You’re pregnant! Congratulations! We know that this time can be extremely exciting yet also overwhelming. But you got this! Baby Chick is here to help you feel better prepared for your pregnancy and what’s to come with your new bundle of joy. Here, you can discover tips on baby showers, baby names, health, fitness, babymoon planning, nursery design, maternity style, and essential guides to make your pregnancy journey joyful and well-informed.

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Hispanic grandfather holding his baby grandson.

The Ultimate List of Grandpa Names

If you're looking for some inspiration for a grandfather name, our ultimate list of names is sure to help with over 100 Grandpa names!

12 Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Name

12 Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Name

There's a lot of pressure when it comes to choosing a baby name. Here are 12 things to consider when picking a name for your baby.

12 Things to do as a Couple Before Baby Arrives

12 Things to Do as a Couple Before Baby Arrives

Having a baby will change your relationship for the better; in the mean time take advantage of this sweet time together before baby arrives.

Happy little girl holding announcement message with a text that new baby is coming soon after relocating with her parents into a new home. Her parents are in the background.

When To Announce Pregnancy: What To Consider

Learn what you should consider before you decide not only how to tell people you're pregnant, but when to tell them.

What is a Blessingway?

What is a Blessingway?

Everyone knows what a baby shower is, but do you know what a blessingway is? Here's why every expectant mother should have one.

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Happy little girl holding announcement message with a text that new baby is coming soon after relocating with her parents into a new home. Her parents are in the background.

When To Announce Pregnancy: What To Consider

Learn what you should consider before you decide not only how to tell people you're pregnant, but when to tell them.

Toy blocks that spell Doula

What Is a Doula? What They Do and the Benefits of Having One

Hiring a doula during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum has many benefits. A doula answers the most common questions about doula care.

Small pink shoes for unborn baby on belly of pregnant woman.

23 Signs You’re Having a Girl (Supposedly)

Learn about nearly two dozen supposed signs that you’re having a girl, like carrying high or having a faster heart rate when pregnant.

Young pregnant woman at home sitting on sofa and relaxing with pet dog

10 Things Pregnant Women Do When They’re Finally Alone

Pregnant women can’t wait to get a second to themselves. Here are one mom's thoughts on things pregnant women do alone when they finally can.

Portrait of beautiful pregnant black mother holding her pregnant belly at home. Close-up.

10 Commandments of Pregnancy

One mom offers her take on 10 commandments of pregnancy to make the nine months as magical as possible (minus the puking, of course).

Cropped shot of a pregnant woman holding hands with her husband at home

Things To Talk About and Consider With Your Partner Before Having a Baby

Learn what things to consider before having a baby and 14 parenting questions to ask your partner beforehand.

Collage of pregnancy-safe makeup for pregnant women

Pregnancy-Safe Makeup Products We Love

Discover the most beneficial pregnancy-safe makeup and beauty products with our list of 23 must-have items.

A mixed-race woman is pregnant. She is in her second trimester. The woman is lying on the couch in discomfort. She is breathing heavily and is resting her hand on her stomach. Prenatal, morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, and constipation concepts.

10 Little Things That Are a Big Deal When You’re Pregnant

Uncover the 'big deal' moments that come with pregnancy. Learn why physical changes, emotions, cravings, and other surprises can take a toll.

Pregnant lady showing ok sign, prenatal care, healthy baby in third trimester

30 Relatable and Hysterical Truths About the Third Trimester

Exhaustion, discomfort and the urge to pee - all the truths about the third trimester revealed. Get ready for the home stretch!

Handsome African American man is listening to his beautiful pregnant wife's tummy, feeling shocked

Dad Responds After Viral Video Shows Negative Reaction to Wife’s Pregnancy

A father is responding after a video of his reaction to his wife's baby news went viral. Read about how his raw response left people divided.

Pregnant woman is expecting a baby boy

23 Signs You’re Having a Boy (Supposedly)

Trying to predict your baby's gender? Check out physical changes, old wives' tales, and other signs you're having a boy.

