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248 Baby Boy Names That Start With G

You'll love this list of G boy names and their meanings, from popular, common, and cute to cool, unique, and rare!

Updated June 30, 2024

by Alina Hodkinson

Additional contribution by Stefanie Miller


When you first see that little heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, I’m sure one of the first thoughts running through your head might be how long you will have to wait to meet your new best friend! You would be surprised at how fast those nine months go by, so let’s start preparing for that big day immediately. The ONE thing that you need to think about pretty early on is what you’ll name your newest bundle of joy! There will be a lot of comparing, sharing, and vetoing different names with your partner through your pregnancy (we’re sure of it), so it’s best to start compilating a list early on. We’ve put together 248 boy names that start with G, hopefully giving you and your partner a head start on that name list!

Baby Boy Names That Start With G

Here are baby boy G names in different categories, including unique names, cool names, common names, and more:

These famous names have a good chance of remaining at the top for years. They are timeless classics that are used often for a reason. Check these out to aid you in your search for G names for boys.

1. Gabriel — Hebrew for “God is my strength.”

2. Gael — This name refers to Gaelic languages in Breton.

3. Gavin — A Celtic name meaning “white hawk.”

4. George — This is a Greek name that means “farmer.”

5. Giovanni — Italian for “God is gracious.”

6. Graham — This name means “gravelly homestead” in Scottish.

7. Grant — A Scottish name meaning “large.”

8. Grayson — This name means “son of the bailiff” in English.

9. Greyson — This name is English for “son of the steward.”

10. Griffin — Welsh for “strong lord” and a mythical creature with the wings and head of an eagle and the body of a lion.

11 Common Boy Names That Start With G

You may have heard these boy names that start with G more often than not. They are more familiar names you may have heard in books, TV shows, or social circles!

1. Garrett — An Irish name meaning “spear strength.”

2. Gary — English for “spearman.”

3. Geoffrey — This name means “pledge of peace” in French.

4. Gerardo — This name means “spear strength” in Spanish.

5. Gianni — An Italian name meaning “God is gracious.”

6. Gordon — Scottish for “great hill.”

7. Grady — This name is Irish for “noble.”

8. Gregory — This name means “vigilant” or “watchman” in Greek.

9. Guillermo — Spanish for “resolute protection.”

10. Gunner — A Scandinavian name meaning “bold warrior.”

11. Gustavo — This name means “staff of the goths” in Latin.

31 Cute Boy Names That Start With G

Every sweet baby boy deserves a cute name to match. Try one of these winners if you are searching for the perfect boy name starting with G.

1. Gabe — This name means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.

2. Gage — French for “oath” or “pledge.”

3. Garcia — This name means “bear” in Spanish and Portuguese.

4. Gardner — An English name meaning “keeper of the garden.”

5. Garfield — English for “triangular field.”

6. Garvin — Irish for “rugged.”

7. Ged — This name means “spear strength” in German.

8. Geoff — French for “pledge of peace.”

9. Gene — A Greek name meaning “well-born” or “noble.”

10. Genuine — An English word name meaning “truly” and “authentic.”

11. Georgie — This name means “farmer” in Greek.

12 Gerald — This cute name means “ruler with the spear” in German.

13. Gerard — In German, this name means “spear strength.”

14. Gibby — German for “shining pledge.”

15. Gil or Gill — A Hebrew name meaning “happiness.”

16. Gilbert — This name is German for “shining pledge.”

17. Gilligan — This name means “lad” in Irish.

18. Gilly — German for “shining pledge.”

19. Gio — An Italian G boy name meaning “God’s gracious gift.”

20. Giuseppe — This name means “Jehovah increases” in Italian.

21. Glynn — This name means “a narrow valley” in Scottish.

22. Gonzo — This Spanish name means “saved from combat.”

23. Gordie — Scottish for “great hill.”

24. Gray — This adorable name is based on the American English word for the color.

25. Greg — A Greek name meaning “watchful” or “vigilant.”

26. Grey — This is the British English spelling of the color name.

27. Grover — Greek for “vigilant” or “watchman.”

28. Gryff — Welsh and Irish for “strong lord.”

29. Gulliver — An Irish name meaning “glutton.”

30. Gus — This name means “great” or “magnificent” in Latin.

31. Guy — French for “man” or “leader.”

12 Biblical Boy Names That Start With G

Each of these boy names, starting with G, is in the Bible and has great significance. If you are looking for a religious name, this is the perfect category.

