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The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Looking for the perfect pregnancy announcement? Here is a list of the BEST pregnancy announcement ideas that we know you'll love.

Published June 24, 2020

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Nothing is more exhilarating than finding out you were successful when trying to get pregnant! One of the most fun things you can do in the first and second trimesters is planning your special announcement for your little one. Many people in your life will be almost as excited as you are that you are having a baby. You may not know where to start when announcing, but we have some great pregnancy announcement ideas. Figuring it all out can be overwhelming, but that’s where we come in!

Pregnancy Announcements: How, When, To Whom, and More!

You have come to the right place if you are looking for inspiration! You want to make it special and specific to your situation. We have you covered no matter who you are announcing to, when, or what you like best. There are so many things to consider, like the theme, timing, audience, and method of announcing. Here is our comprehensive list of all things pregnancy announcements!

When Should You Announce You’re Pregnant?

There is no right or wrong time to announce you’re pregnant. But there are many factors you may want to consider when deciding the right time for you:

Right Away

You want to tell certain people immediately when you find out. The first one is your partner. He is the one it most directly affects, and he should know first. He should be the first to know whether you make it elaborate or just show him the test.

There are other people in your life who you may want to tell right away. This could include grandparents, siblings, your other kids, or super close friends. It all depends on your specific relationships and your support system. Having that support system could be helpful if something happens in those early weeks.

When Morning Sickness Hits

If you have people close to you who may notice if you’re sick, you may want to share the news with them. You don’t have to tell your boss or coworkers until you’re comfortable, but remember that they may notice if you’re frequently sick or throwing up. Severe morning sickness can hit anytime and be super hard to hide.

After Twelve Weeks

A common milestone mark in pregnancy is the 12-week mark because this is the point where the miscarriage rate drops. Announcing after this point is common, especially if you’re looking at announcing publicly or on social media. Many women are more comfortable after the miscarriage rate drops. You may want to share the news before 12 weeks to have support in case something happens, but you may not want to tell everyone before this point.

After Your Anatomy Scan

If you are going to find out the gender of your baby, you may decide to wait longer to announce it publicly. You could wait until after the anatomy scan, or about 20 weeks, and incorporate the gender into your announcement.

Even Later

It’s really up to you and when you’re comfortable announcing. If you don’t want to announce your pregnancy publicly, you don’t have to. It is up to you. It’s your pregnancy, and your comfort level matters the most.

Who Should You Tell (And In What Order)?

Your Partner

The first person you should tell is your partner. If he wasn’t with you when you found out, telling him as soon as possible is ideal. You could still use something special to tell him you’re pregnant, but you probably won’t be able to keep it to yourself for long! Even when our second was a surprise, I needed to tell my husband immediately to help me process it.

People You’re Closest To

After your partner, you should reach out to the people you’re closest to next. This list could include your parents, partner’s parents, siblings, and any close friends with whom you want to share the news.

Other Family and Friends

Before going public, there may be others you wish to tell but weren’t in that first round of friends and family. Reach out to these people next, so they don’t need to find out with everyone else if you decide to announce through social media next.


The last announcement is going public with your pregnancy. Most likely, this means announcing your pregnancy on social media. There are a few ways to go about this with different photo posts that I’ll go into later in this article.

Making the Pregnancy Announcement to Specific People

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Announcing to Your Partner

While I couldn’t keep the news in and told my partner directly right away with both of my pregnancies, there are plenty of ways that you can choose to make this moment more special.

1. Wrapping the positive test up as a gift.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If he wasn’t home when you decided to take a pregnancy test (which I totally get; it can be hard to wait when you’re going crazy after that two-week wait), you could place the capped pregnancy test into a box or otherwise wrap it for him to open. He might be super confused or suspicious if it isn’t a special occasion, but that doesn’t mean he will immediately know what it is!

2. Take a photo and send it.

If you can’t wait for him to get home and are okay without seeing his immediate reaction, you could take a photo of the test and send it to him. Depending on where he is, this may not be the best option since it would easily distract him at work for the rest of the day! Just be sure to take care with your timing.

3. “Accidentally” leaving out some prenatal vitamins.

If you can run out and grab some prenatal vitamins, you could leave them out for him to see when he arrives home. He is sure to get it pretty quickly.

