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263 Baby Girl Names That Start With T

T girl names and their meanings, including cute names, long and short names, rare and popular names, and much more!

Updated June 30, 2024

by Lauren Flake

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is selecting a name for your bundle of joy! If you’re expecting a daughter and looking for baby names that start with T, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of popular and somewhat less common baby girl names that start with T!

Baby Girl Names That Start With T

You might want to give your daughter a traditional English name like Taylor (of singer-songwriter Taylor Swift fame), which means “tailor.” Or you might like the classic Irish name Tara, which means “rocky hill” (or “star” in Sanskrit). If you want a fresh, more unique girl name, you might opt for the Choctaw and Irish name Tallulah, which means “leaping water, lady of abundance.” Or consider the Arabic name Tamarind (a tropical fruit and spice) or Tangerine (a citrus fruit). Check out these T girl names and more below:

These are the most popular baby girl names starting with T. If you want a name that many people adore, these are great contenders!

1. Talia — This name means “gentle dew from Heaven” in Hebrew.

2. Tara — An Irish name meaning “rocky hill.”

3. Tatiana — Russian for “fairy queen.”

4. Tatum — English for “Tate’s Homestead.” “Tate” is derived from the village of Tatham.

5. Taylor — This is an English occupational name for a tailor.

6. Teagan — Irish for “little poet” and Welsh for “fair.”

7. Tessa — This name means “to gather” in English.

8. Thea — Greek for “goddess” or “godly.”

9. Tilly — A German name meaning “battle mighty.”

10. Trinity — In Latin, this name means “triad.”

10 Common Girl Names That Start With T

If you’re searching for a name that isn’t super popular but still well-known, you should take a look at these common baby girl names. There are plenty of special ones here!

1. Tamsin — English for “twin.”

2. Taryn — An Irish name meaning “rocky hill.”

3. Teddy — This name means “gift of God” in Greek.

4. Tess — An English name meaning “to harvest.”

5. Theresa — This name also means “to harvest” in English.

6. Tiana — Slavic for “fairy queen.”

7. Tinsley — English for “Tynni’s meadow,” a habitational name in South Yorkshire, England.

8. Trixie — This name means “one who brings happiness” in Latin.

9. Tula — This name means “mountain peak” in Choctaw or “a Libra” in Hindi.

10. Tyra — A Scandinavian name meaning “god of battle.”

8 Bible Names for a Girl That Start With T

You can find each of these T names for girls in the Bible. If you’re interested in finding the perfect biblical name for your daughter, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Talitha — Aramaic for “little girl.”

2. Tamar — This name means “date palm tree” in Hebrew.

3. Tamari — Georgian for “date palm tree.”

4. Terah — A Hebrew name meaning “wind” or “wanderer.”

5. Tirzah — Hebrew for “delight.”

6. Tryphena — In Greek, this name means “softness” or “delicacy.”

7. Tryphosa — This name also means “softness” or “delicacy” in Greek.

8. Tzipporah — Hebrew for “bird.”

14 Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Are you looking for a modern and trendy moniker? This category has you covered with all the latest girl names starting with T that are currently in style.

1. Tailynn — A created name that’s a combo of “Tai” (which is Vietnamese for “talented”) and “Lynn” (which is English for “waterfall”).

2. Tamasha — This name means “pageant” in Swahili.

3. Tamber — This American name means “music tone” in English.

4. Tanner — An English occupational name for a leather tanner.

5. Tate — Norse for “cheerful.”

6. Tayla — This is an English occupational name for a tailor.

7. Terrica — A Norse name meaning “complete ruler.”

8. Tilaka — Sanskrit for “a kind of necklace.”

9. Timberly — This name means “woodland meadow” in English.

10. Toby — Greek for “God is good.”

11. Tristan — A Celtic name meaning “noise” or “sorrowful.”

12. Troy — This name means “of Troyes” in Greek and French.

13. Twyla — This English name means “woven with a double thread.”

14. Tyler — An English occupational name for a tile maker.

10 Old-Fashioned Girl Names That Start With T

An old-fashioned name carries a lot of heart, and these girl names starting with T are no exception! Try one of these old-fashioned names to see if it could be the right match for your little girl.

1. Tabitha — An Aramaic name meaning “gazelle.”

2. Tamara — Hebrew for “date palm tree.”

3. Tammy — This name means “date palm tree” in English.

4. Thelma — Greek for “will” or “volition.”

5. Thora — A Norse name meaning “thunder goddess.”

6. Tiffany — This name means “of divine manifestation” in English.

7. Tina — Latin for “follower of Christ.”

8. Tracy — This name means “of Thracia” in French.

9. Tricia — Latin for “noble” or “patrician.”

10. Trudy — In German, this name means “spear of strength.”

10 Vintage Girl Names That Start With T

These vintage girl names are overdue for a comeback. It’s no secret why these lovely names continue to shine after many years.

