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100 Baby Girl Names That Start With C

Baby NamesUpdated August 2, 2023


One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is selecting a baby name for your bundle of joy! If you are expecting a daughter and are looking for girl names that start with C, you’ve come to the right place!

Some parents choose a family name for their baby girl’s first or middle name. Others want to give their daughter a traditional, time-tested name like Charlotte. This classic name is the current most popular baby girl name that starts with a C in the English-speaking world, thanks to Prince William and Catherine “Kate” Middleton naming their second child Charlotte Elizabeth in 2015. Others opt for a fresh, unusual baby girl name like Cadenza, Caia, or Cambrie.

Baby Girl Names That Start With C

According to other baby name sources, these are some of the most popular baby girl names that start with C right now:

1. Charlotte

2. Camila

3. Chloe

4. Claire

5. Caroline

6. Cora

7. Clara

8. Charlie

9. Cecilia

10. Callie

Looking for something a little more uncommon for your baby girl? Here’s a list of unique baby girl names that start with C:

1. Caddie

2. Cadence

3. Cadenza

4. Cady

5. Caia

6. Cailin

7. Caily

8. Cailyn

9. Caissa

10. Caitlin

11. Caitlyn

12. Calais

13. Calandra

14. Calia

15. Callen

16. Calliope

17. Callista

18. Calluna

19. Calvina

20. Cambria

21. Cambrie

22. Camden

23. Camellia

24. Camilla

25. Camille

26. Camreigh

27. Camryn

28. Candace

29. Candy

30. Canna

31. Cantara

32. Cantrelle

33. Capella

34. Capri

35. Caprice

36. Catrice

37. Cara

38. Carby

39. Carden

40. Carin

41. Carina

42. Carissa

43. Carla

44. Carlie

45. Carly

46. Carmella

47. Carnation

48. Carolina

49. Carolyn

50. Carrie

51. Cassandra

52. Cassia

53. Cassie

54. Catalina

55. Catarina

56. Catherine

57. Cathey

58. Cayla

59. Celeste

60. Celia

61. Celina

62. Celine

63. Chanel

64. Charity

65. Charleigh

66. Charli

67. Charlize

68. Chasity

69. Chaya

70. Chelsea

71. Cheryl

72. Cheyenne

73. Christina

74. Christine

75. Ciara

76. Cindy

77. Clarabelle

78. Clarabeth

79. Clarissa

80. Clementine

81. Colette

82. Colleen

83. Coral

84. Coraline

85. Cordelia

86. Cori

87. Corina

88. Corinne

89. Crystal

90. Cynthia

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) name from this list? Have you or your friends and family chosen any of these names for your daughters?

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