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247 Baby Girl Names That Start With K

We’ve got the cutest K girl name inspiration, with plenty of options, including unique, pretty, and rare names!

Updated April 13, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Those two lines on that pregnancy test you took a few months ago had you wondering what your future would look like — and now it’s been confirmed that you have the most beautiful little girl growing inside of you. One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is selecting a baby name for your bundle of joy! If you are expecting a daughter and are looking for girl names that start with K, you’ve come to the right place!

A lot goes into choosing a baby name, and deciding on one that meets your criteria can feel overwhelming. If you’re feeling stuck, picking a letter of the alphabet you like the sound of and narrowing it down to names that start with that letter is a helpful trick. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 247 baby girl names that start with K to give you a head start.

Baby Girl Names That Start With K

There is a name for every type of parent here — including popular, exotic, and beautiful names!

10 Popular Girl Names That Start With K

Are you looking for a name that’s on trend? These K girl names have been popular for some time, and it’s easy to see what makes them so special.

1. Kaia — Latin for “rejoice” and Hawaiian for “sea.”

2. Kamila — This name means “young ceremonial attendant” in Latin and “perfect” in Arabic.

3. Katherine — Greek for “pure.”

4. Kaylee — An American name means “laurel” or “crown” in English.

5. Kehlani — Hawaiian for “sea and sky.”

6. Kennedy — This name means “helmet-head” in Irish.

7. Khloe — Greek for “young green shoot.”

8. Kimberly — This name means “Cyneburga’s meadow” in English.

9. Kinsley — An English name meaning “king’s meadow.”

10. Kylie — This Scottish name means “narrow channel.”

10 Common Girl Names That Start With K

We love these common K names for girls! There are plenty of great ones here that you shouldn’t overlook.

1. Kailani — This name means “sea and sky” in Hawaiian.

2. Kali — The meaning of this name is “black one” in Sanskrit.

3. Katalina — Spanish and Greek for “pure.”

4. Kate — An English name meaning “pure.”

5. Kayla —This name means “laurel” or “crown” in Hebrew.

6. Kendell — English for “valley of the river Kent.”

7. Kenzie — In Scottish, this name means “son of Kenneth.”

8. Kiara — Italian for “light.”

9. Kira — This name means “throne” in Russian.”

10. Kora — English and Greek for “maiden.”

22 Cute Girl Names That Start With K

Every cute little girl deserves a cute name to match. A girl name starting with K would be a great option!

1. Kaede — This name means “maple” in Japanese.

2. Kaipo — Hawaiian for “sweetheart.”

3. Kandi — In English, this name means “queen mother.”

4. Kasey — An Irish name meaning “brave in battle.”

5. Kat — This name means “pure” in Greek.

6. Katey — This name is also Greek for “pure.”

7. Kayleigh — An English name meaning “crown” or “laurel.”

8. Keegan — Irish for “son of Egan.”

9. Keely — This name means “slender” in Irish.

10. Keesha — English for “joy.”

11. Kelsey — This name means “Cenel’s island” in English.

12. Kenna — Scottish for “born of fire.”

13. Kessie — This name means “cassia tree” in Hebrew.

14. Keziah — This name is also Hebrew for “cassia tree.”

15. Kienan — Irish for “ancient.”

16. Kiki — A Japanese name meaning “double happiness.”

17. Kim, Kimmy — This name means “Cyneburga’s meadow” in English.

18. Kirstie — Scottish for “anointed.”

19. Kit — English for “pure.”

20. Kodi — This name means “helpful” in English.

21. Krissi — Latin for “follower of Christ.”

22. Kyle — A Scottish name meaning “narrow spit of land.”

18 Pretty Girl Names That Start With K

If you are searching for a K name that will suit your pretty princess, look no further. There are so many wonderful options in this category.

