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The Before Baby Relationship Checkup with Ellen Darling, PhD – Podcast Ep 118

Ellen talks about the Before Baby Relationship Checkup and how it helps ease the transition to parenthood & reduce perinatal mood disorders.

Cropped shot of a pregnant woman holding hands with her husband at home

Things To Talk About and Consider With Your Partner Before Having a Baby

Learn what things to consider before having a baby and 14 parenting questions to ask your partner beforehand.

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125 Date-Night Questions to Ask Your Partner

Spark connection and quality time with your partner with these thoughtful date night questions, perfect for date night in or out.

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How I Handle the Pressure to Have Date Night Sex

Our Mystery Mama explains the pressures of date night sex and offers tips and hacks on how to break the "rules."

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Let Your Kids See You and Your Partner . . .

Showing your kids a respectful relationship requires hard work. Learn how to make it work for you and your partner with these tips.

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Dear Partner, Our Marriage Feels Different Now with Baby, But It’s Not Broken

Babies bring an entirely new element to a relationship, making a marriage feel very different. But that doesn't mean the marriage is broken.

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How to Prepare Your Daughter to Be a Good Wife

Marriage is hard work. Parents need to teach their kids how to be good partners. Here is how to prepare your daughter to be a good wife.

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The Hurt of Having an Uninvolved Family

It is painful when family chooses not to be in a child's life. Here are some ways to cope with the disappointment of the uninvolved family.

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Love is in the Little Moments During Parenthood

Connecting with your partner after you become parents can be challenging. Here are some ways you can find love in the little moments.

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Ways to Battle Resentment Toward Your Partner

Having a baby drastically affect a relationship, in good and bad ways. Here is how to battle feeling resentment toward your partner.

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When Partners Become Parents: Essential Relationship Advice from Catherine O’Brien – Podcast Ep 80

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & founder of Happy With Baby, Catherine O'Brien is sharing helpful relationship advice for new parents.

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7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special and Helpful After Having a Baby

Your partner is often the first thing to get put on the back-burner after baby arrives. Here's how to make your partner feel special!

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7 Tips to Help Parents Keep Their Relationship Strong Despite Having Less Alone Time

Having kids is life-changing, in good and hard ways. Here's how to keep your relationship strong despite less time together as a couple.

Happy family with newborn in hands

Dear Baby: I Love You, But I Love Your Mother More

"I love you more than anything, but I love your mother more." One father shares his heartfelt thoughts about his love for his baby and wife.

Beautiful young couple embracing their newborn baby on the sofa. Smiling young parents with their baby girl at home.

How Parenting Changed My Relationship With My Spouse

Whether you like it or not, becoming a parent with inevitably change your relationship with your spouse. Here, one mom shares her experience.

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12 At-Home Date Night Ideas for After the Kids Are in Bed

Are you looking for ideas to spice up your relationship? Missing date nights? Here are 12 at home date night ideas when the kids are in bed!

Young widow mother standing next to a lake with her two young kids.

From a Young Widow: What Moms Need to Know – Podcast Ep 52

We're chatting with widow, Cheyenne Bell, and the Founder and CEO of Dayforward, Aaron Shapiro about life insurance & what moms need to know.

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Keeping Intimacy Alive in Parenthood – Podcast Ep 51

Parenthood can be exhausting. Sex educator, Jamye Waxman is sharing her tips on how to keep intimacy alive in parenthood with our partners.

Young widow mother holding her children's hands as they walk off into the sunset.

Becoming a Young Widow: I Never Thought It Would Happen to Me

Does your family have life insurance? A mom shares why she wishes she & her husband had prepared better for the unthinkable with Dayforward.

Couple celebrating a summer date night together with sparklers at the beach.

29 Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

Summer is a great time to find cheap or free activities to do with your spouse. Here are 20 free summer date night ideas to try!

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How Long to Wait to Have Sex After Baby (And Why)

Whether you, your partner, or both of you are excited to have sex after having your baby, it's best if you wait a while. Here's why.

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Low-Cost Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Dating after marriage/baby can get tough. But it is even more important now! Here are some low cost date night ideas for couples on a budget.

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How to Stay Connected with Your Spouse After Having Kids – Podcast Ep 25

A lot can change after you have a baby including our relationships. Here's how you can stay connected with your spouse after having kids.

4 Ways to Get Passion Back After Baby

4 Ways to Get Passion Back After Baby

The healthier your relationship, the happier your children. Here are four favorite ways to get passion back in your relationship after baby.

The Day We Switched Parenting Roles

The Day We Switched Parenting Roles

We often think the grass is greener, but if you switched parenting roles with your spouse how would it really be? A mom shares her experience

How To Have A Successful Money Date

How To Have a Successful Money Date

A money date is a great way for you and your partner to talk about financial goals. Here, you'll find six tips for a successful money date.

10 Tips for Making Your Relationship Stronger Through Parenting

10 Tips for Making Your Relationship Stronger Through Parenting

Marriage and parenting can be tough. Grow together with these 10 tips for making your relationship stronger through parenting.

5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong After Baby

5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong After Baby

Babies change everything, including a marriage. Here are five tips for keeping your marriage strong after having a baby (or two!).

13 Things That I've Learned in 13 Years of Marriage

13 Things I’ve Learned in 13 Years of Marriage

Here’s some of the best wisdom one mom has learned from 13 years of marriage (and four little ones later) to her husband.

The Importance of a Will and Life Insurance for Your Family

The Importance of a Will and Life Insurance for Your Family

Take the time to do what's necessary now to put together a will and get life insurance, before it's too late. You won't regret it.