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201 Names That Mean Love For Your Little Love Bug

Find the perfect name that captures the love for your newest addition! Browse over 200 names that mean love.

Updated March 25, 2024

When you become a parent, it’s love at first sight. There is nothing quite like the feeling of falling head over heels for your little one from the moment you lay your eyes on them. You want to give your newest addition a name that captures how much you care for them and symbolizes all the love and joy they’ll bring into the world as they grow. Why not give them a name that means love? Maybe your newest addition was conceived during your honeymoon. Or maybe, they’ll be born on (or near) Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what inspires you to choose a girl name that means love or a boy name that means love, we’ve compiled a list of over 200 names to inspire you.

We included classics like Romeo and Juliet and all the fan-favorites of Greek mythology enthusiasts, like Aphrodite, Eros, and Valentine. From names that translate to “love,” like Amor and Aimer, to unique or gender-neutral names, like Esme, Love, Amando, or Arrow (as in Cupid), there is a name for every parent to love on this list. We’ve broken these names that mean love into categories for girls, boys, or names that could work for anyone.

117 Girl Names That Mean Love

A girl name that means love for your little princess might be the perfect fit. Some are unique, and some are used more often, like Aurora, which gained massive popularity over the last two decades. In 2000, it was ranked 488 and climbed to 31st in 2022.1

Whether you draw inspiration from classic literature, like Juliet, or more current and trendy characters, like Love Quinn, here are over a hundred baby names for girls inspired by love.

1. Adelpha

2. Ahava

3. Aurora

4. Amara

5. Amandine

6. Amarissa

7. Amora

8. Amaranta

9. Amira

10. Amia

11. Amor

12. Amorette

13. Amorina

14. Amandine

15. Anais

16. Anthe

17. Anpu

18. Aphrodite

19. Anais

20. Arohi

21. Ahuva

22. Aziza

23. Caryn

24. Cariad

25. Carina

26. Carissa

27. Carmela

28. Carys

29. Cerys

30. Cinta

31. Charity

32. Charis

33. Chaya

34. Cher

35. Cherish

36. Davina

37. Daya

38. Desiree

39. Dua

40. Elodie

41. Eowyn

42. Esme

43. Freya

44. Grania

45. Habeeba

46. Haemah

47. Haida

48. Halia

49. Haviva

50. Idony

51. Ines

52. Ismay

53. Isolde

54. Janiya

55. Jemma

56. Johanna

57. Joy

58. Juliet

59. Karita

60. Kerstin

61. Kalila

62. Kalina

63. Kamaka

64. Kerensa

65. Keris

66. Liliana

67. Leilani

68. Liora

69. Love

70. Lovella

71. Luba

72. Ludmila

73. Mabel

74. Mabli

75. Maila

76. Milada

77. Maite

78. Maitri

79. Manami

80. Manju

81. Maryam

82. Marietta

83. Maud

84. Mila

85. Milagro

86. Milana

87. Milena

88. Miley

89. Mina

90. Mira

91. Miriel

92. Myrna

93. Nayeli

94. Nemy

95. Nicêhis

96. Noemi

97. Nayeli

98. Passion

99. Pippa

100. Phillipa

101. Premila

102. Pyrrha

103. Priya

104. Querida

105. Ranjana

106. Rima

107. Renata

108. Rukmini

109. Seraphina

110. Siran

111. Sneha

112. Suki

113. Tivona

114. Vashti

115. Venus

116. Vevina

117. Yaretzi

51 Boy Names Inspired by Love

These love-inspired names for your little dude are great options to consider. With French, Italian, and Spanish being some of the most romantic languages in the world, it’s no surprise that several of these names have those same roots. From the mythological Greek god Eros (the love child of Aphrodite and Ares), aka Cupid, to the hopeless romantic Romeo himself, there are plenty of boy names that mean love, devotion, or admiration for your little man.

1. Amadeus

2. Amias

3. Aimer

4. Amando

5. Aarush

6. Aodh

7. Alaric

8. Alonzo

9. Aziz

10. Azizullah

11. Caradoc

12. Carwyn

13. Chaviv

14. Conor

15. Cordian

16. Desi or Dezi

17. David

18. Desiderio

19. Dewey

20. Didier

21. Dilan

22. Erasmus

23. Erazem

24. Eros

25. Erastus

26. Gaber

27. Graziano

28. Hart

29. Hatwin

30. Jedidiah

31. Kedrick

32. Kerem

33. Kordian

34. Leofric

35. Lennan

36. Lennard

37. Lev

38. Mahbub

39. Milenko

40. Milorad

41. Milovan

42. Milos

43. Philbert

44. Philo

45. Prem

46. Obi

47. Rasmus

48. Romeo

49. Rudo

50. Sajan

51. Theophilus

33 Gender-Neutral Names

These adorable names that mean love can be used for your little guy or your little gal. Names like these have been gaining popularity in recent years. Sometimes gender-neutral names were previously common surnames, like the classic fiction character, Mr. Darcy, or a name like Cary, traditionally a surname from Normandy. Whether you’re looking to mix it up or find some of these names sweet and unique, consider one for your newest addition to shower them with all the love.2

1. Aiko

2. Amadeo

3. Amar

4. Amory

5. Amari

6. Amal

7. Amore

8. Arrow

9. Asher

10. Cary

11. Caron

12. Ceri

13. Connelly

14. Darcy

15. Darrell

16. Femi

17. Esen

18. Hab

19. Indigo

20. Janan

21. Jordan

22. Jubilee

23. Kama

24. Kamran

25. Kealoha

26. Milán

27. Mirren

28. Pip

29. Phoenix

30. Reese

31. Rhys

32. Rumi

33. Valentine

If you ask what’s in a name, know that any beautiful, unique, fun name you choose for your little one is the right choice. Yes, choosing the perfect name might seem like a tall order, but picking a name that means love is an incredible gift.

The relationship between parent and child is special and full of indescribable adoration. Picking the perfect name to honor that feels right. Find little ways to incorporate these names that mean love, even as a middle name or nickname for the newest addition to your family who has stolen your heart. With new and exciting names coming on the scene and plenty of options of tried-and-true classics, let the sky be your limit to choose a name that feels right for your baby. Take your time and explore possibilities. Following your heart will direct you to just the right name for your little love bug.

Check out our other baby name lists for more ideas. Try elegant baby names, beautiful girl names, Greek goddess names, cute girl names, and cute boy names for more ideas on what to name your precious little one. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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