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237 Baby Girl Names That Start With G

You’ll love our list of G girl names and their meanings, including unique, modern, vintage, cute, and rare names.

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


The day is here — the beautiful, marvelous day when you finally get to meet someone who knows what your heartbeat sounds like from the inside. You’ve been preparing for this moment for months, but that perfect name has yet to land on your lap. It can be tough for you and your partner to choose a name and find one you can agree on. That’s why we’ve created this list of 237 baby girl names that start with G!

Baby Girl Names That Start With G

These baby girl names starting with G are drawn from many areas of inspiration! No matter what you are searching for, we have included cute names, common names, unique names, and more to help with your decision:

9 Popular Girl Names That Start With G

If you are interested in what’s popular, we have you covered. These are some of the most popular G names for girls. They check all the boxes — they are pretty, meaningful, and have been around a long time.

1. Gabriela/Gabriella — Portuguese and Italian for “God is my strength.”

2. Gemma — An Italian name meaning “precious stone.”

3. Genesis — Greek for “birth” or “origin.”

4. Genevieve — This name is French for “tribe woman.”

5. Georgia — This name means “farmer” in English.

6. Gia — An Italian name meaning “God’s gracious gift.”

7. Gianna — This name means “the Lord is gracious” in Italian.

8. Grace/Grayce — This is an English name with Latin roots. It means “favor.”

9. Gracie/Gracy/Gracee — This is a popular English variation of “Grace.”

6 Common Girl Names That Start With G

Common names are typically stylish and fun. This category definitely doesn’t disappoint! Here are some favorites that will continue to stick around for years.

1. Gabrielle — French for “God is my strength.”

2. Giselle — This name means “pledge” or “hostage” in German.

3. Gloria — A Latin G name for girls, meaning “glory.”

4. Gracelyn/Gracelynn — This name combines two English names (“Grace” and Lyn”). It means “favor” and “lake.”

5. Guadalupe — A Spanish name meaning “hidden river” or “valley of the wolves.”

6. Gwendolyn — Welsh for “white ring.”

15 Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With G

Choose a classic and timeless name for your baby girl if you fancy something wonderful yet a little old-fashioned. These G names will be around for a long time!

1. Gaenor — A Welsh name meaning “white and smooth.”

2. Gayle — This name means “my father is joyful” in Hebrew.

3. Georgette — French for “farmer.”

4. Georgina — English for “farmer.”

5. Geneva — This name means “juniper tree” in French.

6. Geraldine — A French and German name meaning “ruler with the spear.”

7. Getty — This name means “spear strength” in English and German.

8. Glenna — This name means “valley” in Irish.

9. Glynnis — This name is also Irish for “valley.”

10. Goldie/Goldy — English and Yiddish for “gold.”

11. Grady — An Irish G girl name meaning “noble.”

12. Greer — This Scottish name means “alert” or “watchful.”

13. Greta/Gretel/Grettel — This name means “pearl” in German.

14. Gretchen — This name is also German for “pearl.”

15. Gwen — This name means “white” or “blessed” in Welsh.

12 Vintage Girl Names That Start With G

These names have lasting value for good reason. They continue to hold their own and make amazing choices for G girl names.

1. Gail — English for “my father is joy.”

2. Gardenia — An English vintage girl’s name meaning “garden’s flower.”

3. Georgiana — This name means “farmer” in English.

4. Gertrude — This name means “strength of a spear” in German.

5. Gerty — Old German for “spear of strength.”

6. Gillian — In Latin, Gillian means “youthful.”

7. Gladys — A Welsh name meaning “land” or “nation.”

8. Glenda — This name means “fair and good” in Welsh.

9. Glory — This English word name means “praise” or “honor.”

10. Godiva — The meaning of this name is “God’s gift” in English.

11. Guinevere — This G name for girls means “white shadow” or “white wave” in Welsh.

12. Gwyneth — Welsh for “blessed” or “happy.”

20 Modern Girl Names Starting With G

These girl names are rising in popularity. Look at these modern girl names, and you will know why they are so trendy!

