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A Look Inside the Life of a Boy Mom

motherhoodUpdated September 28, 2021

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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So you found out you are having an adorable bundle of blue. And whether you dreamed of having a little man your entire life, or you are still struggling to imagine yourself with a little boy in your arms — ready or not, here he comes! The time has come to prepare for his arrival. And your initiation to the world of being a boy mom!

And as a mother of four little boys, I not only have the resume for teaching you about what’s to come with raising a son, but I also absolutely LOVE being a mother of boys—which is why I’m getting ready to share my best tips with you on life with boys.

But let me start by saying you are in for a treat. So let Operation BOY MOM prep commence!

Prepare to Become a Queen

The first thing you need to know about your little boy is that you are his first love from the moment he looks into your eyes. When he’s grown, he may love another woman, but he will love you his whole life. And there is something so sweet and precious about the love that happens between a mother and her son. Sons have an innate desire to protect you, see you as beautiful, and crave your affirmation. You will always be their queen. And he will always be your prince. Savor the beauty of that special connection. They will go from energetic to a pile of soft cuddly mush in your arms.

Boy Mom, The Queen, Mom of four, Bundle of blue

Prepare for Physicality

Now the connection your son craves with you, or his peers may at times be rougher than you may like. Boys are physical. Boys are innately rough. Boys often show love by getting physical. So your son may be sitting and cuddling on your lap one moment, then try and tackle you down to the floor the next. This is not to hurt you, although it might. It is just his innate desire to move and be free. And that often seems most fun when he’s moving with someone else. So prepare to, at times, become a wrestling partner. Or to see little boys who are wrestling one another around the house. They need that connection! Instead of continually trying to stop this from happening, find productive outlets for him to release it. (I am a huge fan of the trampoline!)

Boy Mom, Boys are physical, Mom of four boys

Prepare for Different Kinds of Play

If I could give you one tip, just know that little boys don’t always get as much of a kick out of putting something together as they might get from destroying it. While a little girl may spend hours creating a beautiful world of play dough animal creations, a little boy might get the most satisfaction from mixing those creations into one big ball of brown. I’ve learned to let them enjoy playing in the way they want instead of trying to make it into something I would enjoy. If they would rather tear a cardboard box into pieces and laugh about it all the way instead of turning it into a house, so be it! And, of course, boys will create and build, too. It can go both ways.

Boy Mom, Mom of four boys, Prepare for different play

Prepare to Need Durable House Items

For instance, I avoid wearing white, nor do I buy them white clothing. Or if I do, I make sure it’s inexpensive. It’s just not worth the struggle. And I would never keep white linen cloth chairs at my kitchen table because I know I would be setting myself up to be frustrated with spills. (This may not only be a boy mom thing.) I also do not buy tables with glass or keep breakable items. Instead of having a glass vase, I have a metal one. Instead of having a cloth ottoman, I have a leather ottoman that is wipeable! I would rather spend my time enjoying my sons than worrying that they will destroy something in my house. However, I have a decorated house that I love—I just have intentional pieces!

Boy Mom, Boy Mom decor

Prepare for Male Body Parts on Display

Little boys are comfortable with their bodies and their man parts. So you will see them. And you will see lots of them. It’s your job to teach them about boundaries and safety by putting those parts on display, but you will quickly learn that they are born with an innate love affair with those parts. And that’s not just okay. It’s normal. So don’t panic. Only cover your eyes. 😉

And for twelve tips to successfully potty train boys, read here.

Prepare to Guide Energy

I often kid that one of my main jobs as a boy mom is looking for productive ways to guide their energy. If we sit too long, they end up getting wild. So it’s wise to be proactive about finding ways to exert that energy. If we have been sedentary half the day, we will probably benefit from taking a bike ride or going outside to play.

Boy Mom, Prepare to guide energy, Mom of four boys

Prepare for Noise

A house with boys can have noise. And lots of it. Whether banging on pots and pans, running around wrestling, or just being purely goofy and loud, I notice my house tends to be louder than other homes. And it’s not really until other people come over and point out the noise level that I even notice. Apparently, tolerance slowly builds. My boys like to play, and with that comes noise! And instead of stopping the play, I just try and regulate noise. If you seek to eliminate it, your children will be frustrated. So I think it’s important to know that a bit of noise isn’t bad! It probably means you have fun going on. You have to find a level that works for all parties.

And finally…

Prepare to be Sweet Talked Day after Day after Day

I am convinced that little boys are preprogrammed to be our greatest admirers. My boys are so beyond attached to me; it’s humbling. I think of that when people show me pity for having all boys. I often want to say you wouldn’t feel bad for me if you heard some of the things I hear in a week. “Mommy, you look pretty in that necklace.” “Mommy, you’re beautiful!” “Mommy, will you marry me?” The other night I was putting my oldest son to bed, and as I kissed him, he sweetly said, “You’re my shooting star.” I mean, I have my own personal poets at my disposal daily. What could be better?

Boy Mom, Mom of four boys, Sweet talk

Becoming a boy mom is many things, but it is a privilege at the top of that list! May you enjoy every minute of the loud, wild, and super sweet journey of raising little boys…

Cheers to Boys!


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