4. Buy a special onesie.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Getting a special onesie is another cute way to let your partner know you’re pregnant. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may need to be prepared to keep the news to yourself until the onesie arrives. If you run out and buy one, you will get to share the secret much sooner but risk not getting exactly what you want. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

5. Put a bun in the oven.

This one is pretty on the nose, but he won’t catch on right away, so it’s pretty fun. Put a single bun in your oven and then ask him to check the oven for you. It may take him a second, but then he’ll get it.

6. Give your partner a mom or dad shirt.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This shirt is a fun way to reveal you are expecting. Simply put it somewhere your partner will see it and watch his face.

7. Daddy-to-be mug.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If your partner is a big tea or coffee drinker, this mug is a great way to reveal he’s going to be a dad. Just fill it with his favorite hot beverage and hand it to him as if nothing happened. If you want to let him enjoy his tea or coffee first, this mug won’t reveal it until the cup is empty.

8. Play to his other hobbies or interests.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Depending on his specific hobbies and interests, you may have other ideas to make this revelation special for your partner. For instance, this onesie is the perfect way to tell him if he likes video games. If he has a sweet tooth, this cake topper is perfect, and if you enjoy wine, check out this revealing label.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Announcing to the Grandparents

The only people who may be more excited than you about the new baby are the future grandparents. These announcements can be really fun and customized to them as individuals. Check out these different options.

1. With special shirts.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Buying the grandparents these special matching shirts is a great way to tell them you’re having a baby. They will no doubt wear them proudly as they await the baby’s arrival.

2. Through special glasses.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whether they are into whiskey or coffee, there is a fun option to announce. Check out these matching coffee mugs or this whiskey glass tailored specifically to Grandpa.

3. With a certain beverage.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If your parents or in-laws are into wine, this is the perfect way to tell them you’re expecting. You can add this wine label to any wine that will do the job for you.

4. With fun onesies.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Even though this is a gift they won’t be keeping, onesies are still a great way to let them know that a baby is on the way. This option simply says hello, and this one might make them laugh as it says they can stop asking now!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Announcing to Other Family Members

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If there are other family members that you want to include in your pregnancy announcement, check out these awesome sugar cookies that will do it for you. They are great for future uncles and aunts. You can also include grandparents here if you like.

Fun & Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Announcing Twins

1. Double ultrasound photo.

When my sister was expecting twins, she wrapped up the ultrasounds of each of the babies individually and gave them to my parents. They got it when they both opened their envelopes. Doing it this way was a fun surprise!

2. Eating for three spoon.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

While some people may not catch this, this spoon is another cute way to announce that you’re expecting twins.

3. Refer to literature.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These onesies are great for anyone who loves literature or appreciates a “plot twist.” They are sure to make people laugh when announced with a photo of them.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Nerds

1. Harry Potter

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you and your partner are into Harry Potter, this golden snitch is a fun way to announce. You just sent it to whoever you want to tell. This dog bandana with a Patronus saying is ideal for your pet to tell the good news. When you’re preparing your social media announcement, check out this one. If you are looking for baby clothes, this onesie will get the job done.

2. Lord of the Rings

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If Lord of the Rings is more your style, this onesie, hat, and blanket combination will let everyone know that your halfling is coming soon. Speaking of, it’s no secret that babies eat a lot. This onesie is a great tribute to that fact while referring to hobbits. You can also check out this t-shirt for the mom-to-be as a pregnancy announcement and nod to LOTR.

3. Star Wars

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Many fun baby items are related to Star Wars, including this cute “storm pooper” onesie or future Jedi social media announcement.

4. For Gamers

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If video games are a favorite in your household, check out this player three onesie and another one that refers to being the expansion pack.

5. For Math Nerds

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This onesie that references an acute angle will surely make math nerds smile along with this cutie pie one. For those babies who are just generally nerdy, announce that you’re expecting with this onesie that references a future nerd.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Onesies

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There are plenty of onesies that reference Christmas that you can use for your pregnancy announcement. This one references the most wonderful time of the year, while this one mentions the fact that you’ll have no more silent nights. For fans of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, this onesie references a colorful line from the film.

