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249 Baby Boy Names That Start With A

From popular, common, and unique to modern, cute, and cool, this list of A names for boys and their meanings has it all!

Updated July 14, 2024

by Rebecca Jacobs

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Whether you are pregnant with a baby boy or waiting to find out the gender until the day your bundle of joy arrives, picking out the perfect name is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. I mean, it’s a huge deal! It’s the name your little one will have throughout their life (no pressure). A great way to make your list of baby names is to start with letters of the alphabet that you like or are special to you. If you’re looking for boy names that start with A, look no further than our list below.

Baby Boy Names That Start With A

Here are some great A name options for boys, including common names, old-fashioned names, and more:

We looked around to find some of the most popular boy names that start with A, and these ranked as some of the most popular.

1. Aaron — This name means “mountain of strength” in Hebrew.

2. Adrian — A Latin name meaning “son of Adria.”

3. Ahmad — This popular name means “highly praised” in Arabic.

4. Aiden/Aidan — Irish for “little fire.”

5. Alexander — This Greek name means “defender of men.”

6. Andrew — This name of Greek origin means “strong” or “manly.”

7. Angel — A Greek name meaning “messenger.”

8. Anthony — Latin for “praiseworthy.”

9. Asher — This name means “happy” or “blessed” in Hebrew.

10. Axel — In Scandinavian, this A name for boys means “father of peace.”

13 Common Boy Names That Start With A

These boy names are becoming increasingly more common. They have the best chance of cracking the top 10 one day.

1. Alan — Celtic for “handsome” and German for “precious.”

2. Albert — A German name meaning “noble” or “bright.”

3. Amir — This name means “prince” in Arabic.

4. Andre — French and Portuguese for “strong” or “manly.”

5. Antonio — Spanish for “priceless” and Latin for “worthy of praise.”

6. Archer — This name means “bowman” in English.

7. Arthur — This name means “bear” and is of Celtic origin.

8. Ashley — In Old English, Ashley means “dweller near the ash tree meadow.”

9. Ashton — English for “ash tree town.”

10. Atlas — A Greek name meaning “enduring.”

11. August — This name means “great” or “to increase” in Latin.

12. Austen/Austin — This name in Latin means “magnificent” or “majestic.”

13. Avery — English and French for “ruler of the elves.”

22 Biblical Boy Names That Start With A

Many of these biblical boy names are of Hebrew origin. However, you will find names that are also influenced by other cultures. Look at these boy names with A to see if one stands out to you.

1. Abba — This Hebrew name means “father.”

2. Abel — The meaning of this name is “breath” in Hebrew.

3. Abishalom — This biblical A name for boys is English for “father of peace.”

4. Abner — Hebrew for “father of light.”

5. Abram — This name is derived from a Hebrew word that means “exalted father.”

6. Abraham — This Hebrew name means “father of multitudes.”

7. Adino — A Hebrew name meaning “ornament.”

8. Adlai — Hebrew for “God is just.”

9. Aeneus — Greek and Latin for “praiseworthy.”

10. Ahab — The meaning of Ahab is “father’s brother” in Hebrew.

11. Alpheus — This Hebrew name means “successor” and “changing.”

12. Amen — This name is Egyptian and means “certainty” or “truth.”

13. Amon — Hebrew and Irish for “the hidden one.”

14. Amos — A Hebrew name meaning “carried by God.”

15. Anan — This name means “cloud” in Hebrew and Arabic.

16. Ananias — Greek for “gift of the Lord.”

17. Apollos — This Greek name can mean either “destroyer,” “manly beauty,” or “of Apollo.”

18. Aquila — This biblical name is Latin for “eagle.”

19. Aram — Hebrew and Armenian for “high” or “elevated.”

20. Asa — This name means “doctor” in Hebrew and “healer” in Arabic.

21. Azarel — A Hebrew name meaning “God has helped.”

22. Azriel — Hebrew for “God is my help.”

8 Old-Fashioned Boy Names Starting With A

These classic names are fit for any little boy. Take a look and see if any of these names catch your eye.

