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100 Baby Girl Names That Start With A

Baby NamesUpdated August 2, 2023


Naming your baby is one of the most exciting parts of the very beginning of your parenting journey! And some parents may have a name picked out even before they find out they’re expecting. But others aren’t fully decided until they see their beautiful bundle of joy. No matter what the case, name searching is fun and exciting. Looking at lists of names that start with each letter of the alphabet is a great way to see what may fit the name style you feel would suit your little one perfectly. Whether looking for a girl name that starts with A or just for name inspiration, here’s a list of some of the most popular A names for girls and some trendy and unique A girl name picks.

Baby Girl Names That Start With A

Popular A Names for Girls

According to other baby name sources, these are some of the most popular girl names that start with A.

1. Ava

2. Amelia

3. Abigail

4. Avery

5. Aria

6. Addison

7. Aubrey

8. Aurora

9. Audrey

10. Anna

More Girl Names That Start With A

Here are some more trendy and unique girl names that start with A.

1. Aaliyah

2. Abbott

3. Abella

4. Ada

5. Adalee

6. Adalyn

7. Adalynn

8. Addilyn

9. Adele

10. Adeline

11. Adelisa

12. Adelia

13. Adella

14. Adley

15. Adrienne

16. Aileen

17. Ainsley

18. Aisha

19. Aislin

20. Alana

21. Alaya

22. Alayna

23. Alessandra

24. Alexa

25. Alexandra

26. Alexandria

27. Alexandrina

28. Alexia

29. Alice

30. Alicia

31. Alina

32. Alise

33. Alisha

34. Alison

35. Alivia

36. Aliza

37. Allie

38. Allison

39. Alma

40. Alondra

41. Alyson

42. Alyssa

43. Amanda

44. Amara

45. Amaya

46. Amber

47. Amelie

48. Amira

49. Amy

50. Ana

51. Anais

52. Anastasia

53. Anaya

54. Andi

55. Andrea

56. Angela

57. Angelina

58. Anissa

59. Ann

60. Anna

61. Annabelle

62. Annalise

63. Annie

64. Annika

65. Ansley

66. Anya

67. April

68. Ariana

69. Arianna

70. Ariel

71. Arielle

72. Arlette

73. Arya

74. Asha

75. Ashley

76. Ashlynn

77. Aspen

78. Astrid

79. Athena

80. Aubree

81. Aubriella

82. Aurelia

83. Austyn

84. Autumn

85. Avah

86. Avery

87. Aviana

88. Avianna

89. Ayla

90. Azalea

Do you have a favorite girl name that starts with A picked out? Or do you need some more name inspiration to find the perfect fit? Check out our other name posts like gender-neutral names, coolest girl names, and modern girl names. You may just find the perfect name you’ve been searching endlessly for!

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