1. Tasha — Russian for “birthday of the Lord.”

2. Thaddea — An Aramaic name meaning “gift of God.”

3. Thandie — This name means “beloved” in Xhosa.

4. Theda — Greek for “gift of God.”

5. Thespina — In Greek, this name means “lady.”

6. Tibby — A Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God.”

7. Tiernan — This Irish name means “little lord.”

8. Timothea — This name means “honoring God” in Greek.

9. Trina — A Scandinavian name meaning “pure.”

10. Trish — In Latin, this name means “noble” or “patrician.”

14 Cute Girl Names That Start With T

I just love cute girl names! These adorable monikers have a lot of style that will make your little girl feel extra special.

1. Tabby — This Aramaic name means “gazelle.”

2. Tallie — Hebrew for “gentle dew from heaven.”

3. Talvi — A Finnish name meaning “winter.”

4. Tansy — Greek for “immortality.”

5. Tanya — This name means “honorable” in Russian.

6. Tassie — In Russian, this name means “born at Christmas.”

7. Tensley — Old English for “woodland clearing.”

8. Terri — This name means “to harvest” in English.

9. Tiggy — A Greek name meaning “worthy of one’s parents.”

10. Trini — English for “triad.”

11. Tucker — This is an English occupational name for a fabric pleater.

12. Tuesday — English for “Tiu’s Day” (aka Tuesday).

13. Tulip — Persian for “turban.”

14. Twiggy — A nickname for girls meaning “slender” or “delicate” in Old English.

14 Pretty Girl Names That Start With T

Every little princess deserves a pretty name to match. These girl names starting with T are fantastic contenders for your daughter.

1. Taguhi — Armenian for “queen.”

2. Taiga — This name means “great river” in Japanese.

3. Talwyn — Cornish for “fair brow.”

4. Tauriel — This name means “daughter of the forest” in Sindarin, a fictional language created by author J.R.R. Tolkien.

5. Tawny — English for “golden brown.”

6. Thalassa — This name means “the sea” in Greek.

7. Thana — Arabic for “praise” and Greek for “death.”

8. Therese — A German name meaning “to reap or gather.”

9. Tiara — In Latin, this name means “crown” or “jeweled headdress.”

10. Tierney — An Irish name meaning “descendant of a lord.”

11. Tigerlily — This is an English name for the tiger lily flower, which gets its name from its orange coloration.

12. Tilda — Estonian for “battle mighty.”

13. Titania — This name means “giant” or “great one.”

14. Topanga — A Native American name that means “where the mountain meets the sea.”

13 Cool Girl Names That Start With T

Not only are these names cool, but they’re also badass and edgy. They’re fitting for any baby girl!

1. Tarot — This is a French name for fortune-telling cards.

2. Temple — An English name meaning “dweller near the temple.”

3. Thayer — French for “tailor.”

4. Theroux — This name means “the wells” in French.

5. Thirteen — The English word for the number 13.

6. Thunder — An English word for the loud, rumbling sound heard after lightning strikes.

7. Thyme — English for “herb.”

8. Tijuana — This name means “by the sea” in Spanish.

9. Tokyo — A Japanese city that means “eastern capital.”

10. Toryn — This Irish name means “chief.”

11. Townes — English for “one who lived in a village.”

12. Tsunami — In Japanese, this name means “harbor wave.”

13. Tundra — A Russian name meaning “frozen arctic plain.”

21 Short Girl Names That Start With T

These short and sweet names make wonderful choices for a baby girl, especially if you’re searching for a name that starts with T.

1. Tai — This name means “great extreme” in Chinese.

2. Taji — An Arabic name meaning “crown.”

3. Tal — Hebrew for “rain” or “dew.”

4. Tam — This Scottish name means “twin.”

5. Tao — Chinese for “peach” or “long life.”

6. Teal — This is an English word for blue-green.

7. Tex — An American nickname for someone who’s from Texas.

8. Thi — This name means “poem” in Vietnamese.

9. Thu — Vietnamese for “autumn.”

10. Thuy — A Vietnamese name meaning “water.”

11. Tia — Spanish for “aunt” and Greek for “goddess.”

12. Tig — In Greek, this name means “worthy of one’s parents.”

13. Tip — This is a gender-neutral American nickname. It’s said to mean “small boy or child” in English.

14. Toki — A Japanese name meaning “time.”

15. Tora — This Norse name means “thunder.”

16. Tori — Japanese for “bird.”

17. Tove — A Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful.”

18. Tris — This name means “she who brings happiness” or “blessed” in Latin.

19. Tru — A variation of the English word “true,” which means “genuine.”

20. Tu — French for “you.”

21. Ty — This name means “rock” or “sharp” in Hebrew.

27 Long Girl Names That Start With T

These long names have a lot of spunk and can make great nicknames, too. Don’t sleep on this category of T names for girls!