1. Addison — This name means “son of Adam” in Old English.

2. Alban — A Latin name meaning “white.”

3. Alcott — This English name means “the old cottage.”

4. Alfred — Old English for “elf counsel.”

5. Allen — This name means “harmony” or “little rock” in Celtic.

6. Alton — An English name meaning “old town.”

7. Arnold — This name is German for “strong as an eagle.”

8. Aubrey — This name means “elf ruler” in English and French.

20 Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Modern boy names are all the rage these days. They have a lot of style and flair!

1. Aarav — Sanskrit for “music” or “sound.”

2. Aasiah — This Arabic name means “one who helps the weak.”

3. Alexandre — French and Portuguese for “defender of mankind.”

4. Allison — This name means “noble” in German.

5. Allston  — Old English for “elf stone.”

6. Alois — This name means “famous warrior” in German and Czech.

7. Amar — This Sanskrit name means “immortal.”

8. Amiri — Hebrew for “prince.”

9. Anchor — This name means “stability” in English.

10. Anders — The meaning of this name in Scandinavian is “brave” or “manly.”

11. Andreas — A Greek name meaning “man.”

12. Ares — This name is Greek for “ruin.” Ares is also the name of the God of war in Greek mythology.

13. Arlo — Old English for “fortified hill.”

14. Artemis — This name means “twin of Apollo” in Greek.

15. Aryan — A modern name of Sanskrit origin that means “honorable.”

16. Atharv — Hindi for “knowledge.”

17. Atlantis  — This Greek name means “island of Atlas.”

18. Averill — English for “boar battle.”

19. Avyaan — A Sanskrit name meaning “he who has no imperfections.”

20. Aziel — This name means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.

25 Cute Boy Names That Start With A

An adorable name is a great choice for a sweet baby boy. These cute boy A names are some of my all-time favorites.

1. Abe — Hebrew for “father of many.”

2. Abu — This Arabic name means “father of.”

3. Aden — An Irish name meaning “little fire.”

4. Adi — This name means “jewel” or “ornament” in Hebrew.

5. Aire — This name is Hebrew for “lion of God.”

6. Akin — Yoruba for “bravery.”

7. Alden — An English name meaning “old friend.”

8. Alec — This Greek name means “defending men.”

9. Alfie — This name means “wise counsel” in English.

10. Alvin — Old English for “wise friend.”

11. Alwyn — This means “wise friend” in Welsh.

12. Amari — Hebrew and Sanskrit for “eternal.”

13. Andy — The meaning of this name is “manly” in Scottish.

14. Anton — A Latin name meaning “praiseworthy.”

15. Archie — This name means “genuine and bold” in German.

16. Ari — Scandinavian for “eagle” and Hebrew for “lion.”

17. Aries — This Latin name means “ram.”

18. Armie — An Old German name meaning “warrior.”

19. Art — This cute boy’s name is of Celtic origin and means “bear.”

20. Aspen — Old English for “shaking tree.”

21. Atticus — A Latin name meaning “man of Attica.”

22. Auggie — Latin for “great and magnificent.”

23. Augustine — This name means “great” in Latin.

24. Avalon — A Celtic gender-neutral name that means “island of apples.”

25. Avi — Hebrew for “father.”

33 Cool Boy Names That Start With A

Not only are these boy names cool, but they are also classic. Some of them are well on their way to making a comeback and would fit any baby boy perfectly.

