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150+ Most Popular Spanish Names

Want to honor your family's Spanish heritage with your baby's name? Here's a list of popular and meaningful Spanish names for girls and boys.

Updated July 13, 2024

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is choosing your baby’s name! If you are expecting and looking for a Spanish name, you’re in the right place! Many parents choose to honor their family heritage with their baby’s name. Do you or your partner have Spanish roots? There are countless beautiful Spanish girl names and Spanish boy names with equally beautiful meanings.

Spanish Names for Your Baby

Spanish Girl Names

Are you a Shakespeare fan? You might like Emilia of Othello fame, meaning “a rival and competitor.”

Music enthusiast? You might choose Selena, of Tejano singer-songwriter fame, which means “the moon.”

Do you love nature and the outdoors? You might consider Jade, “which means green and like the gemstone;” Laura, which means “crowned in laurel or from the laurel tree;” Marina, which means “from the sea or loves the sea;” Mariposa, which means “butterfly;” Savanna and Savannah, which mean “the open plains or a grassland without trees;” or Sierra, which means “from the mountains.”

Like birds? Alondra means “a lark,” and Paloma means “beautiful dove.”

Partial to flowers? Margarita, which also happens to be my favorite alcoholic drink, means “pearl or the daisy flower,” Rosa means “like the rose blossom,” and Yolanda means “modest and beautiful like a violet flower.”

Love Disney? You might like Esmeralda, of The Hunchback of Notre Dame fame, which means “emerald,” or Aurora, of Sleeping Beauty fame, which means “the dawn, the sunrise or light.”

Maybe you want to choose a religious name for your daughter? You might like Elisa, which means “devoted to God;” Gabriela, which means “God is the strength and hero;” Isabel, which means “one who loves and commits to God;” Juana, which means “God is gracious and merciful;” Mila and Milagros, which both mean “miracles;” or Santana, which means “holy.”

Concepción means “the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary,” and Marisol means “the solitude of the Virgin Mary, or the sun and the sea.”

Love the Christmas season? Natalia means “born on Christmas Day.”

Want to give your daughter a strong name befitting a female warrior? You might consider Alejandra, which means “protector and defender of mankind;” Luisa, which means “warrior;” Pilar, which means “pillar of strength;” or Ramona, which means “wise protector.”

Want an elegant name for your little girl? Try Linda, which means “pretty;” Mercedes, which means “merciful;” Mira, which means “wonderful, peace, or prosperous;” or Reina or Reyna, which both mean “queen.”

Here are a few of the most popular Spanish girl names in alphabetical order:

1. Alba

2. Alejandra

3. Alicia

4. Alma

5. Alondra

6. Ana

7. Andrea

8. Antonia

9. Aurora

10. Bianca

11. Camila or Camilla

12. Carmen

13. Catalina

14. Cecilia

15. Clara

16. Claudia

17. Concepción

18. Daniela

19. Dulce

20. Elena

21. Elisa

22. Emilia or Emmie

23. Esmeralda

24. Esperanza

25. Eugenia

26. Fabiola

27. Fernanda

28. Florencia

29. Gabriela

30. Gloria

31. Guadalupe

32. Isabel

33. Isabella

34. Isidora or Isadora

35. Itzel

36. Jade

37. Jimena or Ximena

38. Josefina

39. Juana

40. Juliana or Julia

41. Laura

42. Leticia

43. Linda

44. Lola

45. Lucia

46. Luisa

47. Luna

48. Margarita

49. Maria

50. Mariana

51. Marina

52. Mariposa

53. Marisol

54. Martina

55. Maya

56. Mercedes

57. Mila or Milagros

58. Mira

59. Natalia

60. Nina

61. Paloma

62. Paula

63. Paulina

64. Paz

65. Pilar

66. Ramona

67. Reina or Reyna

68. Rosa

69. Samantha

70. Santana

71. Savanna or Savannah

72. Selena

73. Sierra

74. Sofia

75. Soledad

76. Tia

77. Valentina

78. Valeria

79. Victoria

80. Violeta

81. Yolanda

Spanish Boy Names

Do you love nature? You might like Felipe, which means “one who loves and befriends horses;” Fernando, which means “a brave and daring adventurer;” Jorge, which means “a farmer or someone who loves and works with the land;” Leonardo, which means “bold like a lion;” or Pedro, which means “rock.”

Maybe you want to choose a religious name for your son? You might like Benito, which means “blessed;” Cruz, which means “the cross;” Jerónimo, which means “holy and sacred name;” Joaquin, which means “established by God;” José, which means “God will add or increase;” Juan, which means “God is gracious;” Mateo, which means “a gift from God;” or Miguel, which means “who is like or closest to God.”

Santiago means “named after Saint James,” and Santino means “the saints.” Cristóbal means “follower and believer of Christ,” and Domingo means “born on Sunday, the Lord’s Day.”

Love Easter, or are you expecting a spring due date for your baby? You might like Pasqual, which means “Passover, born at Easter time.”

Want to give your son a strong name worthy of a warrior? Consider Alejandro, which means “protector and defender of humankind;” Alfonso, which means “prepared and ready for battle;” Arturo, which means “courageous and strong;” Eduardo, which means “wealthy defender;” Emiliano or Emilio, which both mean “challenger and winner;” Esteban, which means “wearing a victory crown;” Geraldo, which means “rules by the spear;” Ramon, which means “a wise protector and advisor;” Ricardo, which means “a powerful ruler;” Rodrigo, which means “a famous ruler;” or Vicente, which means “victorious conqueror.”

Here are a few of the most popular Spanish boy names in alphabetical order:

1. Adriano

2. Alejandro

3. Alex

4. Alfonso

5. Alonso or Alonzo

6. Andres

7. Angel

8. Antonio

9. Arturo

10. Arlo

11. Bartolo

12. Benito

13. Carlos

14. Cesar

15. Consuelo

16. Cristóbal

17. Cruz

18. Damian

19. Daniel

20. Dante

21. Diego

22. Domingo

23. Eduardo

24. Elian

25. Elias

26. Emiliano or Emilio

27. Emmanuel

28. Enrique

29. Enzo

30. Ernesto

31. Esteban

32. Eugenio

33. Fabio

34. Felipe

35. Fernando

36. Francisco

37. Gabriel

38. Geraldo

39. Gonzalo

40. Hector

41. Hugo

42. Ignacio

43. Isaac

44. Jaime

45. Javier or Xavier

46. Jerónimo

47. Joaquin

48. Jorge

49. Juan

50. Julian

51. José

52. Leo

53. Leonardo

54. Lorenzo

55. Luca

56. Luciano

57. Luis

58. Manuel

59. Marco

60. Marcos

61. Mario

62. Mateo

63. Matias

64. Maximiliano

65. Maximo

66. Miguel

67. Milo

68. Nicolas

69. Orlando

70. Pablo

71. Pasqual

72. Pedro

73. Quinn

74. Rafael

75. Ramon

76. Raul

77. Ricardo

78. Rodrigo

79. Ruben

80. Salvador

81. Santiago

82. Santino

83. Sebastián

84. Sergio

85. Tito

86. Tomás

87. Valentin or Valentino

88. Vicente

There are so many beautiful Spanish names to choose from. Which Spanish names for boys and girls are your favorites? We hope you had some that made it on your list!

If you are still on the baby name hunt, check out our other baby name lists. Try beautiful girl names, flower names for girlsstrong boy names, and cute nicknames for boys for inspiration. Good luck picking a beautiful name for your baby!

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