1. Gabbi — Italian and Spanish for “God is my strength.”

2. Galaxy — This name is inspired by the English word “galaxy,” a collection of star systems.

3. Galiana — A Russian and Slavic name meaning “calm” or “healer.”

4. Gavi — A short, modern version of “Gabriella.” It means “God is my strength” in Italian.

5. Gayelette — This name means “high-spirited” in English.

6. Gemini — This modern name means “twins” in Latin.

7. Generosa — A Latin G name for girls meaning “well-born” or “noble.”

8. Gentry — English for “aristocracy.”

9. Germany — The country inspires this name. It means “genuine” in German.

10. Gesina — A German and Dutch name for “spear” or “pledge.”

11. Gideon — Hebrew for “hewer” or “woodworker.”

12. Gio — This name means “God’s gracious gift” in Italian.

13. Giordana — Italian for “flowing down.”

14. Glenn — This Scottish name means “a narrow valley.”

15. Glimmer — An English word name that means “shine” or “glow.”

16. Golda — English and Yiddish for “gold.”

17. Golden — An English word name meaning “gold.”

18. Gracen — This name means “son of the steward” in English.

19. Gray/Grey — This is a color name, and it is of English origin.

20. Graysen/Grayson  —  English for “son of the steward.”

25 Cute Girl Names That Start With G

A cute and sweet little girl deserves an adorable name. Like Gennie, these G names sound cute and have cute meanings. We hope you find the best fit for your baby among these.

1. Geetika — This name means “little song” in Sanskrit.

2. Gem — English for “precious stone.”

3. Gemmie — A Latin name meaning “precious stone.”

4. Gemsy — This is a cute version of “Gem.”

5. Genevie — This name is French for “tribe woman.”

6. Gennie — An English name meaning “tribe woman.”

7. Georgene — This name means “farmer” in English.

8. Georgie — This French name means “farmer.”

9. Gerrie — German for “ruler with the spear.”

10. Gesine — This name means “strength of a spear” in German.

11. Giannie — An Italian name meaning “God is gracious.”

12. Gidget — This is an invented American name that means “small girl” in English.

13. Gigi — This name means “God is my strength” in French.

14. Gilly — German for “shining pledge.”

15. Gina — A Latin name meaning “queen.”

16. Ginger — This name means “pure” or “virginal” in English.

17. Ginny — Latin for “pure” or “virginal.”

18. Gizi — This German name means “pledge” or “hostage.”

19. Glyn — A Welsh name meaning “glen” or “valley.”

20. Grainne — This name means “grain” or “love” in Irish.

21. Green — This name is inspired by the English word for the color.

22. Grettie — A Greek name meaning “pearl.”

23. Gurnoor — This name means “pleasant face of God” in Hindi.

24. Gussie — Latin for “great” or “magnificent.”

25. Gwennie — This Welsh name means “white circle.”

23 Pretty Girl Names That Start With G

These names are pretty and sweet! See if you can find one that speaks to you and reminds you of your little princess.

1. Gabby — Italian and Spanish for “God is my strength.”

2. Gaia — This name means “mother earth” in Greek and Latin.

3. Gal — A Hebrew name meaning “wave.”

4. Gala — Russian and Slavic for “calm” or “healer.”

5. Garcelle — This name means “grace” in French.

6. Garnet — This French name is for the red precious gem and means “pomegranate.”

7. Gessie — An English name meaning “God beholds” or “wealthy.”

8. Giana — This name means “God is gracious” in English.

9. Ginamarie — French and Latin for “queen” and “beloved.”

10. Ginela — This G girl’s name means “maiden” in Latin.

11. Ginnifer — An English name meaning “white phantom.”

12. Giovanna — In Italian, this pretty name means “God is gracious.”

13. Giuliana — This name means “youthful” in Italian.

14. Giuliet — This name means “youthful” in Latin.

15. Giuseppa — Italian for “He shall add.”

16. Giza — A Hungarian name meaning “hostage” or “pledge.”

17. Glendora — This name means “valley water” in Welsh.

18. Glinda — L. Frank Baum created this name for the good witch in “The Wizard of Oz.” It’s an English name, but the meaning is unknown.

19. Gloriann — The meaning of this name is “grace” and “glory” in Latin.

20. Gratia — Latin for “grace.”

21. Grecia — An Old French name meaning “gray.”

22. Greenleigh — This name means “green woodland clearing” in English.

23. Gypsy — This name is derived from the English word for the nomads from northern India.

20 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With G

Looking for a gorgeous girl name that also starts with G? These names are in a league of their own!

