to give. That says a lot about you and is a sign you’re a good parent.

15. You Ask for Help When You Need It

Sometimes being your best self means asking for help. Leaning on others for support in your role as a parent doesn’t make you a weak one. It means you want what’s best for everyone.

16. You Model Healthy Communication

This doesn’t mean you won’t ever argue with your partner or disagree with grandma or grandpa in front of your child. Instead, it means you’ll demonstrate what it looks like to engage (and repair) fairly for all parties. Children won’t learn about communication from robots. They’ll learn about it from you: real, raw, and human.

17. You Have Family Traditions

Whether you go all out for every family member’s birthday or simply sing a beloved song every night at bedtime, family traditions impact children of all ages.

18. You Show Consistency

Even when you feel like you’re being “too hard” or “too soft” on your child, staying consistent as a parent is an essential and honorable practice. Consistency allows your child to know what to expect and, more importantly, that you have expectations for them. And if they come from a caring and realistic place, expectations are proof you care and a sign you’re a good parent.

19. You Say I Love You and Show It

If you take the time to tell and show your child how much you love them, they’ll carry that knowledge and reassurance with them for a lifetime. Saying “I love you” – and making it known by your actions – is one of the most straightforward yet significant legacies you can leave and a sure sign you’re a good parent.

20. All the Above Don’t Necessarily Apply to You All the Time

Many (if not all) of these statements likely ring true for you. But if not, please don’t worry about it! No parent is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you’re not still doing an amazing job.

As cliche as it sounds, I hope you’ll consider this: If you’re even wondering whether you’re a good parent, you probably are one. So go easy on yourself. And pat yourself on the back. You’re showing up and doing the hard work every day. That alone says you’re a good (actually, great) parent!

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