Welcome to Chick Chat: The Baby Chick Podcast, where we explore all things related to motherhood, from career and relationships to parenting and wellness. Join me, Nina Spears – “The Baby Chick,” your baby expert and host, as we dive into topics that matter to mothers. We share personal stories and insights and interview experts and parents who provide valuable advice and perspectives. Whether you’re a first-time mom just starting out or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s chick chat!

A woman with blonde hair, wearing a pink blazer and white pants, is holding a baby in one arm and a coffee mug in the other. The baby is dressed in a light pink outfit and has a bow on its head. The background is a solid light purple color.

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A child wearing over-ear headphones is sitting at a wooden desk, facing a computer screen. One hand is on a computer mouse, and the desk has various items including a lamp, globe, and stationery. The room is bright with natural light from a window. Ep 140
Chick Chat

Keeping Our Kids Safe Online with Tim Estes

Listen to an eye-opening and jaw-dropping conversation with Tim Estes about what parents REALLY need to know about keeping their kids safe online.

A pregnant person sits cross-legged on a yoga mat indoors, wearing a white sleeveless top and black leggings. One hand rests on their shin, and the other hand touches their foot. The background is softly lit by natural light through a window. Ep 139
Chick Chat

Nutrition Tips for Mind & Body Alignment in Pregnancy

Listen here to an inspiring conversation with Dr. Paul Quinn about his experience as a male midwife, nutrition tips for a better pregnancy, and ways to have good mind-body alignment during pregnancy.

A black and white photo captures a woman gently kissing the forehead of a baby she is holding close. The baby, possibly a disabled child, rests his head against the woman's cheek, creating a tender and affectionate parenting moment. The background is blurred. Ep 138
Chick Chat

Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child

We're chatting with Kelley Coleman about her journey as a parent of a child with disabilities. She shares her tips and advice to parents starting their journey of parenting a disabled child and so much more.

A black-and-white image of a newborn baby resting on their mother's chest after a safe birth. The mother lies in bed, looking up with a calm expression while holding the baby close under a blanket. The baby appears to be crying or making a facial expression. Ep 137
Chick Chat

Preparing for a Safe Birth & Healthy Baby with Gina Mundy

If you're pregnant, this episode is for you. Nina chats with childbirth attorney Gina Mundy about what she has seen and knows how to have a safer birth and have a healthy baby. Tune in to listen!

A close-up image shows a child with a bright pink candy resting on their tongue, smiling and displaying their teeth. The background is white and blurred, focusing attention on the child's mouth and candy, subtly hinting at the impact of sugar on kids. Ep 136
Chick Chat

Understanding the Impact of Sugar on Our Kids & Our Health

In this episode, we're chatting with Dr. Nicole Avena about the impact of sugar, sugar cravings, and the effect sugar has on our health and the health of our kids.

A woman smiles while watching two children, demonstrating their emotional intelligence, wash dishes in a kitchen. The children, a boy and a girl, are focused on cleaning a mug and a plate in a sink filled with soapy water. The kitchen counter has various items, including a coffee machine. Ep 135
Chick Chat

Raising Good Humans: Teaching Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence to Our Kids with Dr. Jenny Woo

Dr. Jenny Woo talks to us about what we REALLY need to know as parents to build life skills and emotional intelligence in our kids and, essentially, how to raise good humans.

A pregnant woman in a black tank top and leggings stands between two beige sofas inside a bright living room. Holding her belly and looking downward with a neutral expression, she seems to be contemplating signs that labor is starting. The room is decorated with various cushions, a blanket, and visible furniture. Ep 134
Chick Chat

What Are the Signs That Labor is Starting?

Unsure if you'll really know you're in labor? In this episode, doula, Nina Spears, shares the signs to look for to know when labor is starting.

