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202 Summer Names for Girls and Boys

Looking for the perfect summer name for your baby? Check out our list of ocean-inspired, beach-related, and sun-inspired baby names!

Updated May 24, 2024

Summer baby names can be super fun and encourage laid-back vibes. A summer name could be a perfect match if you are expecting a baby during June, July, or August. Even if you aren’t expecting a baby during the summer season, one of these summer boy names or summer girl names would be a great choice if you love everything surf, sand, and sun!

There are so many options to pick from. You have summer baby names inspired by the ocean, ranging from names that mean ocean to wave or sea. Then, some summer names have to do with what you would find at the beach or do at the beach. Famous professional surfers also inspire summer baby names. No matter what you choose, your baby’s summer name will remind you of an island getaway.

Summer Girl Names

Check out these girl names inspired by summer!

28 Summer Girl Names Inspired by the Ocean

Many of these summer girl names mean “sea” or “ocean” or are related to it somehow. Our favorite unique choices in this category are “Coral,” inspired by the coral reef found on the ocean floor, and “Oceana.”

1. Adria

2. Alda

3. Aquata

4. Aukai

5. Coral

6. Cordelia

7. Daria

8. Delphine

9. Doris

10. Galia

11. Guinevere

12. Kailani

13. Kairi

14. Marina

15. Moana

16. Morwenna

17. Muriel

18. Naia

19. Navy

20. Nerissa

21. Oceana

22. Pelagia

23. Sagari

24. Sereia

25. Thalassa

26. Topanga

27. Umiko

28. Vaiana

26 Beachy Summer Girl Names

These summer baby names are all related to the beach. They are perfect if you want your little one’s name to have summer vibes. Some of our favorites are “Cali,” which is short for the state of California and home of many beaches, and “Waverly,” since it has a wave in the name. It reminds us of catching waves in the water at the beach.

1. Ariel

2. Azure

3. Bay

4. Cali

5. Coco

6. Cove

7. Delta

8. Hama

9. Haven

10. Ibiza

11. Indie

12. Isla

13. Kinsley

14. Kira

15. Laguna

16. Lana

17. Lily

18. Marisol

19. Maurea

20. Palmira

21. Pearl

22. Sandy

23. Serena

24. Shelly

25. Tallulah

26. Waverly

16 Surfer Girl Names

These famous female surfers helped inspire young girls to pick up a surfboard. They all have made significant achievements in the sport and should be recognized. Below we will talk about each surfer so you can learn more about them.

1. Alana — Alana Blanchard is an American surfer who has won several surfing championships, including The Women’s Pipeline Championship in 2005 at age 15.

2. Bethany — Bethany Hamilton is an American surfer who survived a shark attack at age 13 that cost her left arm but still returned to professional surfing.

3. Courtney— Courtney Conlogue is an American surfer who was the youngest athlete selected for the U.S. Junior Surf Team in 2004 when she was 11.

4. Frieda — Frieda Zamba is an American surfing champion and was the youngest world champion ever.

5. Gidget — Kathy “Gidget” Zuckerman inspired the novel and film Gidget, which told her real-life story as a Hollywood surfer in the 1950s.

6. Joyce — Joyce Hoffman is an American surfer and was the first female international surfing star.

7. Keely — Keely Andrew is an Australian surfer named WSL Rookie of the Year in 2016.

8. Layne — Layne Beachley is a retired professional surfer from Australia and a 7-time World Championship winner.

9. Lynne — Lynne Boyer is a former American surfer and two-time surfing world champion.

10. Macy — Macy Callaghan is an Australian surfer and has won two Junior Australian titles.

11. Margo — Margo Oberg was the first female professional surfer in the world.

12. Nikki — Nikki Van Dijk is an Australian professional surfer in the World Surf League.

13. Sage — Sage Erickson is an American surfer who started competing professionally at 14 years old.

14. Sally — Sally Fitzgibbons is an American surfer who was No. 1 in the world for women’s surfing in 2019.

15. Tatiana — Tatiana Weston-Webb is a Brazilian-American surfer who competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

16. Wendy — Wendy Botha is a former professional surfer from South Africa who has won the world surfing championship four times.

34 More Summer Girl Names

For even more summer baby girl names, we included another category all related to summer, including the sunshine. Lavender blooms in the summer and “Sunny” are great choices.

