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100 Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

If you're looking for the perfect name for your baby girl, here's a list of common, unique, popular, and rare girl names starting with Q and their meanings.

Updated April 13, 2024

by Jessica Tzikas

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


Congratulations! You’re having a baby! If you recently found out the gender, you may be on the hunt for the perfect name. Your baby girl’s name can be hard to decide on — having so many options can sometimes get overwhelming. Our best advice is to list your favorite names and stick to a theme. Whether you’re naming your little girl after your favorite person (or favorite celebrity) or sticking to a letter you love, a theme will help narrow down all those choices! You might also want to choose a name that will be 100% unique to your future bundle of joy. If that’s the case, you may consider girl names that start with Q.

Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

Currently, only one name in the top 1,000 girl names starts with Q: Quinn.1 That name has steadily risen in popularity over the last few years.2 But if you want some other options for Q names for girls, take a look at the lists below:

10 Popular Girl Names That Start With Q

There are not many popular Q names for girls, but parents choose these names most often. Take a look to see if any of these sound like a good match for your baby girl!

1. Queen — English for “woman” or “wife.”

2. Quentin — A Latin name meaning “fifth.”

3. Quest — Latin for “seek” or “mission.”

4. Quetzalli — This name means “precious thing” or “feather” in Nahuatl.

5. Quill — An Irish name meaning “cub.”

6. Quincy — French for “estate of the fifth son.”

7. Quinlan — This Irish name means “slender.”

8. Quinn — This Irish name means “chief leader” or “intelligence.”

9. Quintana — This name means “the fifth girl” in Spanish.

10. Quintessa — Latin for “essence.”

12 Common Girl Names That Start With Q

A few girl names that start with Q are considered more common than the rest. They may not be the most popular, but it’s easy to see why parents still use them.

1. Quamar — An Arabic name meaning “moon.”

2. Quarry — This is the English name for a deep pit where stones are extracted.

3. Queenie — English for “queen.”

4. Quenby — This name means “queen’s settlement” in English.

5. Querida — Spanish for “dear” or “beloved.”

6. Quetzal — This name means “large beautiful tail feather” in Nahuatl.

7. Quiana — An American name that means “silky” in English.

8. Quilla — In English, this name means “quill” or “hollow stalk.”

9. Quinley — An English name meaning “clearing” or “meadow.”

10. Quinta — Latin for “fifth.”

11. Quintessence — An English word that means “the purest form of something.”

12. Quora — Greek for “maiden.”

37 Unique Girl Names That Start With Q

With only six well-known Q names, we can argue that every name starting with Q is unique. Still, a few names stand out above the rest as being the most distinct, possibly out of all the names, regardless of the letter.