Two women sitting at a table, each holding up a book with an infant on the cover. They are positioned in front of an open laptop and two microphones, embodying the essence of Moms On Call. The background is plain white, creating a clean, simple setting. Ep 133
Chick Chat

Switching Up Your Parenting Styles and the Pressures of Social Media with Moms on Call

Laura and Jennifer from Moms on Call share the different parenting styles, how to find your parenting style, and the pressures of social media.

A pregnant person's belly is shown with hands gently resting on it. One hand belongs to the person wearing a pink shirt, while another person's hand, wearing a bracelet that says Ep 132
Chick Chat

6 Steps on How to Pick the Right Doula for You

An expert doula with over 10 years of experience shares her top tips on picking the right doula for you and what to consider.

A black and white photo shows a woman and a baby sitting on the floor in a narrow hallway. The woman, displaying signs of mommy burnout, appears to be looking down while the baby holds up their hands. Light filters in from a window at the end of the hallway, illuminating the scene. Ep 131
Chick Chat

Navigating Mommy Burnout & Reclaiming Motherhood with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler talks with us about mommy burnout and how to navigate and reclaim your life all while raising healthy and happy children.

A woman holds a baby close to her chest, smiling contentedly. The baby is looking off to the side, while the woman seems happy and serene—exemplifying Dr. Sears' attachment parenting principles. They are in a room with soft natural light and light-colored walls. The woman is wearing a tank top with a heart pattern. Ep 130
Chick Chat

Discovering Your Parenting Style That Best Suits You and Your Baby with Dr. Sears

World-renowned pediatrician and author, Dr. William Sears, MD, shares heartfelt stories and expert tips on developing the parenting style that works best for you and your children.

A person with shoulder-length hair is smiling while seated at a kitchen counter. In front of them is a box labeled Ep 129
Chick Chat

Combining Breastfeeding and Bottle-Feeding Just Got Easier with Emulait

In this episode, we talk with Madi about the challenges and solutions of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding and how Emulait can help.

A woman in a yellow shirt is smiling as she ensures baby safety by securing a baby in a car seat inside a car. The baby, strapped in the seat, is also smiling and looking at the woman. The car door is open, and it appears to be a bright day outside. Ep 128
Chick Chat

Baby Safety: Best Practices & Tips for Parents

Sarah Haverstick is talking about all things baby safety every parent needs to know while in the car and at home with their little ones.

A pregnant woman lies in a hospital bed, her hands gently resting on her abdomen. Fetal monitoring belts track the baby's heartbeat and contractions, vigilant for any pregnancy complications. A medical wristband encircles her wrist, and she is covered with a light-colored blanket. Ep 127
Chick Chat

Pre-Eclampsia & Other Pregnancy Complications: What Women Need to Know

Dr. Alison Cowan shares the facts behind common pregnancy complications and how women can advocate for themselves during pregnancy.

A woman dressed as a character in a white dress, wide-brimmed hat, and red belt holds hands and dances with a young girl in a colorful dress at an outdoor theme park during their Disney vacation with kids, with onlookers and characters in the background. A castle structure is visible behind them. Ep 126

Pro Tips for A Magical Disney Vacation with Kids

We're chatting with Sarah Huff about all the best tips and tricks to make your next Disney vacation with the kids as magical as you imagined!

Black and white photo of a family of four on their adoption journey. An adult woman and man are in the back, smiling, with the woman leaning forward. Two children, one with straight hair and the other with curly hair, are in front, also smiling. They are positioned closely together. Ep 125
Chick Chat

The Adoption Journey: What People Need to Know

Here we chat with Becky Fawcett, Founder of HelpUsAdopt.org, about her personal adoption journey, the adoption process, costs, and much more.

A woman, known as The Baker Mama, is serving a stack of pancakes to a family seated around a table. The table is set with plates, glasses filled with water, and various breakfast items including syrups, berries, and whipped cream. Four children and one man are seated at the table. Ep 123
Chick Chat

Effortless Entertaining During the Holidays with The BakerMama

In this episode, we chat with Maegan Brown, aka The Baker Mama, all about entertaining with ease during the holiday season!

