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115 Things to Do While Your Child is Still Little

Here's a list of 115 things to do while your child is still little, like splashing in puddles, singing loudly, and baking with them.

Updated April 26, 2024

Everyone knows childhood doesn’t last forever. And that means active parenting doesn’t last forever, so finding things to do with your child while they are still little is important. Though we may look forward to the phases and stages that await us down the winding road of raising tiny humans, we shouldn’t take for granted the magic of life with them while they’re young.

When your kids are little, there’s a good chance they believe you’ve hung the moon and stars. At the very least, they probably think you’re somewhat cool. Even on the hardest of days, you’re their hero. There are endless small moments to soak up and enjoy while you can – and they’ll still let you. Time doesn’t slow down, but it doesn’t have to be rushed.

115 Things To Do While Your Child Is Still Little

Here is a list of simple things to do and enjoy while your child is still little:

1. Hold their hand.

2. Smother them with kisses.

3. Jump in rain puddles.

4. Dance with them.

5. Take all the photos with them. Selfies, posed portraits, candids. Whatever you can get. Just take the pictures.

6. Take up scrapbooking together.

7. Give them piggyback rides.

8. Say yes to the kids’ meal.

9. Go out for ice cream just because.

10. Have family movie nights in the living room.

11. Watch all the classic Disney movies.

12. Make homemade pizzas.

13. Bake cookies.

14. Build gingerbread houses.

15. Say yes to one more bite of their favorite treat before bedtime (okay, within reason!).

16. Crank up the music for pre-bedtime pajama dance parties.

17. Wear matching family pajamas on the holidays.

18. Wear matching pajamas (or matching anything) just because.

19. Sneak in all the snuggles as they drift off to sleep.

20. Sing to them. Sing with them. Just sing.

21. Stop and smell the flowers.

22. Pick daffodils.

23. Build a snowman. Better yet, a whole snow fort.

24. Have a snowball fight.

25. Take the trip. Even if they don’t remember it, they’ll be living their best life at the moment. And you’ll never forget it.

26. Visit the beach. Or the local creek. Whatever you have access to, just go.

27. Jump over waves with them.

28. Build a sandcastle.

29. Make snow angels.

30. Plan weekly or monthly “mommy and me” dates.

31. Read to them.

32. Tell them stories of your childhood.

33. Make up a secret handshake.

34. Make all the handprint crafts.

35. Make the footprint crafts, too.

36. Let them see you and your partner being goofy.

37. Dance in the rain with them.

38. Let them get muddy and messy.

39. Go mini-golfing.

40. Visit the arcade.

41. Go berry picking.

42. Go apple picking.

43. Go pumpkin picking.

44. Decorate pumpkins.

45. Ride all the hayrides with them.

46. Have fun with the wonder of the holidays.

47. Build pillow forts.

48. Go camping.

49. Pitch a tent and have a sleepover in the backyard. Invite their teddy bears.

50. Make s’mores around the campfire with them. Or in the microwave.

51. Roll down grassy hills.

52. Stare at the clouds.

53. Play dress up with them.

54. Take them to all the parks and playgrounds.

55. Play with them while they’ll still let you.

56. Slide down the slides with them.

57. Swing on the swings.

58. Go on walks around the neighborhood.

59. Play hide and seek with them.

60. Let them win.

61. Blow bubbles with them.

62. Laugh at their jokes.

63. Tell them your silliest jokes.

64. Have tea parties.

65. Make up songs together.

66. Play hopscotch with them.

67. Jump rope.

68. Get in the ball pit with them.

69. Explore nature.

70. Ride the carousel with them.

71. Let them do your hair.

72. Let them paint your nails.

73. Let them come up with the dinner menu.

74. Tuck sweet notes into their lunchbox.

75. Fly a kite together.

76. Make cards for loved ones.

77. Have tickle wars with them. That little laugh is the best.

78. Give Eskimo kisses.

79. Give butterfly kisses.

80. Share in the biggest bear hugs.

81. Lead them in daily self-love affirmations in front of the mirror.

82. Speak highly of them in front of them. Be loud and proud.

83. Go to parades. Help them gather all the candy their little hungry heart desires.

84. Go trick or treating.

85. Wake up early on Christmas morning with them.

86. Make Sunday pancakes. Chocolate chips, whipped cream, and all.

87. Make cinnamon buns. Let them lick the extra icing off the spoon.

88. Create unique family traditions.

89. Take the home videos. iPhone camera coverage counts!

90. Let them crawl into your bed for snuggle sessions in the morning.

91. Chase seagulls.

92. Feed the ducks with them.

93. Take them to the carnival.

94. Play I Spy.

95. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

96. Catch dragonflies.

97. Take them fishing.

98. Go hiking with them.

99. Go on bike rides with them.

100. Play pretend with them.

101. Dress up on Halloween with them.

102. Let them wear their costume while running errands with you.

103. Get in your swimsuit, get in the pool, and splash with them.

104. Run through the sprinkler together.

105. Let them nap on your chest.

106. Give them a big bubble bath.

107. Let them take a bubble bath in your tub.

108. Have them sit on your shoulders as you both go explore.

109. Lay on the floor and fly them like an airplane on your feet.

110. Kiss all the boo-boos that magically make things better.

111. As a baby, smell them and take in that baby scent.

112. Hold them for as long as you want, and they will allow.

113. Admire the starry night sky with them. Make wishes on the first stars you see.

114. Pinky promise to never stop loving them just as they are.

115. Enjoy the small moments, the big moments, and everything in between.

Time goes by in the blink of an eye when you have children. Coming to that realization can be a blessing as you learn to relish every precious second like never before. These are just some of the memory-making moments you’ll look back on and be most grateful for one day.

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