1. Abbott — English for “father” or “priest.”

2. Ace — This name is Latin for “one.”

3. Achilles — A Greek name meaning “pain.”

4. Adley — This name means “God is just” in Hebrew.

5. Ajani — Nigerian for “the victor.”

6. Aladdin — This Arabic name means “nobility of faith.”

7. Aldridge — This name means “old” in English.

8. Alessandro — An Italian name meaning “defender of the people.”

9. Alex — This name means “defender of mankind’ in Greek.

10. Alfredo — The meaning of this name in Italian and Portuguese is “elf counselor.”

11. Alijah — Hebrew for “the Lord is my God.”

12. Alistair — This name of Scottish origin means “defender of the people.”

13. Aloe — This name references the aloe vera plant and means “precious” in Italian.

14. Alonzo — Spanish for “ready for battle.”

15. Altair — An Arabic name meaning “flying eagle.”

16. Amell — This name is German for “strength of an eagle.”

17. Andres — In Spanish, this cool A name for boys means “warrior.”

18. Angelo — Greek and Italian for “messenger.”

19. Angus — A Scottish name meaning “one strength.”

20. Ansel — The meaning of this name is “protected by God” in English.

21. Antoine — This name means “priceless” in French.

22. Argo — Italian for “lazy” or “slothful.”

23. Argus — A Greek name meaning “bright.”

24. Armani — This name means “warrior” in Italian.

25. Armstrong — Middle English for “strong fighter.”

26. Arnet — Old French and English for “eagle.”

27. Ash — English for “ash tree” and Hebrew for “happy.”

28. Ashford — An English habitational name for someone who lives near an ash tree ford.

29. Asten — Old English for “settlement.”

30. Augustus — This name means “great” or “magnificent” in Latin.

31. Autry — A French name meaning “noble strength.”

32. Axe — Hebrew for “battle weapon.”

33. Azul — This name is also the Spanish word for blue.

55 Unique Boy Names That Start With A

There are plenty of unique name options for your little boy. Even though they are less popular, you will find they hold up as excellent baby boy names.

1. Aapo — A Finnish name that means “father of multitudes.”

2. Aarush — This name is Hindu for “first ray of sun.”

3. Abdul — This Arabic name means “servant of God.”

4. Abdullah — Arabic for “servant of Allah.”

5. Abraxas — The ruler of heaven in Egyptian mythology.

6. Adair — This name means “wealthy spear” in Gaelic and Old German.

7. Adler — A German name meaning “eagle.”

8. Adolf — This name means “noble” and “wolf” in German.

9. Adonis — The meaning of this name in Greek is “Lord.”

10. Ahmet — Turkish for “highly praised.”

11. Ainsley — This English name means “hermitage meadow.”

12. Ajax — Greek for “eagle.”

13. Akamu — The meaning of this name is “from the earth” in Hawaiian.

14. Akiro — This Japanese name means “bright boy.”

15. Alaric — A German name meaning “powerful ruler.”

16. Alberto — In Spanish, this unique name means “noble and bright.”

17. Aldus — The meaning of this name is “old” in English.

18. Alexis — Greek for “defender.”

19. Alfonso — A Spanish name meaning “ready for battle.”

20. Algernon — This name means “having a mustache” in French.

21. Alphaeus — This name is Hebrew and Greek for “changing.”

22. Alvaro — A Spanish name meaning “guardian.”

23. Amarion — Greek for “unfading” and English for “eternal.”

24. Amaury — This name means “work” in French.

25. Ambrose — A Greek name meaning “immortal.”

26. Ameer — In Arabic, this boy’s name, which starts with A, means “prince.”

27. Amelio — German for “industrious.”

28. Anakin — An American name that means “warrior.”

29. Anatoli — Greek and Russian for “sunrise.”

30. Anderson — This name means “son of Anders” in Scandinavian and “son of Andrew” in Greek.

31. Anh — This Vietnamese name means “bright.”

32. Ansaldo — Italian for “God” and “power.”

33. Anson — This English name means “son of Anne.”

34. Aramis — A French name meaning “fictional swordsman.”

35. Archibald — In German, this name means “brave” and “bold.”

36. Archimedes — Greek for “master planner.”

37. Arjun — The meaning of this name is “bright” and “clear” in Hindi.

38. Armando — Spanish for “warrior” or “army man.”

39. Arno — This name is German for “eagle.”

40. Arrow — The English word for a projectile fired from a bow.

41. Arsenio — Greek for “virile.”

42. Arvin — In German, this unique name means “friend of the people.”

43. Asad — An Arabic name meaning “lion.”

44. Asbury — This name means “fortified place” in English.

45. Ashe — An Irish name meaning “ash tree.”

46. Ashur  — Hebrew for “one who is happy.”

47. Asim — This Arabic name means “protector.”

48. Aster — This name means “star” in Greek.

49. Astro — This name is Greek for “of the stars.”

50. Atley — In Old English, this unique boy name means “the meadow.”

51. Auben — A Latin name meaning “from Alba.”

52. Axton — This name is of English origin and means “sword stone.”

53. Ayan — Sanskrit for “gift from God.”

54. Azari — This name means “helped by God” in Hebrew.

55. Aziz — Arabic for “powerful.”

63 Rare Boy Names That Start With A

We love fun, out-of-this-world baby names. These rare boy names with A are exceptional for any baby.

