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120 Popular Middle Names for Your Unique Baby

Discover some history behind middle names, and get some middle name ideas for boys and girls, as well as gender-neutral ones.

Updated July 2, 2024

While choosing the perfect first name for your child is essential, picking a middle name can be significant, too. It can carry significance and become a huge part of their identity. Whether you want a traditional middle name or are searching for creative options, we have created a list of 120 popular middle names for your bundle of joy so you can have some exciting options to choose from.

We have several wonderful categories with some of the best middle names for boys and girls. If you are looking for a unique or gender-neutral name, we also have plenty of middle name ideas for that! Take a look below for information on how middle names came to be, as well as some captivating middle names and their meanings.

Why Do We Have Middle Names?

For a long time, middle names didn’t exist. During medieval times, only noble families could have middle names, and it was illegal for anyone else. We started to see them more often in the 1700s among the wealthy. Then, it began to catch on with the middle class in the late 19th century. Nowadays, it feels like it’s required!1

When middle names started during the Middle Ages, the first name would be a personal name, while the middle name was a saint’s name. Nowadays, there are several reasons why we have middle names. A good example is in Spanish culture. Many families give all their daughters “Maria” as a first name because it has great significance, and they get a unique middle name that is used in their daily lives. Another example is that it makes it easier to find ancestors since many names like “John Smith” are common. They also can carry on the tradition, as many families pass on middle names to new generations.2

16 Common Middle Names For Girls

Here, you will find some common names chosen for girls. For instance, “Ann,” Marie,” and “Rose” are short and sweet, and even though we see them often, they are still well-loved.

1. Ann or Anne — Both spellings have Hebrew origins and mean “grace.”

2. Anna — Latin for “favor” or “grace.”

3. Catherine — A Greek name meaning “pure.”

4. Elizabeth — This name means “God is my oath” in Hebrew.

5. Faith — The meaning of this name in English is “trust.”

6. Grace — Latin for “blessing.”

7. Hope — An Old English name that means “desire of fulfillment.”

8. Jane — This popular name is of English origin, meaning “God is gracious.”

9. Jean — This name means “God is gracious” in French.

10. Joy — Latin for “happiness.”

11. Kate — A form of Katherine, this name is Greek for “pure.”

12. Luna — Also common as a first name, Luna is Latin for “moon.”

13. Lynn — This name means “living near a lake” in French.

14. Mae — An English name meaning “bitter” or “pearl.”

15. Marie — This name is of French origin and means “star of the sea.”

16. Rose — Latin for “flower.”

15 Common Middle Names For Boys

No matter how common these middle names for boys are, they still have a special place in our hearts. Many of these are handed down through generations as a tradition (typically, the child’s father and grandfather share it).

1. Andrew — This name for boys means “strong and manly” in Greek.

2. Anthony — This popular middle name in Latin means “priceless one.”

3. Benjamin — Hebrew for “son of the right hand.”

4. Christopher — A Greek name meaning “bearing Christ.”

5. Daniel — Meaning “God is my judge,” this is one of the most common names for boys.

6. Edward — Old English for “wealthy guard.”

7. Elijah — This name means “Yahweh is my God” in Hebrew.

8. Henry — The meaning of this boy’s name in German is “house ruler.”

9. Jack — A short and sweet English name that means “God is gracious.”

10. John — This name means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

11. Joseph — Hebrew for “Jehovah shall add.”

12. Matthew — A classic Hebrew name that means “gift of God.”

13. Michael — This name means “who is like God” in Hebrew.

14. Paul — Latin for “small” or “humble.”

15. Thomas — This is a common first and middle name for boys, meaning “twin” in Greek.

16 Cute Middle Names For Girls

This is the perfect place to look if you are looking for adorable middle name ideas for a little girl.

1. Alice — German for “exalted.”

2. Bella — This adorable middle name means “beautiful” in Italian, Spanish, and Latin.

3. Claire — This French name means “bright” or “clear.”

4. Coco — A cute French name that directly references the cocoa bean.

5. Eloise — This German middle name means “famous warrior.”

6. Hazel — This old English name means “hazelnut tree.”

7. Iris — This Greek name has an adorable meaning: “rainbow.”

8. June — Inspired by the month of June, this is a name of Latin origin that means “young.”

9. Lily — This is a Latin name for “pure.”

10. Mila — This is primarily a Russian name that means “gracious.”

11. Noelle — “Christmas” in French

12. Olive — English for “olive tree.”

13. Scarlett — This name means “red” in French.

14. Sophia — A Greek name meaning “wisdom.”

15. Violet — This cute name is Latin for the color purple.

16. Zoe — The meaning of this middle name is “life” in Greek.

10 Cute Middle Names For Boys

These middle names for boys are cute but also strong. They are not incredibly unique, but they are way less popular than most — and still so sweet!

1. Beckett — This cute middle name for boys means “stream” or “brook” in Old English.

2. Caleb — Hebrew for “faithful” or “devotion to God.”

3. Connor — This adorable Irish name means “lover of hounds.”

4. Easton — This middle name is derived from an English habitational name for someone who lived in a settlement in the east.

5. Hartley — English for “deer meadow.”

6. Jesse — This cute middle name means “God exists” in Hebrew.

7. Mason — This is an English occupational name for a stone worker.

8. Milo — A common first name, this middle name is Latin for “soldier.”

9. Owen — A Welsh name meaning “noble born.”

10. Zeke — Hebrew for “God strengthens.”

6 Cool Middle Names For Girls

We think these middle names sound so cool! They are short, different, and a little edgy. These also pair well with many first names, too.

