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201 French Names for Your Baby

Discover French girl names including classic names like Isabelle and Elouise, as well as unique monikers like Brigitte and Esme.

Updated December 27, 2023

Are you looking for a pretty yet stylish baby name for your boy or girl? A French name might be just what you’re looking for for your new little one! Whether you want to recognize your French heritage or love the sound of a French name, we have our top picks for French baby names here. These monikers are stylish and strong, yet they also have a bit of romance to them.

French Girl Names

You may want a traditional baby name with French roots, like Isabelle or Elouise. Or, you might be looking for a less common name with French flair, like Brigitte or Esme. Either way, you can’t go wrong with our list of French girl names.

French Girl Names Commonly Used in the U.S.

You may already know and love many of these baby girl names of French origin. Beautiful names like Madeleine and Sophie have long been favorites in the U.S. and are currently popular picks. Other French names, like Blanche and Daphne, are commonly known but lesser-used names while providing a classic touch.

Here are our favorite French girl names that are familiar in the United States:

1. Annette

2. Arielle

3. Belle

4. Béatrice

5. Bernadette

6. Camille

7. Celeste

8. Charlotte

9. Clarice

10. Clementine

11. Coco

12. Coralie

13. Daphne

14. Elise

15. Elouise

16. Estelle

17. Fay

18. Gabrielle

19. Genevieve

20. Gigi

21. Henriette

22. Isabelle

23. Jacqueline

24. Jeanne

25. Joelle

26. Josephine

27. Julianne

28. Juliette

29. Louise

30. Madeleine

31. Mallory

32. Margot

33. Mélinda

34. Michelle

35. Monique

36. Natalie

37. Nicole

38. Noelle

39. Rochelle

40. Rosalie

41. Simone

42. Sophie

43. Sylvia

44. Sydney

45. Therese

46. Valerie

47. Vivienne

48. Violette

Unique French Girl Names

These French girl names are less common in the U.S. and provide plenty of that French flair you may be looking for. Cosette (my daughter’s name), Eléa, and Brigitte bring a sweet-yet-chic vibe with a French background. Marguerite and Delphine are strong, sophisticated French names with a unique twist.

Here are our top unique French girl names:

1. Abrielle

2. Alouette

3. Amélie

4. Anaïs

5. Aurore

6. Aurélie

7. Aveline

8. Avril

9. Bellamy

10. Blanche

11. Brigitte

12. Cécile

13. Céline

14. Cerise

15. Chantal

16. Claudette

17. Cosette

18. Colette

19. Delphine

20. Élodie

21. Eléa

22. Éliane

23. Esme

24. Euphrasie

25. Fabienne

26. Fantine

27. Faustine

28. Fleur

29. Fleurine

30. Odette

31. Giselle

32. Honorine

33. Jolie

34. Liana

35. Lisette

36. Lucienne

37. Maeva

38. Manon

39. Marguerite

40. Mareille

41. Mathilde

42. Mavis

43. Nadine

44. Pauline

45. Renee

46. Sabine

47. Satine

48. Séphora

49. Séraphine

50. Severine

51. Solange

52. Soléne

53. Yvonne

French Boy Names

There are also great French names for boys. We love that you can take a traditional boy name, like Philip or Henry (both great names in their own right), and with a little French tweak to the pronunciation, you now have the super cool Phillippe or Henri.

We’ve divided these names into more commonly known names versus our favorite French boy names that are more unique in the U.S.

French Boy Names Commonly Used in the U.S.

Remy is quickly becoming a popular French name, while Beau is an old-fashioned, romantic option. Did you know that the short and strong Chase and Guy names are of French origin?

Familiar French names like Gable and Diggory have literary references (Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter) and provide a less common option.

1. Adrien

2. Alexandre

3. André

4. Beau

5. Blaise

6. Chase

7. Denis

8. Diggory

9. Dominique

10. Emile

11. Fort

12. Gable

13. Gabriel

14. Gaston

15. Geoffrey

16. Guy

17. Harvey

18. Henri

19. Jacques

20. Jean

21. Jules

22. Julien

23. Louis (Louie)

24. Maison

25. Marc

26. Maurice

27. Michel

28. Nicolas

29. Noel

30. Phillippe

31. Percy

32. Pierre

33. Quincy

34. Regis

35. Remy

36. Russell

Unique French Boy Names

These French boy names are more unique in the U.S. and would make eye-catching options. Cabot has long been on the top of my boy name list (with the cute nickname Cab), and Croix is a strong, cool option too. I also love the pronunciation of names like Etienne and François if you really want to bring a uniquely French sound to your baby boy’s name.

1. Achille

2. Alain

3. Alcide

4. Antoine

5. Aubert

6. Augustin

7. Autry

8. Baptiste

9. Bastien

10. Beaumont

11. Cabot

12. Claiborne

13. Claude

14. Clovis

15. Corentin

16. Croix

17. Dabney

18. Delmore

19. Deveraux

20. Dumas

21. Emeril

22. Etienne

23. Fabien

24. Florent

25. Florin

26. François

27. Gabin

28. Gaël

29. Gaylord

30. Gervais

31. Kylian

32. Lafayette

33. Lancelot

34. Larue

35. Laurent

36. Leon

37. Léondre

38. Lowell

39. Luc

40. Lucien

41. Mael

42. Marceau

43. Marion

44. Marius

45. Matthieu

46. Mathis/Mathys

47. Maxime

48. Nouvel

49. Olivier

50. Orville

51. Pascal

52. Percival

53. Philbert

54. René

55. Raoul

56. Sacha

57. Salinger

58. Sorrell

59. Sylvain

60. Thayer

61. Thibault

62. Thoreau

63. Toulouse

64. Valentin

There are so many great French names to choose from, especially if you want an interesting name with some flair. Which French baby names are your favorites? We hope you had some that made it on your list!

If you are still on the baby name hunt, check out our other baby name lists. Try beautiful girl names, elegant baby names, classic baby names, strong boy names, and rare girl names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!

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