1. Abdiel — Hebrew for “servant of God.”

2. Abiola — A Nigerian name meaning “born in wealth.”

3. Acacius — Greek and Latin for “innocent.”

4. Acheron — This name means “river of sorrow” in Greek.

5. Addis — This name means “son of Adam” or “man of the red earth” in Hebrew.

6. Adelard — Old German for “noble strength.”

7. Adelmo — This German name means “noble protector.”

8. Ailean — This name means “precious” in Scottish.

9. Aimilios — Greek and Latin for “rival.”

10. Ainsworth — An Old English name meaning “Ann’s estate.”

11. Ajay — This is a Sanskrit name meaning “unconquered.”

12. Ajit — This is another Indian name that means “unconquered.”

13. Akbar — Arabic for “the greatest.”

14. Akeem — An Arabic name meaning “intelligent” or “wise.”

15. Akshara — In Sanskrit, this name means “imperishable” and “strong.”

16. Albus — This Latin name means “white.”

17. Aldo — German for “old and wise.”

18. Aldrich — An English name meaning “wise ruler.”

19. Aleksei — This name means “protector of men” in Russian.

20. Alfalfa — This name refers to the alfalfa plant and means “best horse fodder” in Arabic.

21. Aloysius — Latin for “famous warrior.”

22. Alpha — This name of Greek origin means “beginning.”

23. Alphonse — A German name meaning “ready for battle.”

24. Alpine — This American name means “from the Alps.”

25. Alvis — Norse for “wise.”

26. Amadeus — This name means “love of God” in Latin.

27. Ammar — Arabic for “prosperous long life.”

28. Amo — This name means “power of an eagle” in German.

29. Amory — An English name meaning “home strength.”

30. Amrit — This is an Indian name for “nectar.”

31. Amsterdam — This is the capital city of the Netherlands.

32. Anatole — Greek for “sunrise.”

33. Androcles — This name means “glorious man” in Greek.

34. Angelico — Italian and Spanish for “angelic.”

35. Anselmi — In Old German, this name means “God’s helmet.”

36. Arbor — A Latin name meaning “tree.”

37. Arcadio — Spanish for “a place of peace.”

38. Argyle — This Scottish name means “from the land of the Gaels.”

39. ArianWelsh for “silver” and Albanian for “golden.”

40. Arick — Old Norse for “eternal ruler.”

41. Aristos — This name means “best” in Greek and Spanish.

42. Aristotle — A Greek name meaning “best of all.”

43. Arkady — This name means “born from Acadia” in Spanish.

44. Armand — This French name means “soldier.”

45. Armstead — French for “hermit.”

46. Arrington — An Old English name meaning “Earna’s settlement.”

47. Arturo — This name is Italian for “bear.”

48. Asante — This African name means “thank you.”

49. Ashby — Old English for “ash tree home.”

50. Asiel — A Hebrew name meaning “created by God.”

51. Aslan — This name means “lion” in Turkish.

52. Attila — This name means “father” in Hungarian.

53. Atwell — A Middle English name for someone who lives near a well.

54. Atwood — This name means “at the wood” in Old English.

55. Auden — This name is English for “old friend.”

56. Augusten — German for “great.”

57. Aurelio — An Italian name meaning “the golden one.”

58. Aviv — The meaning of this name is “springtime” in Hebrew.

59. Axford — Old English for “ford by the ash trees.”

60. Aydan — This name means “from the moon” in Turkish.

61. Aydin — A Turkish name meaning “enlightened.”

62. Azlan — Arabic for “lion.”

63. Azuko — This name is Japanese for “peaceful.”

With so many unique and fun options, we’re sure there’s a boy’s name that starts with A that stands out to you. But if you need more baby name inspiration, check out some of our other baby name lists, like baby names with great nicknames, powerful boy names, and gender-neutral names.

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