1. Tabassum — An Arabic name meaning “smiling.”

2. Tafadzwa — This name means “we are pleased” in Shona.

3. Tagwanibisan — Algonquin for “rainbow.”

4. Tallulah — This name means “leaping water” in Choctaw and “lady of abundance” in Irish.

5. Tamarind — This is Arabic for “tree,” and it’s also the name of a spice.

6. Tanaquil — An Etruscan name meaning “gift of God.”

7. Tangerine — This is the name of a fruit, and it means “from Tangiers” in English. It’s a seaport in Morocco.

8. Tarragon — Greek for “dragon herb.”

9. Temitope — In Yoruba, this name means “worthy of thanks.”

10. Temperance — English for “moderation.”

11. Tennessee — This name means “bend in the river” or “meeting place” in Cherokee.

12. Terpsichore — In Greek, this name means “delight in dancing.”

13. Thamarai — This name means “lotus flower” in Tamil.

14. Theodora — Greek for “gift of God.”

15. Theodosia — This name means “giving to God” in Greek.

16. Thomasina — English for “twin.”

17. Thumbelina — This name means “thumb-sized girl” and was created by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

18. Tihomira — This Croatian name means “peace.”

19. Tisiphone — A Greek name meaning “avenging murder.”

20. Tochukwu — In Igbo, this name means “praise God.”

21. Torrance — A Scottish name meaning “from the hillocks.”

22. Tourmaline — French for “colorful jewel.”

23. Treasure — This name means “highly valued possession” in Latin.

24. Tsholofelo — This name means “hope” in Tswana.

25. Tuilelaith — An Irish name meaning “princess of abundance.”

26. Tuppence — English for “two pence.”

27. Turquoise — In French, this name means “Turkish stone.”

43 Unique Girl Names That Start With T

Try one of these uncommon T girl names for your little one. They’re unique and special, just like her!

1. Tabia — This name means “talents” or “gifts” in Swahili.

2. Tahoe — A Native American name meaning “edge of the lake.”

3. Tahoma — This Native American name means “snow-covered mountain.”

4. Taika — Finnish for “magic.”

5. Taimi — A Finnish name meaning “young tree.”

6. Taissa — This name means “bandage” in Russian and Greek.

7. Talayah — An Arabic name meaning “golden ray of the sun.”

8. Taleen — Arabic and Armenian for “to advise.”

9. Talisa — This name means “of noble birth” in Spanish.

10. Talma — Hebrew for “hill” or “mound.”

11. Talya — A Hebrew name meaning “dew from God.”

12. Tamia — This name means “date palm tree” in Hebrew.

13. Tamra — This name is also Hebrew for “date palm.”

14. Tancy — Greek for “immortal.”

15. Tandy — A Native American name meaning “flower.”

16. Tanisha — This name means “ambition” in Sanskrit.

17. Taniya — Russian for “fairy queen.”

18. Taonga — This name means “we are thankful” in Tumbuka and “treasured possession” in Māori.

19. Tatenda — This name means “thank you” in Shona.

20. Teegan — Irish for “little poet” and Welsh for “fair.”

21. Tendai — A Shona name meaning “be thankful.”

22. Tennille — This American name means “champion” in English.

23. Terencia — Latin for “smooth.”

24. Terryl — This name means “to pull” in French.

25. Tesni — This name means “warmth from the sun” in Welsh.

26. Tessin — A German habitational name for someone from the Mecklenburg region of Germany.

27. Tetty — In English, this name means “pledged to God.”

28. Theia — Greek for “goddess” or “godly.”

29. Thisbe — This name means “lover” in Greek.

30. Tiamat — A Persian name meaning “sea.”

31. Tilden — English for “fertile valley.”

32. Tiler — This is an English occupational name for a tile maker.

33. Tionge — This name means “we thank” in Chewa and Tumbuka.

34. Tissaia — This is a name created for “The Witcher” series on Netflix. It may be of Greek origin, and it means “harvest” or “resurrection.”

35. Topaz — Greek for “precious stone” and Latin for “golden gem.”

36. Torra — A Scottish name meaning “from the castle.”

37. Toula — Greek for “light.”

38. Trevena — This name means “village on a mountain” in Cornish.

39. Trista — This Celtic name means “noise” or “sorrowful.”

40. Tristine — The meaning of this name is also “sorrowful” in Celtic.

41. Troian — A Slavic name meaning “triad.”

42. Tuila — This name’s language origin and meaning are unknown.

43. Tuliana — Latin for “libra” or “tranquil.”

69 Rare Girl Names That Start With T

Choosing a rare name for your baby girl will ensure her individuality. If you’d like a fantastic name that isn’t often thought of, this is the right category for you.