2. Digital Announcements

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Digital pregnancy announcements are cool because you don’t need to stage them yourself. This one includes a letter board, so you don’t even need to buy that yourself. Here is another option with a bunch of fun Christmas cookies.

3. Ornaments and Other Gifts

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This cute penguin ornament is customizable with your names and baby’s due date. If you want to send something a bit different, these baby booties are another great way to let others know you’re expecting.

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Little Pumpkin

If you are announcing during pumpkin season, consider getting two large pumpkins and one smaller pumpkin. Cut a hole in the front and place the little pumpkin inside for a fun pregnancy announcement.

2. Shirts for Mom

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This one is a cute find about how you shouldn’t eat pumpkin seeds, and this one has a baby skeleton on the belly (or this one if you’re having twins). Check out these complimentary couples’ shirts if you want to get Dad involved.

3. Social Media Announcements

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There are plenty of Halloween-related social media pregnancy announcements from which to choose. This one is a nod to Hocus Pocus, this one references a new little boo, and this one assures you this announcement is no trick and just a treat.

New Years Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Social Media Announcement

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For this holiday, we have references to a sweet year coming, popping different kinds of bottles, and a new year/new baby.

2. Clothing

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
You have this fun resolution shirt for the child becoming a big brother.

Valentine’s Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Social Media Announcement

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This digital download picture is a great way to announce your Valentine’s Day-related pregnancy and refers to your baby as your Valentine. Here is another option about “adding more love.”

2. Clothing

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This shirt is cute for the mom-to-be and reads “Growing my Valentine.”

St. Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Through Clothing

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These complimentary shirts are a fun way to announce close to St. Patrick’s Day. Being primarily a drinking holiday, these reference that dad-to-be will be drinking for two and that mom-to-be gets no more shenanigans. These mom-to-be and dad-to-be shirts about getting lucky and pregnant are another silly way to commemorate the holiday.

2. Digital Download Announcement

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For social media pregnancy announcements, these fun St. Patrick’s Day-related ones reference your baby as your lucky charm or your shamrock.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Shirts for Mom-to-be and Big Sister

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These mama bunny and baby bunny maternity shirts, eggspecting shirts, and stuffed with a baby shirt are so cute for announcing your pregnancy around Easter time. This one is also cute if you have a little girl about to become a big sister.

2. Digital Downloads

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These social media announcement downloads reference the arrival of somebunny or that you’re eggspecting.

Fourth of July Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Shirts for the Girls of the Family

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For mom, there is a shirt that references you’re “ready to pop” and another that you’re “red, white, and due.” For the girl about to become a big sister, this is a great shirt about her being a little firecracker.

2. Social Media Announcements

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For announcing on social media, there are options about your “sleepless nights,” sparklers, and firecrackers, depending on your wording preference.

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Shirts for Mom

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This, not a food baby shirt, is a great way to let people know that you’re expecting come Thanksgiving. This one is also super cute and features a turkey with some baby footprints, while in this one, you’re “already wobblin’.”

2. Social Media Announcement

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These digital downloads are a cute way to announce on social media. One references being more thankful this year, and in the other, you’re stuffed with love.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Being pregnant is serious, but you don’t have to take every aspect too seriously. Make the pregnancy announcement fun by showing your silly side.

1. Do a cheeky photoshoot.

Think of a movie poster or your hubby drinking while you eat everything you are craving.

2. Gift your best friend or your sister a bottle of alcohol or a box of tampons.

When they give you a weird look, tell them you won’t need either for nine months. You can also make it a surprise and announce your pregnancy at a time no one will expect.

3. Send someone a bun in an oven.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You can also send someone an inedible “bun” in the oven with this product.

4. Silly clothing for mom and dad.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These boxers are a hilarious way to announce your pregnancy. If you want to give people a laugh, send a picture of these boxers since you literally did have a winner. These complimentary shirts are another funny way to announce your pregnancy, with one saying he’s the buck behind the bump.

5. Sh*t just got real card.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This card is another funny way to let people know you’re expecting. If you and your intended recipient are cool with swearing, this card will inspire a laugh for both of you.

6. Watermelon through a doughnut hole.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

While this visual is kind of gross, it’s also so accurate. This gift features a necklace and a reference to what your partner will soon witness. This option is ideal for announcing your pregnancy to a partner who has a great sense of humor and will laugh more than be disturbed.