1. Aelia

2. Akemi

3. Aura

4. Birdie

5. Blue

6. Breezy

7. Celeste

8. Chiara

9. Eliana

10. Golden

11. Honey

12. Iris

13. Jasmine

14. June

15. Kalinda

16. Kenya

17. Kira

18. Lavender

19. Magnolia

20. Oakley

21. Oriana

22. Peridot

23. Poppy

24. Rosemary

25. Ruby

26. Skye

27. Storm

28. Summer

29. Sunny

30. Susana

31. Tesni

32. Vera

33. Yoko

34. Zinnia

Summer Boy Names

Check out these boy names inspired by summer!

30 Summer Boy Names Inspired by the Ocean

These summer boy names are all related to the ocean, like summer girl names. “Caspian” is inspired by the Caspian Sea, and “Kai” is a Hawaiian name for “sea.”

1. Aalto

2. Aegir

3. Alon

4. Bahari

5. Barun

6. Bien

7. Calder

8. Caspian

9. Cayman

10. Cliff

11. Delmar

12. Deniz

13. Dylan

14. Earwyn

15. Hurley

16. Irving

17. Kai

18. Llyr

19. Maury

20. Merlin

21. Murdoch

22. Murphy

23. Okeanos

24. Orman

25. Paio

26. Tadahiro

27. Trent

28. Triton

29. Warrain

30. Zale

21 Beachy Summer Boy Names

Are you expecting a boy and love beach trips? You have come to the right place! These summer boy names are inspired by all things beaches. A great example is “Dune” for sand dunes and “Sebastian” for the well-known crab in the animated film The Little Mermaid.

1. Beckett

2. Capri

3. Dax

4. Dune

5. Finn

6. Glan

7. Harbor

8. Jace

9. Kent

10. Lachlan

11. Luca

12. Malik

13. Maverick

14. Rafferty

15. Ronan

16. Sailor

17. Seaton

18. Sebastian

19. Reef

20. Ross

21. Wade

15 Surfer Boy Names

These are all professional male surfers who have impacted the sport. Of course, we included one of the most famous surfers of all time — Kelly Slater! Look at this list to see if there are more you recognize.

1. Adriano — Adriano de Souza is a professional surfer from Brazil who won the WSL World Championship in 2015.

2. Beau — Beau Young is an Australian surfer who retired in 2004 and pursued a music career.

3. Brett — Brett Simpson is an American surfer and the head coach of the U.S. Olympic surfing team.

4. Dane — Dane Reynolds is an American surfer and was inducted into the Surfer’s Hall of Fame in 2012.

5. Duke — Duke Kahanamoku competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics for swimming and popularized surfing.

6. Fletcher — The Fletcher family made their way onto the scene in the 1960s with legend Herbie Fletcher. His sons Chase and Shane followed in his footsteps.

7. Gabriel — Gabriel Medina is a Brazilian surfer and has won three WSL World Championships.

8. Garrett — Garrett McNamara is an American surfer who set the world record for the largest wave ever surfed.

9. Kanoa — Kanoa Igarashi is a Japanese American surfer who was the youngest rookie to compete in the WSL Championship Tour.

10. Kelly — Kelly Slater is an American professional surfer and holds the record for the most WSL Championship wins. He is regarded as the greatest surfer of all time.

11. Laird — Laird Hamilton is an American big wave surfer and is considered the inventor of many surfing innovations, including tow-in surfing.

12. Mark — Mark Foo was a professional surfer from Singapore who favored big-wave surfing and is famous for surviving a surfing accident in 1986.

13. Rio — Rio Waida is an Indonesian surfer and was selected to represent Indonesia in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

14. Shane — Shane Dorian is a former professional surfer who quit competing to focus on big-wave surfing.

15. Yago — Yago Dora is a Brazilian surfer who followed in his famous father’s footsteps. His name is Leandro Dora.

32 More Summer Boy Names

Are you looking for even more summer names for your baby boy? Here are some extra choices if you are feeling summer vibes or are expecting a bouncy baby boy in the summer.

1. Aiden

2. Apollo

3. August

4. Basil

5. Berry

6. Birch

7. Blaze

8. Cyrus

9. Dayton

10. Elio

11. Fisher

12. Flint

13. Fraser

14. Helios

15. Ishan

16. Julian

17. Kiran

18. Leo

19. Lucien

20. Lux

21. Nasim

22. Natsuo

23. Nikko

24. Oso

25. Phoenix

26. Ravi

27. Ray

28. Rip

29. Samson

30. Somerset

31. Sorley

32. Theros

Summer baby names come from so many areas of inspiration, making them excellent choices for your little beach babe. We hope you find some new and unique ideas among our list of more than 200 summer-inspired names.

You can check out our other baby name lists for even more options. Look at nature names, flower names for girls, fall-inspired names, holiday-inspired names, or hipster baby names for some cool and fun names!

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