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Dad Responds After Viral Video Shows Negative Reaction to Wife’s Pregnancy

pregnancyPublished July 24, 2023


A Texas father is responding after a video of his reaction to surprise baby news went viral. The father of three got the shock of a lifetime when his wife told him they were adding to their family just weeks after the pair decided they were done having children. The raw response left people divided, as some rallied around the visibly stressed papa while others worried about how the mom felt after her baby announcement went awry.


Needless to say, she’s the blessing we never knew we needed. 🫶🏼#babynumber4 #pregnancyannouncement #blessed

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The Video Was Shared on TikTok

Anissa Cofer posted the candid clip on her popular TikTok account, which follows the antics and activities of her family. In the video, she appears to be folding laundry while she tells her husband, James, about a FedEx envelope she left on the bed for him.

The camera is rolling as James sits down and opens the package, which Anissa had cleverly stuffed with photos of herself holding a positive pregnancy test. James initially doesn’t believe his wife and begs her, “Stop playing with me.”


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Once Reality Sinks in, James Has a Loud Reaction

Anissa stands by as James repeatedly yells “no” at his wife, clearly shaken by the idea of having a fourth child. After holding his head in his hands while shouting “no” over and over, James stalks off camera, where viewers can hear him yelling expletives.

The expectant mama didn’t seem upset, maybe a little caught off guard by her husband’s extreme reaction. But that didn’t stop viewers from voicing their concerns about how James’ response must’ve hurt Anissa.

The New Mama Says Everything Was Fine

Several people commented to ask Anissa if she was okay, with one person pointing out how Anissa didn’t exactly get the response she was hoping for. “You looked so sad at his reaction,” one commenter wrote.

Another joked about how the baby news could’ve even shocked James, given his role in the relationship. “Not him acting surprised like he isn’t 50% the reason why we are here in the first place 😂 love it!” they wrote.


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Some Commenters Could Relate to James’ Reaction

Most people seemed to recognize that the couple was happy to expand their family, with some explaining how they reacted to their “surprise” baby news. “😂THIS IS REAL LIFE… we have a 23, 13,9,8 and a MF 1 year old.. that last test we were like F—–K.. we were so close😂 but she is a whole blessing,” one person wrote.

“I, as the mom, would’ve had this reaction to my own test 😂,” another person joked.

The Pair Spoke to About the Viral Clip

James and Anissa came together to clue fans in on what happened before and after the hilarious on-camera reaction. “I knew he would be shocked when I told him,” Anissa recalled during an interview. “But I didn’t know he would be that shocked.”

Anissa also tried to calm any fears that James’ response hurt her. “I wasn’t upset at all. I knew he just needed a minute to process the news,” she continued. “Ten minutes later, he was super happy and we celebrated.”


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James Explained Why He Had That Strong of a Reaction

As for James, he feels a bit sheepish about how he initially behaved but says he had a good reason for it. “I was thinking, financially, can we handle this? And then I started thinking about the stress of overstretching of our hands. You want to be able to give each child individual attention and love,” James explained. “What you saw (in the video) was a rollercoaster of fear, stress and anxiety.”

The new father of four admits he felt “embarrassed” once he finally got a chance to watch the video. “I’d never want my spouse to think that I’m not supportive. She’s the glue that holds our family together.”

And what a family it is! James and Anissa welcomed their daughter Nola in March. Even though she’s just 4 months old, she already has a favorite person in the house: her father.

Congrats to the Cofer family! After the initial shock wore off, it seems like daddy’s loud “no” became a happy “yes.” We love to see it!

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