1. Qabila — This Arabic name means “able” and “wise.”

2. Qacha — In Mongolian, this name means “flank.”

3. Qadria — An Arabic name meaning “capable.”

4. Qahira — This name means “victorious” in Urdu.

5. Qaisara — In Arabic, this name means “queen.”

6. Qanaat — Arabic for “patience.”

7. Qara — This name means “black” in Azerbaijani.

8. Qaval — This Arabic name means “darling.”

9. Qi — This Chinese name means “fine jade” or “vital energy.”

10. Qila — A Persian name meaning “castle” or “fort.”

11. Qing — This name means “green” in Mandarin.

12. Qistina — This name means “justice” in Arabic.

13. Qiu — Chinese for “autumn” or “hill.”

14. Qoqa — This Chinese name means “dove.”

15. Qori — This name means “gold” in Quechua.

16. Quannah — This name means “fragrant” in Comanche.

17. Queena — English for “queen.”

18. Queensley — In Igbo, this name means “wife of a king.”

19. Quella — An English name meaning “pacify.”

20. Quenilda — This name means “woman in battle” in English.

21. Questa — French for “one who seeks.”

22. Queta — In Spanish, this name means “home-ruler.”

23. Quetcy — This name means “feather” in English and Spanish.

24. Quimby — English for “queen’s settlement.”

25. Quina — Spanish for “Yahweh will establish.”

26. Quincie — A French name meaning “estate of the fifth son.”

27. Quinella — Latin for “beautiful.”

28. Quinlee — An Irish name meaning “clearing” or “meadow.”

29. Quinnlyn — This Irish name means “descendant of the handsome man.”

30. Quinny — Scottish and Irish for “descendant of Conn.”

31. Quinsy — This name means “estate of the fifth son” in French.

32. Quintona — Spanish for “the fifth girl.”

33. Quraybah — This name means “woman who can live a happy experience” in Urdu.

34. Quy — A Vietnamese name meaning “precious.”

35. Quyen — Vietnamese for “power” or “right.”

36. Quynh — This name means “night blooming flower” in Vietnamese.

37. Qwynn — An Irish name meaning “descendant of Conn.”

41 Rare Girl Names That Start With Q

These “Q” girl names may not be used often, but they still have a lot of spunk. I highly recommend checking out this category to see if something different catches your eye.

1. Qadriyyah — This name means “capable” in Arabic.

2. Qaifa — Hindi for “estimator.”

3. Qaisah — This Arabic name means “firmness” and “strength.”

4. Qamari — An Arabic name meaning “moon-like.”

5. Qamarjahan — This Arabic name means “moon of the world.”

6. Qamarunnisa — This name means “moon of the women” in Arabic.

7. Qanthe — Greek for golden” or “yellow.”

8. Qarsafah — This Arabic name means “the narrator of Hadith.”

9. Qeleigh — An Irish name meaning “church” or “monastery.”

10. Qeurube — In Spanish, this name means “angels.”

11. Qhawe — This name means “hero” in Xhosa and Zulu.

12. Qhawekazi — This name means “heroine” in Zulu and “queen” in Xhosa.

13. Qhayiya — Xhosa for “pride.”

14. Qianqian — A Chinese name meaning “diligent” or “vigorous.”

15. Qiao — This name means “pretty” in Chinese.

16. Qimat — Arabic for “worth” or “value.”

17. Qimmiq — In Inuktitut, this name means “dog.”

18. Qindeel — An Arabic name meaning “candle.”

19. Qorianka — Quechua for “golden eagle.”

20. Quadeisha — This American name means “alive and well” in English.

21. Quang — In Vietnamese, this name means “pure” and “bright.”

22. Quartilla — Latin for “fourth.”

23. Quartney — Old French for “courteous.”

24. Quasar — This name means “meteorite” in English.

25. Quasheba — This name means “born on Sunday” in Akan.

26. Quddoosiyyah — An Arabic name meaning “celestial.”

27. Qudwa — This Arabic name means “ideal.”

28. Quek — Old English for “lively” or “nimble.”

29. Quennel — Old French for “small oak.”

30. Quetzalxochitl — This name means “precious flower” in Aztec.

31. Quetzaly — An Aztec name meaning “beautiful feather.”

32. Quieva — This Irish name means “charming” or “lovely.”

33. Quintonette — Latin for “fifth.”

34. Quispe — This name means “free” in Quechua.

35. Quiteria — Spanish for “the red one.”

36. Quiyyama — An Arabic name meaning “stand for Allah.”

37. Qurratulain — This Arabic name means “delight to the eye.”

38. Qusay — An Arabic name meaning “distant.”

39. Quvenzhane — This name means “fairy” in Swahili.

40. Quylla — English for “quill” or “hollow stalk.”

41. Qwerty — This name is inspired by the keyboard layout for the Latin alphabet.

Did any of these girl names that start with Q make it on your list? If so, try saying those names out loud a few times, run them by your partner, and practice saying them alongside your baby’s future last name.

Check out our other baby name lists if you didn’t find the perfect name, like our rare girl names, coolest baby girl names, flower names for girls, and cute nicknames for girls. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby girl!

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