1. Gaetana — This is an Italian name meaning “from Gaita,” an ancient city in Italy.

2. Galadriel — This name means “maiden crowned with a radiant garland” in Sindarin, a language created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

3. Galilea — This name means “from Galilee” in Italian.

4. Garcella — French for “grace.”

5. Gayatri — This is a type of song in Sanskrit.

6. Gesenia — This is another spelling for “Yesenia.” It is a Spanish name that means “floral.”

7. Giada — Italian for “jade.”

8. Gianella — This name means “God is gracious” in Spanish.

9. Gianina — A Romanian name meaning “God is gracious.”

10. Giovana — Portuguese for “God is gracious.”

11. Giselda — This name means “hostage” or “pledge” in German.

12. Gisella — This name means “hostage” or “pledge” in Italian.

13. Giulietta — Latin for “youthful.”

14. Gloriana — A Latin name meaning “glory.”

15. Goddess — This English name means “a female god.”

16. Graciela — Spanish for “grace.”

17. Graciella — Portuguese and Hungarian for “grace.”

18. Gregoria — This name means “alert” or “watchful” in Latin.

19. Griselda — A German name meaning “gray battle.”

20. Gwendoline/Gwendolynn — This name means “white ring” in Welsh.

54 Unique Girl Names That Start With G

These names stand out in a good way. Let your baby girl’s unique personality shine by giving her a wonderful and exciting name.

1. Gabija — A Lithuanian G name for girls meaning “to cover.”

2. Gable — This is a French name for a triangular architectural shape.

3. Gadot — Hebrew for “riverbanks.”

4. Gaela — An English name for people who speak Gaelic languages.

5. Gamora — This fictional character name created by Marvel Comics.

6. Gamilia — Arabic for “beautiful.”

7. Gamma — This is the third letter of the Greek alphabet.

8. GanyaRussian for “God is my strength.”

9. Garcia — A Portuguese name meaning “bear.”

10. Garda — This name means “yard” or “enclosure” in Swedish.

11. Gatlin — English for “companion.”

12. Gauri — This name means “white” in Sanskrit.

13. Gaya — A Hindi name meaning “earth mother.”

14. Geary — An Irish name meaning “hound.” It is also an Old French nickname for a wayward person.

15. Geela — Hebrew for “eternal joy.”

16. Gelesie — This name is either an alternate spelling for the German name “Giselle” or the English word “jealousy.”

17. Gema — Spanish for “precious stone.”

18. Gerhardine — A German name meaning “brave with a spear.”

19. Gerianna — Old German and French for “spear ruler.”

20. Gerrica — This name means “complete ruler” in English.

21. Geshna — Hindi for “singer.”

22. Gess — This unique name means “God’s grace” in Italian.

23. Ghada — Arabic for “graceful woman.”

24. Gianni — An Italian name meaning “God is gracious.”

25. Giavanna — This name means “God is gracious” in English.

26. Gilah — Hebrew for “joy” or “happiness.”

27. Gillette — This name means “young goat” in French.

28. Ginevra — Italian for “white phantom.”

29. Ginney — An English name meaning “virginal.”

30. Gionna — This name means “God is gracious” in Italian.

31. Gira — This Hindi name means “language.”

32. Girna — This is the name of a type of hut found in Malta, a country in the Mediterranean.

33. Gisela — This name means “pledge” or “hostage” in Portuguese.

34. Gisselle — English for “hostage” or “pledge.”

35. Gizelle — A Filipino name that means “hostage” or “pledge.”

36. Glennie — This name means “valley” in English.

37. GlennyGaelic for “deep valley.”

38. Glynda — An English name meaning “valley.”

39. Glynice — This unique and creative name means “valley” in Welsh.

40. Gomes — Portuguese and Galician for “man.”

41. Gracey — This name means “favor” or “blessing” in Latin.

42. Graceyn — A Latin name meaning “grateful.”

43. Greenlee — This Scottish name means “green clearing.”

44. Greeta — German for “pearl.”

45. Gregorie — This name means “vigilant” in Greek.

46. Grenata — Middle English for “pomegranate” or “dark red gemstone.”

47. Grethe — This name means “pearl” in Scandinavian.

48. Gretta — This Greek name means “pearl.”

49. Gunitha — A Hindi name for “proficient.”

50. Gustava — This name means “staff of the geats” in Swedish. “Geats” refers to a Germanic tribe from Northern Sweden in the Middle Ages.