7. Digital downloads for social media.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This one is fun and references how you are sick of doing whatever you want and sleeping.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Do a photoshoot.

Photoshoots can be such a fun way to bond with your partner, and to be honest, who doesn’t love getting dressed up and taking gorgeous pictures? Plan a photoshoot with a professional photographer and bring props to announce your pregnancy. You can use a letter board and spell out your news, get big balloons to spell out “BABY” or your due date, or keep it simple with a hand over your stomach and a loving photo you and your hubby will treasure forever.

2. Do it with gifts.

Everyone loves receiving gifts, and what’s better than a little gift that comes with something much bigger? Keep things super personal by gifting your loved ones small items that let them know your big news. You can give your parents mugs that say Grandma and Grandpa, your sister a shirt that says “best aunt ever,” and your best friend a photo that says “Your new best friend is coming” with your due date. No matter what you decide to give, it will be something your family and friends will treasure and make the news so much more special than a simple phone call!

3. Do it with food.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There are many fun ways to clue people into the fact that you’re having a baby by using food. Check out these customizable chocolates to reveal your secret! If cookies are more your thing, these or these will clue everyone in.

4. Incorporate pets or other siblings.

If you have pets or kids, include them in the photo announcement! Some of the cutest pregnancy announcements involve another child announcing the pregnancy. Consider putting a pair of baby shoes next to your pup, putting a collar on them that says “big brother,” or even filming a video of your other child getting the news—their reaction is sure to be priceless. It will make a great announcement to post on social media and send to your loved ones.

5. Host a get-together.

When you find out the news, you’ll want to tell everyone you love as soon as you can. So, instead of telling them individually, why not tell everyone simultaneously? Have your closest family and friends over to your house for brunch or host a small get-together at your favorite restaurant. Once everyone arrives, let them know the big news! Then, spend the rest of the event celebrating, hugging, and basking in the fantastic news with everyone you love.

6. With a letterboard.

The Ultimate List of Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This felt letter board is a great way to announce your pregnancy and other milestones that come up.

Do’s and Don’t’s About Pregnancy Announcements

Do tell friends and family first.

The first step is to tell your spouse. Once he knows the great news, work together to tell your closest loved ones. If possible, do this in person, as your parents don’t want to hear this over a text message. If a loved one lives far away, a phone call or FaceTime session works just fine. However you choose to tell your loved ones, just be sure they find out from you first—no one wants to find out news that big on a social media pregnancy announcement or from someone else.

Do wait until you’re ready.

Many people keep their pregnancy a secret until they feel they are in the clear. This is a smart choice, but it is entirely up to you when you decide to tell others (not including your spouse). If you want to wait longer than necessary, do it! If you just can’t wait to tell your mom or friends, letting them know right away is okay, too. Just be ready for any of the disadvantages that may come with telling someone too soon or too late.

Do tell friends and family who are infertile.

You should be sensitive to the fact that others may be struggling with infertility, but that doesn’t mean you should leave certain people out of your announcement. It may end up hurting them more if they find out from someone other than you. Be sensitive to their struggle, but don’t exclude them entirely.

Don’t tell your coworkers before your boss.

Getting pregnant means a lot of life changes, especially at work. You may have the urge to tell your work BFF about your pregnancy immediately, but it’s important to ensure your boss is aware before you spill the beans to others. Not doing so could cause unwanted problems, something you don’t want to deal with during this happy time!

Don’t announce it at an event special to someone else.

You wouldn’t be happy with someone announcing their engagement at your baby shower—so don’t plan your pregnancy announcement during someone else’s moment. If your family is getting together to celebrate your sister’s wedding or your brother’s graduation from college, it’s probably best not to share your news at the same time. Gather your family together at a different moment, or at the very least, consult with your siblings and tell everyone after the meal is over.

Don’t announce for the first time on social media.

It’s important to tell the people you are close to directly. You don’t want them finding out with everyone else on social media. They could feel slighted and like they aren’t as important to you as they thought.

With so many pregnancy announcement ideas, I hope you found something you love! We wish you the best and hope everything goes well! Have fun planning your pregnancy announcement, or announcements, because that’s really what it’s all about. Congratulations!

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