1. Gad — A Hebrew name meaning “fortune.”

2. Gadiel — This name means “God is my fortune” in Hebrew and Arabic.

3. Gaius — This name means “rejoice” in Latin.

4. Gamaliel — Hebrew for “my word is God.”

5. Gedaliah — This Hebrew name means “Yahweh is great.”

6. Gemariah — This name means “Yahweh has completed” in Hebrew.

7. Genesis — A Greek name meaning “birth” or “origin.”

8. Gershom — Hebrew for “exile.”

9. Gideon — This name means “feller” or “hewer” in Hebrew.

10. Gilead — A Hebrew name meaning heap of witness.”

11. Goliath — This name means “uncover” or “reveal” in Hebrew.

12. Gomer — Hebrew for “complete.”

45 Cool Boy Names That Start With G

These strong and cool names are fun and exciting! If you are looking for a name that will stand the test of time, try one of these G boy names.

1. Gaines — This is an Old English nickname for someone who is crafty.

2. Galahad — This is an Old French name derived from the place called “Gilead.” It is also the name of Sir Lancelot’s son in the Arthurian Legend.

3. Galileo — An Italian name that means “from Galilee.”

4. Gambit — “Gambit” means a calculated risk for one to gain an advantage. It is a term often used in chess. It is also a name created by the Marvel Universe for a mutant character.

5. Gandalf — Old Norse for “wand elf.”

6. Gannon — This cool and exciting name means “white” or “fair” in English.

7. Gareth — The brother of Gawain in Arthurian Legend. It is said to be of Welsh origin and means “gentle.”

8. Garnett — This is an English occupational name for someone who makes hinges.

9. Garrison — English for “son of Garrett.”

10. Garth — An English name for someone who worked in or near a garden.

11. Gaston — This name means “guest” or “stranger” in French.

12. Gatsby — A German name meaning “from Gaddesby.”

13. Gauthier — French for “power of the army.”

14. Gawain — The meaning of this boy’s G name is “May hawk” in Welsh.

15. Gehrig — This name means “spear” in German.

16. Geordi — This name means “farmer” in English.

17. Geralt – Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski created this name for the main character in “The Witcher” series.

18. Germaine — This name means “brother” in French.

19. Geronimo — Spanish for “sacred.”

20. Giancarlo — Italian for “God is gracious” and “free man.”

21. Gibson — An English name meaning “Gilbert’s son.”

22. Gillespie – This name means “bishop’s servant” in Scottish.

23. Gilmore — Irish and Scottish for “devoted to the Virgin Mary.”

24. Giorgio — In Italian, this name means “farmer.”

25. Glanville — This name means “domain of a person named Gland” in Old French.

26. Godrick — An English name meaning “God’s power.”

27. Golding — Old English for “son of Golde.”

28. Gomez — In Spanish, this name means “man.”

29. Gonzalo — This name means “saved from combat” in Spanish.

30. Goodman — This is a Middle English name for the household master.

31. Gotham — This name can mean “goat homestead” or “water meadow” in Old English.

32. Gottfried — German for “peace of God.”

33. Granger — This name means “farm bailiff” in English.

34. Grantley — This name means “from the large meadow” in English.

35. Graysen — An English G name for boys meaning “son of the steward.”

36. Greger — Swedish for “watchful.”

37. Gregor — This name means “watchful” in German.

38. Griffith — A Welsh name meaning “strong lord.”

39. Grimm — This name means “stern” or “severe” in English.

40. Grimshaw — This is an English habitational name for two places called Grimshaw in Lancashire, England.

41. Griswold — An English name meaning “from the gray forest.”

42. Gryphon — In Welsh, this name means “strong lord.” It is also a mythical creature with the wings and head of an eagle and the body of a lion.

43. Gunn — German for “bold warrior.”

44. Gunther — This name means “battle warrior” in German.

45. Guthrie — This name means “windy place” in Scottish.

65 Unique Boy Names That Start With G

The following 100 G names for boys will be ones that you may have NEVER heard, or if you have – you’ve thought, wow, what a unique name! These G boy names are sure to stand out from the crowd, and if you’d love something original, these are for you.