1. Tacita — Latin for “silence.”

2. Taffeta — This name means “silk fabric” in Latin.

3. Tahani — An Arabic name meaning “best wishes.”

4. Tahira — This Arabic name means “pure and chaste.”

5. Tahirih — Persian for “the pure one.”

6. Tahnee — This Polynesian name means “by the sea.”

7. Taja — This name means “to name” or “to mention” in Arabic.

8. Takala — In Hopi, this name means “corn tassel.”

9. Talea — Hebrew for “gentle dew from heaven.”

10. Taline — This is the name of a town in Armenia. The meaning is unknown.

11. Tamah — This name means “honest” or “innocent” in Hebrew.

12. Tamako — Japanese for “jewel child.”

13. Tammany — This is the feminine version of “Tamanend,” the Native American chief of a Pennsylvania tribe. It means “the affable.”

14. Tangela — Greek for “angel” or “messenger of God.”

15. Tanvi — This name means “the epitome of femininity” in Sanskrit.

16. Taqqiq — This name means “moon” in Inuktitut.

17. Tarabai — In Sanskrit, this name means “feminine star.”

18. Tariro — This name means “hope” in Shona.

19. Tarni — An Australian Aboriginal name meaning “surf.”

20. Tasmine — English for “twin.”

21. Tatewin — An invented Native American name of the woman who became the first indigenous person to run for attorney general in South Dakota. The meaning is unknown.

22. Taura — This name means “like a bull” in Latin.

23. Tavora — Hebrew for “break” or “fracture.”

24. Taygete — A Greek name meaning “long-necked.”

25. Teasagh — This Scottish name means “God is gracious.”

26. Tebogo — This name means “gratitude” in Tswana.

27. Techne — In Greek, this name means “art, craft, and skill.”

28. Tefnut — An Egyptian name meaning “one who spits.”

29. Tegwen — Welsh for “fair.”

30. Teifi — This is a Welsh river name. Its meaning is unknown.

31. Telete — Greek for “consecration.”

32. Tellervo — This is the name of the Finnish goddess of the forest.

33. Tenten — Japanese for “heaven.”

34. Tenzin — A Tibetan name meaning “holder of the teaching.”

35. Tesla — This Slavic name means “from Thessaly.”

36. Tetsu — In Japanese, this name means “strong as iron.”

37. Teyana — Slavic for “fairy queen” and Greek for “princess.”

38. Thabang — In Tswana, this name means “be happy.”

39. Thandeka — This name means “lovely” in Zulu.

40. Thebe — This name means “shield” in Tswana. It’s also the name of the daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology.

41. Thekla — In Greek, this name means “fame of God.”

42. Theone — Greek for “godly.”

43. Thoosa — In Greek, this name means “swift.”

44. Thylane — French and Vietnamese for “wild orchid.”

45. Tiare — A Tahitian name meaning “flower.”

46. Tifawt — In Tamazight, this name means “light.”

47. Tintagel — Cornish for “fort with a narrow entrance.”

48. Timnah — This name means “to withhold” in Hebrew.

49. Tiril — This Norwegian name is inspired by poetry. The meaning of this name is unknown.

50. Tirion — A Welsh name meaning “gentle” and “kind.”

51. Tlalli — Nahuatl for “land” and Aztec for “earth.”

52. Toccata — This is a type of music, and it literally translates to “touch” in Italian.

53. Tomke — This Frisian name means “thought.”

54. Tomyris — A Persian name meaning “family.”

55. Tonna — This name is of Choctaw origin, and its meaning is unknown.

56. Topeka — This name means “place of potatoes.” The language of origin is unknown.

57. Toril — Norse for “thunder.”

58. Tosca — An Italian name meaning “from Tuscany.”

59. Tower — This is an English word name for a tall and narrow building.

60. Trillian — A character name created by author Douglas Adams. The meaning is unknown.

61. Trueth — Cornish for “compassion.”

62. Truly — An English word name meaning “in a truthful way.”

63. Tsetseg — This name means “flower” in Mongolian.

64. Tsireya — A created name for the sci-fi “Avatar” film universe. The meaning and origin are unknown.

65. Tuptim — Thai for “pomegranate.”

66. Turid — This Norwegian name means “Thor is beautiful.”

67. Tyas — An Indonesian name meaning “heart of hearts.”

68. Tzeitel — Yiddish for “princess.”

69. Tzofia — In Hebrew, this name means “a scout of Jehovah.”

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) name from this list? Have you or your friends and family chosen any of these T names for your daughters?

Be sure to also peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our short girl names, Disney princess names, royal baby names, and coolest baby girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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