51. Gwenevere — This name means “fair one” in Welsh.

52. Gwenna — Cornish for “white” or “blessed.”

53. Gwenora — This Cornish name means “white shadow” or “white wave.”

54. Gwladys — A Welsh girl’s name that starts with G, meaning “princess” or “ruler.”

53 Rare Girl Names That Start With G

These rare gems are perfect if you want a baby name that starts with G but is also not often used. Many of these rare girl names are totally different or uncommon spellings for more traditional names (like “Gessica” instead of “Jessica).

1. Gabelle — Italian for “duty” and Arabic for “He received.”

2. Gadisa — This rare African name means “shade” in Oromo.

3. Gaho — This Native American name means “mother,” but the language it comes from is unknown.

4. Gaily — This name means “joyfully” in English.

5. Galen — English for “calm.”

6. Galileah — An Italian G name for girls meaning “from Galilee.”

7. Galilee — This name means “the province” in Hebrew.

8. Galiot — This name means “small ship” in French.

9. Gamze — A Turkish name meaning “dimple.”

10. Ganet — Hebrew for “garden.”

11. Garbi — Basque for “clean” or “pure.”

12. Gavie — This is a feminine take on “Gavin.” It means “white hawk” in Welsh.

13. Gawahir — Arabic for “jewel.”

14. Gayel — A Hebrew name meaning “father of exaltation.”

15. Gazella — An English name derived from the animal gazelle.

16. Geema — Latin for “gem” or “jewel.”

17. Geetanshi — This name means “goddess” in Hindi.

18. Geertruida — A Dutch name meaning “spear of strength.”

19. Geffie — Welsh for “fair and smooth.”

20. Gemenie — Another way to spell “Gemini.” It means “twins” in Latin.

21. Gentiana — This is an Albanian name derived from a gentian flowering plant.

22. Gerel — A Mongolian name meaning “light.”

23. Geremie — Hebrew for “exalted by God.”

24. Gerwalta — A German name meaning “mighty with a spear.”

25. Gessica — Italian for “God beholds.”

26. Gezabele — An Italian name meaning “to exalt.”

27. Ghadir — This name means “stream” in Arabic.

28. Ghislaine — A French name meaning “hostage” or “pledge.”

29. Ghoncheh — This name means “flower bud” in Persian.

30. Giacinta — Italian for “hyacinth.”

31. Giang — A Sino-Vietnamese name meaning “river.”

32. Gilberta — This name means “bright pledge” in Spanish.

33. Gitana — Spanish for “traveler.”

34. Giovonna — This name means “God is gracious” in Italian.

35. Gili — Hebrew for “my joy.”

36. Gillen — This name means “protection” in Basque.

37. Gissel — French for “pledge.”

38. Gitali — This name means “lover of song” in Hindi.

39. Gittel — A Yiddish name meaning “good.”

40. Gitty — Hebrew for “good.”

41. Glorian — This variant of “Gloria” means “glory” in Latin.

42. Goldina — This name means “gold” in Yiddish.

43. GoliPersian for “rose-colored.”

44. Golnesa — An Arabic name meaning “flower girl.”

45. Golnessa — This G girl name also means “flower girl” in Arabic.

46. Greson — A rare spelling for “Greyson.” It means “son of the steward” in English.

47. Grete — German for “pearl.”

48. Griffy — This name means “strong lord” in Welsh.

49. Grima — Old Norse for “mask.”

50. Guida — An Italian name meaning “guide.”

51. Gurpreet — Sanskrit for “teacher” and “love.”

52. Gwenivere — English for “white phantom.”

53. Gwenyth — A Welsh name meaning “band of warriors.”

From A to Z, there are so many names to pick from. It’s important to remember that whatever name you choose for your perfect baby girl, you’ll know her name is the only one for her. It’s a tough decision. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. Take your time, make the lists, and have the conversation. We hope these baby girl names that start with G have helped make your decision easier and more stress-free!

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our cute girl names, coolest girl namescountry girl names, and beautiful girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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