1. Gabino — Spanish for “God is my strength.”

2. Gable — An English name for a triangular-shaped hill.

3. Gabo — This name means “God is my strength” in German.

4. Gabrian — This name means “man of God” in Hebrew.

5. Gaele — English for “my father is joy.”

6. Gaetan — An Italian name meaning “from Gaeta,” a city in Italy.

7. Gahan — Irish and Scottish for “God is gracious.”

8. Gaige — This name means “pledge” or “oath” in French.

9. Gaillard — In French, this name means “strong.”

10. Ganesh — Hindi for “lord of hordes.”

11. Garek — An English name meaning “oak tree grove.”

12. Garen — This name means “welding” in Irish, Slavic, and French.

13. Garron — Irish for “gelding.”

14. Gaten — An Italian and English name meaning “of Gaeta.”

15. Gaurav — This name is Sanskrit for “importance” or “dignity.”

16. Gaven — English for “white hawk.”

17. Gavroche — A French literary name meaning “mischievous child.”

18. Gaylord — French for “brisk” or “high-spirited.”

19. Gentry — English for “noble.”

20. Georgi — This name means “farmer” in Bulgarian.

21. Georgio — Greek for “farmer.”

22. Gerhardt — A German name meaning “spear.”

23. Gerran — This G name for boys means “guardian” in German.

24. Gershon — Hebrew for “exile.”

25. Giacomo — This name means “supplanter” in Italian.

26. Gianandrea — Italian for “God is good.”

27. Gianfranco — This name means “God is gracious” and “free man” in Italian.

28. Gianluca — This name means “God is gracious” and “light” in Italian.

29. Giano — An Italian name meaning “archway.”

30. Gillian — English for “youthful.”

31. Gillis — This name means “young goat” in Swedish.

32. Gilman — English for “protection.”

33. Gilroy — An Irish name meaning “son of the red-haired servant.”

34. Gino — This name means “well-born” or “noble” in Italian.

35. Giovani — This unique boy’s name is “God is gracious” in Portuguese.

36. Giuliano — An Italian name meaning “youthful.”

37. Giulio — This name also means “youthful” in Italian.

38. Glendon — Scottish Gaelic for “from the dark glen.”

39. Godric – English for “God’s power.”

40. Godwin — An Old English name meaning “friend of God.”

41. Goldwin — This name means “golden friend” in Old English.

42. Gonzales — Spanish for “son of Gonzalo.”

43. Goran — This unique name means “mountain man” in Slavic.

44. Gord — English for “spacious fort.”

45. Gordan — Serbian and Croatian for “dignified.”

46. Gorham — An English boy’s name starting with G, meaning “from a triangular-shaped homestead.”

47. Goro — Japanese for “fifth son.”

48. Gotama — This name means “the best ox” in Sanskrit.

49. Gough — A nickname for a red-haired person in Welsh.

50. Gracen — English for “son of the gray-haired.”

51. Graden — An English name meaning “son of Gregory.”

52. Graer — Gaelic for “gray-haired man.”

53. Granite — This is an English name for a type of rock made up of primarily quartz.

54. Gratian — This name means “grace” in Latin.

55. Graziano — An Italian name meaning “grace.”

56. Greco — This name means “from Greece” in Italian.

57. Greenberry — An Old English name meaning “green hill.”

58. Greenwood — This is an English name for someone who lives near a lush forest.

59. Grigor — Armenian and Bulgarian for “watchful.”

60. Gryffin — English for “lord.”

61. Guadalupe — This name means “hidden river” or “valley of the wolves” in Spanish.

62. Guido — This name means “wood” in Italian.

63. Gunnar — An Old Norse name meaning “warrior” or “army.”

64. Gustaf — Swedish for “staff of the geats.”

65. Gwyn — This name means “fair” or “blessed” in Welsh.

74 Rare Boy Names That Start With G

Let your little boy’s personality shine with a rare G name. These are perfect choices if you want him to stand out in a crowd.

