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15 Pregnant Mom Thoughts They Wish They Could Say

Pregnancy brings out different thoughts and emotions in expecting moms. Here are 15 pregnant mom thoughts.

Updated July 11, 2024 Opinion

Nothing brings vulnerability out of a woman like being pregnant. Between the rapidly changing pregnancy hormones, changes to the body, and the anticipation of bringing a new life into the world, expecting moms have every right to whatever thoughts cross their minds. And there are plenty of pregnant mom thoughts they wish they could say.

Maybe you don’t hold back on sharing your thoughts with the world. Perhaps you try your best to keep them to yourself. Either way, if you’re a mama-to-be and wish you could shout whatever’s on your mind throughout your pregnancy from the rooftops for everyone to hear, you’re not alone. Here are more than a dozen thoughts pregnant moms wish they could say out loud.

15 Pregnant Mom Thoughts They Wish They Could Say

Here are 15 thoughts pregnant moms wish they could say out loud to everyone.

1. Yes, I’m Excited. But I’m Also Scared.

Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or fourth, carrying a baby comes with uncertainties that can’t be predicted. Between maternal and fetal health concerns, delivery plans (which don’t always go as planned), and knowing your whole world is about to change in a matter of nine months or less, pregnancy brings all the feels and emotions.

2. What Did I Get Myself Into?

No matter how excited any soon-to-be-mom might be, it can be easy for pregnant moms to question their decision to have one (or another) child. Whether you’ve spent years dreaming about having kids or have found yourself awaiting a beautiful surprise, seeing those two lines sends any pregnant mama into a temporary state of shock.

3. Wow, This Is Hard.

Whether first-trimester sickness hits you like a brick wall or you struggle to keep up with your lively firstborn in the middle of summer at 35 weeks pregnant, growing and carrying a human is tough. Sometimes pregnant women want to vent.

4. This Is Also Pretty Freakin’ Amazing.

Despite pregnancy’s challenges, there’s nothing like seeing your little one growing right before your eyes on your first ultrasound or feeling them kick for the first time. Even though your pregnancy isn’t the center of anyone’s world but yours, it’s understandable for you to want to share that joy and awe with everyone around you.

5. I Hope I’m Cut Out for This.

No amount of reading about, dreaming of, or being around other people’s children can prepare a woman for having her own. Self-doubt has a way of creeping in during pregnancy, even for the most confident expectant moms.

6. I Don’t Want My Family and Friends to Judge Me.

We all know that people have all sorts of opinions when it comes to raising children. Unfortunately, this sometimes means pregnant women might worry about what their friends, family members, or even bosses will think about them. Will they taunt me for having children too close in age? Or for being a “young” (or “old”) mom? For birthing a small basketball team – or choosing to be one and done? It’s a shame that women must think about these things, but it happens.

7. Am I Doing This Whole Pregnancy Thing Right?

There’s no one-size-fits-all for pregnancy, but there are a lot of recommendations (and opinions) out there. You might be agonizing over what is and isn’t safe to order off your favorite restaurant’s menu, whether you’re adapting your workouts properly for the prenatal period or if your bath water is a low enough temperature to protect you and your baby. Pregnant women are constantly wondering if they’re doing what’s best.

8. Please Don’t Touch My Belly.

If someone wouldn’t have touched a woman’s belly before a baby in there, they shouldn’t touch it during pregnancy. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. Unless it’s an especially close relationship, but even then, please ask!

9. Don’t Comment on My Belly Size, Appearance, or Physical Changes.

Like not wanting their belly to be a free-for-all during pregnancy, expecting moms don’t want people to comment on their size. Again, if it’s not appropriate treatment of a non-pregnant person, then it’s not appropriate treatment of a pregnant woman.

10. Will My Baby Be Cute?

Don’t we all wonder what our babies will look like? While looks certainly don’t matter when creating humans, they are fun to ponder during pregnancy.

11. Will I Love My New Baby as Much as My First?

Having your first baby shows you a type of love you never knew existed. Because of your tremendous love for your firstborn, having your second (and so on) can be daunting. It’s no surprise that pregnant moms might question – and even stress over – their ability to love each baby as much as the others.

12. I Appreciate the Concern, But I Don’t Need Unsolicited Advice.

Pregnant women want to write their own stories and do what feels right for them. Unsolicited advice can lead to unnecessary stress, doubt, and even guilt—none of which any mama-to-be needs.

13. I Also REALLY Don’t Want to Hear About Your Birth Trauma Before I Deliver My Baby.

Regarding labor and delivery, one woman’s experience might look vastly different than another’s. There’s no need to instill fear in a pregnant mother at a time when she needs to protect her peace more than ever.

14. This Is Really Happening.

At some point in pregnancy, it hits you that you will have a baby. Pregnancy doesn’t last forever – and while it’s an incredible journey, life gets really real once you’ve got your little one in your arms. That realization is one that pregnant moms might want to talk about.

15. Please Don’t Forget About Me.

Sure, it’s great when people are eager for your baby to be born. But it’s even more wonderful when people show concern for the person responsible for creating, carrying, and delivering that new baby. Being pregnant is hard work, and you have every right to want a little bit of the focus to be on you now and then.

Pregnancy is a wild ride that can lead to plenty of strong thoughts and feelings. As a pregnant woman, there’s a good chance you’ll experience some of the highest highs and lowest lows you’ve ever been dealt. With that, there are sure to be countless pregnant mom thoughts you wish you could say out loud.

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