Portrait of young happy pregnant woman sitting on a couch looking down at her pregnant belly

15 Pregnant Mom Thoughts They Wish They Could Say

Pregnancy brings out different thoughts and emotions in expecting moms. Here are 15 pregnant mom thoughts.

Portrait of three young pregnant women holding their bellies

30 Hilarious and Relatable Truths About the Second Trimester

Ah, the second trimester: Discover 30 funny and relatable truths about it, from new energy to high sex drive.

Cropped shot of a man forming a heart on his pregnant girlfriend's belly

30 Truths About the First Trimester

Discover the weird and wonderful truth about the first trimester from a Mom who lived it more than once.

Collage of baby products parents wish had been on their baby registry

15 Must-Have Baby Products Parents Wish Had Been On Their Baby Registry

With so many must-have baby products on the market, put together the perfect baby registry with these 15 practical and simple favorites.

Woman in dark grey pregnancy announcement t-shirt

30 of the Cutest Pregnancy Announcement T-shirts

From puns to pop culture to pets and everything in between, you are sure to find the perfect pregnancy announcement shirt.

Young Caucasian mother holding identical twin girls in the hand in the garden with flowers

20 Fun Facts About Twins

Know the facts about twins – from pre-birth contact to twin babble. Learn what to expect and discover the surprises you'll find.

Happy couple giving each other a hug while she holds the pregnancy test with pregnancy news.

25 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner You are Pregnant

We've got some fantastic ideas for how to tell your partner you are pregnant! Check out the list to find the perfect way to surprise them.

Pregnant couple hugging in nature. Husband with his pregnant wife. She's holding up an ultrasound picture. They are outside.

105 Pregnancy Quotes

Share your pregnancy journey with powerful quotes. From celebrating your changing body and strength to humor, we have quotes for every mom-to-be.

Mixed race family waiting for the new baby

10 Thoughts Every Mother Has When Expecting Their Second Child

Women experience a flood of emotions when they find out they are expecting a second child. Find out what the most common thoughts are.

Little stretches on the abdomen. Last months of pregnancy.

You Know You’re in the Third Trimester When . . .

Learn some of the signs and symptoms that may help you to know you're in the third trimester such as increased constipation and urination.

Pregnant woman's belly in second trimester

You Know You’re in Your Second Trimester When . . .

Discover 18 signs to help you recognize when you're in your second trimester and some ways to help you manage uncomfortable symptoms.

A photo with the focus on the unrecognizable pregnant woman in the foreground as the unrecognizable doctor shows her an ultrasound on a digital tablet in the background.

Survey Highlights Disparities Facing Gen Z and Millennial Mothers

Get an overview of a survey highlighting the disparities facing Gen Z and Millennial mothers throughout the United States.

Pregnant woman in the early stages touches the belly with her hands. First and second trimester of pregnancy.

You Know You’re in Your First Trimester When . . .

If you're in the first trimester of pregnancy, you may recognize these signs, including ways to help manage the uncomfortable symptoms.

Pregnant woman holding her belly and making a heart shape

10 Things You Didn’t Know Babies Learn in the Womb

Have you ever wondered what babies are learning while developing in the womb?

A close up of a pregnant baby belly, woman holding a mug with coffee or tea, and laying in bed.

Drink Swaps for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it's a good idea to switch some beverages for less risky options. Here are some drink swaps ideas for pregnancy.

Pregnant woman holding stomach in middle of meadow

20 Fun and Not-So-Fun Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is a wild ride and filled with a roller coaster of emotions! Here are some fun and not-so-fun pregnancy milestones.

Sporty doula doing breathing exercises with a caucasian pregnant woman while sitting on a yoga mat in the living room

To Doula or Not To Doula—That is the Question

If you're pregnant, you may have heard of a doula. But do you really know what one does? Here are some myths and facts regarding doulas.

A newborn sleeping peacefully in a Valentine's Day themed hat.

8 Fun Facts About Babies Born in February

If you're expecting or have a February baby, you'll love these fun facts about babies born in February!