1. Gaara — This name means “demigod who loves himself” in Japanese.

2. Gaber — This Slovene name means “God is my strength.”

3. Gabin — French for “from the city of Gabii.”

4. Gabriol — A rare spelling of Gabriel. It is Hebrew for “God is my strength.”

5. GadielanArabic for “God is my fortune.”

6. Gallagher — This name means “foreign help” in Irish.

7. Galloway — A Scottish name meaning “place of the foreign Gaels.”

8. Galvan — This name means “descendant of the fair one” in Irish.

9. Galway — Irish for “stony river.”

10. Gamal — This G boy name means “beauty” in Arabic.

11. Ganix — Basque for “God is gracious.”

12. Ganz — A German name meaning “goose.”

13. Gardiner — French for “keeper of the garden.”

14. Garland — This name means “triangle land” in English.

15. Garner — English for “granary.”

16. Garrick — An English name meaning “oak tree grove.”

17. Gaspar — Spanish and Potuguese for “treasurer.”

18. Gates — This is an English name for someone living near town gates.

19. Gavan — This name means “white hawk” in Celtic.

20. Gavran — Croatian for “raven.”

21. Gbenga – This name means “lift up” or “elevate” in Yoruba.

22. Geddes — A Scottish name meaning “mountain ridge.”

23. Gelso — Italian for” mulberry.”

24. Gendry — This is a literary name created by George R.R. Martin. It has an unknown meaning and origin.

25. Genghis — This name means “universal ruler” in Mongolian.

26. Genoah — Italian for “from Genoa” and the name of a joint in the human body.

27. Germanus — Latin for “brotherly” or “from Germany.”

28. Gerritt — This Dutch name means “spear.”

29. Gershwin — This Hebrew name is related to music and song.

30. Gerson — A Hebrew name meaning “exile.”

31. Ghaith — Arabic for “rain.”

32. Giannis — Greek for “God is gracious.”

33. Gide — French for “young goat.”

34. Gifford — This name means “ford associated with Gydda” in English.

35. Gilchrist — A Scottish name meaning “son of Gille Crist.”

36. Gilderoy — In English, this name means “golden king.”

37. Gilgamesh — Sumerian for “the kinsman is a hero.”

38. Gilles — This name means “young goat” in French.

39. Glade — English for “clearing in a forest.”

40. Gladstone — This is an English place name for an area in Lanarkshire, England.

41. Glendale — This name means “valley” in Scottish.

42. Glennard — A Gaelic name meaning “glen.”

43. Gnaeus — Latin for “birthmark.”

44. Godden — Old English for “friend of God.”

45. Godwyn — An English name meaning “friend of God.”

46. Goku — Japanese for “aware of emptiness.”

47. Goldwyn — This name means “gold friend” in English.

48. Golyath — Hebrew for “exile.”

49. Gopal — This Hindi name means “cow protector.”

50. Goren — This name means “barn floor” in Hebrew.

51. Gorrin — This name is also Hebrew for “barn floor.”

52. Gower — Old Welsh for “pure.”

53. Graceson — An English name meaning “son of a gray-haired person.”

54. Gradel — Old French for “pitted.”

55. Graeme — This name is Scottish for “gravelly homestead.”

56. Grafton — English for “town in a grove.”

57. Gratiano — An Italian name meaning “grace.”

58. Greeley — English for “pitted” or “scarred.”

59. Greely — This Old English name means “gray meadow.”

60. Grimmwolf — This name is of German origin and means “fierce as a whole.”

61. Grimsley — An Old English G name for boys meaning “dark meadow.”

62. Gryffyn — Cornish for “lord.”

63. Gudmundur — Old Norse for “protection of God.”

64. Guerrino — This name means “war” in Italian.

65. Guglielmo — Italian for “resolute protection.”

66. Guillaume — This name means “resolute protection” in French.

67. Gunder — A Swedish name meaning “army” or “warrior.”

68. Gurtaj — This name means “guru’s crown” in Sanskrit.

69. Guryon — Hebrew for “young lion.”

70. Gusztav — Hungarian for “staff of the geats.”

71. Gwilym — This name means “resolute protection” in Welsh.

72. Gyan — In Sanskrit, this boy’s name, starting with G, means “filled with knowledge.”

73. Gylmore — Gaelic for “servant of the Virgin Mary.”

74. Gyuri — Hungarian for “farmer.”

Did you find the one? Did you read through these boy names that start with G and find the ONE name that jumped into your heart? We hope you added a few of these to your ongoing baby name list. We know how stressful the name-picking process can be, so we hope this list of G names for boys made your choice easier. Only you and your partner know exactly when you’ve chosen that perfect name. It tends to sneak up on you when you’re least expecting it.

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our rare boy names, cute boy names, old-fashioned names, and the coolest boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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