1. Kace — An Irish name meaning “vigilant” or “watchful.”

2. Kaitlin, Kaitlyn — Irish for “pure.”

3. Kameron — This name means “crooked nose” in Scottish.

4. Kaprice — French and Italian for “impulsive change of mind.”

5. Kara — This Norse name means “wild stormy one.”

6. Karina — This name means “little dear one” in Russian.

7. Karla — A German name meaning “free.”

8. Karlie — This name is also German for “free.”

9. Kassidy — Gaelic for “clever” or “curly-headed.”

10. Katie — The meaning of this name is “pure” in English.

11. Kaur — This name means “princess” in Sanskrit.

12. Kellyanne — Gaelic for “bright-headed.”

13. Kerry — An Irish name meaning “dark-haired.”

14. Keturah — This name means “incense” in Hebrew.

15. Kimber — An English name meaning “Cyneburga’s meadow.”

16. Kirsten —  This Scandinavian name means “a Christian.”

17. Kristin — German for “a Christian.”

18. Krystal — Greek for “ice” or “gemstone.”

12 Beautiful Girl Names That Start With K

Some of my favorite K girl names are in this category. They are all so gorgeous and fitting for any baby girl.

1. Kadence — Latin for “rhythm” or “beat.”

2. Kadijah — An Arabic name meaning “trustworthy.”

3. Kalla — This name means “most beautiful” in Greek.

4. Kalliope — A Greek name meaning “beautiful voice.”

5. Kamellia —  Czech for “Kamel’s flower.”

6. Karissa — A Greek name meaning “grace.”

7. Katya — Russian for “pure.”

8. Keira — This name means “little dark one” in Irish.

9. Kourtney — A French name meaning “short nose.”

10. Krista — This Czech name means “a Christian.”

11. Krystabelle — English and Greek for “sparkling.”

12. Kyla — Scottish for “a narrow spit of land.”

14 Exotic Girl Names That Start With K

There is something so striking and fascinating about an exotic baby name. These K names for girls are no different!

1. Kairi — Japanese for “sea.”

2. Kaori — This name means “smell” or “fragrance” in Japanese.

3. Kalista — A Greek name meaning “most beautiful.”

4. Kaulana — Hawaiian for “famous.”

5. Kavita — This name means “poem” in Sanskrit.

6. Kazue — Japanese for “branch of peace.”

7. Kazuma — This name means “peace” and “harmony” in Japanese.

8. Keana — Irish for “ancient” and Hawaiian for “divine.”

9. Keiko — Japanese for “happy child.”

10. Kirnan — This name means “dark-haired” in Irish.

11. Kismet — Arabic for “fate” or “destiny.”

12. Koa — A Hawaiian name meaning “warrior.”

13. Kohana — Japanese for “little flower” and Sioux for “swift.”

14. Kyomi — This name means “pure and beautiful” in Japanese.

14 Badass Girl Names That Start With K

Not only are these K names badass, but they’re cool and powerful, too. You can’t go wrong with one of these for your daughter.

1. Kainda — This name means “hunter’s daughter” in Bantu.

2. Kalypso — A Greek name meaning “she who hides.”

3. Karma — This name means “destiny” in Hindi.

4. Kassiani — Greek for “cinnamon.”

5. Katana — Persian for “honorable” and Japanese for “sword.”

6. Katniss — This name means “aquatic plant” in Greek.

7. Katonah — A Native American name that means “big mountain” in Munsee.

8. Kenya — This name means “mountain of white” in Kikuyu.

9. Kesha — Russian for “great joy.”

10. Khaleesi — This name means “queen” in Dothraki, a fictional language created by George R.R. Martin.

11. Khara — Arabic for “pure.”

12. Killian — An Irish name meaning “war strife” or “church.”

13. Kiva — Hebrew for “protect.”

14. Kulture — An American name that means “arts” or “customs” in English.

11 Vintage Girl Names That Start With K

These names may seem a little old-fashioned, but that’s what makes them classic and chic! If you want a timeless baby girl name starting with K, this is where you should look.

1. Karen — This Danish name means “pure.”

2. Kassandra — A Greek name meaning “shining.”

3. Kathleen — This name means “pure” in Irish.

4. Kathy — A vintage version of “Katherine.”

5. Katrina — The meaning of this name is “pure” in German.

6. Kay — An English form of “Katherine.”

7. Kelly — Irish for “war.”

8. Kendra — This name means “knowing” in English.

9. Kensington — An English name meaning “the town of Cynsige’s people.”

10. Kitty — This is another old nickname for “Katherine.”

11. Kristine — This Scandinavian name means “a Christian.”

62 Unique Girl Names That Start With K

There are several hidden gems in this category worth considering. I love so many of these unique names as middle names, too.

