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Our mission is to educate, inspire, and uplift mothers.

Nina is an expert in the pregnancy and baby world with 12 years of experience and has helped over 700 families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We provide an inclusive, helpful resource to empower moms to live their best lives.

Nina, The Baby Chick

Hello, I'm Nina, The Baby Chick!®, an expert in the pregnancy and baby world as a baby planner, doula, educator, and mother. I'm excited to embark on this journey with you! Discover my story, expertise, and inspiration behind Baby Chick® as we delve into the beautiful world of motherhood together.

Meet the Baby Chick
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Podcast latest episodes

A little kid eating too much candy with teeth decay and yellow plack from bad oral care. Ep 136

Understanding the Impact of Sugar on Our Kids & Our Health

In this episode, we're chatting with Dr. Nicole Avena about the impact of sugar, sugar cravings, and the effect sugar has on our health and the health of our kids.

Ep 135

Raising Good Humans: Teaching Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence to Our Kids with Dr. Jenny Woo

Dr. Jenny Woo talks to us about what we REALLY need to know as parents to build life skills and emotional intelligence in our kids and, essentially, how to raise good humans.

Pregnant woman standing in her living room holding her bump wearing athletic clothes. Ep 134

What Are the Signs That Labor is Starting?

Unsure if you'll really know you're in labor? In this episode, doula, Nina Spears, shares the signs to look for to know when labor is starting.

Jennifer and Laura from Moms on Call looking at their book, sitting at a desk recording their podcast. Ep 133

Switching Up Your Parenting Styles and the Pressures of Social Media with Moms on Call

Laura and Jennifer from Moms on Call share the different parenting styles, how to find your parenting style, and the pressures of social media.

hands on pregnant belly Ep 132

6 Steps on How to Pick the Right Doula for You

An expert doula with over 10 years of experience shares her top tips on picking the right doula for you and what to consider.


Explore expert advice on topics like unmedicated and medicated births, C-section birth, and more. Here’s what you need to know to feel knowledgeable and empowered for your birthing experience.

We work with medical experts and specialists in various fields, including obstetrics and gynecology, midwifery, pediatrics, child development, psychology, and lactation consultancy—to ensure our readers receive the most accurate and trustworthy information.

Rachel Tomlinson

Registered Psychologist

Melissa Hardy
Melissa Hardy

Pediatrician, Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist, IBCLC

Stephanie Sublett

Board-Certified OB/GYN, FACOG, IBCLC

Nicole Avena
Dr. Nicole Avena, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Kirsten White

Pediatric Nurse, BSN, RN

Rande Ludwig
Rande Ludwig

Registered Nurse BSN, RNC-NIC