1. Arya — This middle name for girls is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “honorable” or “noble.”

2. Honor — This name has both English and Latin roots. It means “integrity.”

3. Jade — An English name for the precious green gemstone.

4. Nova — Latin for “new.”

5. Raven — This English name refers to the blackbird and is also used for someone with dark hair.

6. Zora — This Slavic middle name means “dawn.”

14 Cool Middle Names For Boys

These middle names are strong and super cool. Many of these are among the best middle names on this entire list! Take a look and see what you think.

1. Ace — In Latin, this name means “one” or “unity.”

2. Ajax — Meaning “eagle,” this is also the name of a hero in the Trojan War in Greek mythology.

3. Apollo — Greek for “destroyer.”

4. Cash — English for “wealthy” and the slang word for money.

5. Cyrus — This cool middle name means “sun” in Persian.

6. Fox — A Middle English nickname for someone sly and cunning, inspired by the animal.

7. Grant — French and Scottish for “large.”

8. Hunter — This cool middle name for boys means “one who hunts” in English.

9. Jarvis — Meaning “servant spear,” this cool name has Celtic and French origins.

10. Jasper — Persian for “bringer of treasure.”

11. Link — This is a shortened version of the name Lincoln, which means “lake settlement” in English.

12. Maverick — English for “independent” or “non-conforming.”

13. Sebastian — A cool Greek middle name that means “venerable.”

14. Silas — This name means “of the forest” in Latin.

8 Unique Middle Names For Girls

For all those creative girl parents, these middle names are wonderful choices. They pair the best with simple first names.

1. Avalon — Celtic for “island of apples.”

2. Birdie — This is an English name meaning “bird” or “bright.”

3. Gratia — This unique middle name means “grace” in Italian.

4. Hyacinth — This is a Greek name for the blue larkspur flower.

5. Jewel — English for “precious stone.”

6. Jia — This rare middle name means “family” in Chinese.

7. Moira — This name means “destiny” in Greek.

8. Nyx — A short and unique middle name for girls that is Greek for “night.”

12 Unique Middle Names For Boys

These names are more rare than others, but that is what makes them so unique. If you want your son’s originality and individuality to shine, you are looking in the correct category.

1. Angelo — This unique name is Greek for “messenger of God.”

2. Ansel — This is of English and German origin, meaning “divine protection.”

3. Blaze — Latin for fire.

4. Bodhi — A Sanskrit name that is unique for a name but is rising in popularity as a first name. It means “awakening” or “enlightenment.”

5. Clark — Old English and Irish for “cleric.”

6. Cruz — Portuguese for “cross.”

7. Huck — This English name is the short form of Huckleberry.

8. Jax — This name means “God is gracious” or “son of Jack” in English.

9. Knox — Scottish Gaelic for “round hill.”

10. Nash — A rare name of English origin that means “by the ash tree.”

11. Rhys — Welsh for “enthusiasm” or “passion.”

12. Wolf — This name means “a man of courage and cunning” in German.

23 Gender-Neutral Names

Whether you are keeping the gender of your new baby a secret or you have a sweet spot for more unisex names, these are fantastic middle name ideas. They check all the boxes — pretty, cool, and different — and can be used for a baby boy or girl.

1. Aubrey — An English and French name that means “elf ruler.”

2. Billie — This unisex name means “resolute protection” in English.

3. Blake — This name can either mean “fair” or “dark” in Old English.

4. Blue — This unisex name refers to the color blue and is of English origin.

5. Dakota — Native American Sioux for “friend” or “ally.”

6. Drew — Greek for “courageous” and Welsh for “wise.”

7. James — This Hebrew name means “supplanter.”

8. Jett — An English name that means “intense black stone.”

9. Jo — Hebrew for “God is gracious.” This name is sometimes used as a shortened form of Joanna or Joseph.

10. Lee — A unisex name of English origin that means “clearing” or “meadow.”

11. Logan — The meaning of this name is “little hollow” in Gaelic and Scottish.

12. Lou — This French gender-neutral name means “famous warrior.”

13. Marlow — An Old English name that means “hill by the lake” or “driftwood.”

14. Phoenix — The meaning of this name is “dark red” in Greek. It also refers to the mythological bird.

15. Quinn — Irish for “wise.”

16. Ray — This name has Old German roots and means “counsel.”

17. Reese — Welsh for “enthusiastic” or “ardent.”

18. Riley — A common unisex name that means “valiant” or “wood clearing” in English.

19. Scout — An English name for “sent to discover” or “first explorer.”

20. Shay — Meaning “admirable,” this is an Irish gender-neutral name.

21. Tatum — This is an Old English name for “tightly enclosed homestead.”

22. Taylor — An Old English occupation for tailoring clothes or cutting cloth.

23. Wren — This name means “small bird” in English.

No matter what your decision is for a middle name, rest assured these are the best of the best. Choosing the right name is important because many children go by that name. We hope that you find the perfect match for your little one!

If you’re still stuck on a first name, we have plenty more baby names to choose from! Take a look at these lists, like old-fashioned baby names, cool boy names, cute girl names, rare boy names, and rare girl names for even more inspiration!

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