Baby Chick is a pregnancy to motherhood resource. Nina, ‘The Baby Chick’®, is an expert in the pregnancy and baby world with over a decade of experience helping over 700 families during their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys. Because of her expertise and passion, she co-founded Baby Chick in 2015. Our mission at Baby Chick is to empower moms by providing an inclusive resource that educates, inspires, and uplifts mothers everywhere.

to educate,
and uplift mothers

Accepting | Authentic

At Baby Chick, we are accepting and supportive of all choices parents make during pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Unmedicated or medicated, breast or bottle, co-sleeping or crib. We support you. We are authentic with our voice and our support and share the real sides of motherhood—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Education | Empowerment

Intention | Inspiration


Understanding | Uplifting

A person with long blond hair stands against a light purple background, smiling about something while wearing a bright pink blazer over a white top and white pants. One hand rests on her hip while the other hangs by her side.

Nina Spears “The Baby Chick”

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Nina is The Baby Chick® & Editor-in-Chief of Baby Chick®. Early in her career, Nina acquired her nickname from one of her birth doula clients, who lovingly referred to her as “The Baby Chick.” The “chick” who knows all about babies. The moniker has stuck ever since!
Nina received her baby planning certification in early 2011 and began attending births that same year. She received her birth doula and postpartum doula certifications from DONA International, her childbirth educator certification from ICEA, her Hynobabies Hypno-Doula certification, her license in massage therapy certifying in prenatal, labor induction, and postpartum massage, her infant massage instructor certification from Loving Touch, and her Prenatal Fitness Educator certification from ICEA. Nina has used her knowledge and expertise to teach and support hundreds of families during their pregnancies, at their births, and throughout their postpartum journeys for over a decade. It has been her passion to educate and support families through their motherhood experiences, and she has done exactly that and continues to do so through Baby Chick, named after her epithet. Having supported over 700 mothers, Nina is now sought after as a pregnancy, birth, and postpartum expert. She continues to make guest appearances on TV shows and podcasts, does speaking engagements, and reviews baby products while also running her digital media company, Baby Chick. Nina is also a loving mother to her two young children, Liam and Lily. Nina is the co-owner of Baby Chick.

A man and a young child are posing for a photograph. Both are wearing light blue, button-down shirts with vertical white stripes. The man is sitting and smiling, while the child, seated on his lap, has short hair and is also smiling gently. It's all about capturing tender moments together.

Brian Spears

Co-Founder & CEO

Brian has over two decades of experience in various roles for small and large companies. His journey into the mom-and-baby world began when his wife, Nina, introduced him to it before they had children of their own. Now, as a proud father of two, he understands the value of educational resources during this transformative time and enjoys building Baby Chick as a helpful guide for parents. Co-owning Baby Chick alongside his wife, Brian leverages his business expertise to grow the company while staying true to its mission of supporting families.