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147 Slavic Names Perfect for Your Boy or Girl

If you want to honor your ancestors with a Slavic name, here's a list of some great Slavic boy and girl names for your baby.

Updated August 14, 2023

Slavic names have a fascinating history. There are many modern countries to which the Slavs migrated, including Russia, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, to name a few, so there are plenty of Slavic boy names and popular Slavic girl names. There’s an excellent chance that if you have any roots in those nations, your ancestors could have come from the Slavs. The present-day Slavic countries are classified as East or West Slavs, depending on location. It’s incredible to see how many types of people are connected.

We have put together a list of 147 Slavic names to aid you in your baby name search. Many people like to pay homage to their heritage, and what better way to do that than with your baby’s name? There are options for both boys and girls, broken up into subcategories to help you find the perfect one. There are common or popular names, beautiful Slavic girl names, strong Slavic boy names, and several more uncategorized options for each. Take a look and see if any of them stand out to you.

20 Common Slavic Boy Names

Here are some of the most popular Slavic boy names. From Andrej to Maksim, there are some great options for a baby boy, especially if you love traditional names.

1. Aleksandar

2. Andrej

3. Boris

4. Filip

5. Goran

6. Ivan

7. Janko

8. Jovan

9. Kazimir

10. Luboslaw

11. Maksim

12. Matej

13. Milos

14. Nikola

15. Oleg

16. Radoslav

17. Stefan

18. Todor

19. Tomislav

20. Vladimir

16 Strong Slavic Boy Names

These strong Slavic boy names are perfect for your little warrior. Each name means something tough, like Alexei, which means “defender,” and Slavko means “glory.”

1. Alexei

2. Anton

3. Arseni

4. Branko

5. Darijo

6. Dobroslav

7. Emil

8. Goran

9. Igor

10. Kamil

11. Lev

12. Marek

13. Petar

14. Rolan

15. Slavko

16. Vasil

8 Unique Slavic Boy Names

These unique names are great options. Choose a Slavic name like Zasha for your baby boy and help it make a comeback.

1. Bela

2. Burian

3. Dusan

4. Mikhail

5. Radman

6. Timofey

7. Zasha

8. Ziven

29 More Slavic Boy Names

Are you looking for even more options? Here are some more great choices for boy names that would be perfect for a baby boy.

1. Aleko

2. Blagoy

3. Casimer

4. Dalibor

5. Dimitrios

6. Emond

7. Fedir

8. Floryan

9. Jarek

10. Juraj

11. Kolar

12. Kristjan

13. Ladislav

14. Lazlo

15. Matvey

16. Michal

17. Milenko

18. Niklaus

19. Novak

20. Plamen

21. Radomil

22. Radu

23. Sagan

24. Stanweg

25. Tihomir

26. Veselin

27. Vlasta

28. Wenzel

29. Zandro

20 Common Slavic Girl Names

These common names are some of the most popular Slavic girl names we love. Some of our favorites include Irina, Oksana, and Valeriy. Look to see if any of them catch your eye.

1. Aleksandra

2. Bogdana

3. Danica

4. Dragana

5. Irina

6. Ivanka

7. Jovana

8. Katerina

9. Marta

10. Mila

11. Nadia

12. Natalia

13. Oksana

14. Petra

15. Sonja

16. Stanislava

17. Svetlana

18. Valentina

19. Valeriya

20. Zora

15 Beautiful Slavic Girl Names

Some of the most beautiful baby girl names of Slavic origin will be found here. Not only do they sound gorgeous, but that’s part of their meaning as well. Examples are Milana which means “pleasant” or “favored,” and Sorana, which means “one beautiful as dawn.”

1. Ajla

2. Alina

3. Chessa

4. Darva

5. Feodora

6. Kalina

7. Lumina

8. Malyna

9. Milana

10. Radmila

11. Raina

12. Sorana

13. Tanja

14. Yaroslava

15. Zaria

9 Unique Slavic Girl Names

These are some of the most uncommon Slavic girl names. They may not be used often, but we found some we still love. Anezka is a favorite in this category!

1. Anezka

2. Beta

3. Dita

4. Evzen

5. Marjeta

6. Ryba

7. Trava

8. Vondra

9. Zuza

30 More Slavic Girl Names

Here are even more options for girl names. Some beautiful ones are Branka, Galina, and Valeska. Do any of them stand out to you?

1. Agata

2. Arkadina

3. Branislava

4. Branka

5. Christo

6. Dusana

7. Ekat

8. Elga

9. Fanya

10. Galina

11. Idony

12. Ilke

13. Kinga

14. Lada

15. Lepa

16. Lucika

17. Nedda

18. Padrika

19. Panya

20. Radinka

21. Romanka

22. Sibilia

23. Tosha

24. Valeska

25. Vera

26. Veroshka

27. Wendaline

28. Yana

29. Zorina

30. Zvezda

Names of Slavic origin cover a lot of ethnic backgrounds, making them excellent choices for your little one. We hope you enjoyed learning about these names as much as we enjoyed putting them together!

Check out our other baby name lists if you want even more ideas. Try Russian names, elegant baby namesclassic baby namesstrong boy names, and rare girl names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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