100 Royal Baby Names for Your Little Prince or Princess
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100 Royal Baby Names for Your Little Prince or Princess

Get name inspiration from our best royal names list, including names with regal meanings and ones based on real people.

Updated May 20, 2024

Royal names are always a classic choice for your brand-new baby boy or girl. There are many to choose from that are timeless. It’s become common for parents to choose a name for their little one based on its meaning or someone who has the moniker. Luckily, we have found the 100 best royal baby names for your baby boy or girl. They are majestic and perfect for your royal highness.

26 Royal Baby Boy Names Based on Real People

These royal names for boys come from real-life kings and princes over the centuries and some from mythological royalty. We absolutely love royal names like Archie, who, of course, is inspired by little Archie Harrison Mountbatton-Windsor.

1. Albert – Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg was a British monarch and the husband of Queen Victoria.

2. Andrew – Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is the brother of King Charles III.

3. Archie – Prince Archie of Sussex is the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

4. Arthur – King Arthur is a fictional king of Britain in medieval literature.

5. Augustus – This was the title of ancient Roman Emperor Gaius Octavius.

6. Charles – King Charles III is the current king of the United Kingdom.

7. David – David Armstrong-Jones is the 2nd Earl of Snowdon.

8. Darius – Darius the Great was an ancient king of Persia.

9. Edward – Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, is the youngest brother of King Charles III.

10. Emmanuel – Prince Emmanuel is the son of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

11. Ferdinand – King Ferdinand VII was the king of Spain in the 19th century.

12. Francis – Pope Francis is the current leader of the Catholic Church.

13. Geoffrey – Geoffrey V, the Count of Anjou, was the second husband of Empress Matilda of England.

14. George – Prince George of Wales is the son of Prince William and Princess Catherine of the United Kingdom.

15. Harry – Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is the son of King Charles III.

16. Henry – King Henry VII was king of England in the 1500s.

17. James – King James VI was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the king of Scotland after her death.

18. John – King John was king of England until the early 1200s.

19. Leopold – King Leopold II was the second king of the Belgians.

20. Lionel – Sir Lionel was the son of King Bors in Arthurian legend.

21. Louis – King Louis XVI was the last king of France during the French Revolution.

22. Oscar – King Oscar I of Sweden ruled in the early 1800s.

23. Phillip – Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the late consort of the late British monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

24. Richard – King Richard I, also known as Richard the Lionheart, was king of England in the late 1100s.

25. Victor – In the mid-1600s, Victor Amadeus I was the Duke of Savoy.

26. William – Prince William of Wales is the son of King Charles III and next in line for the British throne.

24 Royal Baby Boy Names With Regal Meanings

These royal boy names may not have ties with real royals, but they have royal or noble somewhere in their meanings. Names like Cyril or Rex are regal but also unique.

1. Baron – A Hebrew name that means “noble landowner.”

2. Basil – This Greek name means “kingly” or “royal.”

3. Conrad – Conrad is German for “brave counsel.”

4. Cyril – This name of Greek origin means “lordly” or “masterful.”

5. Derek – This English name means “gifted ruler.”

6. Duke – The title of Duke is used for a male who is a member of royalty.

7. Eric – This name means “eternal ruler” in Old Norse.

8. Frederick – Frederick is German for “peaceful ruler.”

9. Idris – This Welsh name means “lord.”

10. Kendrick – This name means “bold ruler” or “champion” in English.

11. Kian – Kian is Persian for “benevolent king.”

12. Laszlo – This Slavic name means “glorious ruler.”

13. Leroy – This old French name means “the king.”

14. Malik – Malik means “king” or “sovereign” in Arabic.

15. Prince – This is an obvious royal name that means “royal son” in Latin.

16. Regulus – This Latin name means “little king” or “prince.”

17. Rex – Rex means “king” in Latin.

18. Roderick – This name is of German origin and means “famous ruler.”

19. Rory – The meaning of this name in Irish is “red king.”

20. Ryan – Ryan means “little king” in Gaelic.

21. Stephen – This name is derived from the Greek word “stephanos,” which means “crown.”

22. Sultan – Sultan is Arabic for “ruler” or “sovereign.”

23. Vladimir – In Slavic, Vladimir means “peaceful ruler.”

24. Walter – Walter is German for “army ruler.”

30 Royal Girl Names Based on Real People

Want to name your little princess after a real one? Beatrice and Eugenie are great examples of royal names for girls as they are both a part of the British royal family.