1. Kader — Turkish for “destiny.”

2. Kadesha — This name means “trustworthy” or “respected” in Arabic.

3. Kaliana — This name means “compassionate” in Sanskrit.

4. Kalpana — In Sanskrit, the name Kalpana means “fantasy.”

5. Kamini — Kamini is a name that means “desirable” in Sanskrit.

6. Kanako — A Japanese name meaning “child.”

7. Kanda — This Thai name means “beloved.”

8. Kansas — An American name for one of the United States. It means “people of the west wind.”

9. Karalee — Latin for “dear.”

10. Karolyna — A French name meaning “free.”

11. Karsyn — English and Scottish “of the marsh dwellers.”

12. Karter — This is an English occupational name for someone who transports goods by cart.

13. Katelyn, Katelin — Irish for “pure.”

14. Kathlynn — This name also means “pure” in Irish.

15. Katleho — This name means “prosperity” in Sotho.

16. Kaveri — This name means “river” in Sankethi.

17. Kawthar — Arabic for “abundance.”

18. Kaytee — A unique spelling of “Katie.” It means “pure” in English.

19. Keahi — This Hawaiian name means “the fire.”

20. Keandra — English for “knowing.”

21. Keaton — An English name meaning “shed town.”

22. Keeleigh — This name means “slender” in Irish.

23. Kei — Japanese for “intelligent.”

24. Kelechi — This name means “thank God” in Igbo.

25. Kelsie — English for “Cenel’s island.”

26. Kenz — This name means “treasure” in Arabic.

27. Kemberly — A unique spelling of “Kimberly.” It is English for “Cyneburga’s meadow.”

28. Kevia — This name means “handsome” in Irish.

29. Kewanna — An Arabic name meaning “beautiful.”

30. Khaing — This name means “strong” in Burmese.

31. Khala — A Hawaiian name meaning “princess” or “noblewoman.”

32. Khanh — Vietnamese for “celebrate.”

33. Khaniya — This name means “song” in Urdu.

34. Kharisma — The meaning of this name is “gift of grace” in Greek.

35. Khione — Greek for “snow.”

36. Kibibi — This name means “little lady” in Swahili.

37. Kiera — Irish for “little dark one.”

38. Kila — This name means “graceful” in English and Irish.

39. Kimora — An English name meaning “from the golden meadow.”

40. Kinga — Hungarian and Polish for “brave.”

41. Kingsley — This name means “king’s meadow” in English.

42. Kiraz — Turkish for “cherry.”

43. Kirby — An English name meaning “church settlement.”

44. Kirsi — This name means “amaranth blossoms” in Hindi.

45. Klara — German and Russian for “light.”

46. Kleopatra — This name means “glory of her father” in Greek.

47. Koda — A Japanese name meaning “friend.”

48. Kohaku — Japanese for “amber.”

49. Koko — This name means “stork” in Japanese.

50. Korabelle — Greek for “maiden.”

51. Korrine — This name also means “maiden” in Greek.

52. Kornelia — Latin for “horn.”

53. Koryn — Greek for “maiden” and Latin for “spear.”

54. Kree — This is a unique spelling of the Native American tribe called “Cree.”

55. Krislyn — An English name meaning “follower of Christ.”

56. Kristalee — Greek for “brilliant” or “sparkling glass.”

57. Kruti — This name means “creation” in Hindi.

58. Krystian — Greek for “follower of Christ.”

59. Kunali — This name means “golden lotus” in Hindi.

60. Kylee — Scottish for “narrow channel.”

61. Kyreena — A Persian name meaning “throne.”

62. Kym — A unique spelling for “Kim.” It means “Cyneburga’s meadow” in English

74 Rare Girl Names That Start With K

You shouldn’t sleep on these rare K names. They are fun, different, and wildly creative!