A teacher sits cross-legged on the floor, smiling with raised hands, leading a group of five young children who are mirroring her pose in a classroom. The room is decorated with colorful alphabet posters, artwork, and educational materials, showcasing effective childcare solutions in action. Ep 122
Chick Chat

Childcare Solutions for the Modern Family

In this episode, we chat with Britt Riley about childcare in the US and childcare solutions now available for modern families.

A woman with a floral tattoo on her shoulder is holding a sleeping newborn baby against her chest. She is smiling slightly with her eyes closed, exuding the serene contentment often associated with an orgasmic birth. The scene conveys a sense of warmth and bonding. Ep 121
Chick Chat

What is Orgasmic Birth? The Best-Kept Birth Secret

In this episode, we chat with Debra about orgasmic birth and tips and secrets to create more love and intimacy in both birth and parenting.

A close-up photograph captures a pregnant belly surrounded by various snack food items, including a pack of biscuits, a bag of chips, and other packaged snacks—perfect evidence of pregnancy cravings. The person is wearing a white top. Ep 120
Chick Chat

Pregnancy Cravings: Tips and Tricks to Manage & What Women Need to Know

In this episode, Joni Davis talks about pregnancy cravings, how to control them, and what nutrients are needed for you and your growing baby!

A family of six sits closely together on a couch, embodying the journey from chaos to calm. Two adults and four children, dressed casually, appear happy and relaxed. One child points at another while they all share smiles and comfortable interactions. The background includes a window and the couch. Ep 119
Chick Chat

Going from Chaos to Calm as a Busy Parent

We chat with Jenna about creating chaos to calm and understanding how we, as parents, can spend more hours appreciating our families and living our lives with intention and joy!

A pregnant woman and a man sit closely together on a couch, smiling. The woman has her hand on her belly. They are in a well-lit room, speaking to a person whose back is to the camera. The setting appears to be a relaxed office space, perhaps for a relationship checkup before the baby arrives. Ep 118
Chick Chat

The Before Baby Relationship Checkup with Ellen Darling, PhD

Ellen talks about the Before Baby Relationship Checkup and how it helps ease the transition to parenthood & reduce perinatal mood disorders.

Ashley Greene, with her long brown hair, is smiling at the camera while holding a baby who is turned away. Indoors, plants and blurred background scenery add a serene touch. Ashley is wearing a light-colored top and the baby sports light-patterned clothes. Ep 117
Chick Chat

Understanding Our Hormonal Health During Postpartum with Ashley Greene Khoury

Here we chat with Ashley Greene Khoury about motherhood, career, and how women can navigate their bodies & hormonal health postpartum!

A group of five people are gathered around a dining table in a bright room. Catherine McCord, standing next to the table, is serving food. The room has large windows with a view of trees and abstract art on the walls. The table is adorned with plates of delicious food and drinks. Ep 115
Chick Chat

Navigating the Kitchen and Motherhood with Catherine McCord

In this episode, Catherine McCord talked about all things motherhood and how to navigate the kitchen and feed your family with less stress!

A woman sits in a green armchair, holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket to her chest with one arm. Her eyes are closed, and she is touching her forehead with her other hand, suggesting fatigue or stress common in postpartum depression. Ep 114
Chick Chat

The Connection Between Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding

In this episode, Stef and Anne talk about all things postpartum, including the connection between postpartum depression and breastfeeding.

A woman with long dark hair is sitting on a patterned couch, holding a baby close to her chest. She is gently kissing the baby's head. The background shows a doorway and a hanging garment, evoking the tender moments often captured by Becky Vieira. Ep 113
Chick Chat

Strategies for Thriving & Embracing the Journey of Motherhood with Becky Vieira

Becky Vieira, aka @WittyOtter, shares the real scoop on the first year of motherhood as well as her tips on how to thrive as a new mom.