1. Amelia – Princess Amelia was the daughter of King George II of England.

2. Anastasia – Grand Duchess Anastasia was the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

3. Anne – Anne, Princess Royal, is the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

4. Beatrice – Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

5. Camilla – Camilla is the wife of King Charles III and the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

6. Catherine – Catherine, Princess of Wales, is the wife of Prince William of Wales.

7. Charlotte – Princess Charlotte of Wales is the daughter of Prince William and Princess Catherine.

8. Cordelia – Queen Cordelia was a legendary queen of the Britons.

9. Diana – The late Diana, Princess of Wales, was the wife of King Charles III and the mother of Princes Harry and William.

10. Dorothea – Dorothea of Brandenburg was the queen of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden through her marriage to King Christopher III.

11. Elizabeth – Queen Elizabeth II was the late queen of the United Kingdom and the longest-reigning British monarch.

12. Estelle – Princess Estelle of Sweden is the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

13. Eugenie – Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

14. Helen – Lady Helen Taylor is the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.

15. Isabella – Queen Isabella I ruled Castile, a region of Spain, in the later 1400s with her husband, King Ferdinand II.

16. Jane – Lady Jane Grey ruled England for nine days and was the granddaughter of King Henry VII.

17. Josephine – Princess Josephine of Denmark is the granddaughter of Queen Margrethe II.

18. Lilibet – Princess Lilibet of Sussex is the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

19. Louise – Louise, Royal Princess and Duchess of Fife, was the daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

20. Lucia – Princess Lucia was a House of Bourbon Two-Sicilies member.

21. Margaret – Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, is the sister of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

22. Mary – Mary, Queen of Scots, was the queen of Scotland in the 1500s.

23. Maud – Princess Maud of Wales was one of King Edward VII’s and Queen Alexandra’s daughters.

24. Meghan – Meghan Markle is the wife of Prince Harry.

25. Nefertiti – Nefertiti was the queen of the 18th dynasty in ancient Egypt.

26. Sienna – Sienna Elizabeth is the name Princess Beatrice of York chose for her baby girl.

27. Sophia – St. Sophia of Rome is a Christian martyr.

28. Victoria – Queen Victoria was the queen of the United Kingdom in the 1800s, including Britain and Ireland.

29. Wanda – According to legend, Princess Wanda of Poland was the daughter of King Krakus.

30. Wilhelmina – Wilhelmina was Queen of the Netherlands from the late 1800s until the early 1900s.

20 Royal Baby Girl Names with Royal Meanings

We love uncommon names, and there are plenty in this category! Names like Contessa and Reign are perfect royal names for your baby girl if you seek individuality.

1. Adelaide – This is a German name that means “noble kind” or “nobility.”

2. Alice – Alice means “noble” in English.

3. Contessa – This name means “royalty” in Italian.

4. Dione – This name means “divine queen” in Greek.

5. Geraldine – Geraldine is German for “spear ruler.”

6. Grace – This name is Latin for “God’s favor.”

7. Harriet – Harriet means “home ruler” in German.

8. Leilani  – This Hawaiian name means “royal child of heaven.”

9. Meredith – Meredith is Welsh for “great ruler.”

10. Orla – This name means “golden princess” in Irish.

11. Princess – Another obvious choice for a royal girl name.

12. Queenie – This is an Old English nickname for “royal lady.”

13. Regina – This Latin name means “queen.”

14. Reign – Reign is of English origin and means “rule” or “sovereign.”

15. Rhiannon – Rhiannon is Welsh for “great queen.”

16. Sadie – This name means “princess” in Hebrew.

17. Sarah – This name also means “princess” or “noblewoman” in Hebrew.

18. Stephanie – The meaning of Stephanie in Greek is “crown.”

19. Suri – This unique name means “princess” in Hebrew.

20. Tiana – Tiana is Slavic for “fairy queen.”

Finding the perfect name for your little king or queen can sometimes be challenging, but with this list, we hope it helped you find the right one! It’s a beautiful list of classic, traditional royal names and a few modern names. There’s something for everyone!

Check out our other baby name lists if you want even more ideas. Try celebrity baby names, elegant baby namesclassic baby names, Disney Princess names, and preppy baby names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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