1. Kaede — Japanese for “maple tree.”

2. Kagiso — This name means “peace” in Tswana.

3. Kahurangi — This name means “sky blue” in Māori.

4. Kakia — A Greek name meaning “bad” or “evil.”

5. Kalisha — This name means “great joy” in English.

6. Kanya — This name means “young woman” in Thai.

7. Karam — Arabic for “generosity” or “nobleness.”

8. Karin — A Danish name meaning “pure.”

9. Karmina — This name means “garden.”

10. Kashmir — This name means “desiccated land” in Sanskrit.

11. Kasih — An Indonesian name meaning “love.”

12. Karitas — An Icelandic name meaning “beloved.”

13. Kasia — Polish for “pure.”

14. Katar — An Armenian name meaning “peak” or “summit.”

15. Kateryna — This Ukrainian name means “pure.”

16. Katrice — A German name meaning “pure.”

17. Katriona — This name also means “pure” in German.

18. Kaui — A Hawaiian name meaning “youthful one.”

19. Kayloni — Hawaiian for “thanks” or “heaven.”

20. Kaysen — A Scottish name meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers.”

21. Kayslee — Welsh for “wharf” and Old English for “key.”

22. Kearria — An English name meaning “little dark one.”

23. Keandrea — Irish for “ancient.”

24. Kechia — Hebrew for “cinnamon blossom.”

25. Keera — An Irish name meaning “little dark one.”

26. Keerthi — This name means “having fame and glory” in Hindi.

27. Keighley — This Irish name means “slender.”

28. Kelsa — English for “brave.”

29. Kemper — German and Dutch for “hemp farmer.”

30. Kena — A Welsh name meaning “greatest champion.”

31. Kenleigh — English for “well-known clearing.”

32. Kennetha — This name means “fireborn” or “good-looking” in Scottish.

33. Kenta — Japanese for “healthy” and “strong.”

34. Kerenza — A Cornish name meaning “love.”

35. Kesley — This name means “victory of the ship” in Old English.

36. Ketsia — Hebrew for “cassia tree.”

37. Keya — This name means “monsoon flower” in Sanskrit.

38. Khali — Arabic for “immortal.”

39. Khelani — This Hawaiian name means “majestic.”

40. Khianna — This name means “beautiful” in Gujurati.

41. Kiersti — Scottish for “follower of Christ.”

42. Kiania — A Portuguese name meaning “dawn.”

43. Kilala — This name means “ambrosia” in Sanskrit.

44. Kimia — Japanese for “righteous.”

45. Kindell — A rare spelling for the name “Kendall.” It means “valley of the river Kent” in English.

46. Kinoko — This name means “mushroom” in Japanese.

47. Kinsie — English for “king’s victory.”

48. Kinza – This name also means “king’s victory” in English.

49. Kippy — An English name meaning “from the pointed hill.”

50. Kirandeep — This name means “ray of lamplight” in Punjabi.

51. Kisa — A Russian name meaning “cat.”

52. Kjerstin — This Scandinavian name means “a Christian.”

53. Kodee — English for “helpful.”

54. Kodiak — This Native American name means “island.”

55. Kohar — A Persian name meaning “jewel.”

56. Koi — Japanese for “carp.”

57. Kokiri — This name means “child of trees” in Japanese.

58. Kollins — Irish and Scottish for “people of victory.”

59. Kooper — This is an English occupational name for a barrel maker.

60. Koralise — Greek for “maiden.”

61. Koral — This is the Latin name for “coral.”

62. Korbyn — Latin for “crow.”

63. Korrina —This name means “maiden” in Greek.

64. Kortni — French for “short nose.”

65. Koska — Slavic for “horn” and Czech for “scythe.”

66. Koy — A Finnish name meaning “peaceful.”

67. Kreine — Yiddish for “crown.”

68. Krymson — English for “deep red.”

69. Krystele — This name means “ice” in Greek.

70. Kubra — Arabic for “great.”

71. Kunti — This name means “spear” in Sanskrit.

72. Kusum — This name means “flower” in Sanskrit.

73. Kyarra — A Latin name meaning “clear” and “bright.”

74. Kylilah — Arabic for “beloved.”

Did you find the one? Or did you add at least a few of these girl names that start with K to your list? That list will surely grow to a few pages before the baby arrives! Some parents also wait until birth to pick that perfect name. You may not know what will fit until you have her in your arms! However you choose her name, it’s important to know that it will be perfect for her and your family.

Be sure to check out our other baby names lists for more inspiration, like modern girl names, cute girl names, short girl names, biblical girl names, and coolest baby girl names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl! We wish you the best of luck!

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